Desperate Mother


My name is Susanne, and I’m thirty eight. I’m average height, slim, with an ample chest and what I like to think is a tight ass. All in all I like to think I am a desirable woman, I have certainly had my fair share of men over the years. The story I am about to tell you happened a year ago, when I was thirty seven. My son was sixteen. His name is John, and I have always encouraged sports and games for him because he was never a very bright one. My husband had left me when Johnny was ten, six years ago, and since then I had not had a man. I didn’t take men into the house and I didn’t go out with men because I hadn’t want to confuse Johnny. This, of course, meant I hadn’t had sex now for ten years. For a woman who had been used to regular sex, the lack of it used to drive me mad. My desires became strong, oh so strong, and I could barely contain myself. I used to have wild fantasies about random men in the street - rushing home so I could touch myself. I would throw myself onto the sofa and desperately try to satisfy my needs. But there is no replacement for a man. You have understand - I was so desperate. Late one night, when I was on my way to shower before bed, I walked past my son’s room.

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   I noticed, peeking in, that is was empty. Worried about my son I walked in, looking under the sheets and finding he hadn’t even been to bed yet. I was sure he had come home that evening, as I remembered him coming in. Immediately I began to think the worst. However, on my way out of the room, I noticed a piece of paper on the floor. When I bent down to pick it up it turned out to be an advert for a ‘rave’, with an address. I was stunned. My Johnny, sixteen year old Johnny, had gone to a rave. I carried on out of the room, through the hall, and into the living room. I sat down by the phone and dialled the number. “Hello?” “Yes, Hello, is this the number of…” I read the advert and spoke disapprovingly “X - o - Rave?” The phone went down. I continued to ring a few other numbers, mainly friends of Johnny’s, as well as the local police, looking to see if anybody had any news on his whereabouts. Nobody did. I ended up spending nearly two hours trying every number I could think of and interrogating all his friends. I was concerned, but I knew where he was and that he was there by choice, so my worries calmed a little.

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   At least, enough for me to get back up and head to the shower. It was well gone midnight now, but I wasn’t tired. I walked through to the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I got ready to undress. In my recent frustration, I had often turned to masturbating in front of a mirror, trying to convince myself I was with another woman. It used to make me feel filthy, not least because I was pleasuring myself, but because it was such a blatant sign of desperation. I slipped my shirt over my head, revealing my black bra. Nobody had seen my breasts in so long, but I always wore nice bras and matching panties just in case. My tits swayed as they bounced out of the long sleeved shirt, and I felt a small twinge in my abdomen. I bent down, zipping my trousers open, and sliding them down my long legs. When I unclasped my bra, seeing my tits bounce but remain upright made me smile. I took pride in my body, hoping that somebody would see it again one day. When I took my panties off I made sure I didn’t look down at my pussy - I didn’t want to fuck myself, not with my son out there. I got in the shower, running the hot water down my back and across my face. The water splashed down my tits and across my ass as I reached for the soap and got up a lather.

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   Rubbing it against my chest I spread the suds across my tits, pressing them together with my arms to make them look bigger. When I realised what I was doing I dropped them again immediately, only to have my fingers brush gently across my pussy. I gasped at the sudden touch, and shuddered at the thought of pleasuring myself. Before I could resist my own hand slid down to my pussy lips. I was rubbing myself, the suds making my hand slip and slide as I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip with the delight of it. It felt so good to have my pussy being felt, and I began to imagine a fantasy man fucking me. I felt ashamed that even now I was so desperate I couldn’t resist my own urges for a few hours, but I was so weak to it. “Mom?” I literally jumped, my eyes spanning open and my hands snapping away in shock. My son was standing in the doorway of the bathroom, looking through the transparent doors of the shower with squinting eyes. He seemed to be trying to make me out through all the steam and the suds. “Where have you been Johnny?” I snapped, trying to cover myself with my hands. “A rave. ” Johnny said, at least he was being honest. “Go through to your room I’ll come in in a minuet. ” I said.

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   My son nodded, turned and left. I felt so dirty. I looked down at my big tits, the soap dripping off my no longer erect nipples, and I felt like I was a slave to my own urges. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, spending a few minuets drying myself. “Mom?” Johnny called out, wondering where I was. “I’ll be a few minuets. ” I called back, deciding I would brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I did so, sliding into a silk-laced black nightie when I was done. I put on no panties, because I never slept in panties. I walked down the hall and went to open the door to my son’s room. Looking through the gap I saw he was sitting on the bed. He’d taken off his outdoor clothes and had changed into a pair of boxers - ready for bed. “Mom, I’m sorry. ” he said as I walked in. “You must tell me in future.

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  ” I said firmly. “But you are a young man and parties are natural. ” “I will. ” Johnny promised, and I could tell he was relieved that I wasn’t going on about it. As I stood there, preparing to say good night to my son, I looked up at a window which was opposite the door. The frame was hanging loose. “I told you to fix that ages ago. ” I said, skipping onto the frame in frustration. I stretched, trying to align the wonky bar but not being tall enough. “Let me help. ” My son said, and leapt up behind me. To my dread, I found his body pressed against mine. His hard abdomen was like iron against my back, and I felt his breath on the back of my neck. His arms came up behind my and started to try and help me with the bar. I bit my lip hard, trying to close my eyes and not be aroused.

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   I hadn’t been this close to a man in so long. Despite my best efforts, I began to get turned on. I could feel my pussy begin to burn with desire as he slid against me, trying to reach up. Then I felt his soft penis, through this sorts, brush gently against the back of my pussy. I gasped. “Sorry, am I squashing you?” He asked, making to step off the windowsill. “No!” I heard myself reply, so desperate to feel that touch again but so disgusted with myself. “Ok. ” He said, pushing back against me. His penis would the base of my pussy again. I licked my lips and closed my eyes, trying to resist him but so desperate for the pleasure. Then, my desires swimming through my blood, and I found myself rubbing. Ever so slightly, ever so gently, I rocked an inch by an inch against him. I tried to provoke him. I was so dirty, but It worked.

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   I felt his cock begin to fill, and he suddenly stopped moving. He didn’t say anything, but he suddenly paused his trying to align the windowsill. “Mom, I. . ” “What?” I asked, pretending I had no idea what was going on. I pressed my ass against the base of his penis, and I felt it jump through his sorts. “Nothing…” he said, and continued trying to align the bar atop the windowsill. As he did, he ended up pulling one end off. The nail fell down onto the sill. “I’ll get it. ” he said, not realising what was involved. He had to reach round the front, and his hand would have to brush past my tits. This was too much, I had to stop. This was wrong. This was my son, I had to control myself.

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   Before I could say anything his hand came around. It brushed past my tits on its way to the floor, and I gasped again. This time he leapt off the windowsill. “I er, I er I” “We’ll leave it to the morning. ” I said quickly, trying to gather myself. “Night. ” I said, not risking going near him for a kiss. Instead I shot out of the room and flew into the lounge, plumping down on the sofa. I sat there for a while, thinking about what had just happened. I had just tried to turn on my son, I had just tried to make him hard. All to satisfy my desires. I was a filthy woman, a dirty woman, and I knew I was uncontrollable. I decided I would calm down for a while. I switched on the telly, breathing heavily and trying to get all thoughts of my son’s penis out of my mind. I watched tv for about twenty minuets, lunging from channel to channel but finding nothing.

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   Bored, I sighed and got up, throwing the remote onto the sofa. I decided I would go to bed and try to forget the whole thing. I walked past my son’s bedroom once again, and peeped in - hoping he would either be asleep, and thus must have forgotten about it to, or that he would be awake and I could talk to him about it. What I saw, however, made my knees weak. My son was there, laid out on the bed, with his cock in his hand. Oh my, what a cock it was. Long and thick, and hard, and he was beating it. Oh how he was bashing, and the power of it made me weak with lust. “Mom…” I heard him whisper to himself. My eyes widened. He must have been fantasying about me. “Johnny I…” I burst in, acting like I hadn’t seen him bashing off. He tried to cover himself. “Mom! Ever heard of knocking?” I had hoped I would tell him off. I thought I would say something about not doing that unless he was sure I wasn’t around.

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   But all I could do was look at his cock. My eyes did not leave that throbbing member. “Mom…” he said, noticing what I was looking at. “Shh. ” I said, and I walked over to him. My desire was so strong, I couldn’t help it. It had been so long, so pussy achingly long since I had seen a nice big cock. I bent down, my face inches away from his cock. “Let me help you relax. ” I swallowed, reaching out and wrapping my hand around his cock. “Mom…” he gasped, but he didn’t move as I stroked that huge member. Veins began to surface and it sprang at me as my fingers touched it. It was so warm, so throbbing, and it made me so hungry. I began to stroke him. He was looking at me, but his hips were trembling every time I slid my hand down to his nut sack.


   It was huge now. As big as any I had ever seen, and I knew I had gone too far. There was no turning back now. “I want to fuck you mom. ” I let go of his member and stood up. Then, planting my feet either side of his waist, I pulled off my nightie and crouched down. I eased myself onto his cock. He groaned, I nearly screamed. Instead I shuddered, my tits bouncing around as I felt him slid inside me. I let him settle for a moment, terrified that he would cum and it would be over. But he didn’t, he opened his eyes and looked at me. I began to slid up and down, his cock still growing as I began to bump. My tits bounced harder, my nipples becoming so hard I thought they would crack. I tried to stay slow, I tried to keep the motion dignified - I didn’t want to buck like a whore, not like this, with my own son. “I’m going to fuck you.

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  ” He said to me, reaching out and grabbing my shoulders. I didn’t, couldn’t, fight him. He threw me onto my back. Then, placing his cock at the entrance to my pussy, he began to rub his fingers across my nipples. He stroked my huge tits, they heaved as I breathed heavily with anticipation. Then he teased me, sliding his cock either side of my entrance but not plunging in. “do you want me to fuck you?” he asked. “Please!” I gasped. I was so filthy. He plunged in with all his might, and I did scream, with delight. He pounded my pussy, ramming his iron rod in and out and making me whine like a whore. “Harder!” I begged, desperate to have him fill me up. He continued to pump me, making me slid on the bed. This time I did buck, my hips thrashing wildly to try and get the full length of his cock inside my pussy. “HARDER!” I shrieked, completely his, completely a slave to my desires.

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   “I’m going to fuck you. ” He grunted, slamming his member home again and again. I knew I could not keep this up long. My pussy began to get so hot I thought I would burn him, and I felt myself begin to tremble. “YES” I screamed, my legs snapping around his waist and holding his cock inside me for as long as I could. His power was so much, so great, that I knew I could hold myself back no longer. I began to throw myself madly, tearing his cock in and out of my pussy with all my power. Then it came to a climax. My pussy lips tightened around his cock like a vice, and I shrieked with delight as I came. My whole body exploded as I bucked on my son’s huge cock. Then he grunted, and I felt his cock pound his cum into my pussy. The throbbing lurches of its huge purple head drove me deeper into the realms of burning fantasy and desire as he fucked my brains out. When we were done we both sighed. He pulled himself out of me, and I put on my nightie. Without a word I ran out of the room and sat down in the lounge.

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   I didn’t go back into my son that night. I sat there, disgusted with myself. But, deep in my soul, I knew I could not go without that cock for long. .

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