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“Please don’t be mad at me or think I’m weird Danielle. ”“I’m not Daddy. Just don’t get mad at me either, ok?”He laughed a little, and said, “I’m not sweetie. ”I slowly pulled my hand out from my white panties, pulled down my skirt, and said with my cutest pout, “I guess you want me to go now…” “Only if you want to leave. You can stay if you want though. It looks like you’re curious about what I was doing. ”I clapped my hands, “I want to stay Daddy!”He took his hand off of his magnificent cock, and patted the bed next to him. I sat down and pulled my skirt back up. I then slipped my hand back into my panties. “Looking at your big dick makes me all tingly between my legs daddy. I’m glad you like to play with yourself, cuz I do it all the time. ”He smiled wide, “I’ve got a good idea. Would you like to play with my dick, while I play with your pretty pussy? That will feel even better than doing it yourself. ”“Ok Daddy!”“Why don’t we get you naked like Daddy? That way I can look at your beautiful body. That’s what I like to think about when I masturbate: my sexy 13 year daughter. ”I blushed and giggled nervously, “I always wanted to do this with you Daddy.

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   I liked to pretend we got naked together and we made love all night. ”He unzipped my skirt, and pulled it off, “I guess we’ve been wanting the same thing, only now we don’t have to pretend anymore. ”He pulled my baby-tee over my head, and his mouth found my tiny boobs. His tongue licked all over one swollen nipple, then the other. It felt so good; I shuddered with incestuous lust. Daddy kissed me on the mouth, and then hooked his thumbs under my panties. In one smooth motion, he slipped my damp underwear past my ankles, and suddenly I found myself nude. I couldn’t believe I was naked in front of my father, and moments away from losing my virginity to him!Daddy gave me a long wet kiss, and then leaned back on the bed, He looked so sexy, slowly stroking his deliciously long cock. I was being shy, I admit it, but he knew just what to do. He gently took my hand and placed it against his hard, hot manhood. I eagerly wrapped my fingers around the shaft, and began to move my fist in the same way I’d seen him do. His cock felt so wonderful in my hand. Finally, I had Daddy’s big dick all to myself!As I stroked him, he slid his hand between my legs. I spread them wide so he could feel me up. His hands were large and rough, but felt like magic.

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   He slowly slipped his middle finger into my virgin 13-year old slit. I was so wet and excited, that it slipped in with very little trouble. I let a moan of ecstasy escape from my lips. He licked the finger that had been up my wet pussy, and said, “Your naughty daddy loves to sniff your panties, because your young pussy smells so good. I’ve always wanted to kiss it, and make you cum with my tongue. Now I’m going to do it for real. ”He pushed me back on my bed, and spread my thighs wide with his strong hands. He kissed my titties, working his way down my belly until his face was inches from my glistening little slit. He pierced my pussy lips with his tongue, and slowly eased it into the pink hole. I moaned and squirmed on the bed in delight as my father expertly licked my quivering snatch. His lips and tongue danced over my clitty, making my body hum with pleasure. It only took moments before my first incestuous orgasm washed over me. I sighed with deep content, and whispered to Daddy, “I want to do it to you. I want to suck on your cock, Daddy. Can I please?”“Oh yes baby girl… Daddy wants you to put his big cock in your little mouth.

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   Do it baby…”I took my father’s rock hard dick in my hand. I loved the feel of its heat, and couldn’t wait to have it in my mouth. I’d never sucked a man’s dick before, so I took it slow. I carefully licked all around the crimson head, tasting the clear fluid that pooled at the tip. It was salty and good. Daddy moaned his encouragement as I began to slip his meat into my open mouth. His cock filled my whole mouth, and I still didn’t have it all the way in! I began to bob my head, letting the shaft slide back and forth over my full lips. I tried to use my tongue a lot, swirling it all around to make Daddy feel good. I think I did a pretty well, because he was whispering over and over, “Oh god, baby girl… you’re sucking daddy’s cock so good… so good…”He looked me in the eye, and said, “You’re going to make Daddy cum baby. I want to shoot my cum into your mouth. Is that ok, baby girl?”With my mouth full, I could only nod my agreement. I wanted to make my father cum like he did for me, and I was curious about his sperm. I began to suck him off with added enthusiasm, and Daddy began to tense. He clutched my blond hair in his hands, and let out a growl. His body twitched.

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   Soon, he shot a wad of warm sticky cum into my waiting mouth. I kept swallowing as he shot off, loving the yummy sexy taste. My finger found my clit, and I was cumming a second time with my father. Daddy and I laid in each other’s arms, resting and luxuriating together in the feel of our warm naked skin. But I was still horny for my father, and wanted him to finally take my cherry. “Fuck me Daddy. I want you to fuck me so bad. ”My words were enough to bring my father’s cock back to life, and soon his hard dick throbbed on my slim tummy. I rolled under him, and spread my legs. Daddy positioned himself above me, between my legs. He began to slide his hard dick up and down my downy muff, driving me crazy with lust. Then, came the moment I’d been waiting for: he pressed his hot dick-head against my virgin girly-hole. “I’m going to fuck you now, little girl. Daddy’s going to fuck his little girl. ”His meat began to squeeze inside me, and I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t hurt.

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   But it also felt very good, and Daddy was sweet and took his time. Slowly, inch-by-inch, he pushed himself into my wet cunt. Finally, his big prick was all the way in, and we both breathed hard as we waited for the last of the pain to subside. He kissed me deeply, and then began to slowly move his hips. A million visions crossed my mind. I was having sex with my own father. I knew it was wrong, that others would never understand. But it was what I wanted more than anything, and I knew it was true for Daddy as well. It made me both horny and happy that Daddy had forbidden lust for his only young daughter. The thought of our incest was enough to start the orgasms deep inside my belly. Daddy was fucking me slowly at first, but as our pleasure grew, he began to ride me with greater fury. His pelvis slammed into mine, and my pink hole was now swallowing his meat fully. I wrapped my bare feet around his rocking ass, holding him inside me for all I was worth. Daddy’s fuck strokes quickened. I quivered and twitched as first one, then another orgasm crashed inside of me.

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   I saw my father’s face tense up. “I’m going to cum baby! Daddy’s going to cum inside his baby girl!”His muscles contracted and his cock plunged deep inside my wet hole. I felt his hot semen as it shot forcefully within my pink cunt walls. He groaned loudly as he unloaded his sweet cum into his willing daughter. It was the hottest, sexiest moment in my life. And that’s how I was introduced to incest, and why I think it’s the best thing ever!More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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