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It was right after school and I was lying on the floor watching TV as usual. Kim came in to do homework, carrying a bunch of books and papers. She had on one of my favorite skirts and I was hoping to get a good look. Boy, did I ever. As she went to step over me she caught her toe on my side and lost her balance. Her books and papers went all over the floor, but she managed to catch herself with her hands on the coffee table, and ended up straddling me, one leg on each side. As I looked up I could see shiny red panties pulled so tight, that they were pressed in between the lips of her pussy. I could even see wisps of blonde hair sticking out of one side of the thin strip of material that was now barely covering the treasure I knew was there. Of course she was angry at me for being in the way, so I helped her pick up the books and papers that had been scattered across the floor. As I was picking up the papers, Kim squatted down to put them in order as I was handing them to her. Again, I had a clear view of her sexy red panties, but this time they were pulled so tight that one side of her pussy had become exposed. I was so excited that I started to tremble. I tried desperately to hide the erection I was sprouting, by pulling my tee-shirt out and over the front of my jeans, hoping Kim wouldn't notice. I took as long as I could picking things up and looking as much as I dared. This was my first sight of the real thing and I wanted it to last. After we finished picking up all of Kim's things, I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom, and within five strokes I came so hard I almost screamed.

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   I masturbated again that night, in bed, with visions of red satin and blonde pussy. It wasn't too long after that I got a very special treat. My father had been gone for a week on business, and it was the Friday of his return. My sisters were staying over at friend's houses, so I was alone watching TV, except for my mom, who was upstairs getting ready to go pick my dad up from the airport. She had told me they were going to go to dinner, and then out to someplace else, so they would not be back until late. I was also told to be in bed no later then 12:00 midnight. When she came down, I couldn't believe my eyes. My usually modest mom was dressed in a very tight fitting black dress, that flared out at the hips and came to just about mid thigh. It was low cut in the front, showing off her great tits, and also her hard nipples were protruding quite a bit because she wasn't wearing a bra. This must have been a new outfit, because I had never seen her wear it before. She also had on nylons and black velvet-like high heels. I thought she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen. At the time she came in, I was lying on my back, facing the TV, with my head almost under our coffee table. Our couch was just behind that. She was again reminding me of the time that I was to be in bed, and that I was not to make a mess, as she wanted the living room to be clean when my father got home.

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   As she was giving out these and other instructions, she went to the couch to straighten up the cushions. The coffee table we had was made of wood, except the table surface, which was made up of four large clear glass panels. When she bent over the couch to push the large cushions back into place, I tilted my head back, and found I could look through the glass panes, straight up my mom's dress. I could hardly believe the sight before my eyes. The nylons she was wearing stopped at her upper thigh, and were being held in place by what I have now come to know as garters and a garter belt. As I looked up further, the panties that I was hoping to see were gone. The excitement of what I was seeing went through me like a bolt of lightning and straight down to my cock. She had her legs slightly spread apart as she wrestled with one of the large cushions and I could clearly see her pouting lips, slightly open, and the pink within. At one point she pulled harder on a cushion to get it all the way back in place, but her hand slipped off, which made her lose balance and flop even further forward. When she did this her lips spread even more, all the way up to her ass cheeks, which then exposed her little pink anus. I was in voyeur heaven. Being so mesmerized by this sight I almost got caught looking, because she then turned to me and asked me to help straighten up the cushions on our other chair which was a smaller version of our couch. I quickly pulled my shirt down over the hard on that I thought was going to explode any minute. I helped her straighten up, then she grabbed her purse to leave. Just before she left she gave me the usual kiss on the cheek, but this time my whole body got hot, knowing what she was, or wasn't wearing, and also being so close to her with such a raging hard on.

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   As soon as she left, I jerked off twice in a row, shooting my cum all over a pair of Kim's pink panties that she had left lying on the bathroom floor. Oh what a night, and the best was yet to come. I had gone to bed at the time that was requested by my mom, and was soundly sleeping, when a loud noise suddenly woke me up. My bedroom door was slightly open, not enough that anyone could see in, but plenty open for me to see out. As I got up to see who and what the noise was, I heard my mom telling my dad to be quiet so as not to wake me. As I peeked through the open crack of the door, I could see my mom trying to take my obviously drunk father up the stairs to their room. When they were about half way up, I saw another opportunity to peek up my mom's dress, so I slipped quietly along the wall of the staircase to a point where I had a good view. When I looked up I could see her ass cheeks, rubbing against each other as see struggled with my dad. I could also see that there was a wetness running down the insides of her legs just below her pussy. Just as they were almost at the top of the stairs, my dad tripped and fell easily on to the floor of the landing. He turned over on his back, with his feet hanging down the steps and laid back as if he were going to go to sleep right there. My mom was still standing a few steps below my dad, between his out stretched legs. At this point I heard my mom give a groan, and then whisper to my dad that he'd better not pass out now, because she needed to be satisfied. She also said something about him cumming too fast when they were in the car and now it was her turn. I was so excited at hearing my mom talk this way that I wanted to take my cock out right then and jerk off for the third time that night.

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   My dad did nothing but moan, then my mom said something about getting him started. She suddenly knelt down on the steps, between his legs and started to work his zipper down. Again I got a great view of her upturned pussy and asshole, and I now knew that the wetness that I had noticed earlier was my dads cum from when they were in the car. Once she got his zipper down, she reached in and pulled out his limp cock. I was very surprised because I thought it would be much bigger, it actually looked smaller than mine. She quickly put her lips around his cock and started to work up and down but nothing happened. As for me, I was rubbing my cock through the baggy shorts that I slept in, with a big wet spot starting to form at the front. She continued to work on his cock with no results, and I was in total amazement at watching something I had only heard about from guys at school. I was also wishing that it was my cock that my mom was sucking on instead of my dad's. Suddenly my mom gagged, and a rush of liquid burst from her mouth. At first I thought my dad had cum in her mouth, but then I realized that it was piss. He was actually peeing in her mouth. She choked, then spat out his cock, but the stream of pee didn't stop. It hit her hard in the face, then ran down her neck and into the cleavage of her dress, then it was all over the front of her dress. My dad who was out like a light had no idea that he was peeing in his sleep.

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   The next thing that happened took me totally by surprise. Just when I thought my mom was going to kill my dad in his sleep, she did the unexpected. She suddenly lowered her head and aimed the stream of piss up and over her head so that it ran through her hair and down her back, totally soaking her dress. Also I now saw that she had put a hand between her legs and was rubbing herself to an orgasm. Just as the stream started to die she aimed my dad's cock to her face again and that is when she came. She came so hard that at first I thought she had hurt herself because of the way she was shaking and moaning, but then I realized it was just pure pleasure that was oozing from her whole being. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, but when it was over, she just collapsed, laying her head in my dad's lap while the last drops of pee dribbled out of his cock onto her parted lips and into her mouth. It was at this time that I thought I had better get back to my room before I was discovered. I tried to close the door as quietly as I could but the latch made a noise that I was sure my mom would hear. I heard her quietly call my name just to check if I was up, but I didn't answer. I quickly got in bed and closed my eyes just as she was opening my door to check on me. She came over to my bed, and seemed to stand there forever, I guess trying to see if I was asleep. She was so close that I could smell her perfume mixed in with the smell of piss and sex. I lay as still as I could, hoping that she wouldn't see my hard on outlined through the covers I had pulled up to my neck. Again she softly called my name but I just turned onto my side with a little grunt, trying to convince her that I was totally asleep.

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   She came around to the other side of the bed and all of a sudden I felt the covers move and then felt something brush up against my cock. I soon realized that my mother had put her hand under the covers and was touching my cock through my shorts. Being on my side, I found I could slightly open one eye so that I could actually see what she was doing. My room was dark, but the light from the stairway gave me enough light to see by. She was kneeling at the side of my bed with her hand under the covers, every once in a while looking up to see if I was still asleep. To this day I have no idea how I managed not to scream with pleasure at what my mom was doing. I have no idea how long the touching went on because for me time just stood still. The next thing I felt was her fingers reaching through the opening in my shorts, and the touch of skin against skin. I'm sure that her fingers weren't cold but they felt a lot cooler then my hot cock that she now had pulled out of my shorts. She slowly wrapped her fingers around my cock and started to stroke up and down, again looking up to see if I was still sleeping. The next thing I saw was her slowly lifting the covers in line with my cock so that she could see what she was holding. I heard her give a little moan and realized that again she had a hand between her legs, and was working herself at the same time that she was working me. That was it, I knew I was going to cum any second, but then mom surprised me again that night. Just when I knew I couldn't take anymore, she ducked her head under the covers, and I felt a soft wetness envelope my cock. The minute she started to suck, I blew my load.

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   I came so hard, I couldn't believe that she could keep her mouth on me. The more that I came the more she sucked and swallowed. She kept sucking until nothing was left, and even then she continued to lick my softening cock. After licking a little more she came out from under the covers and left my room closing the door behind her. I lay awake most of that night not believing what had just happened to me. How was I to know how good life with the girls would get. . . . . . . . . This is the first time I have tried to write a story.

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