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I gave Mom her new toys, and went to her wardrobe. I picked out a thin white blouse and a black skirt. The skirt stopped about 3-inches above the knee but had buttons down the front. Mom understood exactly what I had in mind. I explained about the "bum bag", and told her only do up the top two buttons on her skirt, I wanted to see plenty of stocking top when she walked. And no panties. Mom was ready, I unzipped the "BB" and all the handsets were there. I turned on the butt plug, Mom gave a little squeal of delight as her ass started to vibrate. I then tried the Butterfly, she let out a groan and lent against the wall, pressing her legs together in an attempt to fight off the heat growing in her pussy. "This should be fun," I said, "let's go. "We were walking down the main street when I stopped Mom and put the butt plug on full power. She let out a soft groan, and we continued to window shop. "Look at your tits Mom. "She looked down, her nipples were trying to push through the thin fabric of her blouse. I told her to undo another button, show some cleavage. Mom did as she was told.

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  We went into a department store and started looking for the sexiest outfits, I unzipped the "BB", Mom looked horrified but she knew better than to say no. I pumped up the butt plug to double its size. Mom bit her lip as her ass was stretched from the inside. I waited until an assistant was nearby and turned on the Butterfly. Mom let out a loud groan and lent against me. "MOM! Are you sick!" I shouted. The male assistant rushed over, as he helped Mom to stand his hand brushed against Mom's tits pulling open her blouse. Her right breast was in full view of everyone in the store. Mom didn't care, she just let out another groan as the assistant just stared at her hard nipple. We took her to a changing room where Mom covered herself and was given a glass of water. When the assistant left. . . "Turn it off, please," pleaded Mom, "I'm so near. "I slid my hand into her blouse and gave her nipple a sharp tweak.

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   Mom came on the spot. We made up a story about allergies and something in the air and left the store. As we continued to walk Mom regained her composure and started to control the throb between her legs. I cheerfully explained that the Butterfly was only on quarter power and I would be using full before we left town. "Time to adjust your butt plug," I said grinning. I looked Mom in the eye and started pumping up her ass. It should be three times its size by now, it was time for it to start hurting. I kept pumping, Mom let out a whimper as it started to hurt. I kept going. "It's splitting me in two," Mom gasped, "I can feel myself stretching, Oooooghgh, it's so, so big. "I gave two more pumps and stopped. Mom was walking more carefully now. But she soon learned to accommodate the extra large plug, and we kept going. "Our final port of call," I announced "You had better undo another button on your blouse and skirt. "Mom did as she was told, the slightest movement gave anyone with eyes in their head full view of her hot tits, her skirt flapped open, you could see all of her long slender legs right up to her pussy.

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  "Where are we going?" she asked. "Clinton's Book Emporium! the seediest dirty book store and sex shop in town," I laughed. Every dirty old man and pervert the town had was in the store. Every time Mom moved a hand stroked her ass or brushed against her pulling open her blouse. She covered up naturally, but as she didn't object it kept happening. One guy just walked up to Mom pulled open her blouse and roughly squeezed her tits and sucked her nipples. Mom just groaned, she was loving it. "Slut" he said and walked off. Clinton's is an old store with an old fashion spiral staircase leading to a balcony. I could see that was where they kept the bondage stuff. I told Mom to leave her tits out and follow me upstairs. All eyes were on Mom as we climbed the stairs, her large tits jiggled in her bra for everyone to see, the butterfly pushed into her pussy was openly displayed. There was a strange quite in the store, everyone except Mom seemed to know what was about to happen. I stopped Mom at the top of the stairs, took out the Butterfly control, Mom let out a small sigh as she realised her fate, she closed her eyes. FULL POWER.

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   Mom grabbed the handrail with one hand, her legs were open and she began gyrating her hips, fucking the empty air. She pushed her pussy out for every one to see, her free hand started pulling and twisting her nipples. "I'm cumming" she shouted "shit, shit, shit!"Uuuuugh! Ooooooooogh!!!I switched everything off and took a now exhausted Mom over to a nearby bench, the owner had everything ready. I removed her toys and prepared her. Mom was blindfolded and her blouse and skirt removed. She was bent over a bar so that her head and feet were at 90 degrees to each other, her legs were spread wide and strapped into place. Her arms were strapped to a second bar that ran across her shoulders. Mom was now standing with her pussy and ass exposed and her head at prick height, her titties hung down and casually swung from side to side. One by one all the men in the shop fucked the hole of their choice. When we got home Mom cleaned herself inside and out. I sat back and watched the TV as my Mom's head bobbed up and down in my lap, sucking my prick. I wondered the best way to tell her about next months assignment. PARTYI arranged for six of my most trusted friends to come around. I knew they could keep their mouths shut, and that they all fancied Mom. A few snacks were laid out, the beers were chilled a few dirty videos at the ready.

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   Mom was getting dressed. Everyone had arrived and was watching the first movie. "Where's the beer" shouted Ben through a mouthful of peanuts"I'll ask Mom to bring some in," I replied. The room went quiet, "YOUR MOM'S HOME!""Sure, she's agreed to act as maid for the evening," I laughed. I started up the camcorder as Mom made her entrance, she was wearing a black maids outfit, so short it just covered her panties when she stood still. Her legs looked gorgeous in her black stockings and heels. The lads ogled her tits as they pushed against the thin fabric of her very low cut top, it barely covered her nipples and only just held Mom's ample braless breasts in place. I actually heard the sound of jaws hitting the carpet has she walked into the room with seven pitchers of beer on a tray. Mom walked over to the table wiggling her sexy ass as she went. Everyone was given a good look at her unfettered tits as she bent forward and placed the tray on the table. "Anything you want boys. Just ask," said Mom in a low sexy voice "Oh, Jason, there are tissues in the kitchen. "Everyone laughed as Jason suddenly went red. "I haven't," he protested. "You will," said Mom.

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  After a few beers the lads became more relaxed about the situation. As Mom was re-filling Johns glass Ben slid his up the outside of Mom's leg, to his surprise she just ignored it. Jason pinched her ass, Mom's only response a polite smile. Mom then conveniently dropped a bowl of pretzels, as she knelt down to pick them up, her panties stretched tight over her pussy. With her legs slightly parted, ass in the air Nick slid his hands between her legs. "You've sure got a nice cunt Mrs Anderson," Nick mumbled. Mom said "thank you Nick," and rubbed her crotch against his hand. The atmosphere was electric as Mom went upstairs to change into her next outfit. I moved the table from the centre of the room, replaced it with a chair and put some music on. "God, your Mom's hot," said Roger"She's about to get hotter," I said grinning. Mom re-appeared, she had kept her underclothes on but replaced the maids outfit with a mini skirt and bra. Mom stepped into the centre of the room, her hips swaying and her tits jiggling in time with the music. She ran her hands down the sides of her body and slowly brought them back up and squeezed her tits. Mom sat on the chair and opened her legs wide, her hands still caressing her breasts gradually moved down to her crotch. She rubbed her pussy through her panties, she placed her hands on her knees then slowly drew them along the inside of her legs back to her pussy.

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   I zoomed in as one hand slid inside her panties, and she rubbed herself, she lifted up her fingers dripping with her cunt juice and sucked them clean. All eyes were watching her every move, Mom was loving every second. She stood up and unzipped her skirt, it slid smoothly down her legs, she kicked it to one side. Swaying to the music, her hands sliding over her body she gyrated over to Jason. She put her left foot on the edge of his chair and very slowly unclipped her left stocking and rolled it down her leg, she moved across to Paul and removed her right stocking. Mom moved back to the centre of the room and removed her suspender belt. She turned her back to her now panting admirers and took off her bra. In true stripper tradition she turned around squeezing both breasts, keeping her nipples covered. It was Ben's turn, she moved over to where he sat, suddenly throwing herself forward she grabbed his head and rubbed her tits all over his face. He opened his mouth desperate to make contact with one of Mom's erect bulging nipples. She danced back to the centre of the room leaving Ben flushed and disappointed. She rubbed her pussy with her left hand while lifting her right breast up to her mouth and sucking herself. Her panties were all that was left. Once again Mom turned her back to us, stood with her legs parted and slowly slid her hands down her legs to the floor stretching her thin panties over her wet cunt as she bent forward. As she stood up she ripped her panties off, the cheeks of her ass wobbled as it was finally exposed.

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   Her hands moved back down her legs her pussy lips proudly displayed, as she bent over Mom's cheeks opened revealing her tight puckered asshole. She turned and sat on the chair facing her audience then spread her legs, she played with her nipples pulling and twisting them, finally pulling her heavy breasts up by her nipples as far has she could. When released they bounced back and forth as her hands slid down her body towards her pussy. Two finger of her right hand slid between her lips, then her left, Mom let out a low groan has she pulled her pussy open first showing the pink inner lips and then her delicate insides. Moms' juice dripped onto the carpet. Standing up one last time Mom went across to Roger who was sitting on the floor, she stood over him, holding his head she pushed her cunt into his face and moved her hips in a circular motion smearing his face with her cum. This was developing into one great movie. The music came to a stop. I couldn't believe it! They started clapping, and Mom actually took a bow. "I'm just off to change," announced Mom, "I want you all naked and ready to fuck when I get back. "The guys all stripped off and started comparing their dick size. The air just smelt of sex as Mom returned. She had put on her old basque that left her tits uncovered and new stockings and 5-inch heels. She knew how men liked women dressed sexy and fully available at the same time. Jason was sitting in an armchair nursing his swollen dick, Mom knelt down in front of him and licked the head of his dick pushing the tip of her tongue into the sensitive hole.

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   "Shit" moaned Jason. His whole prick disappeared into Mom's hungry mouth. Paul moved behind her and slid into her wet pussy, he held Mom's hips and pounded into her has hard as he could. Jason just sat back, "beautiful, beautiful" he muttered. It wasn't long before her shot his load into Mom's mouth, a few seconds later Mom felt Paul's hot cum inside her. "Lay on your back," Mom told Ben. Ben threw himself on the floor as fast as he could, Mom smiled then straddled his cock and lowered herself onto him. Ben watched as his shaft spread her pussy lips and slowly disappeared inside her. John pushed his prick into Mom's willing mouth, as she began to suck. "I'm having her ass," shouted Nick. He mounted Mom from behind, his hard cock pushed against her asshole, As it opened Nick rammed his whole prick into her. "Aaaagh!" went John, "You stupid fucker Nick, she almost bit mine off. "Mom just gave out a long slow moan as all three of her holes were filled at the same time. Her body shook as she came for the first time that night, all three pricks just kept ramming home like pistons on a machine. Moms' cheeks bulged as John emptied his balls into her mouth, as he pulled out a jet of cum hit Mom in the face.

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   Her tongue lapped it up. "Oh fuck!" shouted Nick as he flooded Mom's bowels with his spunk. Mom just groaned as they took her body. Nick, was soon followed by Ben, who shot his load deep into Mom's slick pussy. As Nick and Ben pulled out, their combined cum began to run down Mom's legs. Roger had the biggest cock there 8 inches long and fat, he knelt behind Mom and sank his cock into Mom's anus. Mom gave out a loud groan as her asshole stretched around him. She held open the cheeks of her ass so he could fuck her deeper. Everyone one watched as Rogers big cocked impaled Mom's ass. "Oooooghgh," moaned Mom as Roger filled her with his cum. Both Jason and Paul had been jerking off and were ready to cum again. Mom knelt in front of them as their hot spunk hit her in the face, she opened her mouth as two more jets of cum hit the back of her throat. Using her fingers she cleaned her face and swallowed every drop. John gently pushed Mom onto her back, he knelt over her chest. Mom squeezed her tits together and he fucked them.


   Mom licked her lips in anticipation, waiting for the first drops of cum to hit her, the purple head of his dick appeared and disappeared as his prick slid between her large firm tits. "I'm cumming!" he gasped. Mom opened her mouth as wide as she could, she didn't want to miss a drop. John gasped as the last drop spurted from his cock, he looked down at Mom's lovely face covered in white goo. Ben lifted up Moms' legs and put one over each of his shoulders and started to fuck her pussy. "Fuck me! Harder!" Mom cried. Ben's balls slapped against Moms' ass, her tits jerked up and down in time to her fucking. "I'm cumming," Mom croaked "Fuck, Uuuuungh!" Ben kept fucking her limp body, as he came he pulled out and a jet of cum landed on Mom's still wobbling tits. Mom was too worn out to move, Nick and Roger both fucked her cunt. The lads then picked Mom up and positioned her on all fours, As they got hard again, they each took her in turn. Mom let out a loud throaty groan as her body responded to their lust. As the evening wore on she let out small whimpers as they fucked her pussy and her ass, eventually the party was over and the lads left exhausted but happy. Mom was now a sweaty cum covered heap on the floor, her stockings torn cum still running out of her ass. Both her holes were red and open, I knew she would hurt in the morning. I cradled her head in my lap, Mom opened her eyes.

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  "Did I do well David?" she whispered "Am I a good slut?""Yes Mom. "I smiled down at Mom, as I slid my prick into her mouth and fucked her face. MORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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