Hanna and Daddy - 4


After a good night’s sleep, I contacted my real estate broker and made an offer on the house in the county. She told me that it would probably be next week some time before the owner responded, and advised me not to get too anxious or disappointed if the response took some time.
When I looked in on the girls, they were both sleeping soundly on my bed. They were sleeping in the spoon position, with Hanna behind Vanessa and her arm around Vanessa’s tits. I got a good view of Vanessa’s boobs, her flat tummy, and her soft, sparse pussy hair on her mons. Her long legs looked so inviting that I almost joined them, but despite my cock beginning to become erect once again, backed quietly out of the room and headed naked to the kitchen to start some coffee.
Before the coffee had a chance to completely brew, though, my phone began ringing. I managed to answer it in the living room after just two rings, but since an extension is on my nightstand, I was certain the girls were awakened.
The voice at the other end began speaking. “Mr. Armstrong?”
“Speaking” I replied.
“This is Ms. Holt, your real estate broker. Believe it or not, I’ve already received a response to your offer this morning. ”
My heart sank. Usually, when one receives a response this quickly, it’s not good news.


   “He declined it, right?”
“Quite the contrary, Mr. Armstrong. He accepted it almost before I stopped speaking. He told me it was a very generous offer, and since he really needed to sell, couldn’t see the point in dragging the matter out. In short, as soon as you both sign the papers, the house is yours. It will be available to move into within one month. And I’m sure I can get your present house sold in no time. Everything looks perfect right now!”
After thanking her for her help, I hung the phone in its cradle and turned around to two naked teenagers with curious eyes. I decided to play this out for a while.
“Hi, girls! I hope you slept well. ”
Hanna was first. “I know that was the real estate person, Daddy. C’mon, you can tell me what she said. ” I could tell by the tone of her voice that she, too, expected bad news.
“OK, I’ll tell you.

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   She made an offer to the owner of the house. Are you sure you want to hear this, honey?”
“Daddy, please, I can take bad news. Just tell me. ”
“OK, I’ll tell you, but try not to get disappointed. ” A pause in here just for effect, with my head hanging. “WE GOT THE HOUSE!!” I yelled.
“We got it?” she asked incredulously. “Daddy, you were fooling me!”
“And me, too” said Vanessa. “The way you were going, I was ready for bad news, too. ”
“I just guess we’ll have to get even, then” growled Hanna. She and Vanessa exchanged knowing glances.
“Ted, I want you to bend over the ottoman right now!” Strangely, I did as she asked. I was on my knees, with my ass stuck out for all to see. “I’ll let you go first, Hanna” she continued, and Hanna walked up behind me. I quickly felt a swat on my ass, though it was rather mild as spanks go.

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“Now your turn, Vanessa” prodded Hanna, and quickly she moved in behind me and hit me much harder.
“Now that’s a swat!” said Vanessa. “For it to be remembered, Hanna, you have to make sure he turns red where you strike. See?”
I then stood up and grabbed Vanessa, pulling her over my knees. “But no attack goes without revenge” I replied. I quickly struck her ass, hitting both buns simultaneously. There was an immediate red patch on both sides. She quickly stood up, rubbing her ass with both hands. “Hanna, your turn” I said to my daughter. I had never had occasion to spank her before, but gave her a quick swat to both of her cheeks also, though a little lighter than Vanessa’s.
“OW!” she said, and stood up holding both sides of her ass. After rubbing herself for a minute, she said “Now you have to kiss it and make it better. ” That sounded like a deal to me, so I knelt down, put an arm around her midsection, and kissed each ass cheek. I then motioned to Vanessa to come to me, and repeated the same treatment on her ass. Both girls took the hint, and moved behind me, kissing and licking my ass.

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   Vanessa even went a step further, licking between my cheeks while reaching between my legs to caress my balls. Hanna moved in front of me and began sucking my cock, getting about ¾ of it into her mouth this time. Vanessa then left my ass and moved her head between my legs to suck my balls. With both girls applying their oral skills to my cock and balls, I could feel my cum beginning to rise.
“Hanna, I’m about to cum” I warned.
“Then do it, Daddy!” she answered. She began concentrating her sucking directly on the head of my cock, and quickly I was cumming. My first couple of shots were directly in her mouth, and for the first time, she swallowed it. Then she pulled my cock out, and I spurted on her boobs and chest. The cum dripped over her nipples and landed in her lap. When Vanessa noticed this, she moved around and began licking my cum off Hanna, starting with her tits and nipples, then moving down to her pussy. Hanna laid down, spread her legs wide, and Vanessa practically dived into her pussy. Her tongue lapped Hanna’s succulent lips, and then she stuck one, then two fingers deep into Hanna’s cunt. Hanna began moaning deeply and playing with her erect nipples, and I knew her cum was imminent. My cock had already hardened again at the sight of the beautiful lesbian lovemaking before me.

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   I then moved behind Vanessa, taking a quick taste of her pussy juices, and quickly heard a moan from Vanessa as well. I stood on my knees and positioned my cock head at the entrance to her fuck hole, and with one quick movement, was buried to the hilt in Vanessa’s pussy.
As I began stroking in and out, Vanessa attacked Hanna’s cunt more vigorously than before, finally moving up to her clit and sucking directly on Hanna’s most sensitive spot. Hanna’s ass raised off the floor and her juices began flowing freely as Vanessa attempted to gather all of her cum into her greedy mouth. When I saw that Hanna was cumming, I increased the speed of my stroking in Vanessa’s cunt. Moments later, Vanessa threw her head back like someone had grabbed her hair, and her cum began actually spurting from her cunt, even with my cock inside her. Needless to say, my balls and cock hair were soaked and dripping, as was Vanessa’s cunt hair and lips.
When Hanna noticed my slaps against Vanessa’s cunt had become splats, she knew she was missing out on a treat. Quickly, she changed positions so that she was underneath her girlfriend’s pussy, and I could feel her mouth licking her cunt and my cock as I continued to pump Vanessa’s pussy. Then I felt Hanna’s tongue on my cock, and I was over the edge myself, pumping shot after shot of my cum into her pussy. She was so full of her own juices, though, that my cum also dripped from her cunt, and Hanna was there to catch the overflow. Vanessa began sucking on Hanna’s cunt beneath her mouth, and Hanna quickly built into another cum, as her ass again raised up to meet Vanessa’s mouth and tongue. Vanessa sucked hard on Hanna’s clit again, and Hanna fell heavily onto the carpet as she came into Vanessa’s expert mouth.
We all collapsed at that moment, enjoying the happiness that we brought each other. After I had caught my breath, I said “I can’t believe how lucky I was to get that house.

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  . ”
“How lucky we were, Daddy” corrected my daughter.
“Yes, how lucky we were, honey” I agreed. “I also can’t believe how lucky we both are in getting Vanessa into our lives. I think it’s going to work out perfectly, don’t you, Vanessa?” It looked as though she were going to cry again. “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”
Vanessa shook her head and quickly said “No, no, not a problem. I feel the same way you do. I just can’t believe how generous you’re both being, inviting me into your house like this. ”
Hanna replied “Vanessa, it’s going to be great. Just leave the details up to me and Daddy, OK?”
“Though I hate to interrupt, I have to get cleaned up, girls. One of us has to make a little money, or this will all disappear. I need to take a shower before I get dressed. ”
“Great, Ted!” exclaimed Vanessa. “Hanna and I can wash you, and you can wash us before we all get dressed. Sound good?”
“C’mon Daddy” said Hanna, before I even had a chance to form an answer.

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   She grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom, with Vanessa in close pursuit. The water was turned on, and suddenly I was getting soaped from head to toe. They paid special attention to my cock and ass. Hanna washed my cock to a full erection with one hand, and cleansed my balls with the other. As she moved her slick hand up and down the shaft, Vanessa cleaned my butt like an expert, including my asshole. She even stuck a soapy finger slightly inside me and finger-fucked my ass. The efforts of both girls caused another cum for me, and I could barely stand up when I began shooting again.
After I recovered, I soaped both hands and washed Hanna and Vanessa at once. I rubbed both girls’ nipples, making sure that all four nipples were erect and firm. I then moved down to both tummies, even soaping inside their navels, before finally making contact with their pubic areas. I got a little more soap on my hands and rubbed a finger between their cunt lips, starting at their clits, moving further down very slowly until I penetrated their fuck holes, and then returned to their clits. My slick fingers made circles around each girl’s clit, then finally applied direct pressure to their most sensitive places. Immediately, I could feel warm cum spewing from both girls’ pussies, coating my hands and running down their inner thighs. It became hard for both to stand, so I removed my fingers from their clits in order to support them better. After they both came down, I washed them from pussy to feet, then we all stepped out of the shower.

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We spent as much of Saturday as was possible naked. When we went out, none of us wore any kind of underwear, and the moment we got back into the house, we all undressed each other for more fun before Vanessa finally had to go home.
The following Saturday, I signed the myriad of papers for our new home. When I got home, Hanna and I decided that a celebration was in order. We got dressed and headed to one of our favorite restaurants in town. It was a fairly relaxed atmosphere there, with no particular dress code. I wore some well-pressed shorts and a golf shirt. Hanna’s dress was a strapless mini-skirt, which showed off her beautiful legs, and barely covered her shapely ass. Her tits were barely covered, due to a plunging neckline. We both wore slip-on shoes. When we got seated and had ordered our meals, I realized that I hadn’t washed my hands, so I excused myself for a moment. When I returned, Hanna was sitting with her legs crossed and her knees drawn up. I suddenly realized that I could see straight up her dress, and directly to her pussy. I had to sit down quickly, as my cock was moving underneath my pants.
Suddenly, I felt Hanna’s foot slipping up my leg and edging toward my crotch.

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   She began rubbing my cock through my shorts. I returned the favor, removing my shoes and running my foot slowly up her leg. As I neared my goal, I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. Hanna put her feet back on the floor, but spread her knees apart, allowing free access to my big toe. She lifted her ass off the chair briefly, and I slipped my foot beneath her pussy and ass. When she sat back down, she made sure my big toe put pressure on her pussy lips. I applied upward pressure with my toe, and slipped right into her already wet pussy.
Hanna struggled to suppress a moan as I worked my toe in and out of her pussy. Her thin dress top showed her nipples were standing at attention. Hanna shifted position, sitting up a little straighter this time, and my toe and foot were now putting pressure on her clit. I moved my toe upward again, then began an up and down movement which caused Hanna to squirm with pleasure. Finally, I moved my entire foot upward, applying direct pressure on her clit, and her pussy let go with a flood of juices that soaked my foot and dripped off her chair. Hanna suddenly reached down and grabbed my ankle as her eyes rolled back in her head. I thought she was going to pass out, but she managed to regain her composure quickly. I pulled my soaking wet foot away from her very slowly, still applying pressure to her pussy, and she gripped the edge of the table as she experienced another cum.

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   When she calmed down a bit, she looked me right in the eye and whispered “Thank you, Daddy. That was great!”
“Anything for my little girl” I responded as our food arrived.
We finished our meals and headed back to the car. I looked around for any witnesses, and seeing none, slid my hand under her hemline and massaged her ass as we walked through the parking lot. Once in the car, Hanna reach out to my shorts, pulled down the zipper, and began giving me head. Now, it was my turn for eyes to roll back into my head, but fortunately, I wasn’t driving at the time. Hanna kept up her oral attack on my cock, and it took but a couple of minutes before my cum began spurting out and into her mouth. This time, she swallowed as much as she could, but some spilled out of the corners of her mouth, and slid back down my shaft. This time, Hanna was determined to take it all, and licked my cock like a lollipop, taking the last of my cum down her throat.
I started the car, and as we started down the road, she swiveled on her ass toward me, spreading her legs wide, putting one foot atop the seat back. Since the road had very little lighting from here to our house, she turned on the map light on her side to give me a better view. Hanna then pulled her top off her tits, and I was treated to a pussy and tits show. She then rubbed her fingers up and down her slit, and it quickly became moist with her stimulations. She then stuck her middle finger deep into her pussy, eliciting a long moan, then after she withdrew her finger, inserted her forefinger alongside her middle finger, and began in and out motions. Hanna slid her ass closer to me for a better angle, and began applying pressure to her clit with her thumb.


   I could smell her sweet juices as they began to leak out of her pussy. Then suddenly, she stuck both fingers deep into her cunt and held them there as her juices began flowing copiously. With her other hand, she was pulling on her nipples, and it was obvious that she was cumming, especially when her legs clamped suddenly around her hand. Quickly she spread her legs to give me a better view, and her thumb began moving back and forth on her clit. This caused another orgasm, and again her legs clamped together when the orgasm hit. When she spread them again, a puddle of her juices could be seen on my car seat. I reached my right hand out and scooped up the puddle, tasting my daughter’s sweet nectar.
She pulled her fingers from her pussy, and I surprised her by sticking my middle finger deep into her cunt. I stroked in and out, and within just a minute, she started cumming once more, lifting her ass off the seat, then clamping her legs tightly around my hand. When she had calmed down a bit and relaxed her legs again, I slowly removed my finger from her soaking wet cunt, and dragged it between her pussy lips up to her clit. I continued to slowly drag my fingers across her clit, then reversed direction again, before putting more direct pressure on her clit. This caused her to cum again, and when her legs clamped on my hand and her ass rose off the seat, I let up on the pressure I had on her clit, allowing Hanna to come down from that series of orgasms.
I looked at my now spent daughter, nearing her 17th birthday, with her firm tits and erect nipples, as well as her shaven pussy, hanging out for me to see. I wondered how long this could really last, especially considering that we were about to bring another female into the mix. Good for me, but will jealousy rear its ugly head and cause problems?
I looked at her cunt once more before licking her juices off my fingers, then concentrated on the drive home.


   I turned into the driveway, and noticed that Hanna was asleep. I so wanted to dive into her pussy again, but settled for a long lick that awoke her from her nap. She reached out for my cock, but I said “No more tonight, sweetie. We both need to get some rest, OK?”
There were no objections from her this time. We had just gotten inside when she stripped her dress off. I was behind her, and got another wonderful view of her slim but shapely ass, and watched it jiggle as she headed toward my bed. I took my clothes off also, and followed behind her, with my cock slowly rising. ‘Don’t worry’ I told myself, ‘there will be more of the same tomorrow and many more tomorrows. She’s not going anywhere. ’ And neither am I.
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