Hannah's Family


Hannah walked into the kitchen on the floor below and shivered. She got out pots of jam and honey and other breakfast things. She was the plate this morning. She spread herself on the kitchen table so her legs swung over the edge of the table and her head lay on the table. "Come and get it" she called. Her mum came in first gently coaxing her brother along by his dick. Hannah's eyes closed. "What do you want for breakfast Jon?", Hannah's mum asked. Jon looked up and down Hannah's body. "Toes please", he giggled. Hannah shuddered, she hated people even touching her feet, let alone licking them. "Jam" he said. She pulled her feet up and took some jam in her hand. She spread it on her toes, especially between them as she knew she'd be punished if she didn't put enough on. She hung her legs off the table again and told Jon to start eating. He quickly licked off all the jam and set about licking the rest of Hannah's foot.

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   "I dont feel like breakfast" said her mum, "I think it's time for yours Hannah. Now, a slave's breakfast is just water but you have to drink it off Jon's penis, so get it hard Hannah". Hannah gently carresed Jon's chest and then his cock which was soon rock hard. Her mum placed his cock in the water and Hannah got ready to lick it off. She deep throated it to get as much of the water off as possible and also because he wasn't too big because of his age. She continued until she heard him moan after she licked especially hard on his head. "That's enough", Jon said. "Now come through to the next room". She walked through and saw her mum already there, her feet covered in whipped cream, Hannah could guess what was comming. "You've got 15 seconds to lick all the cream off both feet or you'll be punished" Jon announced. Hannah knew this was a near impossible task but she tried anyway. After 15 seconds she had just finished one foot. Jon dragged her off and slapped her in the face. "Sit on the sofa, and put ur legs up as well", he commanded. Hannah sat on the sofa and lifted her legs so her heels were touching her ass.

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   Her mum held her legs there but not so Hannah couldn't see what Jon was doing. Jon slowly reached out to between Hannah's legs, her breath was held in anticipation. "If you scream, I will do it harder" he said. Hannah closed her mouth firmly. All of a sudden Jon pushed his fist into Hannah's crotch, she buckled forward with the pain but stiffled a scream. He pushed his closed fist in deeper and then slowly pulled it out. "How did that feel?" he asked. "It hurt" moaned Hannah softly, out of breath. "Good", he smiled. Hannah's mum stopped holding her legs and stradled Hannah so Hannah's face was in her back. She lifted Hannah's legs and gently got hold off Hannah's pussy lips. She slowly pulled them outwards, stretching them until she heard Hannah give a startled yelp when she had pulled them as far as they would go. Hannah now couldn't see what was going to happen but she new it was going to be painful. She heard Jon lie down on the floor and felt five toes slowly start to sink into her kitten, by the time half his foot was in it wouldn't go any further and Hannah was gasping in pain. Jon didn't seem to notice though and kept his toes inside her, not moving them.

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   When he heard Hannah calm down a bit he started to wiggle his toes and push in a bit harder. After a minute or so Hannah started to scream in pain and she begged Jon to stop. Eventually he did and he lay on the floor, pussy juice all over his foot. By now Hannah's face was wet with tears and her pussy was throbbing red. Hannah looked down at her crimson pussy, still vibrating from the pain. "Im sorry Han" her mum said gently, "but you are the slave". Hannah nodded solemly. "Just finish your brother off and then we'll go and do something soothing together, ok?". Hannah nodded and got up off the sofa, her knees weak, her pussy still throbbing. "Get on all fours" Jon commanded. Hannah knelt down and then put her hands out in front of her. Jon lay down in front of her, his cock glistening. Hannah leant forward, her hands on either side of Jon's hips, and licked his cock, from his balls to the tip of his head. She felt Jon's body rock gently with the feeling. She lowered her mouth onto the top of his head and slowly moved her head down, sucking his cock into her mouth until her teeth touched his balls.

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   Jon started to moan franticaly after about a minute because Hannah was using her tongue on his head inside her mouth. Jon lifted Hannah's head off his penis and gently pushed her backwards so she was now lying on the floor. He balanced himself on her face and drove his cock deep into her mouth. Hannah tried to lift his cock out but Jon was holding her down so she couldn't. Soon after he came hard and ejaculated into Hannah's mouth. Hannah had to keep swallowing as there was so much of it. Jon rolled off her to the side, utterly content. Hannah's mum sat down next to Hannah and held Hannah's face in her hands. She slowly leant in and pushed her tounge deep into Hannah's mouth, laping up all Jon's cum and then finally kissing Hannah on the lips to get the last off. "Well done Han, I loved watching that, now lets go upstairs" she said. They walked up the stairs to Hannah's room where her mum left her while she went to her room to get some things. While she was gone Hannah lay on the bed and gently nursed her painful pussy. When her mum came back in she was carrying a grey box. Out of the box she took a long length of rope. "What's that for?" asked Hannah, worriedly.

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   "Don't worry babes", her mum said "it's just to stop you rocking so much when you cum so we can make it last longer". "Oh, ok" said Hannah. "Come and sit on this chair over here Han" her mum said, gesturing towards a large wooden chair. Hannah slowly stood up and tottered towards the chair, trying not to move her legs too much. Her mum tied her hands behind her back and then to to the chair. Then she lashed Hannah's stomach, legs and shoulders to the chair so Hannah couldn't move at all. "Do you remember the first time we had slave day Han?" her mum asked. "Your brother was the slave and you fingered his arse for hours even though he begged you not to". Hannah smiled to herself. "And what about that time you made him eat you out just after you'd gone to the toilet and then you rubbed your shit on his cock and nearly broke his back trying to get him to lick it off. " "Yeah I remember all that stuff, it was great" Hannah said. "Well I love you and your brother just the same so when you give him pain it's only fair that. . . ".

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   Hannah looked very worried now as she saw her mum reach into the grey box and produce two shiny crocodile clips. "Wh. . what are you going to do with those?" she stammered. "Oh nothing, just return to you what you did to your brother" "No mum please, I'll do anything, please don't. What about this morning, I was crying because he hurt me so much, I have been given back what I did to him" she said breathlessly. "Well I'm afraid I beg to differ Hannah, now talking of begging, lets see what this is like for you". She opened the mouth of one of the clips are firmly applied it to Hannah's small nipple. Hannah screamed as hard as she could but she knew it was only going to get worse. She screamed less when the second clip was applied but it hurt just as much. The pain was so uncomfortable that she rocked her body in an attempt ot spread the pain out but she was bound too tightly. A small trickle of blood began to work it's way down Hannah's small body from her left nipple. "OK, mum, please, this really hurts, I'm sorry for what I did to Jon, I really am" she pleaded. "Hmmm, I'm still not quite sure dear, maybe this will convince me". Out of the grey box she took out to large bulldog clips and waved them infront of Hannah's face.

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   "Oh god no mum, please dont put them on my breasts, please" "I won't babes, don't worry" "You mean your not going to put them on me?" "Oh I didn't say that, I just said I wouldn't put them on your nipple". Hannah's mum smiled at her horrified daughter. "Then where are you going to put them?" Hannah asked with apprehension. "Take one guess my gorgeous daughter" she said, winking at her. She knelt down so her face was right in front of Hannah's tiny vagina. For one moment Hannah thouht her mum was going to lick her out and end the pain but with the next words she spoke, Hannah knew this wouldn't happen. "Hannah, my daughter, your vagina is far too small. I can barely see your clit. Still, the show must go on eh?" She pulled on one of Hannah's blood red pussy lips until she couldn't stretch it any further. All this time Hannah was screaming but her mum took no notice. Her mum attached one of the bull dog clips which bit into Hannah's pink flesh. Hannah was now in so much pain she couldn't even see what was going on through the tears but she certainly felt the second clip on her other pussy lip. Hannah's brother poked his head round the door and asked what all the noise was. He grinned as he saw Hannah, screaming, bound to the hard wooden chair. "Oh mum, it looks like Hannah needs some releif" he said, grinning.

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   "Perhaps you can provide it then" his mum said. "Lie down for a moment Jon, we need to get you ready". Hannah watched through her tearful eyes as her mum got a rise out of Jon's cock by gently massaging his balls between her thumb and finger. "Mind you, Hannah will never be able to cum in all the pain she's in. I'll have to untie her and take off the clamps". She did so and she felt a sign of releif from Hannah as all her bondage toys came off. She peered down at Hannah's pussy to inspect it. "I think Hannah's pussy is far too dry and swollen for you to fuck her there Jon. You'll have to take her in the ass instead. Mind you, that'll never make her cum either. I know, you bone her in the ass and I'll use my vibrator on her twat, she'll cum straight away" her mum smiled to herself. Hannah's mum and brother quickly set about organising Hannah's last sexual invasion. Her brother lifted Hannah's now knackered body into an all fours position and her mum lay down under Hannah so it was easier for her to direct the vibration. "Are you ready Hannah?" her mum asked. "I think so" said Hannah.

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   "Now Hannah, do you want me to go slowly in or get it over with and go in fast?" Jon asked. "Slowly please Jon, I can't take it fast" moaned Hannah. Jon knelt behind her and smoothed her ass cheeks apart. He readied himself behind her by adjusting the weight on his knees. He held the bottom of his cock and slowly guided it into Hannah's brown ring. He heard Hannah gasp as his head penetrated inside her. When he was fully in he twisted his foreskin at the base which made Hannah moan louder. Now Hannah's mum lay underneath Hannah's tired body, looking up at her daughter's crying face. She flicked a switch on the vibrator and it began to buzz. Slowly, she guided it towards Hannah's pussy. As soon as the vibrating head touched Hannah's clit she moaned in ecstacy. Sensing Hannah's impending orgasm Jon started to slide in and out of Hannah's arse, making her scream every time his balls slapped against her arse cheeks. Soon Hannah was about to cum and her whole body tensed up. She let out a primal scream and rode her orgasm. At almost the same time Jon once again ejaculated but this time he did so right into Hannah's arse.

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   The whole family collapsed over eachother among a sea of pussy juice and cum. Hope you all enjoyed it. Comments welcome. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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