Dear Margaret Part 1 (Young Cousin's Getting Nasty in The Barn)


Does everyone in the office know what a slut you really are? Although you have achieved greatness and power you do still appear to your subordinates and peers as a shy and innocent woman who has come of age. I imagine that as you read this letter you are sitting at your desk, eyeglasses firmly in place, dark red hair bunched in a neat ponytail. You are probably dressed in your usual outfit, a plain skirt, white blouse, and stockings complimented by plain black dress shoes, your countenance looking as demure as ever. So who am I Margaret and what do I know about you? Maybe in time we will get to the answer of the first part of this question. However let me shed a little bit of light on the latter part. Do you remember that little incestuous tryst that occurred in the barn oh so long ago? I’m sure you do but if you don’t, let me refresh your memory. It was a warm summer day in August. Your family, you, your sister, mother and father, decided it would be a good idea to take a drive in the country and visit your uncle. After you had arrived at your destination, everyone decided to go to the lake. You opted out for fear of getting sun burnt on your pale skin. Once everyone had left, you settled down to a nice Nancy Drew mystery novel. After awhile you became bored with the book, and wandered out to the barn. You looked around for a while to see if Chickaree, the old bay mare was still around. Finding that she was not, you proceeded to watch with curiosity as two of your uncle’s dogs whined and squealed as they humped in the corner of the barn. I believe if my memory serves me correctly after watching this scene, you felt a slight twinge in your virgin pussy and wanted some relief. Given your shy nature, I never thought you were the type of girl who likes things on the kinky side but you really opened my eyes that day.

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   There you were your naked pale skin bathed in streaks of sunlight through cracks in the barn, your long red hair cascading down your back and shoulders as you straddled the horn of your uncles best saddle rubbing your beautiful young cunt trying to satisfy the fire within as the dark red bush between your thick thighs soaked up your fragrant juices before collecting in a puddle on the fine leather. I chuckled at the surprised look on your face when your cousin Derrick opened the barn door. He walked in on you as you were lifting one of your ample breasts to your lips, your tongue flicking at an erect pink nipple sending electric waves cursing through your body to your aching clit. As I recall, the look on Derricks face said it all. A look of surprise coupled with the lust a teenage boy feels when he spies a naked woman either on the pages of a dirty magazine or in the flesh. Do you remember your penance for being a naughty girl that day? I remember as Derrick walked towards you, you tried to cover up but to no avail for you had been discovered. As Derrick approached you, I remember him telling you that it would be a secret that only you two would share. I smile to myself as I recall that exchange. After all, how were you both to know that I was there watching? Did you feel dirty when Derrick stopped before you, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them down to his ankles as his erect cock sprung forth into the warm summer air? I remember how you passively hung your head as he rubbed his hardness in your hair. How your fingers caressed the leather of the saddle as he slipped his maleness in between your red locks. Did it feel good when he rubbed it along the back of your neck, before reaching down to brush your hair away leaving a small glistening trail on one of your flushed cheeks? Were you excited or frightened when he cupped your chin and pressed the swollen mushroom shaped head against your lips? From what I remember, you must have been excited because as your lips parted, your tongue hungrily sought nourishment much as a newborn babe seeks a mother’s nipple. Margaret should I end this letter now or shall I remind you of what else I saw that day? Are the memories coming back now? Do you still wonder when you wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat if you had only went so far as sucking your cousin’s cock maybe you wouldn’t hear the sound of bones jangling in the closet trying to free themselves? Ok least I digress, let me help you recall the memories of that day; the day that your cousin plucked the ripe cherry from your craving womb. I remember as Derrick’s gyrating hips took your mouth; a moan escaped your saliva-coated lips. As he pinched and rolled one of your aching nipples between his fingertips, do you remember reaching down to part the lips of your dripping sex trying vigorously to find your aching rosebud? Taking this as a queue, he asked if you wanted him. You froze momentarily and told him you were afraid because you were still a virgin.

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   The smile that crossed Derrick’s lips was priceless as he reminded you of the secret that you two now shared. Blushing and I’m sure feeling some guilt, no doubt heaped upon you by your upstanding catholic mother, you suddenly grew mute. Unsure if you should stop before it was too late what a look of ecstasy on your face when Derrick parted your ass from behind. I remember how you moaned as he slowly sucked your wet virginal mound, tasting your sweet nectar as the tip of his tongue explored uncharted territory Do you remember as he mounted you from behind reaching back with one hand pulling yourself farther open accommodating his throbbing manhood even though you began to feel as though you may split in two? With one hand grasping the saddle horn, your head down, you didn’t notice the dogs that had stopped to watch as he rode you in the saddle withdrawing to coat your pink anus with his sticky seed. I am reminded by what I feel must have been the best part of the secret that you and Derrick keep. It must have been hard to control your desires when you were around other family members each time he would grab and squeeze your plump buttocks when no one was looking. Oh how you must have ached for relief when at other times he on occasion would reach around and rub your pussy through your jeans when he had a chance to cop a feel without getting caught. Did it hurt to know that he never had the desire to fuck you again because being the star quarterback he had his pick of any girl that he wanted?Margaret as I end this letter, I hope that you have found some relief in knowing that you are not alone and that you have a confidant in which you can share your secrets. Sincerely, Anonymous@ Copyright 2003, Scorpiosting. All Rights Reserved. .

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