Frost Blue


"You know what I'm talking about. " he hissed, his frustration being replaced slowly by anger. "You make think I have a chance, let me go a little further each time and then you cut me off. Is this some kind of thing all you girls do to control guys?""Your paranoid," she answered. "Besides I already told you, I'm not ready for sex. ""I'm outta here," he hissed, he had enough. He left just like he had so many times before. "We're finished," he thought as he lay on the bed flipping though a creased issue of Penthouse. But deep down he knew the truth. He loved her and he wasn't going to dump her, no matter how much he thought he wanted too. He stopped on a marked page. It had a picture of a blonde with big breasts. She was lying on her back with both legs spread wide and pointed straight out into the air. Her middle finger of one hand was buried deep in her pussy. The other hand grasping one of her large breasts. It was like so many other pictures he had seen, with one difference she had incredible eyes.

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   They were dark and alluring, and the frost blue eye shadow she was wearing accented them. It gave her a slutty appearance, something that turned him on tremendously. Already his cock was throbbing painfully against the mattress. He turned onto his back and removed his pants and boxers freeing it from the confines of his underwear. Grabbing his cock he slowing began squeezing the fat head and stroking the length of it. He continued rubbing imagining his cock buried into her mouth, those smoky eye looking up at him pleasure. It wasn't long before he felt the cum building up inside him and he exploded catching the cum in his boxers. He cleaned himself off imagining that it was the blonde's hand and then collapsed on the bed and drifted off into a deep sleep. * * *"Phillip!" Donna shouted pounding on the bedroom door with her fist. "Phillip come on, I want to borrow a CD. ""He's probably sleeping," she thought. "That boy would sleep through a tornado. "She stood at the bedroom door for a moment. Wondering what to do next and then she remembered that Dad kept a copy of all the keys in a kitchen drawer. She ran down the stairs and retrieved the large ring of keys quickly looking for the one for the bedroom lock.

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  "Phillip I'm coming in," she shouted one last warning, just in case he wasn't sleeping and unlocked the door and walked in. Donna stopped in surprise, about to turn and run out the room when she saw her brother spread eagle on the bed naked from the waist down. She stooped when she realized he said nothing and made no move to cover himself. She walked over to the bed quietly and looked closer. He lay sleeping contently, his limp dick resting on his leg and a magazine close to him. She bent over closer and looked at the picture of the woman in the Magazine and back at her brother and snickered softly. She had an idea. She took another quick look at the picture and left quietly, forgetting the CD she had come for. * * *When Phillips awoke it had just become dark. He sat up on the bed and listened. The house was quiet, not even the sound of someone walking downstairs or the TV. "Donna probably went out," he thought. He looked over at the clock on the nightstand. 6 PM. "Mom and Dad aren't gonna be back for at least a couple of hours.

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  " He got up and put on a pair of pants and headed for the kitchen for something to eat. He didn't even notice that his door was barely closed. "Hello Phillip," came the voice from the kitchen. Phillips sat on the living room couch sipping on a can of Coke and watching a movie on the TV. "Hi. Donna, I didn't hear you, come in," he answered still looking straight at the screen. "I didn't" she whispered, "I was getting ready""Ohh. . . going out?" he said turning to look at her. He froze surprised, blinked then looked again. "You like," she said smiling softly. He looked at her quietly at a loss for words. She was wearing red heels. He looked up slowly.

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   Fishnet stockings, a tight black mini and leather vest that barely covered her small firm breasts. He looked up again and saw a blonde wig covering her black hair, falling in gentle curls all the way to her shoulders. Then he noticed her eyes. She was wearing heavy makeup; bright red lipstick and frost blue eye shadow. "Does Mom know you dress like this?" he said. "This. . . " she said in a low raspy voice, playing with the blond hair of the wig. "Is all Mom's"He started at her 'clothes' again. "Well, that I didn't need to know," he chuckled, uncomfortably. "I did this for you brother," she said in that raspy voice. Walking slowing and gracefully to stand in front of him. "Umm. .

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  . what are you doing?" he swallowed hard. This was creeping him out. "This is a gift," she said, opening the vest so that it only covered her nipples and slowly and sexily drew the tip of a long red fingernail from her neck down her naked chest. "Ok now you're scaring me," he said wanting to get up and move. "Stop it and go put some closes on. " But the erection in his pants betrayed him. "No brother," she said, slowly bending over bringing them face to face. "Not yet"Then she kissed him; deeply and passionately. Her tongue forced his lips apart and invaded his mouth tasting him. His body took over, he reached behind her and pulled her on his lap and kissed her hard. His hands roamed over her body finding the vest and pulling it off her shoulders and exploring her breasts. He pinched and twisted her nipples and ground his dick into her crouch feeling the warmth spilling from between her legs onto him. Their groping spilled off the couch onto the floor. Phillip broke away first looking up and seeing a picture of the family together.

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  "What am I doing. . . " he whispered, and retreated slowly away, realizing in horror what had just happened. What could still happen. He closed his eye not wanting to look at his sister and turned. "Phillip, please. . . " she gasped. He turned to apologize and looked at her. She slowly spread her legs causing the skirt to ride up to her hips exposing her dark bush. She had carefully trimmed and shaped it. She looked up at him, her fingers exploring the lips of her pussy, opened her legs high and wide like she had seen the in the picture and said, "Fuck me. "Phillip lost control, he felt himself moving back towards her, wrestling his shirt off as he did, and settled between her legs.

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   Her hands found the waistband of his pants and freed his cock, as he roughly massaged her breasts. He nipped her ear lobe gently causing her to yelp. Donna grabbed the length of his shaft and guided the head to her wet entrance. Phillip's actions became frenzied as he felt the moist warmth cover the head of his cock. He shoved hard entering her warmth completely. His sister wasn't a virgin, he knew that for sure now. He felt as though he would cum immediately it was so good, he began pumping, slowly at first reveling in the sensation, the wet sound of their sex and the sweet smell. He raised himself off her body slightly looking into her eyes. "Yes! I want you," she moaned. "Flood me, now, do it now," she screamed bucking her hips as he struggled to keep up. Soon it was too much he felt the orgasm build, and he bucked faster unable to stop it and exploded. "Yes!" she screamed, "Good, so good. . . .

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  ". Her back arched as she raised herself off the carpet pressing into him receiving his cum. She grabbed at his back, raking her nails across his flesh. They both collapsed onto the floor exhausted. Phillip felt himself drifting off into sleep as Donna turned him onto his back and knelt beside his head. "One more thing," she whispered, and moved down to his half-swollen dick. "You'll love this," and then she took his dick into her mouth and began to lick the head slowly. Phillip now revived propped himself up unto his elbows and looked down at her. He groaned as he saw the head of his cock disappear between her lips. He was quickly becoming hard again. He felt move her tongue all the way down her shaft and lick his sack, then back again. He put his hand into the hair of the blond wig, moving it away from her face. She looked up at him and deep throated his dick quickly. She bobbed her head up and down in a rhythm flicking her tongue over the head as she did. Phillip closed his eyes enjoying the wonderful warmth.

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   I didn't take long before he felt the orgasm building up inside him; he leaned back savoring the sensations. "I'm cumming," he gasped. Donna pulled off of his dick suddenly and began furiously began stroking it with both of her small hands. Phillip jerked as the first load shot out of him hitting Donna square on the face. The second hit her on the forehead and started running slowly down the side of her face. Smearing her makeup as it did. She bent closer rubbing the head softly over her cheeks and nose causing the spurts of cum to completely cover her face. "You like?" she said in her slutty voice, pushing the blond hair way from her cum covered face. "I wish I had a camera," he wisecracked weakly, pulling her towards him. When her face was right in front of his he said, "Why did you do it?"She paused for a moment considering his question and then licked a glob from her bottom lip. "So you'd be mine," she said. "Forever. "ENDStories like this happen when I wake at 2 a. m. from Cajun food induced dream.

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