Family Life


My father had moved in with a woman and her two sons directly from leaving my mother.
Although they had only been divorced for 4 months at this point, I was sure my father was more familiar than that with this family.
I was given a room off the kitchen. It had been an enclosed porch that my father threw some plywood up on and stuck a mattress in there for me.
My father had never been a very affectionate man, I could hear him screaming at my mother nights, about how she gave him a worthless girl.
But on with the story.
My third night there I was lying alone in the dark and draft room I had been given.
My stepmother was out at her job working 3rd shift at the local stop and shop.
It must have been around 1 am when I heard the warped door from the kitchen to my room scrape open. I laid there afraid to move, feigning sleep.
When I felt the covers start to be pulled off me I turned and grabbed for them, looking up and in to my horror seeing the woman’s two sons there, trying to pull the blanket off of me. They both wore sinister looks on their faces and the most horrific part was that they were both nude, with jutting hard ons.
Now they weren’t bad looking guys. The oldest was 20 and the younger was 17. Both were fully matured, as I could plainly see.
I let out a scream, but Jonas, the younger one jumped over and covered my mouth.

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“shut you little cunt” he whispered harshly to me.
Jeremiah, the older one snickered and instructed Jonas to tape my mouth shut, which he did with duct tape. I tried with all my might to fight and lash out at them but they just laughed more and held me down. The two made quick work of removing my night gown and my underwear, leaving me full exposed, my  body softly lit by the moon light that seeped in between the boards. It was a cold night my body was shivering.
“Hot Damn Jeremiah look at her nipples!” Jonas exclaimed reaching out and grabbing one of my large hard nipples. “She ain’t got much tit but these nipples are great”
Jeremiah responded with a grunt, he was moving towards me, and was soon spreading my legs. I again tried to struggle, and again it was no use. In moment, I felt his thick manhood at the entrance of my vagina. Still struggling but quickly loosing the battle, I felt him grab my slim hips and pull me onto his shaft in one quick motion. I screamed against the duct tape as his cock slid up into me. It felt like a hot poker being shoved deep into my soul. Jonas pulled my pillow out from under me and covered my face with it to muffle the noise. I continued to scream into the pillow as Jeremiah thrusted himself into me roughly. I felt his penis swell within me and then dump his seed into my womb.

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He pulled his softening penis from within me, and Jonas let up on the pillow.
It wasn’t long before the younger boy took his place between my legs and entered me just as roughly. The way was made easier because I was now slick with Jeremiah’s juices.
But the boy was more clumsy about it and hurt me even more as he raped me he reached down and pulled at my nipples, saying dirty things like “Oh yea sis you really are tight”
Jeremiah was still in the room. I had stopped screaming even though the pain continued.
Jonas was done even quicker than his brother, the two were soon done and left the room.
Left me naked, soiled and alone. I reached up and ripped the tape off my mouth and curled onto my side. The tears pouring down my face, my body racked with silent sobs.
I didn’t sleep that night. I heard the woman come in right after dawn. I got up and dressed myself again. As I thought she threw open my door and shouted “Get the hell out of bed girl, the boys and your daddy will be up soon make them some breakfast”
That is how it went on for the next 3 days. My waking hours were filled with cleaning and cooking for my father the woman and her two sons, and my nights were filled with being the sexual toy of the two boys. On the Fourth morning, my seventh in the house my father announced at breakfast that he was taking me to visit my mother at the rehab.

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Relieved that perhaps I could figure a way out of this hell, I went and dressed quickly, and waited in the car for my father.
He got into the car, and without exchanging two words we were on our way.
Twenty minutes into the trip I realized something was wrong. Instead of the scenery getting more city like, it was getting more rural. When he pulled off the road onto a dirt path my stomach started retching. When he pulled up in front of the shack, I almost actually passed out.
I woke up and looked around me. I was on the floor of a small shack, no larger than the room I had back at my fathers house. The pretty sundress I had put on to see my mother was pushed up around my waist, the panties I had put on were gone.
I pushed myself up off the floor and that’s when my father smacked me across my face hard. I fell back hard against the floor banging my head.
My father was yelling at me, calling me a filthy whore. I cried.
He came up to me on the floor put his face inches from mine, I could smell the sour booze on his breath. “You are a dirty whore like your mother” he snarled, and at the same time I felt him push two of his rough dirty fingers up inside me.

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    I cried out and he bellowed for me to shut up. “ I heard the boys talkin’ about you yesterday” he said, still pushing his fingers in and out of me. “Talkin about how good you were” I tried to open my mouth to tell him I hadn’t wanted it, but his other hand came out and smacked me again. “Soiled, you soiled yourself you little whore, that was the one thing that made me take you in you know, knowing I could get your cherry myself”
    I was shocked and terrified. To my relief he slipped his fingers out of me, but me relief was brief, because those fingers moved further down to my bum.
    I tried to get away but he was strong. He quickly turned me over and pulled me onto my knees, first he insert his two fingers into my tight young ass, I screamed loud as he did it.
    “Yea scream you little whore, no ones to hear you here”. He removed his fingers, and after a moment I felt his man sized dick at my rear entrance. “Worse thing is you little whore, is I bet you didn’t know Jonas and Jeremiah are your half brothers” he said this as he shoved his manhood into my bottom. The following hours were hell on earth.
    My father was a grown man, his penis was large and swollen. Worse of all because of the booze he was able to hold his orgasm out for hours. He took turns plundering my ass and then my vagina and then my mouth. Finally at the end of the ordeal he emptied himself into my mouth, instructing me to swallow him.

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    He put me into the back of his car and drove me home. Both he and the boys left me alone for the next few days. I was thankful. The woman, had beat me the second day after my father raped me, when she had finally figured out all that had gone on. She told me I was a no good slut like my mother. She screamed at me how she had my father long before my mother and he met, and her boys were the proof, her boys, who I had lured and seduced into my bed were my own half brothers. And how I was the devil because I had cajoled my father into carnal acts. I denied it at first, but after her fists, and strikes with the broom I simply cowered in the corner, accepting her words.
    I was made to sleep out in the shed after that. She said that she was not going to let such evilness beneath her roof.
    I ended up at that house for 14 months, while my mother recovered and got herself back on her feet. I was subjected to sexual humiliations beyond imagination.
    I have to tell my tales, and you readers are the only ones I can share them with.
    After two mo
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