Fun with my son.


Topic: My Son!Okay so I guess I'll start out with details about myself. I'm 29 years old, I have a son that just turned 13 his dad left me when he found out about me being pregnant, i was 15 at the time. im 5'5, 110 pounds, ive been told i have a amazing body. i have 36D breasts that are firm and bouncy. im tan with long blonde hair and brown eyes. im not old but since i have a kid i havent had sex in a while.
my son's name is Joey, hes been homeschooled since kindergarden it helps to keep having a good relationship with me. ive noticed some changes in him over the past few months since he turned 13, hes grown taller, hes now 5'11, and with the height gain he grew more buff, ive noticed what looks like a six pack but ive never asked him to flex. me and Joey have a very open relationship, i allow him to do what he wants, and hes allowed to walk around the house in his boxers as long as he doesnt mind me walking around in my bra and underwear[as long as we dont have company]. since we live in florida we both have very nice tans. he talks to me about everything, and is never afraid to ask about stuff. everyday we jump in the pool to cool off. he seems to enjoy the time we spend together.
one day Joey came into the kitchen and asked if i could take him to the doctor that he was experiancing sharp pains in his balls. so i told him id set up and appt. i called it in and got an appt.

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   for thursday[the next day. ] that night he asked if he could sleep in my bed tonight because he wasnt feeling very well. so i agreed. we got into bed turned off the lights and tried to sleep. i didnt sleep very well although i dont really know why, i had thoughts racing everywhere.
so the next day we woke up got ready, and got into the car. he seemed nervous, so i put my hand on his and squeezed saying it was gonna be okay. when we finally got there we got in and waited. finally the nurse called us in, i sat next to him holding his hand as he told the doctor what was the matter, and the doctor had him remove his clothes and sit on the bed so she could check the area out. so my son did so, and sat down without even bothering to cover his soft penis. the doctor came back in and examined him, saying everything looked and felt just fine, and that the pain was probably just because he was going through puberty and to try. . as the doctor said "releasing stress". . my son obviously didnt know what she meant so i left the room and the doctor explained to him how to, play with himself.

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once home we went upstairs to get into our night clothes, and he went downstairs to watch a movie. when i got downstairs he was laying on the couch with a blanket over him. so i decided to lay down and watch with him. i took the other couch. while watching i kept hearing him moving, so i looked over at him and saw he had his eyes closed and there was definate movement by his crotch. i turned on my side and stared, then asked "what are you thinking about?" this caught him off guard and he flipped towards me which made the blanket fall off him. "what? mom?" "i said. . what are you thinking about?" he looked down and noticed the blanket had fallen off but he kept stroking it then looked back at me as if nothing was wrong with what he was doing and said "well i dont really know what to think about. " i looked at him funny and got off the couch and walked over to him and said "need some help? you dont look like you know what your doing" he smiled "sure! id like that! thanks, im so confused, why should rubbing my penis feel good?"
[remember he is homeschool, still not exposed to the nastyness of the world] i got over to him and pulled his boxers down, he was rock solid 7 inches, which made me wonder how he got it to be hard if he didnt know what to think of. i spit on my hand and slowly wrapped my fingers around his dick and gave a squeeze, then started to stroke.
his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw this, and he let out a soft sigh. i looked up at him and smiled he just sat there staring at my hand. then finally he broke the silence again with another moan this time adding "wow i never knew something could feel this good!" i smiled and laughed, a few minutes later he asked while moaning "whats this feeling thats building up?" i grinned and said "that means your close to cumming" he looked at me funny but before he could ask what that meant he groaned and a river of cum shot out his dick and hit his stomach, the next one hit my arm, he groaned and said "woah" i kept stroking and the cum just kept coming out, it was like a minute later that it finally stopped and gooed out onto my hand. ive never seen that much cum out of one guy in my life.

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i leaned over and kissed his cheek. then asked "so, how'd it feel? think you can do it yourself?" he looked at the mess he made and said "holy shit, that felt amazing. i never knew that kind of pleasure was even out there!" i smiled "yeah theres more pleasures out there then just masterbating. this is just the beginning" and i winked at him then went to wash my hands. that night i heard him in his room moaning and smiled a little.
i woke up with him standing by my bed and pushing me awake. he climbed into bed with me and said "mom, what did you mean last night when you said theres more pleasures out there?" i looked at him and grined "well theres blowjobs, and sex. " he looked confused and asked "whats a blowjob? can i get one?!" i laughed and said "its where a girl puts your dick into her mouth and moves up and down on it till you cum like last night" "wow! where can i get a girl that will do that??" i laughed again and said "well most girls arent willing to do that right away, they want to date first. and you have to know how to pleasure her!" his eyebrow raised "how do i pleasure a girl?" i smiled and with this i slowly removed my bra and took his hand "here feel this. " "what am i supposed to do with this? you always told me it was for feeding babies" i laughed "pretend your a baby then. but dont suck too hard, just twirl your tongue around it. "
he moved closer to me and leaned semi ontop of me to go for my left nipple even though he was on the right side as he was doing so his very hard dick pushed against my leg, this turned me on and then before i knew it his mouth went around my now hard nipple and started softly sucking and licking. i moaned and said "flick it with your tongue back and forth. " so he did so and i arched my back with pleasure. he stopped and obviously very horny, started to kiss my neck and lick it.

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   i wondered where he had seen that being done, but it didnt really matter, i let him do what he wanted on his computer as long as he doesnt try to meet the people he talks to on it. i came up to my lips and kissed them, i pushed my tongue towards his mouth and his tongue met it. his hands started exploring my body. and one of them hit my nipple and he started rubbing it while making out with me.
he stopped and asked "like that?" i wiped my lips and said "yes, good job" and smiled. then he asked eagerly "can you show me what that thing is like that you were talking about? a blow job?" i grinned and pulled the covers down. he pulled down his boxers and out sprung his dick. he seemed very proud of his hard-on too. i started to slowly tease his dick, licking the sides, and the head. his eyes were glued on my tongue, "woah, you mean you like. . eat my dick??" i laughed "yes but no chewing. " with that i slipped his dick into my mouth and down my throat. his eyes shut and he groaned, "holy shit!" with that i eased off and went back down taking it down my throat each time but never slowing my pace. i knew he wouldnt last long on his first blow job so i softly rubbed his balls to help him.

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   he looked at me wide eyed and said "mom! that feeling is building up again! im not gonna last much longer!" and right when he finished his sentance  he let loose, and i deep throated his dick and swallowed his cum. he was moaning so much. and wiggled around while i was taking his dick out my mouth with a couple last sucks.
"oh my god mom. . i love you!" i smiled "i love you too baby, you know i do. " with that he leaned over and started licking my nipple again "wow, you dont have to Joey" i said with a moan. "i want to, you made me happy so i wanna make you happy! is there any better way of pleasing you?" i mentioned eating a girl out to him and he looked at me "can i do that? do you like that?" "oh god what girl doesnt love being eaten out? try it out, if you need help ask" i pulled my thong off and spread my legs "okay ill try" he went down to my vagina and stared at it for a minute, then my guess he'd seen it in a video but he licked his finger and slipped it into my pussy. moaned softly with excitement, then he leaned in and licked my clit slowly and carefully.  
i wiggled with pleasure, i hadnt been eaten out since i was 14, so to me my son wasnt inexperianced at all. he continued fingering me and licking my clit for a few more minutes then i reacted how i used to with his father, i pulled his head up and started to kiss and make out with him. he was suprised at my actions. "thank you baby ive got a better idea though, you'll like this!"
with that i reached into my side drawer and grabbed out my lube, i took a squirt of it and rubbed it on his dick. then i flipped onto my side and had him lay beside me, i guided his dick to my hole and told him to push. he slipped into my asshole with no problem.

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   although he was quite thick for his age the lube helped to keep his dick from getting stuck at the enterance. we gasped at the same time and he said "damn! your ass is tight!" and he started moving his dick in and out of my ass as if his life depended on it, he moved his hand around and he played with my nipples. "oh yeah baby, fuck me Joey, i love you! fuck me!" "i am mom! i am!" he humped me like a jack rabbit while we both moaned. i started moaning louder and he stopped "you okay? im not hurting you right?" i glared at him "im fine! im close to cumming FUCK ME!" he started up again with the same pace. and all of a sudden my ass tightened around his dick and his eyes widened then he pushed his dick deep into my ass and came with me.
we just lay there out of breath with a pleasure overdose. he turned to me and said "sorry i came inside you, was i not supposed to?" i kissed him and said "no its fine, just never cum inside my pussy. oh my, baby that was amazing, i havnt had sex since i had you!" he blushed "did i do alright? did i go too fast? i just did what the guy did in the video Matt sent me!" i looked at him "thats where you learned that stuff?" he nodded "sorry am i not supposed to?" i kissed him "nah its fine. lets go take a shower and clean up. " 
off we went to clean the cum out my ass and, re-add it. hes a great sex partner, and he loves to please. i dont know what id do if i lost him. <3 
Thank you, Steven Harris for making a wonderful son for me. i hope you read this and think about me. you took my virginity, got me pregnant and left me.

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   but i still love you. i hope you found someone great!