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I was in the hospital last month awaiting the birth of four of my children. My wife Greta was giving birth. My daughters Amanda and Anna were also in labor as well as my niece Monica. These were not the only members of my family that I had gotten pregnant. My mother had given birth to twins the month before. We were getting quiet well known at this particular hospital chosen because their loose standards on paternity. My daughters both had been married a month apart to guys they thought loved them only to find out in the same week that they were being cheated on.

So home they came. My wife and I welcomed them two days after they settled in my wife came to me and told me that the girls wanted to have sex with me and not just have sex with me but get pregnant by me. I was shocked they’re my daughters I complained. Yes but they are also adults and they know what they want. How do you feel about this I asked? Happy she said as a matter of fact I think it is a lovely idea for them to have your kids. What about Mary and Gina I interjected if they see their sisters pregnant won’t they want to be pregnant also. If they do they do. Now tonight you sleep with Amanda tomorrow Anna. So go she is waiting for you in the basement room.

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   That way you can make all the noise you want. I couldn’t believe the situation that I found myself in. My wife wanted me to fuck and impregnate my daughters. Why are you standing there I just told you to fuck your daughter with my blessing most men would jump at the chance. Go she told me she is waiting my wife said, pushing me out the door.

So I went because there really was no choice at that point. I climbed down the stairs to the basement room that we had put in for company and special nights when we felt like being loud. I walked into the room which was well insulated to be confronted by my red haired daughter Amanda in almost nothing. Wow I said. Do you like daddy she asked? Yes I said taking in the near nakedness of my oldest child. Good daddy, I am glad you like me. She came over to me taking my hands in hers she led me to the bed kicking the door closed with her foot. I sat down on the king sized bed I let her begin to undress me. She undid the buttons on my shirt pulling it off me. Then she kissed me for the first time.

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   It was nice and not what I thought kissing my daughter would be like. Then she unzipped my pants and I lifted my butt show she could get them down. She pulled my slippers off and then tugged my pants off one leg at a time. Once I was down to my shorts she touched the cock that gave her life. I want you daddy she told me. Slipping my rapidly growing manhood through the fly of my shorts. She attacked it with hunger sucking it like her mother never could.

I realized after it was the fact that we were father and daughter added to the heat. It was all I could do not to cum. I held off until she rose up pushing me back on the bed she mounted me letting me know who was in control of this situation. I felt her tight hot pussy slip over the head. She was so hot inside and so dam tight like her mother had been when we were teenagers. She rode me with a will wanting to cum and suck the baby batter out of my cock. I let her enjoying being fucked by my little girl suddenly I had the vision of her younger sisters on top of me. It was Mary then Gina and finally Anna before it was again Amanda with her perfect nineteen-year-old tits and long auburn hair.

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   I always liked long hair, which is why her mother always kept her hair long. Eventually it was time to do some seeding I rolled her over ducking walking her up on the bed until I could really give it to her never once loosing our father daughter connection. I took control of the baby making from that moment on. I hammered her into the mattress threatening to break the bed. Oh yes daddy yes she moaned you are so much better then Eric, her ex, fuck me, fuck a baby into me she screamed as we both came me in her and her on me. It was hotter then any sex I had ever had and that was saying something because her mom and I had, had some pretty hot sex over the years. After we both lay there trying to capture enough air to become coherent. I love you baby I told her rolling on my side. We are so having a butt load of kids she told me as we cuddled. Later we slept only to wake and do it again and again. In the morning we were subjected to the knowing looks of my wife and her sister whenever the younger girls weren’t paying attention.

The next night it was Anne my blond haired daughters turn. She was wearing a satin teddy that was two sizes to small for her. She is the most endowed in the family with double DD’s got them from a great grandmother buried in the family lineage. She has a fuller body then her sister but she was not less eager for daddy daughter sex.

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   She ripped my cloths off though. Going at me like a over stimulated she cat. I was under her being ridden hard before I realized we were even fucking. She was hotter then hell and she could real ride a cock. Oh god daddy I love you so much marry me make me a mommy she begged I want to be your wedded bitch she begged ramming her tight peach pit up and down the shaft that made her. God I love this cock no wonder mom always has a smile. Oh god she moaned oh god and on and on. Eventually like with her sister I took charge rolling her onto her back. I gave it to her with long deep strokes speeding up with each cycle until she was crying in orgasm and I was pumping my own grand kid into my own daughter. In the morning we had a little conference and there was talk of vows and rings, which pleased my wife best to make it legal. I didn’t offer my opinion that there was no way to make it so mainly because as stud my opinion was not wanted or really needed just my cock and balls.

Now as things went the sex was great I was busy almost everyday although they did give me Sunday afternoon off. Then came the party. The Girls were not pregnant yet so they decided that a party was what was needed. A baby making party I thought just an orgy with the three of us and maybe my wife no big deal.

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   Nope it was something I had not expected. I was given the week off to build up my reserve and fed meat and milk to help with sperm production.

Friday Gina and Monica were packed off to a friend’s house. I would later find out what deal had been struck for that. I thought good the youngsters were out of the way more fun for the adults but when my mom showed up with my sister and cousin I thought things were not going to the script I had written in my head. I asked my wife why they were here to get pregnant she told me why else. But… but what surely you love your mom and sister enough to give them a baby and I know you like your niece. I have seen you look at her ass often enough. Look I don’t know. Listen they are here you are going to fuck them they will have your babies simple. Why do you always have to make it complicated? So there I was six women my mother my sister and niece all naked and me expected to fuck and impregnate me. Mom smiled and in that British way of hers she took my cock in her hand. Oh you have a nice one son she told me taking it in her mouth. My mother gave me head in front of the family and then we fucked on the couch while the other women chatted. I felt my cock slipped into my mom her pussy grabbed me in a death grip working my cock like it were in her hand instead of her vagina.

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   I fucked her enjoying it like I had never enjoyed sex before there was a connection that was deeper then my cock in cunt. The love was so perfect that it made the sex even better. We ended nosily then it was my sister’s turn. She smiled as my cock slipped in and out of her cumming over and over again until I reached orgasm then her daughter gave me her virginity. I was surprised because she was older then my girls. My sister told me that Monica had always loved me so she saved herself on the off chance that she ever got the chance when your wife asked me if I wanted to have your kids I told Monica and she begged me to come along. So here we are brother all your bitches. Forever my daughters said forever they all agreed.
So that was how I got to be in the hospital while several family females gave birth. My mom got pregnant that night but Monica, my daughters and my wife got pregnant the following month. My sister got pregnant last so two months form now it will be her turn. I will be here for that one also our story is that I am just a concerned family member because the baby’s fathers took off. Most of the Nurses are too busy to care but one nurse I think knows because all the babies look kind of alike mostly girls so far. I let her think what she wants as long as she doesn’t do anything like start doing DNA test to discover all the babies have the same father. Oh well I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

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   For now we have to worry about Gina and Mary both of which just turned up pregnant by their dear old dad. Oh well what can I say I am a busy guy. More later maybe
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