Drunken unexpected fun


arriving home from a night out, i get a drink and slump down onto my sofa. i had a good night but didnt get lucky. all i can think about is sex and how much i need it. since splitting with my ex last week, this is the longest ive been without it in over 3years!
im just contemplating going to bed when i hear the front door close. ahh must be my sister. its her 17th birthday and shes been out with friends. she comes and sits down on the opposite sofa, also pretty drunk. she asks me how my night went and where i had been etc. after her getting a drink, we begin talking away. she closes the door as she comes back, as our paretns have moaned at us b4 when they are trying to sleep. the conversations flowing, were talking about all sorts and the convo starts getting abit dirty. me and my sis get along very well but for some reason something doesnt seem right.
we carry on but for some reason im checking out my sisters tits. never noticed how nice they are, then my eyes are running over her legs, up from her feet, higher and higer. im not sure she notices as she is still talking away. as i reach the top she moves her legs apart slightly, her mini skirt laying across her thighs.

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   i can see the small mound of her pussy lips under her thong. i cant help but think how wrong this is but how much i want her!
she says "i can keep a secret if u can!?" im not sure what she means as surely shes not thinking the same as me? but with that she stands up and slides down her thong, asit drops to her feet and she steps out. ive frozen. . not knowing what to do or say? she pulls an innocent little smile and sits back down on the edge of the sofa. repeating her previous coment "i can keep a secret if u can!?" without me repling she lays back and parts her legs so wide. im sitting there staring at my little sisters tight shaven pussy. what shall i do im thinking. . ?
my cock is rock hard and before i know it ive moved over to her, i ask her if she is sure? and she tells me she has wanted for ages and now she is drunk i should take advantage.  with no further coment i begin licking away at her, circling her clit as she begins to moan softly. i slide a finger into her and begin to swirl it around inside her, feeling how tight and wet she is! licking harder and larder against her clit, shes moaning more n louder. im loving this so much i push another finger into her, easing it in as shes so tight. she begins to losen and they slide easyer in and  out, her breaths become shorter and sharper, she tells me she is gonna cum any second. i lick harder and push my fingers deeper.

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   "ohhh fuck she says im cumming!"" i sit up and continue to finger her with one hand as i push a pillow into her face with the other. obviously not wanting any1 else to hear!
she gets up and pushes me back on to the sofa. teeling me how much she has wanted me and how good that just was. eagerly yanking down my jeans, i stop her half way just incase any1 comes down. moving to the side of me she leans down and looks up at me, placing her tounge on the tip of my rock hard cock. "the rumors are true then, you are deff got a nice piece!" she says beofre sliding her lips downwards , taking most of my cock in to her mouth. feeling so good i close my eyes and try to not breathe to loudly etc. i cant believe this is happening. its so wrong, but theres no turning back now!
her head is bouncing up and down sucking on my cock as her right hand is wanking me off, she is doing it just like my ex used to and it feels so fucking good. i want her to suck me till i cum in her mouth but at the same time i just wanna fuck her! i pull her up telling her how much i just wanna be inside her, she moves a leg over to straddle me and takes hold of my cock again, i ask her if she has had sex b4 and once is her reply, this turns me on even more! i ask her about a condom, but she replys in a soft innocent voice "no, i wanna feel u in me properly, flesh against flesh"  she rubs the head of my cock over her lips, back and forth a few times b4 lowering herself so it slides into her, moving down so her full weight is on me and my cock slides deep into her, i can feel just how tight and wet she is. this is by far the best feeling ive ever had!
leaning into my ear she says "now sit back and enjoy your naughty little sister ride your hard cock till you cum into me!" i take a deep breath and close my eyes laying back.
    she takes hold of my hards and pins them down, moving back and forth, slowly getting faster and faster, i look down and admire her sexy little body and her shaven pussy smashing down onto my cock. its been only a few minutes but its so good i cant take much more! im holding it best i can, her moans are getting louder and louder! im telling her to be quiet, but its not making much difference. "oh fuck yeah im gonna cum any second!" she says fucking harder and harder, as i feel her start to tense up i tell her im gonna cum. yeah she says "cum with me, cum deep inside me!" her whole body tenses as i shoot my load into her.

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       her movement pretty much comes to a stop, and after catching her breath she tells me how good it was. standing up she smiles and bends over, taking my cock in her mouth again, gives it one long suck, but i cant take it, it feels too sensitive.
    she picks up her thong and as she walks out the room she says ill look forward till next time! sweet dreams sexy x x x