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They came into the hall and I could see quite clearly as my eyes were used to the dim lighting; we kept a light on throughout the night. Jack and Mary were locked in an embrace and were French kissing while mom went to check Mabel's room to see if she was truly asleepMary began to giggle when Jack suckled on her underdeveloped tits. "You won't get any milk from these boobs, Jack," Mary giggled. "Try the wetness between my legs. ""Shhh, don't wake the children. Unless you want to sleep in the hall," mom whispered. She checked my room and the door appeared locked from the inside; one of my tricks to fool them. "They are asleep," mom said. Jack pulled mom by the waist and she wantonly tilted up her head to receive his mouth. Mary fumbled at Jack's fly. I heard mom gasped for breath but Jack wouldn't let up eating her sweet mouth. Mary pulled out his cock and gave it a couple of push and pull. It got harder. "Get down on it, Jenny," Mary said to mom. She shook her head and said, "Get me to the bedroom and fuck me, Jack. " "Blow me now, Jenny" he said and pushed mom down on her knees.

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  I saw the huge ugly length of hard meat go into her mouth. And she began to suck. "Yeah, baby. Just like before and always," Jack said. "You want my shit, baby. Yeah baby. "Mary said, "I will wait for you on the bed. " And she walked to mom's bedroom. Jack carried mom in his arms and their mouths were drawn together. Letting a man probing her mouth with his tongue was the prelude to letting him probe her cunt so I believed. And he followed behind Mary. I gave it some time before getting down from the attic and I crawled towards the bedroom. I was a little apprehensive about getting caught but the urge to watch my mom get fucked in adultery was over powering. I had to know that she wanted to be debauched. Jack was so hungry for the women's bodies that he didn't shut the door.

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   Great for me as I was spared the difficulty of watching through the keyhole. I got to the dark shadow thrown by the flower stand and looked in. All of them were naked. Mary was laid on the bed and had one leg thrown over Jack's shoulder. He stood across her other leg and had buried his monstrous cock inside her. With their legs scissored at that angle, he had more freedom of movement. He held on to her waist in order to drive his hard cock deep into the cunt. He had his back towards me but I could see mom laid beside Mary and she had spread her legs wide opened, giving Jack a classic view of her gash. I caught sight of mom's hairy cunt occasionally. The women were absorbed in tongue fucking each other's mouth to care and it was to my advantage to remain unnoticed. Jack began to quicken his thrusts against Mary's crotch and his ramming were getting more brutal. Her leg danced wildly in the air and the bed was jumping in time with his jabbing, ramming his cock in and out of her cunt hole in quick time. Mary began to moan. Mom supported herself on her elbows to watch the cock pry open and stretch the red cuntal lips. "Yeah, Jack," mom said, panting like a bitch.

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   "Fuck it, Jack. Yeah. . . good. Fuck her, Jack. "Then an animal sound came from Jack's throat and he went, "Agggggh. . "That was the signal and the women got more active and involved for the explosion; the pleasure those women were created to provide for man. Mary began to wiggle like a hot worm, mewing like a tortured cat. "Shit! Yeah, Jack. Give it to me. Give me a bastard," Mary ranted. " Spill it into my womb. .

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  . . " pulling at her own nipples. Mom couldn't contain her own erotic frenzy and pulled Jack's head down on her crotch. "Yeah, Jack," mom said as she grounded her cunt all over his face. "Get my cunt. . . eat my cunt Jack. . "I was fast reaching my own climax and I forced myself not to hold my hard and wet cock. It was fantastic watching the two women wiggling their hips and giving up their treasure to heighten Jack's pleasure. Jack gave a last few spurts of sperm and sat down on the floor, facing the two naked women. It was then that I had a better look at my mom's cunt. Mom still had her legs spread wide opened and her hairy bush appeared matted with wetness.


   Her crotch was dark due to the abundance of hair and it looked like a wound, a reddish gash against her lovely white body. It had a certain unexplainable magnetism, the kind of grotesqueries that hypnotizes. Jack regained his second wind and bent forward to lick at mom's cunt. Mom's legs were waving obscenely in the air and she wriggled shamelessly. She made those kind of low throaty noises that I used to hear when dad fucked her. Then Jack got up and fell on top of her. She let him slide his cock into her cunt and then wrapped her legs round his waist. And he began to hump her fiercely like a wild boar in the act of impregnating a sow in heat. Suddenly I was face to face with Aunt Mary. I didn't expect her to leave the room nor was I aware of it until it was too late. She was startled to find me in the dark shadowed area. I was caught unaware but aunt Mary was quick to recover. She took my hand and pulled me along to her room. We kept the spare room for her use whenever she came to stay with us. Once I got inside her bedroom, I gathered her into my arms and began to kiss her face.

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   Being an experienced woman, she avoided mouth to mouth contact with me. I could smell cunt and cock but I was possessed by a sex demon. We grappled and swayed in silence as my hands roamed all over her body. She slipped her hand into my shorts and held my cock. We fell on her bed and I immediately got onto my knees to get my mouth at her cunt. She sprang up in a jiffy and crouch on the floor with her face very close to mine. She said, "Get a hold of yourself, David. " She touched my face and said, "My cunt is filled with cock juice. I don't want you to taste that. Stand up and I will give you a blow job, okay?" I stood up and pulled down my shorts. She took the hard meat into her lovely mouth. "You cum already?!" she said after eating all my precum. "Not yet. I must fuck you or I will die, Aunt Mary. "She got up and with a smile, she said, "So you want to be a man, David.

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  "She laid on the bed and opened her legs. I got between them and she took my cock and placed it at her cuntal lips. I drove it into her. I felt her cunt walls grip my shaft as I slid it in and out. Immediately after a few deep thrusts, I began to ejaculate. She held me tight and made the usual womanly groans while I spurt out my juices inside her. It was over in a minute. I felt embarrassed. She smiled and said, "Did you like doing it to me?""Yes Aunt Mary. But I am sorry. . . I couldn't control it any longer. ""Silly man," she patted my face. "I did it for you.

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   Now get off me. I need to clean up and go to sleep. "I watched her walk naked into the bathroom. Aunt Mary was more attractive than mom was and she was a couple of years younger too. Aunt Mary was an elegant and well-groomed woman. Her smile was friendly. I have always liked her most since I could remember anything about her. Although my target was my mom, giving my virginity to Aunt Mary then seemed a better choice. My fire for my mom had cooled somewhat after unloading my spunk inside Mary. Aunt Mary emerged from the bathroom and pretended to be surprised to find me still in her room. "Hey, Romeo. I am tired and gotta get some sleep. "She stood so close to me that it was natural to take her in my arms again. She closed her eyes as our lips met. I sucked on her tongue and explored her mouth with my tongue.

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   Then she pushed me off, gently, and said, "That's enough for me today. Let me see if the way is clear for you to get the hell out of my room. "She peeked out and signaled to me that all was clear for me to leave. As I passed her, she allowed me to kiss her mouth again. She whispered, "Keep this a family secret, for me?"I nodded and got out. I looked into mom's bedroom. Mom was laid on top of Jack but they had ceased activity. They were exhausted after a good fuck. I saw Jack's huge cock dangling outside mom's cunt. She straddled him even while asleep. I quietly opened my door by pulling on a string that I had attached before hand and fell on my bed to recover. I was contented, and confident that soon it was my mom's turn to surrender her charms to me. It was a good family tradition keeping the charms of our women within the family. I wondered if Mabel at fourteen had come of age. She should be driven by her sexual urge to begin her own spying mission the way I just did.

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