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This Summer we had some really interesting fun here in Georgia. We have, once in a while, family gatherings and sometimes there are upwards of 80 to 100 family member, both close and distant. We went to a large park near Athens and rented a pavillion. My Mom was excited about seeing some old family and I kind of wanted to also but did not really remember them since I had lived with Uncle Jack and Aunt Claire most of the time since I was 10.
Steve and I were getting ready to go and I asked him what he thought I should wear, "Well, it is going to be hot today, better wear something light. " he said and I did. A tube top and sheer skirt and I brought my bathing suit to dip if needed. We were driving and Steve said, "That is the new tube top isn't it?" "Yes. " I told him, "Why?" "Hun, that thing is see through, it is really thin and tight, you sure you wanna wear that to a family thing?" I laughed and had really not thought about it and carressed his cock through his pants, "Well, hun," I said putting on my best Southern accent, "You know they say about red necks and family gatherings, that is where we look for dates and spouses. " We both laughed and drove on.
We got to the park and went to the pavillion and since we were a little behind there were already a group of people there. I got looks and whispers as Steve and I held hands and walked to the pavillion. I walked over to Mom and kissed her cheek and she whispered, "Girl, you are dressed like your a slut. " I whispered back, "But Mom, I am and so are you. " and we laughed some. "Okay" she said and slapped my bottom.

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   "Go meet some family. " she saidand I got one of those stick on name tags that you write your name on and put "Teresa" on it and on my chest on the tube top just above the nipple so that one had to look right at my chest to read it. "You did that on purpose. " Steve said. "Yep. " I told him and he kissed me, "So I guess you wil be out in the woods soon then?" he said seeing some family men looking me up and down. "Maybe. " I said. He kissed me again and we began mixing.
I looked over at two very tomboyish looking girls, maybe 20 or so and they sat away from eveyone. "Yeh, they are les. " I thought to myself. I walked to them, "Hey, I am Teresa, you guys not social?" I said. "Karen," one said and she shook my hand and then said, "Dana" motioning to the other. I hugged her making sure to press against her.

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   "So you don't mix with folks?" I asked again. "Well," said Karen, "It is that they don't want to mix with us. " I looked at them and they were examining me up and down, "Well, I will be more than happy to mix with you," I said and then, "And who knows, maybe some really serious mixing if I am lucky. " "Really?" Dana said smiling now some. "Oh yes, really. " I said and moved so that the tube top came down just a little. "Careful girl, you will loose that top. " Karen said smiling too. "Well, it is a problem you see," I said, "It slips down if I do this," and I wiggled my hips and shoulders enough for it to begin to come down then when my nipples came out I stopped and said, "See?" I said and they both looked at me and each other. "Could you put them back in for me?" I said and Dana reached out touching them and then pulling the top back up but not too far. "Thanks" I said and kissed her on the cheek. "JUst a kiss on the cheek?" she said. "Well, you did get to touch my boobs. " I said. "Don't worry, I would love to do more than kiss.

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  " I said and then told them I had to talk to other people but would be back in a little while.
I walked back to Steve and took a beer and drank it down. I was already hot both sexually and the sun was out. "I wanna do them first. " I told him and he smiled, "I thought so. " he said. About that time a couple guys came over, "Teresa isn't it?" one said extending his hand. I shook it and said, "Clay?" and he said yes and we hugged and he held me just a little longer than normal. "Steve, this is Clay, we used to play doctor till I left for Alabama. " and he shook Steve's hand. The other guy stood there looking at me and finally I said, "And this is Jason, right?" and smiling he hugged me too. "He play doctor too?" steve said and he laughed. "No, I didn't get to. " he said. Steve surprised me and said, "Well, hey, never too late, maybe you can now.

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  " and he stood there smiling and I got red faced. I looked at Jason and a bulge was growing, "Well, I hope so. " I said and Jason and Clay laughed nervously and said they would be back around. We ate luncg and had a few more beers and Dana and Karen were watching me and came over and we talked, "Well, gotta go to the rest room," Dana said and Karen got up to go with her. "Wait, the beers have gone through me, gotta go too. " I said and walked off with them. We went in and I really did have to pee so I sat down and took a good long pee making lots of groaning noises. "Hell Teresa, you okay?" Dana said. "Oh yeh, just that pissing is almost as good as sex. " and they laughed. I finished and cleaned off pussy and hen took off he tube top and skirt and thong and stepped out of the toilet stall and stood there in front of them. They looked at me, "Well???" I said and then kissed Dana deep and took Karens hand and puled her to me.
Suddenly I was slammed against the stall wall and both were on me, biting, kissing and pulling and then rough fingers went into my pussy. I began moaning, "Oh yes, yes, make me cum. " I said and KAren pushed me to my knees and sometime her pants had come off and she pushed my face into her unshaved pussy.

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   "Eat me Teresa, do it good. " she said and I dove into her and licked her through two orgasms and she almost was on the floor with me. Dana was naked and gentler and she asked me, "Oh please, me too. " and so I did just that. "Now me. " I said leaning against the sinks. They both came and began kissing again and sucking my nipples and slowly worked down to pussy and Dana ate me wild through two orgasms at least then Karen did to. After an hour we left, all red faced and dressed and my tube top streached out so it had trouble staying up. I got another beer and found Steve and said, "Oh they were great. " and he kissed me tasting their pussy juices on my face. He smiled and waved at them and they came over and talked to him a while. I left to find Clay and Jason.
They were have a couple beers and talking to three more guys, "Carl, Gene, David. " they said as I was introduced. "Well, guys, wanna play Doctor?" I said  and hey all laughed.

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   "We aren't little kids anymore. " Jason said. "I hope not. " I said and felt my top slipping down and did not fix it. "I will need to have a very detailed examination and you will have to use a probe to go deep into me to make sure everything is okay. " I said and the other guys looked at the tops of my nipples now exposed. I saw them and reached up and pulled it down, "And I wanna make sure there is nothing wrong with my tits. " I said and began walking into the woods towards a place Steve and I often went that had a nice covered place and table and privacy to some extent.
I got there nd they were all behind me, checking out my ass and legs. I got to the table and sat on it, "So Doctors, do I need to strip for my examination?" "Hell yes. " they all said almost at once. I slipped off he tube top and skirt and the thong was there in my soaking wet pussy. "This too?" I teased. "Yeh. " Jason said.

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   I did and reached out and pulled him to me and unzipped his pants to free a nice hard cock. "I think you need to take my temp first. " I said and sank to his cock and took it deep into my mouth and began sucking him slowly. "Oh yeh Teresa, you are very hot. " he moaned. We did this with the others watching and soon he filled my throat with his load. I sucked it all down and then asked, "Anyone wanna give me an anal check?" and Clay stepped up and his very nice cock was standing up with pre cum leaking from it. I turned around and offered him my ass and he slowly slipped into me and began stroking in and out, "Oh Doctor, I think that taking my temp is just making me hotter. " and moaned. He had my hips and was moving in and out. Soon he was pounding hard and my tits were bouncing all over the place but hands grabbed them and began massaging them. He filled my ass and I sprayed his cock as he rammed me.
I laid up on the table now, legs apart and said, "My pussy needs cooling off now. " one of the guys stepped up and slipped into me and began just hard fucking and soon he filled me there. "That didn't take long.

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  " I said, "Can someone finish the examine for him?" and an older guy said, "Fuck yeh Teresa, I always wanted to fuck you since you were little, may as well late than never. " and I saw that it was one of Mom's brother and he was older but hung nice and thick. In he went and made me moan loud and three orgasms sprayed him all over. In all several more men had been there fucking me and after a couple hours I was dripping cum from ass and pussy and some was on my chest. I went down to the lake and cleaned off some and dried with a shirt one gave me and dressed.
"Well guys, now that is real family. " I said. "I will be here a long time tonight so if anyone else needs anything, tell them to come see me," I said and walked down a path. Steve was there watching and we kissed. "Like your family?" he asked. "Yeh," I said, "And you know, I never really got along with most of them before but I think that just changed. " and we laughed and went back to the pavillion. Mom looked at me knowing what had been going on and I smiled at her.
MOre later.


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