Finding my limit


I was almost 18 and will be be going to collage soon. I started thinking about the partying and typical underage drinking that goes on at collage. I had heard that girls were often taken advantage of when they got too drunk because they do not know their limit. I wondered how I could safely discover my own limit so this is what I did.

I have a decent Mom but am a "Daddy's girl" being able to wrap him around my finger when I applied all my daughter charms. I know he got a big kick out of his sexy daughter acting all young and innocent cuddled up with him or sitting on his lap.

He had never touched me in any wrong way but seemed to revel in my attentions. It was fairly easy to get some extra cloths money and other privileges that Mom would not have agreed to.

Dad was not a big drinker now but I had heard from Mom that back in their collage days, where they met, Dad was a bit wild but Mom's charms and love got him to settle down.

My plan required for Mom to be away with no chance of returning unexpectedly. As it happened Mom had to go to a business conference across the continent to San Jose. Mom would be away for almost nine days as she had arranged to visit some old school chums after the conference ended.

On Friday night we saw her off at the airport. When we returned home it was almost nine and I asked Dad if he wanted to watch a movie with me, he agreed. I selected one from his DVD collection that we both liked and I asked him to please make some popcorn while I change into my night cloths.

Dad started making the popcorn corn and got us each a can of pop.

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   I changed into my normal night cloths t-shirt and short-shorts. I picked a tighter then usual t-shirt that showed off my midriff. It was tight enough that the shape of my bra less breast and nipples would be easily seen.

I made my way down stairs to the family room where Dad was ready and waiting. I pretended not to notice him checking me out. I do not think his eyes every looked at my face. I sat beside him and cuddled up real close which was not unusual as we watched many movies together including when Mom was with us.

When I was comfortable I asked Dad to start the movie. During this movie there was a scene with a drunken dorm party and girls acting fairly wild. I asked Dad to pause the movie as I had a request.

Once the movie was paused I told him I was concerned about not knowing my liquor limit and the likely hood that I would be at parties like we were seeing in the movie. So I asked him if it would be OK that the next night I drink with him so I could get to know my limit. Saying that would be way safer than finding out at one of these parties. He looked at me and said that was rather a mature plan and he said OK but to expect a hang over.

The next day I wore a particularly sexy outfit he liked and gave him hugs saying how much I appreciated what he was going to allow me do.

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   I said I knew full well that Mom would never have agreed to this expecting me not to even go to those types of parties until I was of legal drinking age.

We both agreed I would likely go to the parties and this was the best option. After a nice supper we went to the family room that also contained Dad's bar. He opened the liquor cabinet and said have at it, but if you go too crazy I will stop you as I do not want you to get alcohol poisoning.

I said that I needed him to do something else for me as just getting drunk was not really the test I needed as it was not a realistic simulation of a frosh party. We needed music and I need a guy that I was interested enough in to kiss and make out a little. I said that being a little worked up and drunk was where the danger lay not so much with just drinking.

He asked if I was suggesting that we make out with french kissing and him feeling my body. He shook his head and said no way you're my daughter. I looked down and said but Dad you do not want some guy video taping me as I loose control and end up in one of those girls gone wild videos or worse date raped and looking as if I was enjoying it. Besides Mom says you are a great kisser so I could at least get to judge what a great kiss would be like. That brought a little smile to his face.

He asked if I was sure and I told him that this evening was just between us and that no one would know. He would be doing me a huge favour. A mistake at collage may come back to haunt me in later life.

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   He reluctantly agreed.

I told him to put on music and I would change into cloths appropriate for a keg party and warned him the cloths would be sexy as girls are really going to these socials to meet hunky guys.

I went up stairs to my room applied makeup, perfume, put on a thong, a short skirt, removed my bra and put on a tank top that exposed my belly piercing. If I do say so myself I looked very, very hot.

By the time I returned to the family room the music was playing and Dad had lined up four full shot glasses two for me and two for him. He said the first thing to do was feel the burn of straight whisky. I sat on a bar stool and we knocked back the first shot together. Man oh man that burned my throat.

Dad said, even before the burning stopped, to down the second shot and we did. That did not burn as much as the first but still had its effect. Dad said at these parties you would typically to dancing after you drink so we did. Not slow dancing mind you.

After a few dances I was definitely feeling the effects and we went back to the bar. I watched Dad make some mixed drinks with fruit juice and a couple different kinds of booze. He told me that counting straight shots was easy but mixed drinks especially with fruit juices was almost impossible to judge and would hit me with a wallop.

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We went and sat down on the couch together. After sipping the mixed drink which I really liked, I agreed the taste of alchol was difficult to detect. I asked Dad for one of the kisses Mom had bragged about. He was reluctant but leaned over and gave me a small kiss with just the hint of tongue. It was nice but not what Mom had described.

With hands on hips and my best pouty face I said Mom had described that your kissed could make any women weak at the knees and that kiss was not even going to get him a second date. He smirked said nothing looking down.

I asked Dad are you going to get into the role of a typical guy trying to get into my pants or not? He rolled his eyes and drained his mixed drink then got another, all the while trying to make a decision.

I walked to the bar hugged him and looked up saying "Daddy your little girl needs your help, will you help your princess please"? This daughter knew just what I needed to do to turn him around. He sucked back half of this latest drink and then said OK and we returned to the couch.

This time I sat on his lap and leaned into him to initiate the kiss. He pushed his fingers into the hair at the back of my head and laid on a full sexy kiss that was as good if not better than what Mom had described.

When our kiss broke I told him that was much better and I need more of those. We started making out and he got me revved up, squirming on his lap. I could feel an erection start to poke me in the ass.

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   When I felt that big thing I got so horny that I did what I would normally do with a boy I liked and took his hand placing it on my breast.

It hit me that Dad should have stop me right there but instead he started massaging and playing with my breast. This experiment was spinning out of control and I was loving it. He removed his hand and I moaned in disappointment but then his hand was under my top tweaking my bare nipple and I squealed in delight while thrusting my chest out.

Instinctively I unfasten his pants and pushed my hand into his underwear grabbing his meaty member. As I started to stroke it I realized it must have been thick and around eight inches long. I said oh Daddy your baby girl needs to see your women pleaser. I slid down between his legs and unzipped his pants and pulled them and his underwear off.

I gave the shaft a long lick then stood up and took my shoes, skirt and panties off. As I was pulling my top over my head Daddy stuck two wet fingers into me and started pumping. It was both shocking and wonderful, Daddy obviously had experience soon I was yelled yes Daddy your making your little girl come.

When I had finished shaking he let me go and I slid to my knees seeing that large cock again. I grabbed hold of it and looked up and asked may your baby girl taste Daddy.

He just smiled and I licked the precum off the tip making a stringy from tip to lip. I sucked up that stringy then licked the entire shaft.

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   I gave little kissed on the underside until I heard Daddy pant.

I then enveloped the whole head in my mouth sucking the precum out. I pulled back a little looked at the cock and for a few seconds judging the big thing. I opened my mouth and worked my way down the shaft licking the under side. With three inches to go it hit the back of my throat.

I just kept it there sucking hard getting ready to stuff the remainder into my throat. I started to push but could only get one more inch in my throat as the head was so big. Daddy was grunting and groaning thoroughly enjoying his daughter's efforts.

I pulled off the shaft and caught my breath looking at the cock and Daddy must have know I was getting ready to try to deep throat the whole thing.

Just as I was working my way back down the shaft I felt Daddy put his hand on the back of my head. I got down that first five inches then went for the final decent but got stuck again on inch six.

Daddy started to push my head and we managed one more inch but no more. I needed to breath so pulled back off and gasping trying to catch my breath. I had a few tickle throat tears in my eyes when I looked up at Daddy and thanked him for trying to help me.

I then said lets try that one more time.

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   I worked it down to six inches on my own and with Daddy's help the seventh inch but the last inch eluded me. I pulled off and said Daddy that is the best I can do, please fuck me now.

He picked me up and placed me on my back. He took my legs and raised them up to my chest then crossed my arms over my legs and said hold on do not let go. With that he positioned his cock for a different kind of decent. Getting that large head in my took some pushing but once that was done he went all the way in.

He look at me and said baby girl are you ready for some Daddy fucking and I smiled and nodded my head. Daddy started to pump pussy and I panted, groaned, screamed Daddy give it to me and soon enough I was coming.

As soon as I came, Daddy flipped me face down extended on the full length of the couch put a cushion under my pussy raising my ass slightly then pushed into me again. He said to cross my legs. Dam my pussy was so tight around his cock that I could even feel the thing's pulse.

Daddy started fucking me and it was magic. Within the first minute the incredible tight feeling of cock rubbing pussy walls made my come screaming fuck me Daddy fuck me hard. Daddy started to speed up and asked how is Daddy doing baby doll? I just screamed I am coming, Daddy's cock was made for my pussy.

He kept fucking me silly.

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   I felt his stoke get faster as well as his breathing and knew he was going to cum. I said cum in me Daddy I am on the pill. It was like a release for him as he started to pummelling my pussy.

I felt his first spurt as he drove into me as deep as he could, I heard grunts and groans and he emptied his balls in my pussy. With his cock still buried deep inside me he said princess that is the finest pussy I even had.

Before I married your Mom I had all kinds, you are amazing. I giggled and said you are not too bad for an old man. Next time you will not have to ply me with liquor, we both laughed.

He pulled out and said well maybe you should do as your Mother would advise and stay clear of those collage parties as liquor makes you an easy lay. I looked at Daddy and said the evening was not a total loss as I found my limit its about seven inches deep. .

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