Going to Mexico with My Daddy


Daddy made his little girl cum three times before he shot his wad two hours later. After we both came we decided to skinny dip in the moonlight in front of our condo while the water cooled off our bodies. Once we were cooled down we started to fool around and make-out in the ocean. I swam up to you and wrapped my legs around your waist and slid your cock into my cunt. We bobbed up and down in the water for a while and you tried to swim without letting your cock slip out of my cunt. It was quite entertaining and we had a great time. After playing in the water for quite some time we decided to get some sleep, so we went back to the condo and found a thin white sheet and brought it out to the hammock and fell asleep in each other's arms with just the sheet covering us. It was a wonderful night and a wonderful beginning to our vacation together. The next morning we woke up at sunrise. The day heated up quickly and the trees were not shading us from the rising sun, so we decided to go check out our condo. The condo was fully equipped with a huge bedroom and bathroom attached as one room. The bed and the tub were raised up and surrounded by a step made from painted tile. We loved our room and looked forward to spending lots of time there later during our trip. But this morning we decided to actually explore the city a bit. We went to the city and shopped and played and ate and drank. We had a wonderful day and decided to have a nice quiet dinner before we headed back to our condo.

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   We found this beautiful restaurant completely opened up, so it was almost as if you were sitting outdoors. It had this wonderfully soft lighting and nice instrumental music playing. We found a cozy table in the corner to sit at and have a quiet dinner when a group of Americans came in and gathered around the bar. There were about four or five guys and pretty good looking. They were also pretty loud and obnoxious and I was getting bummed about them ruining our romantic evening when you said we should go and join them. I was not happy with the suggestion, but you talked me into it. You said we had such a fun active day, that you felt like skipping dinner and doing a little drinking and partying. You had such a cute, excited look on your face that I couldn't refuse and I happily followed you to the bar. We joined the guys in the bar and introduced ourselves. The guys introduced themselves and bought us each a drink. We ended up drinking and partying for hours with them and having a great time. Eventually the restaurant was getting ready to close and we found a new bar to hang out at. We found this total dive bar, which was surprisingly packed and had cool music playing on the jukebox. We piled in and bellied up to the bar. I was enjoying being surrounded by so many good looking men and flirting with all of them.

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   You would just glance at me once in a while and give me your smirk. You knew I was enjoying myself and you were enjoying watching me. One of the guys could see that I was having trouble seeing through the crowd because of my height, so he lifted me by the waist and sat me on the edge of the bar. My sundress slid up when he lifted me and all the guys started to joke about it. I liked watching you watching me enjoying the attention. After we closed that bar we decided to pick up some beverages and party at their place for a while. None of us seemed ready to go to sleep, and as we couldn't drive we all piled into a cab. It was then, as I went to climb onto your lap in the back you slid me across so that I was laying across everyone's lap and you lifted my dress. At first I fought with you a little because I was nervous, but one of the guys held my arms down to help you out and after a while I started to relax and enjoy myself. You realized as you pulled up my dress that I wasn't wearing any panties and it clicked that when I was sitting on the bar that the guys were seeing more than you had realized. Again you gave me your smirk and then you started to finger my cunt right in front of the other guys while they watched. Then one of the guys pulled my dress up higher to reveal my titties. They all joined in, touching me, licking me, and pinching me wherever and whenever they wanted to. I started to get very, very excited Daddy. And soon we were at their condo and you helped me fix my dress and we got out of the cab.

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   I think the driver saw the entire thing. We all grabbed drinks and headed out to the balcony while somebody turned on the stereo. It didn't take long to pick things up where they left off, especially as a couple of guys had been in the front seat and they hadn't really participated. One of the guys unzipped my dress and slid it off leaving me completely naked except for my black strappy sandal heels. You found a chair in the corner and settled down to sip your drink and stroke your cock while you watched. With my heels on the railing came right to my waist so I could bend completely over it with my legs spread to show all the boys my swollen cunt while my tits hung down over the edge. It seems silly now, but I still didn't know how far you wanted me to go yet and then one guy came up behind me and fingered my asshole while he sucked my clit with his head between my legs. It didn't take him long to realize how wet my cunt was and for him to want to fuck it, but I still wasn't sure just what you had in mind Daddy, so I stood back and found one guy sitting on a bench against the railing. I stood in front of him and pulled out his cock and looked at you to see if that was OK and then decided to just go for it. I bent over at the waist and started to suck him off while another guy came up behind me and started to fuck me. I didn't even know which boy it was, I just felt his cock slide in to my wet cunt and when I saw the look on your face, I knew everyone one there was going to probably do whatever they wanted to me! I couldn't believe what was happening. I noticed all the other boys had their cocks out and were stroking themselves while they waited their turn at one of my holes. It didn't take long for the first guy to shoot his wad into my cunt and he was kind of embarrassed. The guy I had been sucking decided he wanted his turn so he pulled me down onto the bench and fucked me hard with my back rubbing against the bench. It started to hurt and I wanted to get up, but another guy held down my arms and filled my mouth with his cock.

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   It didn't take me long to forget about the pain and to focus on the guy's cock in my mouth. I was enjoying the attention so much that I was very close to cumming a few times, but the boy always shot before me, but I was glad because I wanted to save it for my Daddy anyway. You enjoyed watching all the boys taking turns with my cunt, mouth and ass and not letting me rest while they placed me in awkward positions so as many boys could have me at the same time as possible. I think that's when you started to get involved and started to have the guys shoot their cum all over my body. I had cum all over my tits, my hair, my face and in every hole. I know at least three of the boys fucked my asshole. You enjoyed watching your Baby bathing in cum and watching me be used and treated like the whore that I am. You allowed the boys to play pretty rough with me too, but you also let them know that you would decide when it would stop. After all the boys had shot their cum in me and on me, you bent me over your lap and you gave me the hardest spanking ever! I thought maybe you were mad. You slapped my cunt and my ass so hard that I was screaming out with pain and then you had one of the boys kneel down in front of my face and hold my head down on his cock so I couldn't yell and he started to get hard again too. Once you had my cunt so swollen that you just had to have those hot swollen lips around your cock, you bent me over the railing and slammed your cock into me so hard that you were surprised I could take it. Daddy's little girl had been waiting all night for Daddy to fuck her the way a bitch needs to be fucked, so the hard cock slamming was actually a relief for my body. As soon as you felt me cum you pulled out your cock and made me suck my pussy cum off your cock, along with everyone else's. Then you scooped up the cum with your fingers and fed it to me, wiping it all around my lips and my mouth. You enjoyed having all the guys watching you perform.

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   You knew they were impressed with the size of your cock and with what a hard pounding I could take. They were also impressed with how quickly you made you made me cum and with how in control you were, knowing that I would do whatever you wanted. After you fed me my cum, as well as everyone else's cum that was in my cunt, you stood me up against the railing facing you and fucked me until you came. When you did cum, you pulled out of my hole and fed me your cock while you shot down my throat. By then it was time to go. Everyone was tired and I was completely filled with cum. You picked up my dress and slid it over my head and zipped it up for me. We had one last drink while we waited for the cab and reminisced about what a great night it had been. The guys all thanked you for providing me and we said goodbye. You carried me back to the cab and held me on your lap the whole way back to the condo. You told me what a wonderful little girl I had been for Daddy and you knew how sore I must be and that you would take care of me. You gave me wonderful kisses all over my face and didn't let me go all the way back to our place. Once we got back to our condo, you carried me to the couch and let me rest while you drew a bath. You came back and carried me to the bedroom where you undressed me again and took off my heels and placed me in the tub. The water was warm and soothed my sore cunt and ass.

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   I was so happy when you climbed in with me and sponged down my entire body, washing off the cum and massaging me. You told me what a good little cunt I had been and how you enjoyed watching all those boys gang bang me. I told you how much I enjoyed the experience even when it was hurting because I would do anything to make my Daddy happy. When the water started to cool off we decided to get some sleep and we were so exhausted and it was only the second day of our trip! You helped me out of the tub and dried us both off and carried me to bed. When we laid down and I was back in your arms you held me all night long and I don't think I moved a muscle all night. The next morning we woke up and decided to spend the rest of the vacation, just the two of us in our condo. We did some grocery shopping for the week so we wouldn't have to leave again. Once we got back, we took off all our clothes and didn't put them back on until the day we left. We spent the entire week playing in the sand and in the water, tickling and enjoying each other's bodies and making love, with about half of the week spent with your big cock in my mouth. Did you get enough good sucking Daddy? The week went by much quicker than we had hoped, but we decided to make the best of it rather than end the trip being sad. So we finished the trip on the plane the same way we started it. I love you very much. I hope I didn't leave out anything. Just remember, I'll do anything for my Daddy. If you liked hearing about my trip or have any comments, you can send me an email at senshng@excite.

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