Florida Incest: Chapter II


I kneeled down and started to lick her bald pussy. I slid my tongue over her pussy and caressed my hands on her ass and thighs. She started to moan and her legs got weak and she started to twitch. She ran her hands through my hair. The aroma of her female parts was intoxicating. I slid my tongue between her juicy lips as far as I could and pulled it out with juice stringing off my tongue and her pussy. I stood up and looked at her, awaiting her orders.

"What now?" I asked?

"Want to try something super naughty?" She asked me, licking her glossed lips.

"Naughty? What kind of naughty stuff?" She walked to the ATV and took a rope out of the back. "What are you gunna do? Tie me up?"

"That's exactly what I'm going to do. " I walked over to her and put my arms around her waist. She guided me to the ATV. I bent over against the seat and spread my legs. Jennifer rubbed her hands over my smooth ass, giving it a little grasp. "No escape. " She told me laughing.

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   She got the rope and tied my hands down to the ATV.

She pressed her thigh against my butt and caressed her hands up the side of my body. My clitoris was burning. It was so swelled and wet.

Then unexpectedly she gave my ass a soft tap on my right cheek. Then she did it again much harder. My ass was burning from the pain, yet it turned me on so much.

"This doesn't hurt too much does it? If this is a little too much for you, go ahead and tell me and I will stop. "

"No, no! It feels good. " My legs were weak and I could barely stand. With each smack on the ass the more aroused I got. She started to slap my ass extremely hard; I'm sure leaving a bright red hand print. She then ran her hand over my pussy.

"My god, you’re soaking! This must really be turning you on. "

"Hell yeah, it feels great.

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   I love this. " She kneeled down and started to lick my pussy and anus, then started to suck on my pussy.

"Maybe I should untie you. I have a new idea. "

"Oh, ok. Whatever you find best I guess. " We were both very out of breath. She untied my hands from the ATV and sat on the ATV.

"Here, suck on my breast. " I did as I was ordered and placed my lips on her erect nipple and swirled my tongue around. Then I started to nurse on her nipple like a baby. She ran her hands through my hair, moaning. I started licking all over her body, from her stomach to her pussy. Her juicy pink pussy all dripping with pre-cum. "Finger me! Make me cum!" She screamed, and moaned.

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   I did as I was told once again and started to finger my Index finger and middle into her slit, harder and faster. I took out my finger and sexily licked off the juices. We looked into each others eyes for a second, she looked so hot. I dove for her mouth giving her a long, hard passionate kiss on the lips.

I rolled my tongue in her mouth and sucked on her neck. She was barely able to stand from the excitement. We were both sweating and panting with erotic passion. I cupped her breasts in my hand and rubbed my fingers over her nipples. Twisting and pulling on them. She did the same with me.

Then she rubbed her hand on my vagina and slid her finger into my slit as far as it would reach. "Oh, god! Oh my god! OHHh!" I moaned. "Say my name bitch! Say my name! OH GOD OHHH!" She slid her finger in and out of my slit. The unbelievably great sensation overwhelmed me.

"Melissa! MELISSSSSA!" She moaned.

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   My vagina started to have convulsions as a thick stream of watery cum poured out of my pussy like a fountain. I was screaming and moaning! My legs went so weak that I fell down. She lay on top of me and kissed me softly on the lips and neck.

"My god! We have to do this more often. That was fantastic. "

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