Dares out at the pool - Part 2 - Lesbian Scenes


We sat in the Kitchen for about half an hour while Amy recovered herself. Since I had already dared Chloe, it was time to dare Amy, I just couldn’t think of one. While I was still thinking I told the girls to go upto my room and make themselves comfortable anyway they wanted to. While they went upstairs, I quickly pulled on a pair of dirty boxers that were in the hall and then ran across the road to my mate, Wes’s, and when I knocked on the door, he quickly opened up, It looked like he had his car keys in his hands, a Land Rover Defender, he asked me what I wanted and was shocked at my reply, I said “I’ve got two gorgous girls in my bedroom naked and we are playing dares, but I cant think of any, can you help?” He replied with a shocked expression, “Where the fuck, did you find two gorgous girls? And why wasn’t I invited?” I told him that I couldn’t tell him yet and that I would invite him round later on. “Fine, I got to go out now anyway, and why don’t you get them to blow you or something?” After that I ran back to the house and ran to the bedroom.

When I got to the bedroom door, I heard moans and screams from inside, being me, I decided to wait and watch through the crack of the door. When I looked I found Amy and Chloe in a 69 position with two vibrators. They were plunging them in and out of eachother.

When I walked into the bedroom, they looked at me and smiled and then carried on with what they were doing. I didn’t mind. In fact, I had just got my dare sorted out, I wasn’t going to listen to Wes, not just yet. I had other Plans.

“Hey Amy, ready for your dare?” She replied with a “Huhmm. ” Which I took as a yes. “Right, your dare is to a full lesbian scene with Chloe while I record it. ” She looked at me and then said “For your own personal use?” I replied saying yes of course.

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   “Okay, Then,” I was excited, a live lesbian scene with me the director of it. Chloe and Amy asked me what they should do first. “To start off, kiss each other passionaitly and feel each other up. ” As I set the video camera to record, they started to kiss passionaitly, I zoomed in on their kiss and told them to start feeling each other up as they did it. As I zoomed out, they started to feel each others tits, I told them to twist and pull each others nipples on my queue.

When I zoomed out, I gave them queue and they started to pull on each others nipples, I could hear Amy moan and Chloe asked “How long does this have to last? I want to get the good lesbian bits. ” I told her that it had to look professional if it was to be good. I told them to start feeling up and down each others bodies and to start rubbing each others pussies. Chloe and Amy moaned in sync with each other, it was unbelieveable, here was my sister and cousin doing whatever I said, while I recorded it. I releasized that I was in a world of my own, and that the video camera had been recording for 10 minutes while all they did was play with each other “Right, now suck on each other nipples. ” As they did that I heard Amy moan “Ooooo Chloe, Suck on them harder couz. ” That got me hard straight away.

“Hey Girls, do you mine if I wank while im watching you. ” My sister replied “Of course not, in fact it will make us hotter and wetter. ” I laughed and pulled my cock out, I slowly stroked it as I watched the girls.

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   “Right girls, time for the heavy stuff. Amy start eating out Chloe. ” Chloe smiled and laid down on the bed with her head against the headboard as she casually started to look at her nails. “Come on Amy, What are you waiting for, I need you to eat me out. ” Well that was all Amy needed as she crawled on all fours to Chloe, and kissed her on the mouth, and then slowly started to kiss down her body. When she reached her pussy, she slowly licked all the way up it, and then slowly she started to lick up and down. I zoomed in on the action and that’s when I heard Chloe moan “Oooooooo, Fuck… Amy,… I didn’t… realize you… got that… good, Fucking hell!” She seemed to be enjoying herself, she told me in between gasps that Amy seemed to be better than she last remembered.

“Amy…… Im going…… to…. . cuuuum!!” I just managed to catch Chloe’s face on the camera as she was cumming. I zoomed back out as Amy was licking up Chloes’ juices. She started to finger Chloe and then she took her fingers to Chloes’ mouth, Chloe accepted her own juices. “Hmm, your right Amy, I do taste good. ”

After that, I told Chloe it was her turn to eat out Amy, “Yeah, Come on Chloe, It’s only fair. ” Amy propped herself up into a doggie-style position and told Chloe that’s how she was comfortable.

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I won’t go into details about that part as I should get on with the rest of the story.

After the lesbian scene, we stopped for about 2 hours while I converted the video into an mp4 file for the computer.

We ended up sleeping together that night, we had fun in the bed, just oral though, Chloe and Amy blew me off a few times while I ate them out.

The real fun was going to come tomorrow, when I was going to take their virginity slowly and softly, maybe…
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