Going Home


"Nothing," I replied as I looked in the mirror. A few moments later Cindy suddenly grabbed her purse and began digging through it. "What are you looking for?" I asked her. "The tape that Grampa sent. He said we have to listen to it before we get there. " Cindy replied as she pulled the cassette from her purse. She quickly opened the case and inserted the tape into the stereo, then turned up the volume. "Hello girls! Or should I say sluts?" my dad's voice boomed from the speakers, "Everyone pay attention and do as I say!" he scolded. I felt my pussy tingle at his scolding voice. I suddenly realized just how much I missed him. Cindy and me exchanged an excited glance as we listened. "First thing I want you to do is pull over to the side of the road and all of you get naked. I don't care if there is traffic or not, after all you are just sluts anyhow. If someone stops and wants to fuck your slutty cunts, let him. Just stop and get out of the car, then get out of your clothes. After you have done that, you can start the tape again.

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  "Cindy reached out and ejected the tape as I pulled over to the side of the road. "Well sluts, you heard your grandfather," I said as I opened my door and stepped out of the car. Giggles filled the backseat as June and Karen helped each other out of the car and their clothes. After a few minutes, we were all finally naked and sitting back in the car. Cindy reached over and pushed the tape back into the stereo as I started down the road again. I looked over and noticed that her nipples were as hard as mine were. "Okay my young fuck toys," dad continued. "Marge, watch for mile marker 326. There is an old road at that marker. Follow that road until you come to an old barn. When you get to the barn, I want all of you to go into the small door on the West side. There will be more instructions in the barn. Stop the tape now. "Cindy ejected the tape as I began watching for the mile marker. "God this is kinky," Cindy giggled as she moved her hands to her swollen nipples and tweaked them.

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  . "Yeah," I agreed. "Can you imagine your father if he seen us now?" I chuckled. "Are you having fun girls?" I asked Karen and June. "Yes mommy," came the expected reply from the back seat. "There is our turn," Cindy pointed out. I slowed the car and headed down the old dirt trail. The rough road did nothing to ease the tension between my legs as we bounced along. A few minutes later I stopped the car in front of a huge old barn. We all looked around to make sure that no one was watching, then we piled out of the car and headed toward the door that dad had mentioned. "Well here goes nothing," I said as I grabbed the ring on the door and swung it open. The smell of old manure was over powering. I stepped back to catch my breath, then walked through the doorway. "Watch out for nails on the floor," I warned my naked daughters as they followed me into the barn. "What a mess!" June said with a disgusted sneer.

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  "I'm scared mommy," Karen said as she moved closer to me. I looked down at my naked six-year-old and patted her on the head. "Don't worry baby," I soothed her. Cindy began exploring the barn and soon found the next of our instructions. "Come here mom," she said as she took down a note that hung on the wall. We walked over to her, not sure what to expect. I took the note from Cindy and began reading it aloud. "Marge, if you are reading this you have finally learned how to follow instructions. Your next command is as follows. Behind the small door beside you are 4-gallon jugs. Each of these jugs is filled with cum from our bull. I want you to pour the contents of the jugs over each of your heads, including your own. You are not to wipe it away from your faces. To make sure of this, there is also 3 sets of handcuffs behind the door. Use them or I will have the great pleasure of punishing you.

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  "I folded the note as Cindy opened the door. She drug out the plastic jugs full of bull cum, then the handcuffs. She looked unsure of herself as she inspected the contents of a jug. "How much does a bull cum?" she asked. "I don't know Cindy," I answered as I took the cuffs from her. "Let's go girls. "I led my naked daughters out of the sweltering barn, each of us carrying a jug of bull cum. Once we reached the car I set my jug on the ground and sorted out the cuffs. I handed one pair to Cindy and told her to cuff June's hands. I then turned to little Karen. She turned her back to me and crossed her wrists over her tiny ass. I quickly cuffed her wrists, then turned around to cuff Cindy after she finished with June. With all 3 of them now cuffed, I picked up the first jug. I opened the top and raised it over Cindy's head. "Ready?" I asked.

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  "Sure mom," she replied with a smile. I tipped the jug over her blonde head and watched as the thick goo began to pour out. "Oh gross!" June whined as the fluid began running down her sister's head. I continued to pour until Cindy's hair was soaked, and streams of bull cum ran down her body. "This is going to make a hell of a mess of the car," I commented as I shook the last of the cum out. "Yuck!" Cindy hissed as she tried to blow some of the cum away from her full lips. "This tastes horrible!""She almost looks as bad as she did after the last party!" June giggled. I tried not to laugh as I stared at her sloppy face. I turned to June as I picked up the next jug. "Your turn," I said as I uncapped the jug. I smiled as I raised the jug over her head. I watched the thick cum pour into her blond curls. The heavy juice came out in globs and soon plastered her hair flat to her head. She made the same disgusted face as Cindy as the bull cum began dripping down her face. By the time I had the jug empty I was getting hot as hell.

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  I turned to Karen next as I picked up the third jug. "This is really going to make a mess of you," I said as I raised the jug over her. Her baby fine hair shed the cum like water. The thick goo soon covered most of her tiny body. Then it was my turn. With my cum drenched daughters watching, I began pouring the jug onto my head. It felt totally gross as the globs began running down my head and onto my body. I could barely breath as the smelly fluid ran down my face. I stuck out my tongue and took a taste of the cum. "Oh sick mom!" Cindy groaned as she turned away. "You're right. It is gross," I said as I spit the foul tasting goo back out. I tossed the jug to the ground then turned to the car and opened the doors. "Climb in kids. " It took a couple of minutes for every body to wriggle into the car, then I closed the doors and slid behind the wheel to continue our journey.

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  Once back on the main road I pushed the tape back in. "Well now, I suppose you are all feeling rather gross," dad's voice began, "at least I hope so. " Dad chuckled for a moment then began again. "I hope you all appreciate the effort it took to collect that cum. I wanted to add some of my own into the jugs, but your mom wouldn't hear of it.
    She said that my cum was meant to be pumped into sluts like you. She also said that bull cum was meant to be pumped up a sow's cunt. I had to agree. " "Now Marge, as you agreed to the conditions I set forth when you asked to move back home, the barn has been converted into a studio. I have several ideas for our first films, and am rather eager to get started. As you also agreed, there are no rules, so be prepared. ""By the time you get here we will have your rooms all ready. I'm sure you'll like the job your mother has done in decorating them. ""That's all I have to say for right now. Stop the tape and don't put it back in until you reach the driveway.

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      "I stopped the tape and turned to Cindy. "This is going to be a real adventure," I commented. Cindy smiled as she nodded her cum soaked head. "When will we get there mommy?" June asked from the back seat. "I want to take a bath. ""We'll be there in about twenty minutes honey, but I wouldn't count on getting a bath right away," I replied. "Why?" she asked. "Because gramps might have plans for us first. " An image of my youngest daughter bouncing on my father's cock flashed through my mind. "This car is ruined," Cindy said as she tried to make herself more comfortable. "Yeah. Too bad. Maybe gramps will clean it for us," I hoped aloud. I could feel the cum on my face begin to dry and flake as I drove. I looked at myself in the mirror and silently wandered what my ex-husband would say if he could see us.

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      "Dad would freak if he could see us now," Cindy giggled. "You must have been reading my mind. I was just thinking the same thing. "A few minutes later I slowed the car and pulled into the drive of my parents' farm. I pushed the tape in and listened. "Okay Marge, now that you have arrived, welcome home. Drive up to the back of the house and gather at the door to the old storm cellar. There will be more instructions there. That's all for now. "The tape popped out of the deck as it ended. I put the car into gear and drove to the back of the house that I was raised in. "Well girls. Here we are," I said as I stopped the car. I got out and opened the doors to let the kids out. We walked up to the storm cellar door and stood before it.

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       Hanging from the knob was a small envelope. I took the envelope and opened it. A small key fell out of it, along with a note. "Marge," I read aloud, "the key is for the cuffs. Release the other sluts, then open the door and go into the cellar. There is a new door that leads into the basement. We will meet you there. "I put the note down, then quickly unlocked the cuffs. That done I opened the door and led the way down the stairs. The cellar was dark and cold, just the way I had remembered it. Only a dim light showed the way to the door at the other end of the cellar. We slowly made our way to the door. Scrawled across the door in large letters were the words; SLUT ENTRANCE. I reached for the doorknob and turned it as the girls clustered around me. A strange feeling came over me as I started to push the door open.


      Before I could warn the girls, a large, but padded pipe swung down behind us and pushed us through the doorway. Screams rang in my ears as we were flung into the basement. We landed in a cum soaked heap at my parent's feet. Dad was panning a video camera over us as mom laughed. Both were still laughing as I stood up and began helping the girls to their feet. "Welcome home!" mom said as dad bent over and zoomed in on Karen's hairless snatch. "Fresh pussy!" dad roared as he stood up. He rubbed the crotch of his pants as he let the camera drop to his side. I felt my pussy moisten in anticipation. "Come along girls," mom said as she turned away. "Let's get you cleaned up. Then we'll discuss our new lives together. "I had a good idea of what she was talking about. Dad took my virginity when I was just five, and had taken Cindy and June's as well. I figured that Karen wouldn't keep hers much longer.

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