Family on Video


Family at a hot-springs while on vacation. They're sitting in the pool and getting drunk, when mom suggests they make an exception to family-rules while at the springs, and go without clothes. They remove their bathing-suits, except for son. When they tease him for being shy, he takes his off too.
Daughter gets out of the pool and sits on the edge with her legs in the water, while mom and son sit next to each other in the pool. As daughter applies lotion to her legs, she lifts them out of the water and sits with her legs apart, opening a clear view of her vagina to her brother sitting across from her. His penis starts becoming erect, and mom teases him, joking that he's grown since the last time she's seen him. While she's saying it, she looks directly down into the water at his erection.
The teasing escalates into mom giving son a backrub while his penis is fully erect, with daughter sitting across from them with her knees apart, both females teasing him for having an erection.
In the hotel later, they are still drinking, and mom is trying on daughter's clothes. She jokes that she liked seeing the new side of son, and they should make hot-springs a family-tradition. Son lies on the bed next to her, and she moves over him, placing her breasts in front of him. He starts kissing them, and she feels through his pants to find him erect again. She starts massaging him through his jeans, and then they go the rest of the way with father and daughter at bedside.

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