Friday Night At Sarah's House - Prom Night


He feasted on her moist pussy as if he were devouring his first meal after engaging in a lengthy hunger strike. Walker lovingly lapped and laved her clitoris with the enthusiasm of a youth. He mashed his face against her sex and shook his head left to right and back again. Basking and basting his rugged features in the scent and feel of Sarah's sweet smelling cunt juice. A little residue of feces and stale sperm added a tangy flavor to his unorthodox snack.

"Oh Daddy!" Sarah Walker gasped and came.

Her eyes closed and mouth opened in ecstasy. She wrapped her lush thighs and bony legs around her father's head and draped them over his back. Her orgasms coursed through her lithe body like volts of electricity. Walker just kept on chewing and nibbling on his little girl's clit in cannibal-like fashion. He refused to letup as she pleaded with him to stop eating her out to orgasm.

"Daddy . . . you're killing me!" The girl cried out in ecstasy.

"Hmmmnnn .

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   . . been meaning to do this for awhile baby. " Her dad answered while continuing a prolonged session of cunnilingus on his little girl.

She kept cumming and cumming and thrashed her cunt against her daddy's face. He refused to stop feeding upon her juicy teenage cunt. He hadn't reciprocated oral sex with his daughter in a long, long time. Sarah was always eager to please her dad. She sucked his cock and licked his balls on a whim and upon request without any reservations anytime, anywhere. Overnight she had elevated herself as her father's personal toilet, shit slut and piss princess. Her dad thought it appropriate to show his appreciation for her newfound devotion.

The floor of the den appeared as if a natural disaster had struck. Filth and grime were everywhere. Decaying mounds of shit blemished her body, her cheerleading uniform and the hardwood floor. Sarah had a lot of nasty cleaning up to do and very little time to do it.

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   It was nearly six AM and she had to be ready for school in ninety minutes! She had to shower and change and time was running short. On occasion, her dad gave her a ride to school and she certainly didn't want to keep him waiting.

"Hurry up sweetheart. I'll be shaving and showering. " Her dad announced.

He walked towards the door, stopped and whirled around and said with a hint of caution in his voice before exiting the room. "There will be an inspection later!"

Sarah rolled her big, brown eyes. "Thanks for the warning daddy. "

As Sarah scraped the remnants of her dad's shit and mopped up several puddles of his yellow urine, she thought about how this was the worst part of being a toilet. Receiving, ingesting and wearing the bodily wastes of her father was one thing; but the 'maintenance' afterwards was taxing to her. She rubbed her sore, arthritic right knee that had been flaring for days.

Her body, hair and face were solidly concealed with her father's excrement and it took vigorous scrubbing to cleanse her lovely thin physique. Afterwards, she tried to put her contacts on but her eyes were reddened and tender from the attack of shit and piss they had absorbed the night before. Instead, Sarah reached for her eyeglasses. She rarely wore them, however they did make her appear scholarly but no less beautiful .

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   . . and sexy.

Walker was out in the garage, warming up the car. Sarah grabbed her purse and textbooks and rushed out the door. She fumbled with a cigarette dangling from her lips. Her brown hair disheveled and hanging loosely on top of her skinny shoulders as she tried to walk with one good leg and light her cigarette at the same time. She smiled at her dad and shook her head at her clumsy display of coordination.

They drove in silence for several minutes. Marcus listened casually to the seven o'clock news. She quietly reviewed her American History homework while twirling her hair with her fingers. Sarah puffed away on a Lucky Strike Light. Walker maneuvered his car to their usual far corner of the school parking lot. There was nothing but thick shrubbery behind them. A green house stood about seventy-five feet away barely visible between the thin limbs of several trees.

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Walker looked over at his daughter. "It's ten past seven. "

"If you're up to it daddy, we've got time. " Sarah replied sweetly and coyly.

She began unfastening her father's belt and quickly lowered his zipper and retrieved his semi-soft dick with her right hand. It took a mere nine seconds. Five years of experience at achieving this on a regular basis produced the desired results. Walker forever admired her swiftness. Sarah surveyed the parking lot of cars and buses whizzing by in the distance while keeping a keen eye out for anyone approaching rapidly from the front and the side. Mr. Walker took care of the left flank. The constant thrill of being discovered did not escape the minds of the incestuous couple; their sense of adventure always at a high level.

The gorgeous teenager lowered her face onto her daddy's lap as she had done countless times in the past. Her soft, moist lips quickly engulfed the hardening, pulsating dome of his penis. Walker wasn't quite sure if he could continue the frenetic pace of offering his little girl the 'seeds of her father' that she so desperately craved for on a daily basis.

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   His stamina having diminished somewhat. He was 40 years-old and pushing closer to forty-one. He began to entertain the thought to 'save' himself for tonight's big event. While Walker contemplated his actions, his daughter countered with her own by immediately deep throating her father right down to his balls in one fluid motion. Applying extreme pressure around the base of his prick; she formed a tight oval of her lips. A perfectly reddish-brown ring appeared around the bottom of his cock; formed by the imprint of his daughter's lipstick. Another imprint in the shape of Sarah's eye wear appeared along Mr. Walker's upper inner left thigh.

"OK . . . OK . . . stop it you little suck slut!" Marcus abruptly spoke.

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He playfully grabbed Sarah roughly by her hair and pulled her head off his penis.

"What daddy?" Sarah displayed a pained expression on her face. Her eyes glaring, brows furrowed and forehead creasing in concern. "I thought you liked it deep?"

"Oh baby, you know how much I'd love to have my cock attached permanently down that pretty little throat of yours. " Her dad answered smilingly.

"So what's up with this all of a sudden?" The girl asked while wiping spittle from her chin and lips. She straightened out her cockeyed glasses and gave her dad a most inquisitive and intelligent stare.

"Daddy isn't as quick on the trigger as he used to be. We haven't much time. I want to keep some in store for you for your Prom tonight. "

Sarah folded her arms and pouted. "Daddy!"

"Sorry sweetheart!" Walker kissed his daughter on her left cheek, licking at her attractive splotchy brown birthmark. "Maybe you ought to find yourself a boy your age who can feed you his sperm five times a day? Or maybe find several guys at a time and have yourself a banquet!"

"Nice thought daddy . . .

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   but no one can replace you!" His daughter giggled. "Not one man, not twenty men!"

The young girl slipped her thin arms around her father's neck and gave him a wide-open mouthed kiss; jamming her tongue against his.

"Daddy just has to pace himself, that's all I am saying. " He replied.

Walker and daughter engaged in a brief sword fight with their tongues. He longed to vacuum her soft, wet tongue right down his throat.

"It's OK dad. I understand. "

Sarah watched her father's hard dick and noticed a pearly drop of precum oozing out of the slit on his bulbous head. She quickly moved her face down towards his burgundy shaft and flicked the shiny droplet with her tongue faster than a snake. Gulping it down, she brought her head up, smacking her lips while fashioning a funny bug eyed face. Sarah laughed and bobbed her head from side to side while looking at her dad.

"Hey!" Walker screeched. "Why you little . .

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   . !"

Sarah laughed and struggled with the door lock and scampered out of her dad's car. Marcus took a mighty swipe at his daughter's bottom and smacked her forcefully across her smooth butt cheeks. The twin ovals of her ass clearly outlined from the one size too small Guess jeans that his seventeen year-old daughter loved to wear. She waved back at him in triumph and lit another cigarette. Sarah sauntered towards the hustle and bustle of buses and automobiles spilling out teachers and students by the dozens. Her 5 ft 6 inch body flounced and bounced with a slight droop of her hurtful right knee. Her 34C boobs jiggled delightfully. The girl's weight fluctuated between 110 and 115 LBS. She was now keenly aware that her enhanced 'daddy diet' of briny sperm now consisting of her father's delectable shit and bitter piss could leave a potential long-term impact on her overall body dimensions.

Mr. Walker watched his little girl slowly walking away from him until she eventually disappeared in the colorful sea of students and faculty. His hands gripped the steering wheel. He certainly appreciated his good fortune. Shaking his head in amazement; he wondered how he arrived where he is at today.


   How did he manage to ward off having his gorgeous teenage daughter suck him off right there in the parking lot of Lincoln High School? What was most likely a recurring fantasy to most of the male population at here, was a certain reality to him that he simply dismissed.

'Damn . . . am I getting THAT old?' The man thought smilingly while chuckling to himself and answered his own question. 'I don't think so!'

After all, Marcus Walker had a 'date' with four lovely high schools senior girls on their prom night, including his daughter. What other man his age could boast about such a claim? It was times like this that he quietly thanked his wife for leaving him for another woman, five years ago. He secured his pants and drove away.

Chapter Two

Sarah approached the main entrance to the high school. Guys and girls called out to her, especially the guys. She would wave weakly or utter a soft 'hi' but was not one to stop and chit chat for too long. Being a cheerleader also brought out the predictable popularity. Secretly, the boys around school often wondered about her. Not one person could lay claim to her having put out sexually for him. The questions and rumors surrounding her and her close association with her four girlfriends remained high.

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Several members of the football, basketball and hockey teams repeatedly competed for her affections at school or at her job as a waitress at the ice cream shop on numerous occasions. She aloofly shunned them all. The heightened mystique of Sarah forced a majority of the male population at Lincoln High, including a few teachers, to use her image in many a masturbation fantasy.

She had an insatiable and exclusive appetite for her father's sperm . . . only. Yet she unwittingly produced a chain reaction of a few hundred boys and numerous virile males to propel their ejaculates (in her honor) into collective hands, tissues and trash bins. Ultimately, all of that spent semen found a final resting place in the local landfill. Copious other amounts of cum splashed into toilets and shower drains. Millions of little 'polliwogs' swam unimpeded through the intricate maze of pipe lines while slowly journeying past the town sewer system, the river and into the Atlantic Ocean. Several issues of last year's high school yearbook remained permanently soiled, sullied and stuck together with stale, dried jism; on the pages where Sarah's wonderful, sexy, cheerleading picture is prominently displayed. Many a girl who was the recipient of their male partners love were probably being 'used' as a fantasy fuck and suck with Sarah's image and being in mind.

The pretty teenager stood at her locker spinning the lock with her thin fingers. She thought about last night with her father.


   It had been nearly six years since she first gave her dad a blowjob. From the time she was eleven years-old up until last night, Sarah was her daddy's cocksucker. The young girl had lost her mom to another female so she was steadfastly determined that her father would not meet the same fate. He was all she had left and she loved her daddy with all of her heart.

Now her relationship with her dad had radically changed. A stomach full of her father's shit was now advancing through her intestinal tract. A few more ounces of his pee were trickling into her bladder. Overnight, Sarah had consumed nearly a pound of his excrement and drank nearly a liter of his piss. She even licked his butt clean of any shit residue with her tongue.

'Let's see if daddy can find another woman who'd do the perverse things I did for him last night!' Sarah thought.

The master lock tumbled open in her hand. She flipped the latch on her locker. The door swung open and she gazed pensively at her image in the mirror. Sarah reflected to herself with a slight quiver of her lower lip 'I ate daddy's shit, drank his piss and licked his asshole and balls. '

Several boys called out to her and said hi.

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   A few wolf whistles and catcalls from some boorish and immature males were aimed towards her.

'If only they knew the truth about me!' She entertained the outrageous thought.

She nudged a few stray locks of her brown hair out of her eyes and daydreamed into her reflection in a meditative pose. 'I sucked daddy's dick; he farted, peed and moved his bowels onto my face and hair and I smeared it all over my body. '

The girl shuddered at the implausibility of it all and finally managed a smile while pressing her beautiful face closer to the mirror.

"I'm daddy's toilet! I'm nothing more than his shit slave bitch daughter!" She whispered under her breath in self-admiration. 'If this is what it takes to keep my father from straying away from me . . . so be it!'

She gazed at her reflection and wondered how many other fathers and daughters had such a sick, perverse and bizarre slave/master relationship with each other? Sarah rubbed a couple of fingers over her mouth and face; contemplating the role they would assume in being nothing more than a female receptacle for her dad's excrement and urine. She shook her head in amazement and trembled. Her pussy quivered at all of the future times of wanton sex and lust that her daddy and she would be engaged in while her body was immersed and ingesting his bodily discharges.

'Hmmnn!!' She cooed softly to herself.

"SARAH!" A petite blonde girl yelled and tapped Sarah on the shoulder.

"Aaaahhhh!!" Sarah Walker screamed and virtually leaped out of her skin and came crashing down back to the reality of the present.

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"You scared the FUCK out of me Steph!"

"I'm sorry Sarah. " Stephanie Conrad replied apologetically; lowering eyes and staring at her feet like an admonished child. "Damn girl, you sure are jumpy today!"

"Thinking about tonight. " Sarah answered.

"I know. I still can't believe this is gonna happen. I tried on my prom dress last night. Playing toilet games with it on is like gonna be a nightmare!"

"He's got the goods on us. If we balk . . . "

"He TALKS!" Stephanie finished the sentence for her.

"Daddy is set in his ways. When he makes a promise or a threat, he usually carries it out. We're between a rock and hard place.

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"It'll certainly be an interesting night. Maybe like it was a couple weeks ago. "

The pretty blonde smiled mischievously.

"Um what's with your mouth? You hiding something?" Sarah asked.

"Check out what I had done last night!" Stephanie fairly gushed while sticking her tongue out at her.

"Oh God! Steph! That's awesome!"

Stephanie exhibited a shiny tongue piercing. It was in the shape of two ball bearings attached to either ends of the metal piece.

"Does it hurt?"

"Like holy hell! But it's worth it! I been wanting to do it for so long!" Stephanie declared. "I can't have anything to eat until tonight. "

"Ha! Only daddy knows what you'll be 'eating' for dinner!" Sarah replied with a laugh.

"No kidding! I think the menu is gonna be kinda funky tonight girlfriend!" Stephanie retorted.

They were soon joined by Carrie and Jeanette who materialized into view in the crowded corridor before the homeroom bell sounded.

"Hi Sarah, Steph. Well, this is it! The guys are taking it hard and I couldn't cancel the limousine. The driver will be at my house at six-thirty tonight.

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  " Carrie blurted breathlessly.

The effervescent and bubbly Jewish girl always seemed to go with the flow; no matter what situation befell the foursome. Carrie Ross supported her robust and big-boned body very well. She was the glue that kept the girls together throughout any adversity. To the casual outsider, Carrie appeared intimidating with her 140 LB, 5 ft 7 inch physique. Her monumental 38D breasts announced her arrival everywhere she went.

"How did they take it?" Sarah asked.

"Johnathan was devastated. " Carrie answered. "The poor dear had asked me during the Winter break. I mentioned to him I would make it up to him somehow. It's too bad, but I just didn't have the heart to tell him about my sexual preferences. "

"Oh I think you should have Carrie. " Stephanie offered. "You're lucky Sarah, you didn't even ASK a guy.

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"Ha! But she sure turned down an Army of cute boys! You go girl!" Jeanette laughed. "My date wanna be took it pretty well. He only whined like a baby for two days!"

Jeanette Robinson, is a tightly packed, 125 LBS bundle of muscle. The 5 ft 5 inch black athlete excelled on the high school's indoor and outdoor track teams. Her sports bra strained to keep her 36C breasts in their harness.

She noticed a glint of metal protruding from inside Stephanie's mouth.

"Hey! Will you look at you! Oh I can't wait to feel that flicking tongue of yours up my honey pot!" Jeanette remarked about Stephanie's newly pierced tongue.

"That goes double for me sugar!" Carrie added. "Hmmn! We should all get one of those!"

"I think it's adorable! First your bellybutton, now your tongue . . . there's one place left (her clit) and we'll be all over you baby!" Sarah remarked lustily.

"Gosh . . .

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   suddenly I am in great demand!" Stephanie smiled and stuck out her tongue and clicked it obscenely at her three companions.

Sarah instinctively reached down to touch her tongue to hers. Stephanie abruptly stopped her.

The young blonde recoiled backwards. "Oh, careful Sarah, it's still kinda tender. "Maybe tonight we can . . . "

"Oh yes . . . . tonight, lots of things will be happening. "

Sarah thought of the array of perverse activities already on her father's agenda.

"Lot's of nasty shit!" Jeanette added.

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"And then some!" Carrie laughed nervously at the prospect.

Chapter Three

For the most part, Sarah was exclusively attached to her three best friends; Jeanette, Carrie and Stephanie. The standard rumor floating around Lincoln High was that Sarah was at least bisexual if not outright gay. The pretty brunette constantly struggled with her sexuality. She loved sex . . . she loved her dad . . . but she also loved other females. Unlike her mother, she would never abandon her dad. It was no accident that she totally devoted herself to him and willingly accepted all that he has to offer her.

She had an immediate and special liking to the blonde Stephanie. She was her first lesbian lover.

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   They met each other as nervous, scared sophomores while trying out for the varsity football cheerleading squad. Sarah and Stephanie supported each other throughout intimidating and demanding practice sessions in the late August heat. Each girl invited the other to her house to go over all the various moves, routines and dance steps.

Stephanie is a diminutive 5' 2" 100 LB girl. She is somewhat temperamental and feisty. Her Irish and German descent rendered her to speak her mind or bring her to occasional bursts of tears if she didn't get her way. She was an absolutely beautiful blonde, but Stephanie was not satisfied with that. Every chance she had, she complained about her lack of prominent breasts to anyone and everyone that would listen. A 32B cup was not the end of the world, but little Steph made it seem as if it was. Sarah chuckled at the poor girl's plight and fell in love with her more and more.

Sarah was endeared to her right from the beginning. She warmed up to her from the first time she set her eyes on her. Watching her disrobe in the girl's locker room and change from her street clothes to her cheerleading uniform, melted Sarah's heart every time. Stephanie's naked presence in the shower room after practice thoroughly exhilarated her senses. Even though her boobs were less than ample, Sarah longed to grasp and mouth her plum shaped mounds.


   She stared brazenly and unashamedly at her lithe, sleek body.

Then one day before their debut game as high school football cheerleaders, Stephanie finally confronted her. Both girls had lingered and talked long after that last practice before heading over to the showers. They stood alone together with nothing but soap bubbles covering their sleek, tender fifteen year-old bodies.

Stephanie luxuriously rubbed a face cloth along her thighs and made tiny circular motions over the blonde wisps of her pubic hair. She reached between her perfectly conditioned legs and grasped the towel and worked it all about her twin tight ass cheeks. The petite blonde lingered in her erogenous areas to give Sarah a little exhibition after catching her gaping at her like a zombie.

Sarah was oblivious to her surroundings as she concentrated on the lustful sight of Stephanie thoroughly cleansing her awesome body. 'God, I wish my face was that towel!' Sarah thought naughtily.

"What are you staring at?" Stephanie demanded fixing a cold glare on Sarah with her blue eyes.

"Oh, um . . . nothing. " Sarah replied sheepishly, jolted awake from her dream state.

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"Come on Sarah, you've been gawking at me as if I were . . . "

"A piece of meat?" Sarah interrupted her.

"Well, yeah . . . kinda like that. " Stephanie replied.

"I can't help myself sometimes Steph. You are so beautiful. " Sarah gushed.

Stephanie leisurely moved her delightfully naked body closer to Sarah's pencil thin frame and looked up at her. A pensive demeanor enveloped Stephanie's pretty face; her blonde locks dripping and glistening in the soft light of the shower stall.

"You wanna know the truth?" Several seconds transpired before she answered her own question.


   "I think you're pretty nice yourself Sarah. "

Stephanie closed in on Sarah's nude body until her chest tickled Sarah's stomach. Her pointed nipples served as diminutive daggers contacting the flesh of Sarah's smooth, flat belly. There was no one else in the stalls. The only sound was the trickling of the water from the shower head and drain. Their breaths were short and heavy. A magical moment ensued. The ice between the two young girls was breaking; replaced with a firestorm raging deep inside their very beings.

The two young teens raised their slender arms in unison and delicately grasped the other's shoulders. They cast furtive glances in the direction of the locker room while continuing to admire their heavenly bodies as if uncovering a crown jewel. Sarah slowly craned her neck downward while the tiny Stephanie rose up on tiptoes; their juicy crimson lips hurtling towards each other on a collision course.

A tender embrace ensued. Both girls' hearts were a flutter and the blood in their veins flowed more rapidly at the incredible union of soft lips against soft lips. Sarah and Stephanie found themselves removed from the real world and residing in their own. Slowly, they parted mouths, each tongue probing and licking the other's teeth and gums.

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   Arms began to flail and wrap themselves around their waists, shoulders and fleetingly brushing against the smooth surface of their buttocks. They were separately building up to this moment for weeks. Neither girl had wanted to initiate the first move for fear of being rejected and . . . branded.

All inhibitions melted in the heat of the warm spray of the showers and the flames bursting forth from the young teens' bosoms. Sarah and Stephanie reached a heightened and oblivious out of control sensuality. The taller Sarah crouched down and brushed her facial features gently over Stephanie's breasts and suckled them. Then she rose and cupped her left tittie and offered it to the blonde cheerleader.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Jeanette entered the girl's locker room in search of the ever tardy Stephanie.

"She was out on the football field doing routines with Sarah earlier. " Carrie stated.

"Hell girl. There's no one here.

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  " Jeanette answered.

Carrie stopped and said, "Wait! I hear running water. "

"Holy shit! Look at that!" Jeanette whispered loudly.

The two of them stopped in their tracks and noticed two beautiful female forms in the steamy fog; embracing, necking and fondling each other's slick bodies. Sarah and Stephanie's eyes were closed in the throes of a deep and smoldering passion; unaware or perhaps insouciant of the presence of Jeanette and Carrie.

"I'll be goddamned!" Jeanette hooted quietly. "That fucking Steph did it! She done gone and picked up the future Miss Homecoming Queen herself. "

"This is TOO much girl! I am wet already!" Carrie shuddered.

Both girls speculated about Sarah Walker's fancies and preferences from the time they first set their lustful eyes upon her, a year ago, as a skinny, fragile freshman. The aura of the mystery girl broken at last; she was one of them! They were thrilled beyond belief at the future prospect of making love to the stunning Sarah. Carrie and Jeanette peeked around the side of the shower stall and tried to stifle their excited breaths and watched the lewd proceedings. Watching as Sarah dropped to her knees and worshipped the erect, nude body of the lovely Stephanie with oral caresses and flicks of her moist tongue on her pierced navel.

They began to finger each other's clitoris while viewing Sarah's oral ministrations upon Stephanie's abdomen. She lowered her head and stooped back on her legs and mouthed the nether region between the blondes succulent legs, feasting on her downy mound of cunt flesh.

"Oh we gotta bring her to your house and get ourselves some of that special treatment she's giving Stephie!" Jeanette moaned in pleasure.

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"Hey, I wouldn't mind making a meal out of her either. " Carrie replied in a barely audible whisper.

"Check out Sarah's butt. . . hmmn; I'd love to drive my tongue into it!" Jeanette countered.

The shower room was suddenly enveloped with a shrill squeal of delight.

"Ahhhhhh . . . oh . . . Sarah!" Stephanie uttered from deep within her lungs.

The fifteen year-old blonde dug her fingers into Sarah's scalp and pushed her head and face into her sex as hard as she could.

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   She came violently. The girl's knees buckled in extreme pleasure. Sarah had to hang onto Stephanie's hips to keep her from falling. Sarah's chin, nose and lips were rewarded with a gush of deep, rich feminine juices from Stephanie's vagina as the spasms continued for several seconds.

Stephanie's orgasm was so strong that she involuntarily began to pee. Sarah did not miss a beat and continued to mash her tongue and face against the pissing blonde girl's mound. She opened her mouth and accepted the golden nectar of Stephanie's urine and swirled it around with her tongue. Sarah lovingly gulped a blend of girl cum and piss without any restraint or hesitation.

"Damn you Sarah!" The blonde girl stammered at the realization of what the nubile brunette was doing for her.

"Oh my goodness! She's drinking her piss!" Jeanette said in shock.

She looked at her little Jewish 'sister' with wild eyes.

"Quick, let's get the hell outta here. We don't want to get caught. We have GOT to include Sarah Walker in our little sessions from now on!" Carrie declared with finality.

The two observers scrambled out of the girl's locker room and left Stephanie and Sarah to continue enjoying each other's nubile bodies in the semi-private confines of the shower room.

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Chapter Four

A white, stretch limousine pulled up to the front of the Walker residence at precisely seven PM. Out spilled three sharply dressed young women in all of their prom night finery. Jeanette, Stephanie and Carrie each held their pocketbooks and a gym bag. The befuddled driver was slightly puzzled at this and even more curious about his instructions to return promptly at two in the morning.

'What were they going to be doing at a private house all evening long?' Is there a prom taking place HERE? Where are all the other people? Where is my competition? He pondered the absence of similar limos parked along Birchwood Drive.

"Remember sir, two o'clock right here OK?" Carrie smiled radiantly at the driver. "Go for a ride somewhere. Take a nap . . . whatever. Just be on time. "

"Hey, it's your money girls. I'll do whatever you ask. If your plans change, just beep me.

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He handed a business card to her.

Jeanette rang the doorbell to Sarah's house. Mr. Walker quickly opened the door holding a camcorder. He immediately drank in the enthralling sight before him. The girls looked absolutely stunning in their prom gowns. Each of them slowly paraded past him and entered the foyer to the house. Sarah was nowhere to be seen.

"Um, sir do you have to um . . . film all of this?" Jeanette inquired uncomfortably.

"Come on my dear. It's all for posterity. Don't you want to have precious and everlasting memories of your Senior Prom Night!"

Carrie asked, "Is your daughter almost ready, Mr.

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"She's just finishing up in the bathroom. She'll be right down," he replied.

Carrie's dress was beautiful. It easily set her back by over two hundred dollars. The outfit was a romantic pink satin and white lace empire gown. Lovely shades of pink ribbon roses dotted the Venice-trimmed bodice with ribbon streamers. Carrie sashayed from side to side shaking the satin A-line skirt with pointe net and lace edged flowing outer skirt. Walker pinned a red corsage on her and kissed her.

Next to Carrie stood the petite and diminutive Stephanie. She wore an Empire gown with a light blue Chiffon overlay skirt. Her bodice was made of cracked ice braid accented with aurora rhinestone straps. The dress made her appear taller than her 5 feet 2 inch height. Marcus thanked Stephanie for coming and hugged her after affixing a red corsage above her left breast.

Lastly was the ebullient Jeanette.

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   The beautiful black high school senior could not appear more stunning than she did now. Her prom dress choice accentuated her body and wonderful dark skin and hair. Jeanette wore a bouffant strapless gown with dull satin bodice elaborately trimmed in cracked ice embroidered appliqué. Her skirt flowed out with voluminous layers of tulle and black crinoline. She graciously accepted her red bouquet from Sarah's dad.

All eyes now focused towards the top of the stairs where Sarah came into view. The star of tonight's 'show' was about to make her grand appearance. She looked radiant in her Mock two piece bouffant gown with bodice of baby aurora sequins on vermicelli embroidered net. Ribbon roses and streamer bows adorned the bodice. Her full skirt was polysheer over crinoline. The dress was ivory with pink trim. She beamed brilliantly, her eyes gleaming behind her stylish eyeglasses.

Marcus studied his daughter very carefully, from the top of her head right down to her sparkling high heel shoes. Never before had he seen his daughter look so beautiful. He was positively mesmerized.


   It almost seemed a shame that he was about to despoil that ethereal beauty forever. She cautiously took one step at a time down the staircase; favoring her tender right knee. Walker admired his daughter in her attempt to walk without a gait and keep a dignified air about herself.

His cock stirred . . . his bladder felt a slight twinge . . . his rectum churned.

'Yes. It almost WAS a shame . . . almost!' Lecherous thoughts filled his mind.

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   'Brown will certainly contrast quite nicely against ivory and pink. ' He smiled evilly to himself.

Sarah stood before her dad. Her lustrous brown hair wrapped in a stylish coiffure high on her head. She smiled resplendently towards her girlfriends and her dad on this most important night of a teenage girl's life -- her prom night! The surreal scene that unfolded in the stairwell and hallway of the Walker residence was about to disintegrate from the heights of pageantry and grace to the depths of depravity and decadence. Instead of being the belle of the ball, Sarah was about to become the troll of the toilet.

Her dad handed her a dozen long stem roses and planted a dainty kiss on her lush pink mouth. Walker tasted his daughter's lipstick against his now pink stained lips.

"How about a little champagne to celebrate the evening?" Walker offered the girls.

"Um, I don't know Mr. Walker. " Jeanette spoke.

"Oh come now Ms Robinson, I fully expect a lot of drinking from all of you. " He responded. "How else are you going to get the 'urge'? After all, among other things this IS a Prom Piss Party!"

The man poured drinks for everyone excepting for Sarah and then proposed a toast.


   His daughter immediately recognized the significance of his actions. The only thing she would be drinking tonight would be her father's acrid urine. If she were a really good girl, she might even get to quench her thirst even more by indulging in the golden, fluid offerings of her three best female friends.

"To Life and to Lust. Make every minute count girls!"

Walker downed his glass and watched with satisfaction as Sarah's three expensively dressed girlfriends drank their sparkling beverage. In a little while, his daughter would most likely be swallowing their 'used' bubbly. He wanted to pinch himself at the prospect of playing shit, piss and whatever other kind of games came to mind; with the bevy of beauties that stood before him in their exquisite gowns. His threat of blackmail was coming to fruition as he had them over a barrel. The amount of piss that he gathered and stored in the past two weeks could probably fill such a keg. His pee and shit had been stored in plastic containers in his walk-in closet and under his bed. It took him several trips to haul his goodies downstairs. There would be plenty for all four girls to apply or ingest. His cock strained and lurched in his briefs at the thought.

"There is beer or wine or more champagne in the refrigerator. I strongly suggest that you help yourselves and get into the spirit of the evening!" Walker announced.

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"Eh, what the heck!" Stephanie replied.

She was the lush of the foursome and loved her alcohol. Spending ample time during her formative years with her dad at the numerous Irish beer halls and German festivals had groomed her into a professional drinker at the tender age of seventeen. Her sensitive tongue still needed 'soothing' to dull the slight throb from the eccentric invasion of that metal barbell. A few cocktails would lessen the pain.

"Oh, and do take advantage of the hors d'ouevres, sandwiches, potato chips and dip that Sarah prepared for you on the kitchen table. " Mr. Walker announced.

"Later on, you can all witness the special and meaningful meal that I have prepared for my darling daughter for her prom night. " Marcus sent a steely glare in the direction of his little girl's eyes. The only food to be made available for Sarah would be the rich, brown fruit of his internal bowels. If she were still hungry, he would ensure that her fellow lesbian bitches would feed her their tasty shit sauce until it oozed out of her pretty ears.

Chapter Five

The living room of the Walker residence was now converted into a tarpaulin covered recreation room. Old bed sheets and dilapidated blankets covered the chairs, couches, tables and floor. The window shades lowered and the curtains closed to keep uninvited eyes from viewing the lurid spectacle that was about to unfold at the little white house on Birchwood Drive.

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   A vast array of two liter bottles of multicolored urine bottles were lined up in a neat row on the coffee table. Several plastic containers were stacked nearby; a cloudy, brown hue visible in each box. Two large mixing bowls and a shiny platter lay on the floor; their purpose not yet clear to the girls. Only Sarah knew what their purpose was.

"Have a seat on the sofa. Come on in Stephanie, Jeanette, Carrie. Welcome!" Mr. Walker gestured, like a maitre d, towards the plastic covered couch.

He lightly pushed down the top of his daughter's head and she took that as an indication to immediately collapse down onto her knees. All the years of training to be her father's good bitch dog cocksucker now came as second nature to young Sarah. She winced slightly as she landed too hard on her sensitive right knee.

Stephanie lifted her light blue overlay skirt and tried her best to gingerly place her butt on the edge.

The diminutive blonde grimaced, "It's kinda dusty Mr. Walker. "

"Ha! Don't worry about getting dirty my dear.

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   By the time this night is over, you'll WISH that all you had to deal with was a little bit of dust!" He explained with intended sarcasm.

Carrie and Jeanette gazed around the room in disdain; especially when their eyes settled on the strange display of bottles and containers cramming the coffee table to capacity.

"By the way, this isn't just a daddy and daughter show. There will be plenty of audience participation as the night progresses. " He forewarned the trio.

Walker placed the video camera on a tripod setup almost near the ceiling in one corner of the living room. He put on a little soft music on the CD player to lend the proper atmosphere to the prom night festivities. He walked back to the middle of the room and stood near the kneeling Sarah and surveyed his seated audience.

"What you have here my dears, is my daughter, on her knees, before her father . . . where she belongs," Marcus stated like a high school instructor teaching an important lesson, "She is a cocksucker, isn't that right Sarah?"

Walker tugged at his daughter's chin and positioned her head so that she faced Carrie, Jeanette and Stephanie. The abject humiliation made Sarah's blood boil and her face reddened ashamedly. Tears welled in her beautiful brown eyes. She now regretted not telling her girlfriends of her relationship with her dad beforehand.

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   Having them finding out this way was agonizing to the young girl.

"Tell them whose cocksucker you are?" Her father implored.

"I . . . I'm . . . I'm . . . daddy's cocksucker. " The girl whispered almost inaudibly.

"Louder, so your girlfriends can clearly here you. " Walker admonished her.

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   "Be a little more specific also!"

"I'm daddy's cocksucking whore of a daughter!" The docile Sarah answered quietly and sullenly.

"Tell Jeanette, Carrie and Stephanie how long you've been daddy's sperm-drinking cumfacial cunt slut!"

"Six years. " The forlorn girl confessed.

Her mascara began to run, causing ugly streaks down each of her pretty cheeks. One of her tears stopped a few seconds on top of the birth stain on her left cheek. It continued dashing downward to her jaw and neck until nearly disappearing into the cleavage of her 34C breasts. Her fifteen dollar charming necklace by Costume Jewelry acted as a dam to capture the runaway teardrops.

The collective jaws of Sarah's three girlfriends dropped in unison at this scandalous revelation.

"Good girl!" Walker patted the top of Sarah's head derisively. "Undo my zipper and open my fly . . . with your pretty teeth and tongue! No hands!"

Sarah groaned and rolled her two pleading eyes up towards her father in a vain attempt to telegraph her protest to him treating her this way. She managed to finally grasp the shiny gold tab of his zipper on the fifth try because the folds of his pants impeded her efforts. His daughter bobbed her head downward until the zip reached the base of the track.

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   Extricating the massive bulge of his balls and penis wrapped in the tight cocoon of his underpants proved to be an even more difficult undertaking.

She nibbled and licked at the fabric of his shorts and moistened the material with an excessive amount of her saliva for several minutes. The man stood proudly in his tuxedo as his kneeling daughter tongued at the swelling outline of his groin. He carefully held Sarah lightly by the head, making sure not to muss up her expensive hairdo or squeeze her ears too tightly. Walker took great pains not to puncture the skin of his daughter's ears with her decorative earrings; while occasionally moving his eyes towards his shocked audience. A tingling sensation in his bladder suggested an eminent disposal of urine. The way his daughter was driving her mouth against his clothed groin transposed his soft cock into an aroused piece of steel that would impede Walker from taking a piss.

The spit made his underwear more amenable until he was able to tug the main flap over to the right with her teeth and head. Sarah was rewarded with a sudden plop of her father's penis as it sprung out from the tight confines of his shorts and struck her square on the nose, momentarily startling her. As if on cue, Marcus began to slap his dick all over his daughter's face. His cock was like a drumstick tapping a tune on her gorgeous facial features. He plowed his cock underneath each of the lenses of her eyeglasses and tapped the head onto each of her eyes, making the lids flutter protectively.

She grimaced as he continued his assault upon her face with his prick as it landed repeatedly on her cheeks, forehead, chin and lips. The man ended his drum rendition by concentrating on Sarah's nose and nostrils. A clear drop of precum appeared on the tip and he stopped momentarily and placed the head of his cock under her nose.

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   The young girl looked up at her dad with inquisitive eyes. She looked rather ridiculous as her glasses were askew on her nose. Then he pushed the tip against each of her pretty nostrils so that she could get an up close whiff of his manly essence.

As aghast as she was, Carrie tried to suppress a giggle at what was transpiring before her. She was observing the very beautiful Sarah Walker, one of her best friends, being repeatedly thumped on her snout while enduring the futile attempt by her father to engage in sexual intercourse with her nose! By contrast, she should be counting down the minutes at the Westin Hotel awaiting her announcement as Prom Queen. Instead, she was on her knees, dressed to kill while gamely trying to inhale the blunt end of her father's penis. The scene reeked with absurdity!

Walker stepped away from his daughter as if to regain his senses. He began to hop from one leg to the other as he felt his bladder stretch itself to the limit with fluids. The time to evacuate was at hand. He did everything in his power to suppress his hardon so as to make the task easier. A temporary diversion was needed and he knew what to do next.

"Jeanette, Carrie and Stephanie; bring those plastic containers here!" Walker directed them.

The girls traipsed their way from the coffee table to the huge pot on the floor. They suspiciously eyed the Tupperware containers and brought them to the desired spot behind the kneeling Sarah; carrying their respective boxes as if it was dynamite.

"Open them!" He ordered.

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They did as he told them and they immediately gagged at the very putrid and overwhelming stench. The stink engulfed their sinuses with a range of from a few days old to nearly two week's worth of old, stale excrement.

"UGH!" The girls nearly retched.

"Dump it out onto the platter . . . quickly now!" Walker hurried them along.

They couldn't wait to empty the contents of the plastic boxes into the cauldron and scurry back to the couch. The smell was so bad and the urge to vomit was nearly overpowering. Sarah knelt stupefied as she witnessed a grotesque pile of several day's worth of her father's accumulated wastes! The shit rose about a foot high and spread out twice as wide. It was of different variations, color and texture. Several turds from the past week or more lay on top of one another; appearing like so much tightly coiled rope or garden hose. They were light, dark and medium brown and totally stunk up the room.

Walker couldn't hold back his bursting bladder any longer. He grabbed his daughter Sarah by her hair and wheeled her face around in front of his dick.



"It's time for your golden shower. " Her dad declared.

The pretty bruntettte grimaced and furrowed her brow as she awaited her baptism of urine.

"Hold it in your hand and wave daddy's cock around your face. "

Sarah replied submissively, "Yes Daddy. "

"Eyes and mouth open!" Her father ordered her.

She realized that the moment of truth had finally come. She had to accept her father's piss on her face without hesitation or protest. The young girl was thoroughly conquered by her daddy. Now that she was his toilet, she had to take his pee in her mouth and all over her facial features and hair. It gave Sarah Walker a purpose in life . . . a reason for being. Mr.

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   Walker had achieved complete mastery over his daughter. Her pretty face reddened in debasing humiliation and embarrassment as the first trickles of her dad's pee struck her on the cheek; keenly aware of the prying and scrutinizing eyes of her three lesbian sweethearts.

The seventeen year-old hosed her features and hair. Hot piss spattered her forehead and seeped under her glasses. The lens became obscured with droplets of yellow urine.

"Looks like you need windshield wipers Sarah!" Jeanette chimed.

Carrie and Stephanie laughed uproariously at the scornful comment directed at their gorgeous friend. The threesome fingered their pussies in unison at the lewd scene.

Her rouge continued to run and her doe-like eyelashes fluttered as the hot stream of her daddy's urine cascaded upon them. The expensive hairdo she had just gotten that day lay ruined as her reddish brown locks became matted to her skull and forehead. Sarah gamely tried to keep her eyes open but the burning sensations of her father's acrid pee was overwhelming. She coughed and sputtered for breath as piss ran up her nostrils. Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly.

In mid-stream, Walker removed Sarah's eyeglasses and flung them on the chair next to them. He placed his free hand over Sarah's and directed the golden flow against his daughter's eyelids.



"Keep them open Sarah!" He told her.

He relished the idea of pissing in her eyes because he knew she had a difficult time taking it there.

"I . . I . . I don't think I can daddy. " Sarah whined. "It stings!"

A piss facial isn't complete unless you get some in your eyes bitch!" Her father retorted.

"Oh my . . . is he nasty!" Stephanie whispered.

Jeanette replied, "Now THAT'S what I call depraved!"

The three girls convulsed in the throes of mini-orgasms as they witnessed the tortuous treatment Mr. Walker was administering to his very submissive seventeen year-old daughter.

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   Gamely, Sarah gathered enough courage to open her beautiful eyes really wide for about three tormented seconds while staring at his huge cock as her father pissed directly onto each of her eyeballs. She winced and scrunched her face up and finally screwed her eyes shut in pain.

With that, Walker moved his still urinating cock and battered her nose with the stream. It shot up her nostrils and ripped into her sinuses. He gushed out more of his stinking pee against each of her ears, temporarily deafening her. Then he moved to her open mouth and emptied the rest of his bladder into his little girl's oral cavity. The pee splattered and ricocheted off her pearly white teeth and mussed up her dark brown lipstick. Several little yellow rivers of pee sluiced down Sarah's face, ran down her cheeks and dripped off her chin. The steady flow of her father's hot piss matted and pooled itself against the edge of her Prom dress.

"Hold the pee in your mouth. Don't swallow it yet. " The man told her.

The pee filled her mouth to the brim before Walker finally finished. It sloshed around in Sarah's mouth and her cheeks ballooned out obscenely. He placed his fingers against his daughter's neck and felt her Adam's apple and moved her head so as to face Carrie, Jeanette and Stephanie.

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"Swallow," Walker felt her throat muscles constrict as she swallowed her father's piss. "Good toilet!"

He rubbed her naked shoulders in appreciation and stroked his prick.

"Thank you daddy. " Sarah answered with complete resignation.

She glowered in embarrassment at the 'title' that her own father bestowed upon her as she finished drinking his hot, salty urine while her friends' watched in fascination. Her facial skin became taut and tight as the piss dried on her smooth, velvety facial flesh.

"Suck it Sarah. " He brought his dick back up to her velvety lips.

"Yes daddy. " His daughter replied.

She smoothed her piss stained ivory and pink Prom dress while pushing a stray lock of soaked brown hair away from her pee coated forehead. She retrieved her eyeglasses so that she could get a clearer view of his growing shaft as it approached her mouth yet again.

Chapter Six

Jeanette fidgeted with her drink as she watched the incestuous proceedings between a father and his daughter unfolding before her. Incest was not totally foreign to her. She thought back to her younger days when her oldest sister took liberties with her.

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   Early on, when she was just a naive fifth grader, her sister took advantage of her one night in the bed that they shared together. Her sister was three years her senior and explained to her the joys of masturbation. Eventually their sessions together evolved in mutual touching and fondling. Jeanette never forgot the first time her sister went down on her vaginal pussy. It was such a glorious feeling. She opened and closed her eyes intermittently; focusing on Sarah sucking her father's penis while thinking back to the first time that she satisfied another person orally; her own sister.

Carrie had heard about incest through discussions at school and among fellow students. Actually witnessing such an act was a perverse turn-on. She came from a rather normal if not boring upbringing. Her closest fling with incest was a feeling of extreme warmth and pleasure whenever her older cousin came to visit her home when she was younger. It was around this time that Carrie knew that she yearned for a woman's touch . . . and feel. The perception grew clearer in her mind and body as she entered adolescence.

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   She gravitated towards females . . . gregarious, outspoken females such as Jeanette.

Her exotic ebony features did nothing to discourage Carrie from being attracted to the ravishing, statuesque Jeanette. The term 'black is beautiful' certainly applied here and only served to enhance Carrie's desire to be closer to her childhood buddy. They were from the same grammar school and became fast friends. Their friendship continued to grow and prosper in high school. The two girls forever talked about boys and girls; school and girls; sex and girls until the discussion evolved into sex with . . . girls.

Carrie and Jeanette were at a party of fellow freshmen, when they strayed into an unoccupied bedroom and eventually . . .

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   a bathroom, and embraced for the first time. It was like an electric shock. They saw stars as they melted and blended into each other's arms. They watched each other peeing for the very first time and relished the very private act they were sharing. Since the innocent, carefree days of fifth grade, they wondered about what the other would think if one broached the subject of making love to each other. All that guessing and worrying went all for naught.

In a few week's time they were joined by Stephanie, who had a liking to Carrie. At a subsequent 'gathering' on the shores of a New Jersey beach; nature took its course. Soon the trio made it a threesome and the juices . . . and other fluids began to flow. When the joyful discovery of Stephanie and Sarah was made in the girl's shower room that fateful day, the current 'fearsome foursome' was forged to where it is today.

"Here you go girls!" Stephanie returned with a couple of beers for her two friends.

"Oh! Thanks Steph.

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  " Both girls replied in unison.

That simple gesture brought Carrie and Jeanette back from their innermost thoughts of their respective pasts to the lascivious and improper present. They occasionally locked eyes on each other and shook their heads in amazement at the sight of Sarah, on her knees, apprehensively performing oral sex on her father while her three best friends watched her every move.

Mr. Walker lifted his heavy, seven inch erection and offered his dangling balls to his daughter's mouth. He lowered his tuxedo pants and underwear down to his ankles and folded his arms smugly. Sarah washed her father's scrotal pouch; containing his two, sperm filled testicles with her juicy saliva.

"Yeah baby. Such a good little nut licker," Walker hunched over in pleasure. "Suck daddy's balls. "

Sarah mouthed the soft tissue surrounding his covered balls and gingerly plopped each nut into her mouth and sucked at the delicate ovals. The musky, masculine odor wafted into her nasal passages as the seventeen year-old slurped each of her daddy's nuts.

"Oh YES Sarah! Such a good cocksucking daughter!" Her dad complimented her.

"Ummm . .

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   . tastes good daddy. " Sarah started to respond more enthusiastically.

The novelty of having her friends watching her suck and lick her father was quickly wearing thin. They had just witnessed her getting a good 'pissing' on her face and in her mouth from her loving dad. Her own cunt juices were starting to flow against and through the fabric of her panty hose. Feasting on her daddy never failed to excite her. The twitches she felt in her pussy helped diminish any thoughts of ridicule directed at her from her fellow girl friends. Her self consciousness vanished and was replaced by a newfound determined confidence.

"Watch this girls!" Her father said while looking at the trio of finely dressed young women seated on the couch.

Marcus turned his body around and bent over so that his ass perched squarely over his kneeling daughter's face. He peered over his shoulder at his groveling daughter and casts her a knowing glance. No words were exchanged. The practice session of the night before gave way to the expert attention that she now gave to her father's anus. Sarah carefully pried the tight, hairy asscheeks apart with her fingers.

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   She made certain not to scratch his fully exposed rump. With her extended, sharp, pink colored nails; fingernails perfectly matching the pink trim of her Prom dress.

"Lick it!" Her dad hissed.

The man was in heaven as he leisurely masturbated while Sarah's warm breath titillated his hanging balls and tingled his butt hairs. Resting his hands on his hairy thighs, he cast a sideways peek towards Carrie, Stephanie and Jeanette. Marcus closed his eyes as he felt the soft and ticklish licking motions that his daughter applied to his asscrack and anus.

"Ewwww!" Sarah gasped in dread.

The young girl saw that her father prepared himself adequately for the task at hand. His butt cheeks soiled and sullied with a faint streak of brown and the powerfully pungent odor rudely attacked her senses.

'Daddy hadn't washed his ass since last night. ' She thought to herself.

In the eighteen hours since her father last shat, in her mouth and face, he made sure that he kept his asshole relatively unclean. Now she had to thoroughly cleanse her dad's butt hole while on her knees before the six keenly fixated eyeballs of her three closest friends.

'Could it get any more demeaning?' She wondered.

Her answer soon awaited her.



Chapter Seven

A loud and immense fart exploded from the dank, dark crevice of Marcus Walker's anus. The excessive sounds of flatulence proclaimed the inevitable arrival of last night's dinner and this morning's processed breakfast. Being the thoughtful father that he was, he gorged himself on spicy foods and starchy pasta. This morning, while Sarah was clearing the den free of his spent shit and piss, he was bulking up on steak and eggs. Walker vowed to eat sensibly and take advantage of three square meals a day so that his bowel movements would be solid and fibrous. The love that he showed his daughter Sarah was immeasurable. He wanted nothing but the best for his little girl . . . even his stinking, brown wastes.

"Stick your tongue as far as you can up my ass, bitch!" He ordered.

Sarah held her dad's butt cheeks as wide open as she could and began to lave her tongue deeply up his horrid rectum. Occasionally, he farted and caused her head to recoil backwards. They were of the wet variety and little brown dots sprayed out over her beautiful facial features and glasses.

"Deeper baby, I know you can do it! Scoop out some goodies for daddy!" Marcus gasped at the intense pleasure he felt.

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The seventeen year-old affixed her open mouth firmly against her daddy's asshole and pressed inward. Her tongue snaked and crawled its way up his sphincter. About two inches into his anal canal, Sarah's tongue met an unyielding roadblock. The obstruction was a slimy and sticky turd. While on her knees, her hands holding on to her father's hips and her face buried deep against his grimy asscheeks; she curled her tongue sideways and retrieved a generous morsel of rich, warm excrement. She carefully withdrew her tongue out of her dad's stinky butt.

Marcus turned around and knelt near his daughter.

"Look at the girls and say Ah!" He instructed. "Show them what you've got on your tongue. "

Stephanie squirmed in her seat as she watched the sickening scenario of Sarah and her dad. Strangely enough, it was turning her on immensely. She managed to work her hand under the umpteenth folds of her light blue Chiffon prom skirt and rubbed her moistening crotch through the material of her panty hose. The same effect took hold of Carrie as she slid her hand onto Jeanette's lap and the two shared smoldering gazes. Jeanette reached for her pocketbook and produced a vibrator and two dildos.

"Ah!" The girl responded with total degradation in her voice.



Sarah produced a fairly prominent chocolate colored piece of her father's waste on the tip of her tongue. The gooey wastes stuck to her gums. Pussy juice oozed heavily out of her cunt at the humiliating treatment her father was giving her.

"My daughter happens to love her daddy's dick up her ass every night, isn't that correct Sarah?"

"Yeth Datthy. " Sarah replied with difficulty as she tried to balance the turd on her tongue.

"Daddy doesn't want to put his huge cock up her ass without the proper lubrication . . . unless she's been a bad girl, right honey?" He queried her.

Sarah nodded her head in meekly agreed.

"Why don't you lube up daddy right now with your mouth and tongue?"

Walker moved his prick towards his daughter's face. The young girl opened her mouth and coated her father's cock with his shit that she extricated from his anus. She didn't stop working her tongue until the entire dome and rim was shaded brown.

"Lift your dress, cunt. " He ordered.

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She grabbed at the pink and ivory hem dragging all over the dirtied, tarp covered floor and raised the prom dress in a tight crunch and held it at her waist. Sarah's exposed legs and thighs were accentuated by her lovely hosiery.

"Stephanie, get over here!" Walker motioned over to the blonde girl.

He handed her a utility knife that he retrieved from his pant's pocket.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked mystified.

"Carefully slit open her nylons at the crack of her butt so I can stick my dick in her. " He instructed her.

She glanced over at her friend Sarah; her lower face browned, soiled and speckled in her dad's shit. Sarah returned a trustful gaze, knowing that Steph would use great care in making the incision and not accidentally ram that sharp knife up her vulnerable butt. When Stephanie finished neatly cutting her nylons from the base of her spine to her crotch, she placed the knife on the table and turned to walk away.

"Not so fast my dear!" Marcus grabbed her arm and whirled her around. "My daughter's ass needs lubing to!"

Stephanie had a confused look on her face, "Huh? What . . . me?"

"Yes! YOU! Kneel behind her and lick her asshole.

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   Get it good and wet with that pretty little mouth of yours. "

Stephanie knelt behind Sarah and got on all fours. She pushed aside the torn remnants of Sarah's pantyhose and placed her face against the soft, warm buttocks. She spread her best friend's cheeks and looked hesitantly over at Carrie and Jeanette.

The two girls on the couch were starting to establish their own brand of lewd behavior. They already downed a couple of beers and had their hand's way up their ample Prom Dresses for the better part of fifteen minutes now, unabashedly frigging themselves with their dildos through their nylons. They eyed the knife on the coffee table and contemplated using it on themselves pretty soon. Carrie and Jeanette nodded in unison over at Stephanie to go ahead and give Sarah's anus a good licking in preparation for the ass reaming that her daddy had planned for her.

Stephanie made sweet love to her girlfriend's beautiful ass as she has done in the past. She made a mental comparison to Jeanette's and Carrie's round asses; Sarah's butt was on the skinny, bony side with just enough meat on each cheek. That was just right for the blonde girl. She stuck her tongue in the dark crevices of her puckered grommet. Her lip smacking sounds filled the room as her mouth, nose and chin burrowed into her cute ass crack. Sarah gasped with pleasure as she felt Stephanie's newly pierced tongue probe the entrance to her butt. The feeling of metal against her soft, delicate skin and Stephanie's moist tongue was unbelievable.

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"How is that Mr. Walker?"

The blonde sat back on her haunches and awaited the man's approval. Sarah's anus dripped copious amounts of Stephanie's spittle.

"Excellent!" The man praised her. "Go back and sit down and . . . watch!"

Marcus removed the tuxedo pants and underwear that lay wrapped around his ankles. All that remained was the jacket, shirt and tie and his shiny black shoes. He knelt behind his hunched over daughter, on her hands and knees. The combination of Stephanie's saliva around Sarah's butt hole and his shit on the tip and rim of his dick would be sufficient to easily cornhole the young girl.

"I have to go pee!" Carrie suddenly announced.

She rose and started moving towards the bathroom.

"Where do you think you're going?" Mr. Walker intoned.

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   "Don't you know what those empty mixing bowls are for?"

"Ah, um . . . " Carrie immediately knew the answer to the question. "You don't mean . . . ?"

"Anything you have to eliminate, do it in those basins. " He stated matter-of-factly. "We want to save what we have for Sarah and later on, we'll ALL be using her instead of the bowls, OK?"

Carrie sheepishly raised her skirt up to her chest and ripped open her panty hose covering her clit. Jeanette knelt next to her and placed the bowl carefully between Carrie's legs as she began to urinate. The pee made an audible splash into the bowl as droplets ricocheted outward and sprayed onto Jeanette's beautiful ebony facial features. Stephanie watched from her seat on the couch and proceeded to slit open her nylons with the knife, fully exposing her soaked crotch. She placed the vibrator at the entrance to her hole and gingerly inserted it and began to moan. The 'party' was spiraling out of control and that suited the horny, blonde minx just fine!

Meanwhile, Sarah's father maneuvered his little girl in close proximity to the .

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