Friday Afternoon Delight


Hello. Oh my god, I don’t know where to start; after all this is kind of embarrassing but at the same time I feel that I have to tell someone and it was suggested that I tell my story here since there are others like me who would understand and frankly it excites me to share my story with you.

Let’s us get the basics out of the way first. My name is Debbie and I am 34 years old. My husband died in a car accident two years ago with a drunk driver leaving me alone with our (at the time) thirteen year old son. Actually I should not say alone because my mother and Dan’s (my husband) mother have been there to help. In fact Betty, my mother in law, has become my best friend. She has been the driving force to get me out and meeting people, but because of my son and work it has not been working out to well. In fact, Betty shocked me during my last birthday by giving me both a vibrator and a dildo, both of which I have put to very good use since she gave them to me.

Anyway, like I’ve said I am 34 years old, but some people say I look younger. The reason for this is because I am only five foot two inches tall and only weight about 105 pounds. I have blond hair (but a dark, well trimmed bush) and blue eyes. I have somewhat small breasts (34B) and, in my opinion, a great ass and pair of legs, from all the running I do; about 3 to 5 miles per day.

On the afternoon that this experience took place; it happened to be nice spring day and I decided to take off early from work. I left the office at noon, but before leaving I changed my clothes; from my work cloths to a pair of tight cotton running shorts, pink in color, a thin strap white tank top and some jogging shoes. Normally I wear a bra at the office but since I was leaving, I removed it when I changed.

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  Then hopped into to car and headed off to do some shopping. After my shopping was completed, I headed home. As I pulled up to the house, I noticed that Betty’s car was there. I was pleased to see that since Roger, my son, was scheduled to get out early from school that day and he would not be home by himself; not that I was worried about that.

Anyway I pulled the car into the driveway, got out of the car and opened the back hatch of my car and grabbed a couple of bags, thinking I would have Roger get the rest. Clutching my shopping bags, purse and keys I fumbled at the front door before getting it open. After dropping my purse and keys on the small table in the entry way I headed for the kitchen humming to myself. When I got to the kitchen I saw something that just blew me away. So much so, I just stood there for several minutes with my mouth gaping wide open, staring. I almost dropped my bags I was so stunned, but the more I watched the more excited I got.

Before I continue let me describe Betty; she is 51 years old and she has a figure that what my husband described as lush. Her figure reminds me of a tight Marilyn Monroe; large breasts, nice ass and a some what trim waistline. Betty was sitting at the kitchen table; the chair she was sitting on had been pulled away and was turned at an angle. She was sitting in the chair naked from the waist down. I was unable to see her pussy very well since my son had his face between Betty’s legs and was busy licking away and from what I could see and hear, he was really enjoying it.

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  Not that I blame him, I mean after all who wouldn’t.

While I stood there, Betty cooed “Mmm, this feels good, never would have guessed this was your first time. ”With her eyes still somewhat glazed over Betty looked up at me, smiled and said, “Hello Debbie”

My son’s head shot up, allowing me my first look at my mother-in-law’s pussy, nice, never knew she shaved. “Ah Mom, this isn’t what it looks like. ” Roger stammered.

“Of course it is hun,” I replied smiling while setting my bags on the kitchen counter. “And don’t worry you are not in trouble. ”

“I’m, I’m not?”

“No your not. Now please, do will you do me a favor and get the rest of the bags from the car, will you?” I asked. While I was speaking to my son I looked over to Betty and the whole time I was speaking she was just sitting with this smile on her face. Her fingers had replaced my son’s tonguebetween her legs, rubbing, stoking her pussy and every now and again I would watch as her middle finger would slide inside her hairless pussy for a couple of stokes and then come back out the and she would start rubbing herself again.

Seeing that he was not in trouble Roger took the chance and wined “But Mom, Grandma said I could fuck her. ”

Betty’s smile just got bigger at Roger’s statement all the while looking straight at me.

“Oh she did, did she?” I quickly glanced at Betty; then I stated with a slight grin. “Well I will tell you what sport, if you go and do as I ask, you can fuck the both of us.

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“Really?At the same time?”Roger exclaimed.

While looking straight at my mother-in-law I answered. “Yes dear, you can fuck us both at the same time, but you’ve got to do what I’ve asked you to do. ”

Roger quickly jumped up to do what I asked; a little to quickly I might add, because he suddenly bent over slightly due to the bulge in his pants.

“Careful hun, you don’t want to hurt yourself. ”I said

“Yes Mom. ”

Betty stood up from the kitchen chair and walked over to me. As she did she removed her blouse and bra and let them drop to the floor. “Let’s head into the living room, where it is more comfortable. ”, she stated while standing in front of me allowing me to get a good look of her now completely naked form.

I turned and headed for the living room and started to close all the drapes while Betty sat on the couch watching me. When I finished I sat on the couch next to her, I was a little nervous as to what was about what was going on but at the same time I was very excited, in fact I haven’t been this excited in years. Betty reached up and starting feeling my breasts while talking to me. Her fingers started tracing my nipples that were showing though my tank top causing them to become even harder then what they already were. I reached over and started touching and fondling her beasts.


   I was so engrossed with the breast play that I did not see my son approach the two of us. My first clue was while I was licking and sucking on Betty’s large breasts; Betty turned to Roger and quietly asked, “Roger want to see your mother naked?”

“You bet I do. ” Roger stated quickly while rubbing his crotch.

Betty’s hands quickly slid from my breast to the bottom of my tank top and in one quick motion the shirt was up and over my head. I stood up in order for Roger to get a full view of me. Betty stood up as well and moved behind me, her hands began playing with my bare breasts. After a few seconds Betty moved to her knees the nipples on her breasts caressing my back on her way down. As she got to her knees her hands moved to the waist band of my shorts and down they came. I was now fully naked to for my son and mother in law to see. Betty stood up and started pushing her naked body against me, her breasts at my back, and her wet sex against my ass.

“Isn’t this better?” she whispered, her hands moving to my pussy which she began stoking, “but I think Roger should join us don’t you think Debbie?”

“Mmmm I sure do. ”Moving up to Roger, I then went down to my knees and started undoing his pants. I took down both his jeans and his shorts, once his cock was free it popped up. I was eye level with it and at the time I thought it was the most marvelous thing I had seen in a while. My hand move up and wrapped itself around the base of his cock and I started stoking all seven inches of cock.

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  Betty joined me in front of Roger watching, smiling. “Go for it. ”Betty whispered. After a quick glance at Betty I took my son into my mouth. Sucking, licking, letting him fuck my mouth. Every once in a while taking him out of my mouth just to lick his shaft and balls. I let Betty lick every now and then, but at that moment I wanted him all to myself. Knowing my desire suggested a change of positions. I soon found myself on my back on the floor, my son still in fucking my mouth and Betty between my legs licking my already wet pussy.

The rest of the afternoon flew by; images flash though my mind even as we speak. Iriding my son while my mother-in-law was sitting on his face while she and I played with each others tits. Betty and I 69ing each other while Roger was fucking who ever was on top. At one point after I came back from the bathroom I sat and watched Roger titty fucking his grandmother, shooting his cum all over her tits and me moving over to lick all the cum off those marvelous breasts while Betty used her mouth to clean off his cock. Roger and I 69ing each other while Betty sat on the couch masturbating. At one point I even got to watch my son fuck his grandmother up her ass.

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  The bottom line was that if it had a hole it was fucked and if it stuck out it was sucked.

After we were finished Roger’s girlfriend called and he went into his room to talk to her and Betty and I laid there on the floor trying to catch of breaths, the both of us covered in sweat and cum, talking while our hands between each other’s legs stoking and touching each other and ourselves. Before Betty and I when went into the bathroom to take a shower together Betty made a statement that started getting me hot all over again. “Maybe next time we should include your mother, Debbie. ”But that is a story for another time.

Thanks all for listening and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did telling it

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