Dares Out at the Pool - Part 3 - While Amy Sleeps


Dares out at the pool – Part 3 – While Amy was Asleep

The next morning, I woke up before the two girls so while they were asleep, I lifted the covers off them and took a few photos to go along with the lesbian video. After that I went to the kitchen for some breakfast and a drink.

About an hour later, I heard someone stir upstairs, then a scream. Suddenly I jumped up from the chair and ran upstairs as quick as I could. When I got to the bedroom. I found Amy standing above Chloe, I realized then that it was a scream of pleasure not pain. When I ran in, Chloe spoke to me “Sorry, Ryan if we scared you. ”

Now I mention my name now because not many people call me by it.

I laughed when I realized and told the girls to get dressed, they asked why. “Were off out. ” Amy replied “Where we going?”, “To be Honest Amy, I haven’t got a fucking clue. ” I said that with a smile and the girls just laughed and started to talk frantically with what they were going to wear.

We went down to park and walked around the town. I told the girls that anything they wanted to buy was on me, I was trying to soften them up for later,

They went to a lingerie store, and found matching bras and panties which they wanted. I gave them my weekly pocket money and wage from my part time job working for my fathers computer business. So all together I gave them about £500 and kept £500 for myself as I took some out of the bank.

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   Then went deeper into the store once I gave them the money and note saying that it was alright they were carrying that much and that they weren’t thiefs or anything. I walked over to a sex shop that was just outside the precinct and with my fake I. D which incindently my sister made for me, she was good as things like that. I went into the shop and walked upto the clerk. “Excuse me, Im looking for something that I can use to pleasure to gorgeous girls before I take their virginities. The clerk showed me around the store and I bought a few vibrators and some crotchless outfits for the girls, and some porn DVDS for inspiration.

As we got back to the house, I noticed that Wes was home, I spoke to girls asking if later they would like to try something with Wes, “Im not sure Ryan, you know I’ve liked him for a while but still. ” Said Amy. Chloe wanted it to happen and told Amy that it would be fun.

I went round to Wes’s and when he answered the door, he was seemingly cheerful. “Hey Wes, I told you I would invite you round, so come round later and help me with these girls. ” “Ok, Ill pop round in a bit, just get them ready. ”

I went back round home to find the girls out in the pool again. I told them that I was going for a lie down and a wank. As I was walking upstairs I heard footsteps from behind and saw that Chloe was following me, when I asked her why.

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   She told me that it was a secret and that Amy fell asleep on the deck.

When we got to my room, Chloe shoved me onto the bed and started to stroke me and kiss me. She slowly moved her head down to my now rock hard cock. She slowly licked the tip of the head before she took it into her mouth. She started to slowly move her head up and down while sensual flicking the tip with her tongue. The blowjob went on for about 4 minutes before I told her I was going to cum if she carried on much longer. She stopped, and turned around towards the door. I asked her where she was going and she told she was off to our parents room because she needed a condom. I told her not to worry and I keep a stash of condoms underneath the floorboards with my collection of porn magazines and DVDs. As I said that she darted underneath the bed to find the loose floorboard. As she pulled out the condom she checked it and then opened the wrapper and slowly started to roll down my cock. I asked “Chloe, why are you doing this?” She replied to me “Ryan, I’ve wanted this for a long while now but we have never been this close before, it feels right to do it now. ” I wasn’t going to argue, there was no point anyway as she always won. I told her to lay on her back and I would enter her as softly as I could.

She laid with her head once again against the headboard.

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   “Now if it starts to hurt, tell me and I will stop for you. ” She nodded her head and I entered her. She started to scream and I stopped. “No, No, Carry on, just wait a few minutes will I get used to its size. ” I waited until she nodded then I carried on til I hit her hymen. I told her that this will hurt and that she might bleed a little. She nodded and lifted a pillow over her head to muffle the sound.

I pulled back and then pushed hard into her, ripping through her hymen, she screamed into the pillow so loud I thought the sound would rip through it, she didn’t bleed though which I was glad at, because she wouldn’t faint. As soon as she got accustomed to me inside her all the way she started to scream at me telling me to fuck her.

I pumped faster and faster into her, all the while she was screaming, the fucking session went on for about an hour before she told me she wanted it in her ass, I told her that I didn’t want to hurt but she said it would be alright. So I grabbed the lube from under the bed and spread it around and inside her ass, I also put a generous amount on my cock. I lined up with the small puckered hole and started to push, she screamed out in pain but told me to carry on, I pushed on and entered her. The tightness nearly caused me to cum straight away but I refrained from doing so. I pumped into her for the next 10 minutes before I asked her where she wanted me to cum. She said anywhere so I pulled out and came all over her chest.

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   After that we got up, cleaned and dressed and went out to the pool.

Only to find Wes with Amy…