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I later came to find that my dad had never been much for compliments or romance. So that whole senior year, Mom and I spent almost every night out doing something, and before too long we become more than just mother and son, but best friends. We could talk to each other about anything, and we did. There was nothing that made me happier than to just cuddle close to my mother in the living room talking for hours. I would sit there holding her, looking at her sexy body in a pair of cut-offs and a tight T-shirt and want nothing more than to just pull her close to me, kiss her deeply, and tell her how much I really loved her. I sensed that there might be a chance that she wanted the same thing, but I was too scared to move forward with her. I was terrified of losing the relationship we had built together if I suddenly spoke up and told her I wanted to make love to her, but in the meantime I was developing Carpal-tunnel Syndrome from jerking off so much! Then on Mother's Day of all days, it finally happened. I awoke early that morning to fix Mom's favorite breakfast of pancakes and bacon and could not wait to give her the necklace I had picked out for her gift. When she awoke, she was wearing a sexy, white, flower-print dress that cut off a good ways above her knees. I gave her a big hug and kissed her after telling how beautiful she looked. We had breakfast, and when we had finished, we went into the living room where I gave her the necklace, which she loved. She gave me a big hug saying, "I love you so much, honey!" "I love you too Mom, more than you'll ever know," I said not wanting to release her from our hug. I was pleasantly surprised when she didn't immediately pull away either. When we finally did let go of each other, she looked at me with a very loving look and said, "I want you to know that I don't think I would have made it though your father leaving if you hadn't been here. I love that we've become so close this last year. " "Me too, Mom," I said as we sat down on the couch.

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   "Dad wasn't worthy of your love. You deserve so much better. I hope you know that. " "I do, I do," she said. "You know, this is going to sound weird, but sometimes I wish you were not my son. " I wasn't sure I heard her right. I just looked at her unsure by what she meant. "Don't get me wrong, I love you so much sweetie! It's just that I wish we could be more than just mother and son. You'll probably get all freaked out, but sometimes I wish I could show you my love physically. " Just like that, my dick was hard as a rock. Hearing that my mother really did desire me just like I desired her sent me into a whirl. I almost kissed her right then and there, but didn't dare. I was finally able to muster the words; "I wish the same thing all the time, Mom. I have been in love with you since I could remember. " I thought for a moment that she was going to cry.

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   We sat there for a long moment in silence just looking at each other before I finally decided to make the first move. "Do you think that there is any chance we could become lovers?" Mom blushed but then got a very serious look on her face. "We shouldn't be talking like this. It isn't right. I think we should just:" But before Mom could say anything else, I just put my lips to hers and kissed her like a son should never kiss his mother. I figured that she would push me off, but when she didn't and actually wrapped her arms around me and began kissing back, I knew that my dreams were finally coming true! I laid her back on the couch and pressed my lips against hers in a deep, wet kiss. After a moment, our tongues met and there was an explosion of heat between us. Her breath was so hot in my mouth as our tongues massaged each other's. As I continued to make-out with my mother, I began unsnapping the buttons on her short, little dress. Little moans escaped from between our mouths as I put my hands on her large, D-cup tits, the same tits that had fed me as a baby. I let up on the kissing and threw my shirt off, looking down at my beautiful mother who was looking at me with deep passion. "I want to make love to you sweetie! I want you to fuck me so hard! Fuck Mommy, please!" Without further ado, I led my mother into her bedroom, and we stripped out of our clothes in a matter of seconds. Mom came over to me pressing her plump tits against my body and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock. She gently stroked it as she kissed me again. "You're so much bigger than your Dad," she whispered breathlessly.

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   Mom lay down on the bed, and I quickly followed. I began to massage her breasts and kissed each of the nipples. I licked and sucked each of her hard nipples as she moaned slightly. "That's right. Suck Mommy's tits. That's good, Mommy's little boy like's her breasts doesn't he," She whispered nearly inaudibly. I could have sucked on her nipples for the rest of my life if it hadn't been for my killer erection. I knew I was going to need attention soon, so I moved my attention downward, kissing her soft, flat stomach finally coming to her cleanly trimmed pubic hair. I could tell that she was wet, and I could feel the heat coming off her beautiful vagina. I gently spread the lips, and my tongue easily found her clit as I began to slowly move my finger inside her. She let out a long sigh as I began to gently finger-fuck her pussy and tongue her clit. Her juice was sweet, sweeter than anything I had ever tasted before, and I gulped up as much as I could taking in the wonderful aroma of her wet cunt. Her deep breathing turned to gentle moans as I continued, and before too long, her body was pulsing with an orgasm, which she voiced with screams of pleasure. It was almost impossible to believe that I had just made my mother orgasm, and the thought was really making my cock hurt. I knew I could wait no longer.

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   I had to fuck my mother! As her orgasm subsided, I moved up on the bed and kissed her before positioning myself over her. "Fuck me, sweetie! Fuck your mother right now," She screamed as I pushed my cock against her hot, wet pussy. My cock slid in easily, and Mom pinched her eyes shut in pleasure as I began to fuck her. I couldn't believe how good her pussy felt wrapped around my cock! I knew I wasn't going to last very long. The idea that I was finally fucking my own mother was enough to make me want to cum little lone the feeling. Before too long, we were in a good rhythm and Mom and I both her moaning wildly. After we had fucked missionary style for a few minutes, Mom and I flipped positions and suddenly my Mom was on top of me milking my cock for all it was worth. She ran her hands through her golden-blond hair and moaned wildly as I fondled her breasts fighting off the urge to shoot my load. Finally, Mom screamed with another orgasm, and unable to fight the urge any longer, I finally let myself go. My balls tightened and my cock exploded deep inside Mom shooting at least six, large loads of sperm inside her. Mom fell on top of me kissing me wildly. "Oh my God! That was the best sex I've ever had, baby!" We shared another passionate kiss and I could see that there were tears of joy in her eyes as she slid off my softening cock. We spent the rest of that Mother's Day in bed, and five years later; we are still together making love on a regular basis. There will never be a woman that can replace my Mom, and no guy that will ever replace her son. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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