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I smiled back at her and proceeded out of the car and started pumping the gas. I heard her door open and assumed she was getting out to go to the bathroom. Instead she walked behind the van and behind me startling me as she said, "So how about it. You gonna buy me a beer?" She laughed as she noticed she scared me. I just looked at her and wondered how many guys had bought her beers just to get into her pants. I guess while I was not answering her she noticed I was staring at her. Lost in my thought I finally heard her speaking to me. "So is that A deal?""I'm sorry what were you saying? My mind was some where else. " I stumbledShe seemed to blush at the idea that I was looking at her. "I said if you buy me a beer it will be our secret and I'll owe you one. ""You'll owe me one. What does that mean I can buy my own beer?"The gas pumped click, giving notice that the tank was full. April reached out in front of me and removed the nozzle from the hole. As she did she lightly brushed her hand or the nozzle against my crotch. Not really sure which one but her smile made me believe it was her hand. "I mean I'll owe you a favor.

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  "I could literally feel my erection growing as she spoke. I had noticed when she loaded her bags into the van earlier what a great ass she had. After all she was wearing a jumper outfit that looked like it was my daughter's who was seven years younger. Funny but as I stared at her ass then with no noticeable sign of panties on I remember thinking she would not be allowed to dress like that when we get home. "So is that what your boy friends do, buy you a beer then you owe them a favor?"I couldn't believe I just asked her that. She smiled and started walking towards the ladies restroom. "You better believe it!"I stood there horny as hell over my niece. Man I must be sick but looking at her ass as she walked away made me want to just fuck her brains out. I went into the store to pay for the gas and to get some drinks. When I got to the car April was staring at me waiting to see if I pulled a beer out of the bag for her. I offered her a Dr. Pepper instead. With frustration written all over her face she turned away from me and looked out the window. The next ten or fifteen miles were quiet. The wife and kids were asleep in the far back of the van.

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   I thought that maybe April had dozed off as well. "Hey remember your suppose to keep an eye on me. "April turned around and just gave me a go to hell look. I smiled at her but she did not smile back. "Are you sure you're not thirsty?"There was no reply. "Beer doesn't taste good warm you know. ""Beer, what beer?""I'm sorry I meant Dr. Pepper. Did I say beer?"The smile was returning to her face. She looked at the brown bag that said on the floor between us but closer to me. She reached for it but being closer I got it first. "Excuse me did you want something?""Damn and I thought I was a tease. I want the beer from in that bag. "Her smile was devilish and delightful. I turned to confirm that my wife was still sleeping.

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   April looked back also. Then she placed her feet on her seat and drew her ankles up by her ass. This caused the material of her jumper to drop down in crawl up a little bit. I thought I saw some pubic hair and almost went crazy. "So will you give it to me?" she asked and a very tempting mannerI reached into the bag and got her the beer. The cold can felt good against my skin, which she had set on fire. I handed it to her and she pop the top and looked at me as she licked the can. Soon she tilted back her head and began swallowing the beer like it was water. She spoke not one word as she guzzled the beer. When she finished she put the empty can into the bag. She stared at me and smiled. "I owe you one big time bad uncle. ""Bad Uncle? Why did you call me that?""Oh because I know what you want for pay back in your bad. Real bad. "She sat her seat back as far as it would go and then rolled towards the door.

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   The cheeks of her ass sat right out at me. My dick was as hard as it had ever been. I wanted to reach over and touch it. The youthfulness of it the firmness of it called me. I wasn't sure if this was all I was going to get in return for the beer but for right now it was plenty. I drove keeping one eye on the road and one eye on her ass. As darkness came I lost the great view but then it occurred to me. April had not moved in over an hour. She was obviously asleep like everyone else. I looked in the back and could only make out the figure of my wife and kids. I assumed they could see no more than that towards the front. Wondering if April would stop me if I touched her ass I slowly reached over and acted like I was only touching her to wake her up. I went from poking her with my fingers to rubbing her firm ass within seconds. I couldn't believe I was touching her like that. I was not certain if she was asleep or still returning the favor.

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   I rubbed down and under the material covering the crack of her ass. There was no sign of underwear to be found. I rubbed her crack and thought for certain I would wreck the van as I was overcome by the hunger to go further. Soon I felt hair and could only assume her pussy was nearby. I probed on until almost by accident I felt moisture. My fingers followed the trail and soon I was at the lips of her pussy. Oh I longed to see how that sweet pussy looked but would I have dare to come this far in the light of day probably not.
    I parted her lips and felt my fingers gliding into her pussy. I thought I heard her moaned and I hesitated before going further. I moved my fingers slightly and knew that her wetness was because she was enjoying this. Regardless of her state of consciousness she was enjoying the caressing. As I moved my fingers deeper inside her I began to go in a rhythm that she soon seem to adhere to. I felt her muscles holding onto my fingers and I decided that I could probably make her cum if I got to her clit. As I slowly moved my fingers outward, I heard one of the kids saying they had to go to the bathroom. I removed my hand quickly and placed it back on the steering wheel as I sat back up straight in my seat.

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       "Dad I need to go to the bathroom. " My son was awake. "Okay buddy I'll take the next exit. ""Good I need to go too," my daughter said. "Must be a family thing," my wife joined in. "Count me in as part of that too," April said as she sat her seat up. "April were you asleep. Girl I told you to stay up there and keep your uncle awake. ""I was just relaxing, I wasn't asleep and I was keeping him up just ask him. "Through the dim street lights I could see her smiling at me. "She kept me up okay sweetheart, although I did think she was asleep for a few minutes. ""No" she said smiling "I've been awake the whole time. "I knew she was not joking. I had been paid back. The best pay back ever for a beer.

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       Unfortunately no was tired enough to fall back asleep and the wife drove the rest of the way home. We got in late and put the kids to bed. April and I unloaded the van. "So do I pay back a beer good or what?'"Oh yeah, matter of fact if I known you paid back that well I would have gotten you a six pack. ""Ummmm, pay that much back would be a lot of fun. "Her smile told me she was not kidding. "You see bad uncle, I will repay any favors you do for me. I think you will always like the way I pay back. ""Oh, I'm sure I will. Ask me any favor you might have and I'll see what I can do. "We smiled at each other as we carried in the bags. Her ass shaking in front of me and I kept hoping she had a lot of favors to ask of me. Good news she did but as they say, "that's another story. " A true and continuous story. Comments and suggestions to bu97@yahoo.

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