Family Ties


She paused briefly to gaze at the stately columns, large windows and impressive double front doors. The house was well kept and freshly painted. The grounds were neatly manicured, the front lawn a rich deep green. Flowering trees and plants lined both walk and driveway.

Quite a contrast, she thought, to many of the old southern homes which had fallen into decay and ruin. But then finding a house like this so close to the bayou was unusual in itself.

She smiled and rang the doorbell.

"I'll get it," Claire Walker called up the stairs to her husband in a soft southern accent. "It's probably the woman here for the interview. "

At forty three, Claire was not an unattractive woman. Never a spectacular beauty, her face nonetheless held soft rounded features which were pleasant and middle age had been kind. She now worked out religiously in aerobics and her body was probably in better shape than at any time since she was in college. Her husband told her often how wonderful she looked and she enjoyed dressing in feminine attire which complimented her figure.

"I'll be right down," came the reply from upstairs.

"Hello, I'm Shanti Lubois," said the strikingly attractive, dark haired young woman. "I'm here for the job interview.

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"Yes, do come in," said Claire opening the door and leading the other woman through the front hallway and into the sitting room where they seated themselves. "I'm Claire Walker. My husband will join us shortly. Did you have a pleasant drive out from town?"

"I don't live in town Mrs. Walker. My family has lived in the bayou for three generations. "

The young woman's eyes caught and held those of the housewife. Large, brown and deeply expressive, they seemed to convey much more than words ever could, as if to say, you can never know me, as if to say, but you'd like to, wouldn't you? "Then you're Cajun?" asked the older woman, noticing the slight but decided accent.

"Creole actually. This is a lovely old home," she said, changing the subject, "has it been in your family a long time?"

"Since around the turn of the century," came a masculine voice from the doorway. Drummond Walker strode into the room with a warm smile as the two women looked up.

"Shawn-tay Do-bwa," introduced Claire, pronouncing the name as the girl had done, since she thought from its spelling on the application form it might be pronounced differently, "my husband Drummond. "

"Charmed," he said, looking into eyes that laughed while a slight smile crossed her face. Claire did not notice Shanti's eyes roam over the body of her husband and return to capture his stare.

In the moment before he could break the reverie and turn away, her eyes sent a subtle but clear message, woman to man, which gave Drummond Walker pause to collect himself and his thoughts.

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"Uh. . . . . you asked about the house," he said, breaking away from the eyes which whispered, which promised, which lured.

"Actually it was built in the nineteenth century by some old crazy Frenchman who apparently came into a sudden inheritance.

He built the house way out here. . . . . God knows why. . .

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  . . then proceeded to drink and spend himself right back into poverty.

The place was about to be taken by the county for back taxes and was in pretty bad shape when my great grandfather bought it for a song and fixed it up. There's been a Drummond living here ever since. "

"What of the old Frenchman?" asked the girl.

"Lord only knows. Probably drank himself to death. . . . . but what of you Miss Dubois? Why are you interested in becoming our housekeeper?"

The young woman smiled at them both.

"Recently, I moved out of my parent's house to be on my own. I've never been a live-in housekeeper before, but I have cleaned and cooked for a number of families.

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   You have my references. "

"Yes," said Claire, "your references are excellent. You do know we have a son and daughter, Jody and Laura? They're in town at the moment. Jody is a junior in high school. His sister is a freshman in college. She's home for the summer. Of course they're old enough to care for themselves, but it will mean extra meals and laundry. "

"They explained that at the agency. I have three brothers and two sisters. Since my mother died when I was nine, I have just about raised them myself. "

"Sounds like you've had it pretty rough," commented Drummond.

"I do all right," was all she said, sneaking a smile at the husband, which said plenty.

"Is the salary acceptable?" asked Claire.

"Yes. It's fine.

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"Well," said the wife, rising from the chair, the interview obviously over, "we'll be in touch if. . . . . "

"Would you excuse us a moment," interrupted Claire's husband, motioning for his wife to join him in the other room.

Claire looked at him quizzically, but followed, Drummond shutting the door behind them.

"Claire, what is this, we'll be in touch, business? This is the seventh person we have interviewed. How long is this going to go on?"

"But Drummond, I just want to be sure we get the best person we can. "

"But it has to stop somewhere. Look, she has the best references of them all and besides, she obviously needs the job. "

"And it doesn't hurt that she's attractive either?" joked Claire.

"Not a bit," he laughed.

"But. .

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  . . . "

"No buts! Let's hire her. If for any reason she doesn't work out, we'll simply start looking again. What do you say?"

She met his smile with one of her own.

"Oh, all right. Does this mean I get my way the next time we disagree?"

"Quite possibly," he said laughing as they opened the door, "but don't count on it. "

"Miss Dubois, the job is yours! When can you start?"

"Please call me Shanti. I need only bring my things. I can begin immediately," replied the young woman warmly.

"All right then dear, why don't you get you things and get settled in this afternoon. We have a room already prepared. You can start first thing in the morning. "

As they closed the door behind their new housekeeper, Claire looked to her husband.

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"I do hope she will work out all right. "

"So do I," he said, the image of the young woman's swaying hips as she walked down the front steps still fresh in his mind, "so do I. "

Neither could see the sly smile on the young woman's face, nor did they have any inclination as to her delicious feeling of satisfaction knowing that Drummond Walker had indeed been watching the sensuous movement of her hips as she departed.


The new housekeeper had returned and quickly unpacked her few meager possessions. Claire and Drummond had invited Shanti to dine with them that evening as their guest, a gesture to get things off to a good start and to introduce her to their son and daughter. The young woman was seemingly reluctant but finally, upon continued urging, especially from Drummond, agreed.

As she was dressing for dinner, there was a knock at Shanti's door. Pulling the sweater on hurriedly, she opened the door to find a girl only a year or so her junior, but with the appearance of someone much younger. Shanti's figure was trim, but her bust and hips were full, her legs curvaceous. The girl who stood before her wore no makeup and her hair, unlike the Creole's, was straight and blonde. She had the figure of an adolescent. Her breasts and hips were late in developing and her legs showed little shapeliness. Her face, like her mother's, was not unattractive, simply unremarkable. She seemed a bit ill at ease, but smiled at the housekeeper.

"Hi, I'm Laura.

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   Mom said we'd get to meet you tonight, but I thought I'd stop by early and say welcome. "

"How sweet," said the older of the two, "please come in. "

"I hope I'm not keeping you from anything. "

"Not at all. I was simply getting ready for dinner. I shall enjoy being a guest. From now on, I shall be the servant. "

"Mom says you're only a couple of years older than I am. I hope we can be friends. "

"What about your friends from college?"

"To tell you the truth," confided the blonde, "I haven't many college friends. The guys don't find me very attractive and that means the girls don't have much to do with me either. "

Shanti immediately realized what an opportunity had just presented itself. A plain and obviously inexperienced young girl with low self esteem. Perhaps her first conquest would not be the father after all.

"Really?" observed the dark skinned beauty, moving closer.

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"I'm surprised that such loveliness would go unnoticed. "

Blushing, Laura made as if to turn away, but Shanti's hand went out to cradle her face and their eyes met.

"Every woman needs to know from someone how attractive she is, Laura. You're a lovely young woman. "

Again there was a reddening in Laura's face.

"Yeah, with the figure of a bean pole," she laughed self- deprecatingly.

The Creole gently coaxed the younger girl's face nearer.

Her gaze bore into Laura's large blue eyes.

"How a woman's body looks is not nearly as important as how it responds," she said, her hand slowly, sensuously drifting through Laura's hair, behind her neck, down between her breasts and as the girl's mouth opened in a slight surprised gasp, rested near her navel.

Laura was both aghast and excited. Never having been touched like this by anyone, let alone a woman, she wanted on the one hand to retreat, yet as her temperature quickly climbed, she felt her small nipples harden and she was entranced by the woman whose eyes were so captivating, whose hands were so seductive.

". . . .

Συνοδοί Ελλάδα 

  . I. . . . . I guess I have a lot to learn," she stammered.

"I'll teach you if you want, Laura," came the breathy reply.

". . . . . I. .


  . . . I hardly know you. "

"Then why don't we get to know each other better?"

Shanti's hand began a slow descent. Their eyes still riveted together, a slight smile crossed the older girl's lips.

"We all want it, Laura. The only question is, do you want it badly enough?"

There was perspiration now on the girl's forehead. Her heart was racing, her breathing labored. Still her eyes could not leave those of the beautiful temptress whose hand slowly roamed over her dress, nearer and nearer where she had never been touched before.

"Oh. . . . .

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  . Shanti. . . . . I. . . . . "

The fingers were tantalizingly close now, as Laura felt her dress lifted slowly and the sensuous fingers find her bare flesh.

". . .

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  . . I can't. . . . . . I shouldn't. . . . . . .

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  . " she breathed.

Shanti found the top of the girl's panties and her hand, finger by finger, found its way inside.

"Do you want it, Laura?" the Creole whispered in Laura's ear.

The fingers found pubic hair and paused just above the soft pink lips.

Her eyes wide in amazement and excitement, Claire Walker's daughter was beginning to burn with need. Never had she known such desire existed, let alone that she could experience it. Her breathing was very heavy now as she was almost gasping for air.

". . . . . We. .

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  . . . shouldn't. . . . . "

"How do you know, Laura? How can you possibly know until you've experienced it?"

". . . . . But. .

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  . . . "

Shanti's other hand came under the girl's chin as her soft thick lips drew closer to those of the college girl.

"Oh no, I couldn. . . . . "

Their lips met in a sensuous blaze. For one brief moment, Laura started to pull away, but the lips she tasted were soft, warm and sweet, so her surrender was immediate and total. She opened her mouth to the tongue which probed her lips. It drove deeply into her and she drank heavily of the sweetness which flowed from the mouth and tongue of the woman who held her spellbound.

Laura's arms went around her seductress in passion and surrender.

"Tell me Laura, tell me!" was Shanti's impassioned command.

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"Yes! Yes!" the girl cried urgently as the fingers found her nest.

"Oh. . . . . Oh. . . . . . " she moaned as labial lips were caressed.

"Oh Yes, please YES!" she begged as their lips met again and Shanti's finger began to penetrate the girl for the first time.

"Laura!" came Claire's voice from downstairs, "could you come help me with the salad?"

Laura broke away at the sound of her mother's voice, shame and embarrassment burning her cheeks.

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"I. . . . . I have to go," she said urgently.

"Of course," answered her beautiful temptress, "for now. "

"No, you don't understand. I can't. . . . . I shouldn't. .

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  . . . . "

"Isn't it about time you started deciding what you want?" asked Shanti.

"But I've never. . . . . "

"All the more reason! Laura, you're attractive and intelligent. You want to know. You want to decide for yourself.

Don't be afraid any longer. Go ahead, experiment! If you don't like it, you can always back away.

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"I'm. . . . . I'm just not sure. "

"Oh yes you are. You liked it and you want it. All you have to do is have the courage to say yes!" Unable to meet the older girl's eyes, Laura turned for the door.

"You'll be back," Shanti said confidently.

"No, no I won't!"

"Laura!" came the voice again from downstairs.

"I'll be right there!" she yelled to her mother.

"Think it over Laura. Give me your answer tonight at dinner. "

The younger girl's mouth dropped open.

Συνοδοί Ελλάδα 


"At dinner?"

"Yes," mused the brown eyed beauty, "if your answer is no, simply dress as usual. If your answer is yes, wear no panties under your skirt at dinner tonight. "

"But. . . . . "

"I'll find a way to know," said Shanti.

"I. . . . . . I won't," stated Laura without conviction.



"I think you will," breathed Shanti, cupping Laura's chin in her hand and leaning over to brush her lips against those of the blonde. Laura's eyes were wide with surprise, but she didn't back away as her eyes fluttered closed and the moment was again electric.

"Tonight, Laura, at dinner," Shanti urged.

The excited and bewildered young girl hurried to the door, turned back to say something, but when no words would come, she silently turned and fled downstairs.


When Shanti arrived, the Walker family was already at the dinner table. Drummond sat on one end, Claire at the other.

Laura was sitting on one side of the table, her eyes unable to meet Shanti's while a young boy rose from the other side and held Shanti's chair for her.

"Thank you. You must be Jody," she said smiling, sitting next to him.

Although sixteen, the boy was obviously self-conscious in the presence of the beautiful young woman.

". . . . .

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  Yes. . . . . Jody. . . . . that's me. . . . .

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  . my name I mean," he stammered, reddening by the second. He dropped his head in embarrassment.

"Why I do believe Jody has suddenly become tongue-tied in the presence of this lovely young lady," laughed Drummond, "and you such a ladies man at school!"

"Now honey. . . . . " chided his wife, herself suppressing a smile.

"All right, all right," chuckled the boy's father, "can't say I blame him. You are quite an attractive young woman, Shanti. "

"Why thank you Mr. Walker," she replied, meeting his eyes,"it's nice to hear a compliment from such a handsome man," Her hand found the boy's under the table. Their eyes met.

"And it's a pleasure to sit beside a young man who shares his father's good looks.

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   I bet you have no problem getting the attention of the girls at school. "

Jody reddened again, but managed a smile, his gaze transfixed on the beautiful face and eyes which held him captive.

Shanti released his hand as steaming plates of food were passed around.

"I think you met Laura this afternoon," commented Claire, indicating the daughter who looked up briefly with an embarrassed smile.

"Did you two have a chance to get to know each other?" asked Claire of her daughter.

"I. . . . . that is we. . . . .

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  " struggled the girl.

"Perhaps not as well as we would have liked," interjected Shanti, "but we found we have a great deal in common. As time goes on I'm sure we'll have lots to share with each other. "

Again Laura's eyes met those of Shanti, then fell to her plate.

"Oh dear!" exclaimed Shanti, letting her napkin slide off her lap, "I've dropped my napkin. How clumsy of me. "

"I'll get it," volunteered Jody.

"No, no, I'll do it," she said, leaning down under the drapes of the tablecloth.

Laura knew at once this was what Shanti had meant earlier.

She looked around the table to be sure no one else was aware.

Shanti smiled broadly as she saw Laura's hand reach under the table and nervously pull up her skirt to reveal her bare nest.

Retrieving the napkin, the dark skinned woman smiled as she returned to her meal.

"Perhaps we could get to know each other even better, If you'd like, you can come to my room later this evening and we can find out all kinds of things about each other. "

Laura anxiously glanced at her parents, who were both smiling approvingly.


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  . . . I'd. . . . . . I'd like that," she said, unable to meet anyone's eyes for fear of discovery and trying to swallow the lump in her throat as her heart raced.

"Jody here is on the football team," beamed the older Walker.

"Oh, not only good looking, but talented too," observed Shanti, shifting her attention.

"I'm a tight end," stated the boy enthusiastically, eager to impress the woman sitting beside him.

"I bet you are," smiled Shanti, the double entendre apparently going unnoticed, "and I bet you're very good!" As he smiled in return, she slipped her foot from her shoe and edged it to the boy's leg where, unseen, she began rubbing his leg sensuously with her toes.

Jody looked to her in amazement, his eyes wide, his mouth dropping open.

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   Could this be happening? Was this beautiful woman coming on to him? At first he thought perhaps it was accidental, but when she slowly pulled down his sock with her toes and smiled coyly, he knew it was no accident. Her look spoke volumes. He quickly recovered and went back to eating, although suddenly the food was not very important. Her stroking of his leg continued as did she.

"You have to be very strong to play football. How strong are you Jody?"

". . . . . Strong enough," he said as his adolescent jitters were being replaced by excitement in playing this suddenly very grown up game.

Her hand again slid under the table, this time resting on his knee. He straightened a bit, realizing the game was to be their secret, he picked with the food in his plate.

"Well, I'm always afraid he'll be hurt," injected Claire.

"Yeah, he's had his bell rung a few times," laughed his father.

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Her hand slid up his thigh to find the erection bulging his pants.

"But I bet when that happens," she smiled, "you get right up and go at it again. "

She squeezed slightly and he almost gasped.

". . . . . Yeah, I just keep going back for more. "

"Good for you Jody. I admire a man who doesn't quit, who plays hard until he scores as many times as he can. "

"Are you a football fan, Shanti?" asked Jody's father.

"I enjoy the physical contact," she said unzipping the boy's fly noiselessly and taking his throbbing penis in hand, "but I would need someone knowledgeable and experienced like Jody to demonstrate how strength and endurance can really pay off. "

She ran her hand up and down his shaft. He shuddered.

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"Are you all right, son?" asked his father.

"Are you coming down with something?" worried his mother.

"No, I'm fine, really. "

"So what does a tight end do?" asked Shanti, easing the stimulation a bit to let the boy catch his breath.

"Block and catch passes mostly. "

"You should see some of the fakes he puts on those defenders," bragged Drummond.

"My, you must be very good. Maybe you could show me some of your moves sometime," she said smiling.

"Yeah, sure, anytime. I know some winning moves. "

His own hand crept over to her leg, but a single glance from her and it retreated.

"I would think winning is much sweeter when it is hard earned and the game is played on your opponent's home field. "

"True," he said smiling inwardly, "it makes you try harder. "

With that she released him and it was several minutes before he was able to get his pants zipped again undetected.

"I do hope you'll like working here," Claire joined in.

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"I'm sure I will," was the Creole's reply.

"You seem like a very self assured young woman," mused Drummond.

"And you seem like a man who knows what he wants and won't stop until he gets it," replied Shanti, meeting his gaze with a flirtatious smile.

As heads snapped up, Shanti looked down the table to the eyes of Claire Walker.

"And that kind of man is always married to the most beautiful of women. "

Shock turned instantly to fluster as the compliment caught the older woman unprepared. She flushed, as much from pleasure as from embarrassment.

"You are an exquisitely beautiful woman," said Shanti, turning back to Laura, "with a daughter every bit as lovely. I shall enjoy working working under you both,"

"Hey, how about us?" joked Drummond, indicating Jody and himself.

"Oh, it will also be a pleasure to work under the two of you as well," came the reply and a look at the older Walker, unnoticed by the others which promised so very much more.

As the meal concluded, Shanti insisted she be allowed to help clear the dishes, although Claire was just as insistent that tonight, Shanti was their guest and that she and Laura would finish the rest.

"Then I thank you all for a very pleasant evening and a wonderful meal. "

"You're welcome, my dear," smiled Claire.

As she started toward her room, Shanti turned.

"Would you still like to get together tonight?" she asked Laura.

Συνοδοί Ελλάδα 


"I. . . . . "

"Of course if you have other things you'd rather. . . . . "

Claire was busy with the dishes and didn't notice the look which passed between her daughter and the beautiful housekeeper.

". . . .


  . No. . . . . I'll be there. . . . . I promise. "

"Good. Say about ten or so? My room?"

"Yes, your room. Ten o'clock," said Laura with both excitement and trepidation.

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"Come in," said Shanti to the knock at her bedroom door.

Laura stepped in quickly closing the door behind her. She wore a white teddy. Shanti noted with satisfaction that the younger girl had brushed and styled her hair. There was also a hint of cologne and she now wore a modest amount of makeup.

The Creole's robe fell away as she stood revealing a centerfold body clad only in deep purple silky bra and thong.

Her large, well shaped breasts and full firm hips caught the girl by surprise.

"My God, Shanti! You make me look like a boy!"

"I am proud of my body, Laura, not just for the way it looks, but also for the pleasure it brings me. Your body can bring you pleasures you never imagined. "

She pulled the girl to her and slowly slid the straps from her shoulders as they kissed deeply.

"But they're so small!" Laura almost cried as the teddy fell around her waist exposing her nearly flat chest.

"Size isn't everything," smiled Shanti, closing her mouth on the girl's small nipple and giving a slight nip.

Laura almost jumped as the slight sudden pain sent waves of erotic desire coursing through her.

"Oh, Shanti. .

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  . . . " she whispered.

The brown eyed beauty fondled both nipples as they kissed again. Shanti backed the blonde against the wall and began sensuously rubbing her body against Laura's. The girl's eyes closed as her body filled with the same desire she had felt earlier in the day. Shanti leaned back momentarily, reached back and untied her own bra string letting it fall to the floor.

There was a slight gasp as Laura's eyes feasted upon the huge luscious mounds with their dark, almost black aureoles and large erect nipples.

Shanti placed her own nipples against those of the younger woman and again her sensuous movements drove the girl to greater heights of desire. Laura was gasping for air, her emotions, not her mind, in control.

There was the sound of a door closing down the hall. Laura jumped, her mind snapping back from its reverie.

"Maybe we shouldn't. What if someone were to see?" she whispered.

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"No one is going to see. You know why? Because everyone else in this house is probably having sex of their own right now. "

"What?" asked the incredulous girl.

"You don't believe me?"

"Of course not. "

"Then why don't we make a little bet. If both your parents and your brother aren't engaged in sex or masturbation right now or within the next few minutes, you walk back to your room and we forget this afternoon ever happened, but if I'm right, you not only pull off that teddy and spread your legs when we get back here, but you also have to help me with another little project I have in mind. Deal?"

"Deal," answered Laura.

They did not have long to wait. The door they had heard closing was Jody retiring to his room and only a few minutes later Drummond and Claire entered their bedroom as well.

The two women donned their nightwear once again and quietly slipped into the hallway which accessed all three bedrooms.

Tiptoeing, they stopped at Jody's door. Putting their ears to the door they heard nothing. Laura was about to claim victory when, ever so gently, Shanti turned the knob and quietly the door opened just enough so they could both peek inside.

Jody lay on the bed, naked and masturbating. The lights were out but the window was directly behind his bed so his body was brightly silhouetted by the moonlight.

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   His rod was stiff and sticking straight up as his hand made the rapid up and down movements, his breathing heavy.

"The little prick!" whispered Laura.

"Not so little. He's got a pretty fair sized tool for a boy his age. "

Laura peeked again, despite herself, fascinated by the length of her brother's penis.

"Disgusting," she breathed.

"Not at all," was Shanti's reply. "As a matter of fact it feels very good in your hand. "

Laura's mouth dropped open.

"You mean. . . . . "

"That's right, tonight under the dinner table.

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Laura bent over to watch from a better vantage point. As she did, Shanti slipped her hand onto Laura' s legs and began stroking slightly.

"You're telling me you had your hand in Jody's pants?"

"Just as sure as I'm in yours right now," said the Creole, her hand sliding under the leg of the teddy briefs and resting on Laura's hip.

The girl bit her tongue to keep from making any sound.

Fingers began slowly exploring and soon Laura felt Shanti's warm touch on her anus. Her desire beginning to build again, she started to straighten and embrace her dark eyes companion, but Shanti held her where she was. Again Laura peered in at her brother's erect manhood, his strong legs and broad shoulders.

For a brief moment an image flashed in her mind of a female figure atop his muscular body, his rod buried deeply in her as she rode his massive thrusts. In her mind she saw the female run her hands through her blonde hair and then cup and pinch her small breasts. . . . .

She almost gasped aloud when Laura realized she was pinching her own nipples as Shanti's fingers played in her crotch.

"He's good Laura, look!" whispered Shanti.

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As Laura watched Jody increase the rhythm on his shaft, she felt two of Shanti's fingers penetrate her labial lips where they quickly found her clit, the girl smothering her gasp.

"He could fill you Laura. You could take him here !" she whispered in Laura's ear as her fingers began a fluttering stimulation of Laura's small pleasure mound.

"Oh, Oh, Ohhhh," the girl moaned softly as she began to thrust herself upon the two digits which Shanti used to increase her need.

"Watch him, Laura! Watch it get larger!" Claire and Drummond Walker's daughter was quickly losing control. Her eyes feasted on her brother's rod and she heard his grunts as he sought satisfaction. Her own thrusting was harder now, more urgent. She sought to take Shanti's fingers even further. Her breathing was beginning to match that of her brother, heavy and rapid. As she heard him grunt loudly, she again imagined herself impaled upon him. She wanted to dispel such unthinkable desires, yet fascinated by the boy's sexuality and her own need, her fantasy persisted.

"He's going to come Laura. You can come with him!" Her mouth was open gasping for air, as Shanti increased the stimulation. As she watched, her brother's body arched and she heard him grunt rapidly.

"He's coming, Laura.

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   Come with him!" Laura saw the ejaculate shoot from his phallus as her body surrendered and her own orgasm swept over her. Both brother and sister cried softly in unison, "Yes YES!" Catching her breath momentarily, a degree of rational thought returning, Laura softly closed the door and turned to face the smiling Shanti.

"This is wicked and shameful. "

"Really?" responded Shanti, "then why didn't you close the door and leave when we first peeked in? Why did you stand there and watch your brother come while you humped my finger wishing it was him?"

"No, I could never. . . . . "

"You just did in your mind. Brothers can be very good, so don't knock it until you've tried it. "

"You've. . . . .

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A confident smile spread across Shanti's face.

"I've been to bed with every one of my brothers and sisters. "

Laura was dumbfounded. Shanti motioned to the boy's room.

"There's a lot of pleasure waiting for you in there," she grinned, "but tonight we have another stop to make. "

She motioned for Laura to follow. The stunned, confused, yet inwardly excited young woman followed her teacher noiselessly down the hall.

Arriving at her parent's room, Laura looked to Shanti who motioned for her to try the door.

"It's locked," she whispered.

Shanti examined the keyhole briefly.

"These are old fashioned locks. Go get the key from your room. I bet it will work. "

Laura was gone only moments before returning with a large skeleton key.

Shanti fit it gently into the lock.

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   Both women placed their ear to the door.

"You know I love it when you're rough," came Claire's voice.

There was a slapping sound as of a hand striking flesh.

Again the woman's voice.

"Yes! You know I can't resist it like this. I'll do anything you say!"

"Anything?" said her husband.

"Anything but that. You know I simply can't take you there.

Anything but that, anything!" Again a slap.

"Yes! Hit me in the face!" Another slap.

"I'm a whore Drummond. I deserve to be beaten!" Three slaps in succession.

Shanti tried easing the key in the lock, but it still made an audible click as the tumbler rotated.

Claire's voice, "What was that?"

"What was what?"

"That sound, like a click. "

"I didn't hear anything.

Συνοδοί Ελλάδα 

   You know this old house creaks. "

Laura and Shanti both held their breath as there was silence from inside, indicating that Claire was listening for the sound again.

"Hmmmmmm. . . . . maybe you're right. "

"Now drop those panties and let me look at you. "

As they heard the bed begin creaking, Shanti eased the door open. A small table lamp provided the only illumination on the two nude figures.

"I'm no good, Drummond. Tell me I deserve to be beaten. "

"Worthless, no good, low life bitch!" he snarled, slapping her across the face twice. "Now open your mouth, slut and take it!"

"Yes, Yes, Yes!" she cried as the voyeurs saw Claire lie on her back and take her husband's shaft far down her throat as he straddled her.


   He slapped her again which seemed to spur her on to take him even deeper.

Laura looked to Shanti with a troubled expression.

"Why would she want him to hurt her?" she whispered.

"Because pain and pleasure are like the ingredients in a mixed drink," answered Shanti, "both can provide their own pleasure, but combine them and the result is unimaginable. "

"I don't. . . . . "

Shanti's kiss was unexpected but brought very predictable results. Within moments, Laura's body was burning, her need for new satisfaction overwhelming. Again she bent over to both watch the events transpiring in the bedroom and receive Shanti's talented fingers. This time the brown eyed woman unsnapped Laura's teddy at the crotch, leaving the young girl's nest and rear fully exposed.

"Your father's is even larger than Jody's," whispered Shanti as Laura again began thrusting on the fingers which deftly moved inside her.

Her eyes widened as Laura saw Claire take Drummond's shaft completely.

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"Watch your mother, Laura. See how much she wants it?"

The younger girl looked on in fascination as, with Drummond astride her chest burying himself in her throat, Claire's hand found her nest and began rubbing rhythmically.

He slapped her again and her head rose from the pillow, her lips now into his pubic hair.

"She's got him all now! I bet you'd love to have that cock down your throat, wouldn't you? intoned Shanti as her fingers increased their stimulation in the blonde.

Laura's own fingers found her mouth and unconsciously she began sucking.

"A little pain can do remarkable things, Laura," said Shanti, also watching the couple. As Drummond drew back to slap the willing wife once more, Shanti's thumb poised and as the hand met face, the Creole rammed her thumb into Laura's unsuspecting anus.

Laura bit hard on her fingers to prevent a scream. Tears rolled from her eyes as Shanti's other hand found her nipple and squeezed painfully hard. As the first wave of pain rolled past, however, Laura discovered the reason for her mother's carnal quirk. Nipple and anus - pain, vagina - pleasure. Shanti was right. The combination created a sensation unlike either by itself. Her eyes stayed riveted to the couple, the huge shaft violating the lovely mouth, the fingers clawing at the nest and the slaps now coordinated with Shanti's thrusts in Laura's anus and the painful tweaks of her nipples. Perspiration ran down the younger girl's face.

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   Her thrusts became stronger taking the thumb deeper with each passing moment. As she saw mother and father approaching climax, Laura's body also was nearing its peak of release.

"God, I'm coming you little whore, I'm coming!" cried Drummond as his wife's mouth not only sucked harder and longer, but her own body shook with tremors of ecstasy as her nest rose and quivered on her trembling fingers. Laura's orgasm was also violent, her body nearly convulsive, her eyes rolling back as she neared unconsciousness. If Shanti had not been there to support and constrain her, the young Walker would surely have fainted away, tumbling into the room.

"See how much they love it, Laura? And so do you. Why fight it? You'd love to have his rod in you. You'd love to have her sucking on those little lips," breathed Shanti, turning the girl to her, backing her against the hallway wall and inserting her fingers in the soaking wet vagina.

Laura began thrusting again, her reason gone. As their lips met, Laura's confession came as an urgent whisper.

"Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes! " As the second orgasm consumed her, her mind was not on Shanti, but a mixture of images of repressed desires for her brother, father and mother. In her mind, her mouth, nest and rear were violated, each by one of those she had watched tonight.

"I feel so ashamed. "

They had crept back to Shanti's room where Laura was sitting on the edge of the bed as Shanti stood near the dresser.

"For what? Being honest with yourself?"

"But no one else would ever have feelings like that.

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"Ha!" replied Shanti, "under the right circumstances, Jody, your father and your mother would like nothing better than to get into your panties. "

Laura was aghast.

"How can you say that?"

"Because it's true!"

"I don't believe you!"

"You've already lost one bet tonight. Want to try for another?" smiled the housekeeper.

"What do you mean?"

"That Jody will fuck you if you give him the chance. "

Laura's mouth dropped open.

"That's crazy!"

"We'll see. After all, you owe me from our little bet earlier tonight and besides, you found out you really want him, don't you?"

"I. . . . . "

Laura's head dropped in silent resignation.

"I'll let you know when I get things arranged, In the meanwhile. .

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  . . . "

Shanti shed her nightwear and indicated for Laura to do the same. As the young blonde lay back on the bed, the dark haired beauty straddled her head, looking into the anxious and expectant eyes.

"So far tonight, you've been on the receiving end. It's about time you learned how to give. "

As the Creole's nest lowered onto her mouth, Laura spread her lips and her tongue reached out to begin its lesson.

It was after three a. m. when an utterly exhausted Laura Walker silently slipped back into her room and fell into a sound sleep, her dreams filled with delicious decadence.


A week passed. Both Claire and Drummond were pleased with Shanti's work as housekeeper. Twice, in the company of Drummond Walker, she had found the opportunity, while wearing a short dress or skirt, to bend over, exposing her shapely legs and providing a peek at her panties and cheeks. The second time, Claire as well as her husband, was treated to the dark skinned delights.

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Claire's first momentary reaction was discomfort, but there was also a tingling between her legs which brought the wife an excitement she never thought possible from another woman. As Shanti continued to ostensibly pick up lint from the carpet, Claire's mind wandered. The young woman's figure was really not that much better than her own, but it had the natural tautness and firmness of youth which no amount of exercise could ever restore in her own middle aged body. For an instant, she wondered what Shanti would look like if she were bent over like that nude. Did Shanti also enjoy pain with her sex? If she were standing nude in front of Shanti, would the housekeeper find her desirable? She snapped back from her reverie as Shanti straightened up and walked away. Claire glanced over to find her husband looking at her with a knowing smile. He had obviously been watching her as she enjoyed her role of voyeur. Embarrassed, she left the room.

Laura had visited Shanti's room three times in the last five days. Their sexual feasts were everything Laura could have wanted --- well almost everything. She knew she wanted more, wanted what she was not supposed to have. Yet, the very fact it was prohibited, made it delectable and oh, so outrageously desirable. She would have visited Shanti every night, but the Creole had warned her that too much of a good thing could bring suspicion upon them. Once, by herself, she had sneaked into the hallway late at night to again find excitement by playing peeping Tom, but a sudden sound from one of the rooms had sent her scurrying back to her room where, shaking, she had been too frightened to try again.

"Now don't wait up," said Claire, "and don't worry.

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   The concert won't be over until near eleven and it's a good two hour drive from New Orleans. "

"Sure you won't come with us?" asked their father.

"Are you kidding?" asked Jody.

"Oh, that's right," observed Drummond smiling, "if it isn't rock, it can't possibly be of any interest. "

"Have a good time you two," said Laura, holding her mother's coat for her and then wrapping her arms around Claire from behind hugging her affectionately. As Laura's arms withdrew, they rubbed momentarily across Claire's breasts causing her nipples to stiffen. Laura smiled innocently as Claire wondered why she had responded sexually, even if inadvertently, to her own daughter's touch. As Claire turned to the door, Laura reached up to her father for a good-bye kiss.

Instead of the usual peck, however, Laura's lips lingered, her eyes fluttered closed and only when her tongue had tasted his lips, did she withdraw.

Nonplused, Drummond Walker decided to carry his coat to the car to hide the sudden erection bulging his pants.

An hour or so later, Laura fixed herself a soft drink and told Jody she was going to her room. Not long afterward, Shanti entered, dust cloth in hand. Jody was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. As Shanti stopped to dust the coffee table, he put down his magazine to admire her. Her skirts were all short, but the one she wore today was micro in length.

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   She had learned how to catch a Walker's eye, so she bent over at the waist as if to straighten a magazine on the bottom shelf.

Jody's erection was instantaneous. Shanti was wearing nothing underneath. Her dark anus, pubic hair and labial lips were in full view of the young boy.

His hand found her buttock.

"Want something, Jody?"

"Yeah, I'd like to pick up where we left off at dinner a few nights ago!"

"Think you're big enough to handle me?" she chided "Why don't we find out," he smiled, quickly unzipping his pants.

Shanti began undressing seductively, as Jody nervously eyed the stairway.

"Don't worry about Laura," said the beautiful vixen, "she won't be a problem. "

"But. . . . . "

"Would you like me to put my clothes back on and wait until another opportunity presents itself?" she teased as the last of her clothes were discarded.

The boy was beside himself.

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   Never had he seen such a beguiling face, tempting body and willing attitude. He had pictured her naked in his mind many times since the episode at the dinner table. In fact, he had thought of little else since then, Shanti being the focus of his erotic fantasies as he brought himself to orgasm each night in his room. Here, however, was the real, live, warm and luscious body of his dreams, ready and willing to be taken.

Throwing caution to the wind, he hurriedly undressed.

Shanti cleared off the top of the coffee table and motioned for him to lie down on his back. She moved over his throbbing shaft and looked down into his eyes.

"Let's see just how good you are!" she said, holding his erection as she lowered herself onto it.

"Ohhhhh. . . not bad!" she smiled as her public hair mixed with his own, signaling she had all of him.

"Now, Mr. Jody. .

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  . hold on!" she cried as her body began pumping up and down on the near crazed adolescent. Her hands took his and placed them on her breasts.

"Squeeze, Jody, squeeze!" she urged as her nipples felt the pressure of his fingers.

His grunts matched her downward thrusts as she buried him deeply inside her. She knew he could not hold back much longer, so Shanti increased her thrusting to a frenzied pace, her body literally jumping up and down on the boy's rod in near seizure.

"Shanti!" he cried as she felt his body tighten, "it's coming!" She had timed it well and her own orgasm washed over her at just the moment she felt his rod shoot his hot seed into her.

"Hey Jody, you're not bad at all," she complimented as she stood straight up. Semen dripped from her nest onto the boy's pubic hair. "You shoot a pretty good wad. I bet there are a lot of girls who would love to have that poker rammed in them. "

The boy seemed embarrassed as he sat up.

"Yes," continued Shanti, "lots of girls, but few who could appreciate it and fewer who can give you as much as you give them. "

"I'll bet you there's not a girl in this part of the country who can fuck like you, Shanti. "

"Oh, you might be surprised and we might not have to look as far as you think," she replied.

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"You mean there's someone around here who could. . . "

"Not only can, but is quite willing. She told me she has wanted you inside her for some time, but only recently has she been willing to admit it. "

"Who is she? Do I know her?"

"Oh yes, you two know each other very well. "

Jody began thinking over his female classmates, sure Shanti had one of them in mind.

"Is it. . . ?"

"Ah, so you wish to play a guessing game? Then we shall let you find out right now. "

"Now? You mean she's here?" he said, looking around hurriedly.

"Of course. I have her hidden for the moment so we can play a little game. "

"What kind of game?"

"I will blindfold you and she will fuck you.


   See if you can discover who she is. "

"I may not be able. . . . " he said, looking down at his flaccid penis.

"Oh, she's good, Jody. Very good. I bet she'll have you up and coming again in no time. "

"She's that good, huh?" he asked, picturing one likely prospect after another in his mind, starting with the varsity cheerleaders.

"Judge for yourself. Before the blindfold comes off, you must judge her performance. If you are disappointed in any way, she will leave while you cannot see her to avoid embarrassment for either of you. Agreed?"

"Yeah, OK!" he responded as Shanti brought forth a black cloth and tied it securely around his eyes. She helped him to lie down again on his back.

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"Yeah, I guess so. "

"Good. Then just lie back and enjoy her. "

Shanti turned and motioned. Laura, wearing only a frilly pair of panties, tiptoed down the stairs and into the room She quietly moved to Jody's side at Shanti's prompting.

"Is she here?" asked Jody, now self conscious about his own nudity.

"Yes. She's going to kiss you. "

Laura looked to Shanti, shaking her head that maybe this was all a mistake, they should stop now, call it off.

Shanti grabbed her wrist and pointed between the boy's legs. Although not erect, his penis was beginning to jerk as the mere mention of another lover in the room was exciting him.

Laura stood transfixed, wanting to flee, yet her desires were holding her hostage, forcing her to stay, to get onto her knees beside him, to bend over his blindfolded face, to press her lips against his, to open her mouth as Shanti had taught her and accept his tongue, to taste him, drink from him and cradle his head with both hands as his fingers played through her hair and he pulled her closer.

"Gina?" guessed Jody, as Laura's lips moved onto his neck and chest. He recalled the redheaded cheerleader who had the reputation of being the best kisser in school.

"Much better than her!" chided Shanti as the lips and tongue played over his hard, flat stomach and navel.

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   He was already getting hard again and Laura paused as her tongue found pubic hair. She looked to Shanti for reassurance, found it and her eyes closed as she took the young cock in her mouth. He gasped as she swallowed him down her throat as Shanti had coached her. . He was much larger than she had imagined, especially as his penis grew to full erection.

"Uh! Uh!" he grunted, "Jeannie Tynnan! It's got to be! Uh!

Uh!" The girl whose face flashed across his mind was a slut, but a pretty one who was said to give head like no other girl in Beaumont High.

"Way off!" came Shanti's mischievous reply. "This should help you," she said as she motioned for Laura to stand and straddle him as Shanti had done earlier.

As Laura lowered herself onto his throbbing phallus, Shanti positioned herself close to the boy's ear.

"She a virgin, Jody. Want her cherry?"

Laura had fantasized many times about how she would give away her virginity. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought it would be to her own brother ---until now.

With Shanti urging her on, she felt the head of his penis push past her labial lips.

"Feel how tight, how hot, how wet!" whispered Shanti in the boy's ear.

Laura continued to lower herself on his eager shaft until she felt the pressure as the penetration was halted by her hymen.

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Excited thought she was, Laura was beginning to have second thoughts. She wanted to give herself romantically on a storybook honeymoon yet Jody felt so good as his phallus pushed against her virginity.

Shanti saw the girl's hesitation, knew the moment and her triumph might be lost if she didn't act quickly.

"Want it Jody! Want her cherry!" she whispered urgently.

"God, Yes!" he cried.

Before Laura could react, Shanti put both hands on the girl's shoulders and with her full body weight pushed downward.

Laura cried out in pain and anguish as she felt him tear through her virginity and reach far inside her. Whatever reservations she may have had were instantly dispelled as the pain of her deflowering was more than equaled as she felt him reach where no one had ever reached before. Only one slight additional thrust and he was buried completely inside her.

""There's a hint for you Jody. She was a virgin, but she wanted you to have her cherry!" Jody reached up to play with her breasts. Laura started to pull away, but at Shanti's silent urging, she arched her back and thrust out her chest as much as possible. To her surprise, he played with her breasts repeatedly, obviously enjoying the feel of her nipples hardening under his touch.

It was hard to say which of the two lovers was more energetic. Laura almost flew off of him as his thrusts became powerful and grew in intensity and rapidity, while she buried him in her again and again as his rod kept finding a mysterious and unexpected area of sensitivity in her which drove her into frenzy.

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   Sweat poured from them both as their bodies gyrated and crashed together in sexual abandon.

Shanti could see they were both close to climax.

"Isn't she a great piece of ass?" asked Shanti in Jody's ear.

"The greatest! Shanti you were fantastic, but she's even tighter than you! OH, GOD! HERE IT COMES!" The boy and girl grunted, in unison, in spasmodic release, his body going taut, a final thrust and holding it far into her as her back arched and, unbeknown even to Shanti, Laura experienced both vaginal and clitoral orgasms.

"Well," said Shanti to Jody as both he and Laura were catching their breath, "ever had anything like that before?"

"Oh, man, it doesn't get any better than this!" affirmed Jody reaching for the blindfold.

"Ah, ah," scolded Shanti, brushing his hand away, "the game's not over. "

"What. . . ?"

Laura's mouth was on his penis again and moments later she had him full and aching for satisfaction.

"You got her virgin cunt just now. She's also a virgin somewhere else as well. . . want it?"

"Are you kidding?" he said, reaching out to her blindly.

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Shanti quickly opened the jar and spread the lubricant over his fully erect rod. Helping him to his feet, Shanti motioned for Laura to take an all fours position on the floor. The Creole then helped the boy to his knees behind Laura who looked back to Shanti for reassurance as Jody's shaft was considerably larger than Shanti's thumb and she wasn't at all sure the pleasure could outweigh the pain of such violation. Shanti reached over and forced the girl's head to the floor pushing her small dark target closer and higher for the boy's quivering arrow. Jody's hand sought and found the small orifice.

"It's all yours!" said Shanti.

He guided his shaft into her. She screamed out as he buried himself in her mysterious darkness, but the distortion of her voice from the pain made her cry unrecognizable.

Tears of pain streamed from Laura's eyes, yet as he reached maximum penetration into her bowels, her hand went to her clit and she found, once again, the mixture of pain and pleasure to be an irresistible aphrodisiac. As his thrusts increased, so did her clitoral stimulation so that they climaxed simultaneously, both collapsing from exhaustion.

"Not yet!" commanded Shanti as the boy again reached for the blindfold. "How about it Jody? Ever had anything like her?"

"Never!" he exclaimed, "but are you sure I know her? I can't imagine any girl in Beaumont High as good as she is. "

"Then you're well satisfied?"

"Satisfied?" he blurted, turning to the girl/woman who had just given him the pleasure of his life, but whom he still could not see, "Honey, I'd love to have a piece of you every night!"

"That just might be arranged," replied Shanti, smiling at Laura whose face was radiant, "because she enjoyed being fucked by you as much as you did fucking her!" Laura smiled. No longer was she just plain unattractive Laura, she was desirable, she was compelling, her holes were satisfyingly tight and. .

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  . she was a terrific fuck! Not just good, but the best!

She grasped herself as she shivered with satisfaction.

Helping the boy onto his back on the table once more, Shanti motioned for the sister to straddle the boy's face.

"So you'd like to have her again, eh?" asked Shanti.

"And again and again and again," affirmed Jody.

"Then perhaps, after you received all this pleasure from her, you'd like to return a little?"

"Sure, what would you like?"

Shanti placed Jody's hands on Laura's hips. He felt her begin to lower her nest toward his mouth which opened in expectation, but the nest stopped, poised only an inch away.

"Time to unveil," said Shanti as she untied and withdrew the blindfold.

"LAURA! My God!" the boy screamed as he saw first her face, then her naked body and finally, his eyes focused on the nest, soaking wet with his own semen and her vaginal juices.

"Laura. . . this is. . .

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   I've got to. . . " he blurted as he started to push her away.

"Before you do, Jody," whispered Shanti into his ear, "think about what you'll be missing. You said yourself she's the best fuck you've ever had. She'll come to your bed every night if you wish. She'll give it to you any way you want it, anytime you want it. "

Jody looked into his sister's eyes which were misty with the fear of rejection.

"You'd do that?" he asked.

"Anything! Anything you want," cried Laura.

He looked from Laura to Shanti and back to his sister.

"I think I'm really going to enjoy this!" he said pulling Laura's labial lips onto his mouth, his tongue driving into her and flitting rapidly on her clitoris.

"Oh Jody!" she cried as she squirmed to take him deeper.

As Shanti quietly closed the door behind her, the first of many additional orgasms she would experience that evening, shook Laura's body.

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Over the next two weeks Laura came to Jody's room every night. Twice they slept together after their carnal cravings were satisfied. Once they invited Shanti for a threesome. She amazed them by telling them in graphic detail how she had seduced each of her brothers and sisters, but it was the description of her seduction by her own father which aroused both Laura and Jody to the degree that, before Shanti had finished, both Walker siblings were naked and exploring each other's bodies.

Shanti and Laura told Jody of their voyeurism, how they had peeked at him in his bed and then watched their parents making love. Jody was so fascinated, he had them arrange another peep show. Jody and Laura were each in such heat after watching their parents, they went straight back to Jody's room and mimicked every action they had observed, including Jody slapping Laura twice as she rode him to climax.

At Jody's request, Laura no longer wore panties around the house. Tempting fate with the recklessness of youth, sometimes even with their parents in the next room, Jody would bend his sister over the back of the couch, drop his pants and take her, either vaginally or anally, often sampling both. Twice they had narrow escapes as one parent or the other unexpectedly came walking into the room.

With Jody and Laura settled into their incestuous affair, Shanti turned her attention elsewhere. She had determined that Drummond Walker was to be her next conquest and so she often managed to exchange flirtatious glances or show more of her leg or thigh than good taste would dictate. Although he had not yet made any advances toward her, she was pleased to note how his attention now instantly shifted to her every time she entered the room.

It was a Saturday. Drummond seldom did work at the office on weekends, so he was home as usual puttering around in his den.

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   Claire had gone shopping and taken both Jody and Laura with her, promising they would take in a movie which both of the siblings wanted to see. Shanti thought to herself that as brazen as Jody and Laura were becoming, they would have a hard time keeping their hands off each other in the darkened theater, even with their mother sitting beside them. She hoped they could be discrete at least a while longer because. . . . . and her attention came back to Drummond Walker. When spying on the husband and wife, Shanti had noticed his muscular build. he had been an athlete in college and had kept himself in good shape. The other physical feature in which she was interested was his phallus.

Long and large, it was no wonder his wife not only refused to take him in the rear, but often stifled a scream when he took her especially vigorously in her nest.

She knocked on the door of the den and entered following his, "Come in. "

He smiled as did she, although her smile was the coy smile of the seductress.

"I'd like some advice," she said, standing in front of the desk where he was seated.

Συνοδοί Ελλάδα 


"Sure," he said, "how can I help?"

"You're a very shrewd business man, or so I hear. "

"I'd like to think so. Perhaps my board of directors aren't always so sure of that," he laughed. "What's on your mind?"

"I was wondering how you feel about opportunities. "

"Business opportunities?"

"Well. . . . . or other kinds," she replied batting her eyes and stepping out of her shoes.

Keenly aware of her opening move, he decided to test her gambit.

"Opportunities don't come along every day," he opined, his eyes roaming up and down her body.

"Then when one sees an opening," Shanti asserted as she turned away, pulled up her skirt revealing her lack of panties and spread her legs to show him her vaginal lips, "one should take advantage. "

"Absolutely," he grinned, rising and walking out from behind the desk.

She saw his pants bulging.



"Of course you have to look at it carefully, make sure that nothing is hidden, that you can clearly see everything. "

Her tongue sensuously playing over her lips, Shanti slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip to the floor, her luscious breasts in full view since she wore no bra.

"So there should be nothing held back," she breathed as her skirt fell around her ankles, her nudity complete.

"Nothing!" he replied, unbuckling his pants. "Some people will bend over backward to grab a great opportunity," he said, motioning to the desk.

One swipe of her arm and papers, pens and books went flying. She backed up to the desk as he finished undressing and came close.

"Then you recommend I seize this opportunity!" was her retort as her hand took his penis and squeezed playfully.

He gently guided her onto her back across the desk, her nest at the edge, her legs dangling over the side. The tip of his shaft lightly brushed her labial lips.

"Of course!"

"What else would you recommend?"

"Always leave yourself open to possibilities," he replied as he motioned with his finger and Shanti spread her legs wide.

"And. . . .

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  . ?"

"And finally, gather your resources and put them where they'll do the most good!" He rammed her full and even though Shanti had taken many men, Drummond was by far the largest so she grunted heavily upon his entry and with each powerful thrust. His hands went to her breasts where her nipples were already hard as granite. Despite her determination to remain in control, Shanti's sexual drive was simply too strong and she orgasmed twice before she felt him explode and his hot seed flow deeply inside her.

He rapidly turned her over so her backside now faced him.

"You can have that too if you want. I'll give it to you even if your wife won't. "

Startled, he turned her over to face him.

"How do you know. . . ?"

"That you want her ass and she won't give it to you? I know a lot more than you think, Drummond. "

"What do you mean?" he demanded.

"Oh, for instance I know that Claire likes it rough, likes to be slapped around a bit. "

His mouth was open in astonishment.

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"And I know you'd secretly like to climb in the sack with your daughter. "

"WHAT?" he shouted "You didn't think anyone noticed the other day when she kissed you good-bye. I saw the hard-on as you walked out the front door. "

"That;s absolutely ridiculous!" he protested.

"Ah, me thinks he doth protest too much," grinned Shanti.

Drummond was hurriedly dressing as if to leave, embarrassment and shame burning through him like a wildfire.

"Laura feels it too, you know," said Shanti. "She talks with me. She knew you were looking at her through the shower door yesterday. "

His face reddened even more. He paused, uncertain. It was true. Ever since she had kissed him and aroused him sexually, he couldn't get his mind off Laura. He had sneaked quietly into the bathroom while she was showering and watched as she lathered and rinsed her body. So different from Claire's, he found her thin, underdeveloped body highly erotic.

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   He had masturbated through his pants as he caught glimpses of pubic hair and buttocks through the steamy glass door.

"What you don't know "daddy", is that your daughter has the hots for you too. "

"No. . . I won't. . . I can't. . . "

"Oh I think you not only can, you will. After all, would you rather she be initiated in the backseat of a car or in some cheap flea-bitten motel by some young punk with VD or worse? Or would you rather it be with you, here, where she'll be cared for and be in the arms of the man she adores?"

"But my own. . .

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"She's desperate for love Drummond. If she doesn't get it from you, she'll get it from someone else. "

Shanti thought it better not to tell him about Jody just yet.

"But. . . "

"She's embarrassed to talk about it too, but she knows what Claire won't give you. She told me she'd give you her pussy, her mouth or her ass anytime you wanted it. . . "

The mention of Laura and the one thing he had been denied so long, brought a bulge to his pants.

Shanti grabbed his shaft through the material.

"She's a vixen, Drummond. She's young and she's hot and she'll do anything and I mean anything you want. She can satisfy you in ways Claire never even thought about.

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"How do you. . . ?" he stammered.

"Because she came to my bed three weeks ago. "

Shanti saw his hostility building again.

"Now don't worry. I was very gentle with her, but it's not me she wants, Drummond, it's you and she'll do anything to have you love her and fuck her. "

Seeing consternation on his face, Shanti continued.

"Oh she doesn't want to replace Claire, but she needs you and your rod inside her to know she's loved. "

Overcome, aroused and titillated with images of the forbidden, Drummond accepted the unthinkable and looked to Shanti conspiratorially.


"First, we have to work on Claire. Now here's what I have in mind. . .

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Shanti spent the next few days planning the seduction of Claire Walker. Getting into the woman's pants would not be a problem, she thought, however, bringing the woman to carnal knowledge of their daughter was another matter. Claire could not be convinced as easily as Drummond. Only under the most extreme of circumstances would this woman knowingly commit incest.

Therefore, thought Shanti, it must be unknowingly. She smiled.

What not? it had worked once, it could work again.

That evening, Drummond came into the living room where Shanti was teaching Laura how to French braid. Her hands were deft and gentle and sensuously played in the girl's hair.

Laura's eyes followed her father who smiled, then looked to Shanti. The Creole winked and nudged the girl slightly.

"Jody, how about we try out those new video games your friend at school loaned you?" suggested Laura, fulfilling her part of the conspiracy.


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