First time with my cousins pt. 2


This is the second part of a 4 part story

After we had jacked off, Chuck suggested we go skinny dipping in the pool. That sounded cool to me. So we got out of bed and headed to the pool, walking through the house buck ass naked and with our now watery sperm dripping off of our bodies. We didn't even bother cleaning up. Chuck said to not worry about it when I asked him. The house was very large. We had to walk down a long hallway, through a dining area, and through the kitchen. It was wild for me to be walking through somebody else's house completely naked. We didn't even bring any of our clothes with us. Chuck said to not worry about it when I asked him. We walked out the back door by the kitchen and ran straight to the pool and jumped in. Guess it was a good thing that there was a large wooden fence around the entire back yard.
The pool was very large with a shallow end gradually sloping down to a very deep end. The water felt cool and comfortable. The beaming sun on my face and shoulders felt warm and soothing. We both rubbed our stomachs and dick and pubes to get the rest of the cum off and laughed about it as we did it.

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   We swam around and splashed one another and wrestled in the water. Typical boys. I had never been swimming naked in a pool before (the small plastic, dime store pool does not count). The feel of the water rushing between my legs, over my nuts and dick and on my ass when I moved was so exhilarating. It was erotic. Several times my dick began to swell and thicken and my nuts tightened up against my body, but I never reached full erection and after a minute it would subside.
Then Chuck suggested we dive off the board. That was fun too being completely naked and getting out of the cover of the water, climbing up the latter and running along the side of the pool, standing up and being exposed on the board and then jumping up and diving back into the water. We each dived and jumped off the board several times and then started doing flips, too. Young teens have so much energy. I was limited to front flips, but Chuck could do back flips, too. After a while I swam over to the side of the pool where the water was chest high and leaned back against the side of the pool. Chuck continued diving off the board as I watched. Well, it was all too much for me and I was in sexual sensory overload. This time when my dick began to swell it did not stop.

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   My dick went to full staff. It was waving back and forth in the water, moving to the waves being generated by Chuck's constant rocking of the pool with his splashes. So I reached down and began squeezing my furry nuts and then stroking on my rock hard dick. I could not help it. I knew I badly needed to cum again.
The next time Chuck was up on the diving board, he looked over at me and grinned. It was obvious what I was doing. You could see my arm and shoulder moving above the water. He dived in and swam over to me. He stood up in the pool, the water was shoulder level on him (he was small and a good bit shorter than me), and reached out and grabbed my dick, with the palm of his hand over the top and his fingers gripping under the bottom of the shaft, and started pulling it for me. So I immediately reached out and grabbed his the same way and started pulling on his soft dick. It almost instantly got hard in my hand. It was so cool feeling a dick grow to full hardness in my hand.
Then Chuck suggested that we get up on the side of the pool so we could see one another. He liked looking at my dick while he played with it.

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   I sure didn't mind that idea because I liked looking at his dick with my hand wrapped round it, stroking it, too. We wend down to the shallow end to a corner with steps going down into the pool. We sat up on the edge out of the water, each on a one side of the corner, with our legs on the steps and our feet in the water. We fisted one another's dicks. The double sensation of my cousin's hand around my dick and the hot sun striking my body and dick and balls was intense. My tan line was distinct and noticeable. My privates and butt were white, but my legs and body were golden. Although I was basically a little Celtic boy, some where in my father's side of the family was the "olive" skin tone. By the end of a summer I was usually as dark as an Indian. It was then that I noticed that Chuck had no tan line. He was brown as a berry from head to toe and everywhere in between. And, having a dark brown pelvis and ass could not be explained only by Latin and Indian blood. He really was out here naked all the time.
After we had stroked one another for a little while, Chuck asked me if I wanted to try something cool that felt really good. I said sure.

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   We got up and went over to the water jet venting from the side of the pool under the water. Chuck moved his dick into the rushing water and just rolled his eyes in his head. He said it felt so good. He showed me all the ways he liked to do it. He would point his dick facing straight into the jet of water so that it mostly impacted the dick head and slit. He would tilt it side ways so that it rushing over the entire shaft. He would turn his dick sideways so the water would impact the sensitive skin under the head. He would let it blast his nuts (which hurt a little but felt good at the same time). Then he let me try all of this out while he stood there and watched and stroked his own. It felt so awesome! Then he suggest we do it together. We both put out dicks into the jet of water at the same time and rubbed them together. We got a dual sensation of water and dick skin moving over our dicks.
After not too much of this, Chuck announced that he was ready to cum. There was no argument from me. He said he wanted to cum first and suggested we shoot off into the pool water but that we move up into the shallow water so we could see each other shoot off.

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   Great by me. Standing on the pool steps, both about thigh deep in water, him on a step higher than me, I grabbed Chuck's dick and started stroking it really fast. He ejaculated a couple of shots out into the water, but most of it went on my hand, which I rinsed off in the water. Then it was my turn and Chuck wrapped his little hand around my dick. It did not take long before I was shooting hot boy cum into the water. Two spurts went long out into the water and several smaller ones dropped into the water and on Chuck's hand. We watched the cum floating in the water and toyed with it with our fingers and laughed. We swam and splashed some more and then even laid out naked in the sun to dry off. The feeling of the warm sun on parts of my body that had never felt that before was incredible. The sun striking on my dick or balls or butt made them tingled. Chuck went into the pool house and got us some towels.
By this time, we were expecting his family to return, so we headed into the house, towels draped over our shoulders, rather than around our waist to hide our nakedness. About the time we were pulling on our clothes back in his bed room (I was naughty and did not put my underwear back on but only wore my cut off jeans), his family arrived. His dad looked at our wet hair and asked us how we had enjoyed our afternoon at pool, and we said it had been great. Boy, was that an understatement.

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   It was getting close to milking time, so we all (Chuck and me and his brothers) headed out to the barn with his dad. Chuck and his brothers (even the youngest) had chores and I helped. Chuck, at 13, even drove the pick up truck to help round up the cows from a field across the road. He'd been driving on the farm for a while already, as had his 12 year old brother Scott. Country kids just start everything sooner. That night we had a lot of fun. Dinner was a hoot with all the antics of us boys and of his father too. His dad was a good one that joked and cut up with his kids. We all watched television and played games (his dad again joining in) and wrestled with his younger brothers. We kids stayed up late, past midnight. That was unusual for me. Then it was time for bed. That meant sleeping completely naked for the first time ever. I could hardly wait!

Someone once told me that I looked like I was "black Irish. " They explained that meant that I was descended from some of the Spanish sailors shipwrecked from the Spanish Armada who washed ashore in the British Isles and did what good Spaniards do and made plenty of babies.

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   Anyway . . .