Harmony regained


Let me tell you about my little family drama and how I brought harmony back to our home. First I will introduce the players. My Mom Cindy is played by a former model that got knocked up on her first photo shoot by one of the hunks on the set. That forced a quick marriage and brought me into the world the devoted and devious bastard. Last is my sister Monica, who inherited Mom's looks and Dad's competitive nature.

Dad was out of the picture having left us after a messy divorce going on 3 years now. We rarely heard from him during his global wanderings made of photo shoots and sexual conquests.

Those wanderings had became too much for Mom who kicked him out. In the three years that passed she had not dated. I think because she could not trust any man, well except of course for her devoted son. With Dad gone and his alimony payments starting to become sporadic Mom decided she better get a job before our economic situation became dire.

One thing Dad left me was his well equipped home gym. When I turned 12 he started teaching me how to shape my body. That stuck with me and I had a much better physique than the usual 17 year old.

When my Mother decided to go back to work I convinced her that with her looks and working out it would help her tone up and shed a few Mommy pounds because as we both knew sexy women have an easier time in the work place. I became her personal trainer.

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Just before you think that something insidious happened, you can forget it as I take my workouts serious plus if Mom got a higher paying job then the whole family would be better off. With the loss of a Father, harmony and stability in our remaining family is very important to me.

My sister was always competitive with Mom, so she joined in the work outs and as a result she enhanced her natural beauty with a firmer sexy figure. In a word my 15 year old sister was "smokin".

The work outs did wonders for Mom's figure and her confidence. She landed a job at a huge firm arranging meetings, conferences and being the meet and greeter for VIPS. The job payed well enough and Mom worked hard.

As for myself, I am good with computers and wrote a few small utilities which I sold on line for $20-30 dollars a piece so I always had a steady stream of cash. Occasionally when I released a new popular utility I would have a modest windfall of splurge cash.

One of those times I gave Mom the majority of it to help out with much needed roof repairs. At first Mom refused, I hugged her tight and told her that I was now the man of the house and this was my way of proving it. She cried in my arms gave me a kiss on the cheek and in two weeks no more roof worries.

Occasionally she called me the man of the house, like when she would say "I need the man of the house to help move the couch". My sister even used that phrase a couple of times after I helped her out with whatever she needed.

The drama all started when my Mother and sis started fighting over who my sister was dating.

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   Sometimes Mothers over compensate for their own personal mistakes. Due to Mom getting pregnant when she had barely started her modelling carrier she tried to over control my sister.

When my sis was 14 Mom put her on the pill. My sister took this as a sign that it was OK to have sex and picked an older hunky but stupid egotist to give her virginity when she turned fifteen. After they were having regular sex for a couple of months Mom found out and threatened the boy friend and put my sister under house arrest.

What Mom did was a double standard as due to my inherited looks and muscled body I lost my virginity when I was 14 to a 16 year old girl that taught me how to satisfy women. I got a rep with the ladies at school that I knew what I was doing and had the equipment to consistently deliver, so I never lacked for friends with benefits.

Mom caught me once screwing a girl in my room and just quietly closed my door and never said a word. I was more discrete after that to show Mom the same respect she had shown me.

Dinner time was a misery with the angry looks, snipping comments and general all around bitchiness. The fighting and my sister's screaming tantrums was the last straw. During one fight, that even my ear plugs could not block out, I had an epiphany.

The underlying issue was that my two girls were sexually frustrated, Mom's through her distrust of men and my sister's through having taking the sex gene out of the bottle and then having her access cut off. I decided to do something about the situation and here is what I did.

At our next supper I announced that I had something very important to say.

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   I told my girls that I wanted to talk without any rebuttal until I had finished. I told them that the harmony in the house was going down the toilet with their constant fighting.

I could no longer just turn up the volume on my music player or I would be deaf by the time I was 19. I felt the tension grow in the room but they both had promised to wait until I finished. I said that I may have a way to get our family back on the road to happiness.

I told them that this coming Saturday the man of the house wanted to spoil his girls. I put a large wad of cash on the table. I told them to use the cash to go shopping together and for each of them to buy a brand new super sexy out fit including lingerie. I told Mom that for her it was not to be work cloths. I also said to Mom that my sister's outfit was to be as sexy as her own.

Then I put two tickets on the table for a half day at a local spa and salon were they would be massaged, pampered and have their hair and nails done. They started to smile and I think were a little shocked.

I went on to say that when they came home I would have supper waiting. That evening we will do some dancing and I would get to enjoy the company of the two beautiful sexy women I lived with.

I told them that the most important thing was that they enjoy their day together and renew the love and respect they had for each other but somehow had forgotten.

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   I asked if they would do that for me?

They both jumped up with tears in their eyes and gave me a kiss on the lips. Mom's kiss was a bit sexy but my competitive sister's had tongue in her's. Just to get things going I gave them a couple of Victoria Secret catalogues so that they could start planning their special day.

I went to my room leaving them to their own devices and I heard a burst of the mutual laughter which had been missing these past months. Later that night my sister knocked on my door found me at my desk she sat on my lap gave me an even sexier kiss and thanked me for saving her relationship with Mom. I cuddled her and calmly requested that she meet Mom half way to make sure Saturday would make them both happy.

After my sister left I went to the kitchen to get an orange juice. I found Mom doing some cleaning she turned and hugged me. She also thanked me for my gesture. I told her that the best way she could thank me was when I could see my girls happy again. I made my mom promise that she would allow my sister to pick sexy classy cloths as she was a young women and had the same needs as my mom had at that age, Mom promised.

The rest of the week was great as supper time was filled with talk about the big day. My girls were bubbling with enthusiasm. In the evening I was passing my Mom she took me in her arms gave me a firm hug and even squeezed me ass saying "You really are turning into the man of the house", we both laughed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that my sister had caught Mom's playful ass grab.

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Later as I passed my sister's room I heard her call for me. When I entered her room she was dressed in her night cloths. She immediately threw herself into my arms holding me tight grinding that hot body into mine.

As she locked on to my lips with a full french kiss she moved my hand to her ass and shear panties. When we stopped kissing I told her that I could feel her workouts have really paid off with buns of steal. I left my sister wearing a big smile and a well caressed left cheek.

On the big day we all had plenty to do so with a hug and a kiss my girls left to shop and be pampered. They would not be back until five with supper planned for six. I did the shopping for the meal getting steaks for the main course. I also picked up two bottles of my Mom's favourite wine which she had ordered telling the liquor store I would be picking them up.

By the time I heard them come back I yelled from the back yard barbecue that supper was going to be right on time. When they came out to the back yard I could see they were having a great day. They looked at my new chef's apron which had written across it "The man of the house is hot and knows how to cook". We all broke up laughing. Mom said that no truer words had ever been written.

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I told them they just had time to get all dolled up in their new cloths and sit down for a candle light dinner. I said this evening I wanted to see the two sexiest girls on earth. They literally raced off to get ready.

By the time I yelled that dinner was ready, Mom called asking that I get to the bottom of the stairs so that they could make a grand entrance. I told Mom when I was in position.

First Mom came down looking every bit as sex as in her modelling days. Much to her delight my mouth hung open as I said you are a goddess. When she got to the bottom of the stairs I gave her a wolf whistle that had her puring.

Mom said let me introduce your sexy sister and sis started down the stairs. My god Mom had done as promised and my sister was even better looking then I had imagined. Her evening dress showed off her legs and clung to her body like skin expressing every curve. I said that "there must be heaven on the second floor as I see an angel descend". I am not sure who was more pleased my sister or Mom.

I said ladies may I show you to your table? We went to the dinning room where candle light added a romantic mood. I sat them beside each other with my place setting on the opposite side of the table.

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   I said that to gaze on two beauties would aid my digestion. That got a few giggles.

I poured Mom a full glass of wine and asked if my sister could have half a glass on this special evening. Mom said it was OK. I gave my sister a wink and filled her glass 3/4s full. Beside each women was a vase containing a dozen red roses which I said was my gift to show how happy I was with their cooperation.

The dinner was one to remember for its laughter and restoration of good times. Mom had a few more glasses of wine than usual with sis getting just a half glass more, they both glowed.

When supper was done I asked if my sexy women wanted to dance and they both said yes please. We all went to the family room with its parquet floor. I put on some slow dance music and ask my Mother for the first dance. She was soon in my arms holding me close feeling the rhythms of the music and the warmth of our bodies. I could have sworn Mom was starting to grind into me a bit.

When that song was over I asked my sister to dance and she had her head buried in my chest and she was definitely grinding into me. After a few more songs alternating between my two women.

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   I told them it was time for a nature break.

I asked them to freshen up and meet me back in the family room in ten minutes. I was in and out of my bath room in a minute. I went back to the family room, poured Mom another glass of wine and pulled out two nice sized joints that I had rolled earlier. I put on another CD with great sexy mood music.

I had a deal with Mom that I could smoke-up in the house so that I would not have to sneak around and get caught by the cops. She had smoked up some when she was a teen so she knew it was OK.

The girls returned and saw me light one up. I smiled and said this is my wine. I offered my sister and my Mom a toke. Mom started to say no but I said come on this was a special evening, she reluctantly took her first toke in years.

Things were different back when she smoked-up as the THC is much more concentrated today so the effects are much more potent. Sis also took a few tokes.

I announced that I want something special from my sexy girls and they both responded anything. I said that I paid for but had not seen their sexy underwear and would like them each to do a nice strip tease down to that underwear.



I got a confused look from my Mom but she was a little drunk and I could see that the pot was starting to take effect. I said if it was the issue with me seeing their undies that could be remedied. I stood up, pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my pants revealing banana hammock underwear. As I sat back on the couch both women gasped and stared.

To get things started I got up and took my Mom's hand and led her to a spot a few feet in front of where I would be sitting. I said close your eyes, let the music enter your mind and seek out your inner sexiness, show me what you got. Mom closed her eyes and started slowly moving to the beat. I sat down and snuggled my sister. I position myself to make sure my banana was easily seen by both my girls.

Mom started to strip in the most seductive way really getting into pleasing her son. She would occasionally look at my package and smile as it grew due to the impact of seeing her sexy dance. When Mom had her back to us my sister reached out and gave my dick a quick rub. I shook my head and mouthed "later" and she licked he lips.

Soon Mom was just in underwear, heels, stockings and garters. I stood up and moved behind her, I started to kiss her on the neck working my way up to her ear and whispered how sexy she was.

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   Mom's touche started grinding into my cock and it became fully erect. I unsnapped Mom's bra and slipped the straps off her.

Before she could react I started massaging her wonderful orbs and pinch her nipples. She moaned loud enough for my sister to hear. I then guided my Mom to sit beside me all the while still caressing her tits.

I turned to my sister and said that was a tough act to follow, which was cat nip for the cat as my sister got up and started her strip tease. Mom was not watching as her head was buried in my chest enjoying the attention her breasts were getting. She was panting and getting very hot. I gave her some more wine and another toke.

When my sister was down to her underwear she just took off her bra and threw it into the air and leaned over me resting her head next to mine. With my remaining hand I caressed those dangling tits and whispered in her ear that she was my super sexy sister. Soon Monica was sitting on the other side of me.

I told the girls I had one more request, they only sighed while I continued to caress their breasts. I told them I loved nice asses and asked them to both turn around on the couch, get on their knees and stick out their pantied butts for my inspection.

Giggling they both complied.


   I told them I thought I had died and gone to touche heaven which got some more giggles and a lot of sexy butt wiggling. I got on my knees behind Mom, with my sister looking on, I touched the material of my Mom's panties and she moaned.

I then took the tips of index fingers under the pantie elastic and raised them drawing the sides of her panties into her butt crack. I told her how beautiful she was then with both hand I caressed her cheeks and she pushing back into my hands and moving her knees apart.

I leaned down and smelled her sweet pussy and blew my hot breath across the now tight panties. She just gasped "oh god so good". With that encouragement I reached under her and started to draw light circles through her panties onto her clit. Mom just pured and pushed herself into my hand.

I could see me sister taking this all in and she had started to rub her own pussy. With my other hand I pushed her's away and slipped my fingers under the elastic of Monica's panties and started rubbing her pussy lips and clit. The man of the house had two sexy women panting.

I took my hand away from my sister's pussy and she looked back at me as I slowly lowered my Mom's panties over her curvy butt, under her knees and off. I then planted a big wet kiss on Mom's pussy and sucked on her clit, she shuddered to a long overdue orgasm.

My sister was shaking her head and smiled at me as she removed her own panties and rubbed her pussy absorbing this erotic scene. I went back to kissing, licking and caressing Mom's pussy and she pushed back moaning and whispering encouragement.

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I was taking her for another ride on that orgasmic roller coaster. With one hand massaging her clit I put two fingers in my mouth and got them all wet I then pushed them inside Mom's pussy and started to drill for pussy oil.

She reacted by moaning very loudly and pushing back hard on my fingers. I sped up my finger fucking and when she was ready to explode I said Mom come for your son and that tipped her over the edge. She shook and yelled "Mommy's coming for you baby boy". My sister came when she saw this and all I heard was wonderful orgasmic cries of pleasure from my sexy girls.

As mother was recovering I stood up and pulled off my underwear. For the first time my sister saw what her brother was packing. She stared started to rub her pussy again then looked up at me and nodded her approval.

I silently signalled for her to come over as I had something to whisper to her. I told Monica that when I gave her the signal that she was to start rubbing Mom's clit hard. She nodded that she would.

I went back to massaging and licking Mom's pussy and getting her worked up again. Mom was so into the long neglected feelings of her body she was not thinking anymore. I stood up and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

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   As the tip touched she must have thought I was going to use my fingers again. I took hold of her hips and thrust to the hilt.

I signalled for my sister to rub Mom's clit. In a few second she came on my cock her pussy squeezing me with a grip that felt as if she wanted my cock to be a permanent resident. I said "Cindy what do you want the man of the house to do now that you came on his hard cock". She said in a wavering voice "please fuck me". My sister's eyes bulged and she smiled as her hands were back rubbing her favorite body parts.

I started a slow steady rhythm pumping in and out of Cindy's wet cunt. She quickly met my rhythm pushing back making a harder smack when we met. She started to moan louder and we really started to fuck.

In the throws of this great sex I yelled "Who's your Daddy" and Mom responded "fuck me Daddy, fuck your daughter hard". My sister caught my eye and even though Grampa had passed away when we were just little, we guessed that Cindy and Daddy spent a lot of "special time" together.

This made me fuck Cindy harder and ask if Cindy liked her Daddy's cock. Cindy said Daddy's cock was going to make her come. I signalled to my sister to take her free had and rub Moms nibbles and sis did one better sliding herself under Cindy and started to lick her nipples and massage her breasts.

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   Cindy groan and said "oh fuck that feels so good".

I rammed myself deep and very hard into Cindy and told her to "Come for Daddy" then slapped her ass cheeks very hard. Cindy came to another quivering orgasm and screamed "Daddy you make me come so hard when you play rough with your big girl".

With Cindy still impaled on my hard cock I told her she needed to share Daddy with here younger sister and she should just watch as Daddy gave her sister some sweet loving. Cindy said from her orgasmic stupor "yes Daddy fuck her hard". I told Cindy it was OK to watch and play with herself while Daddy was busy.

Sis was already back in her kneeling position ready for me to do her just like Mom. As I moved behind sis she said in a sexy little girl's voice "Daddy I have an itch I need scratching would you help your baby daughter"? I chuckled and replied "before I probe for your itch I need you to clean your big sister's come off Daddy's cock".

She quickly had my dick in her mouth moaning as she licked and sucked, looking up into my eyes thoroughly enjoying our special day. When she had cleaned the taste of Cindy off my member she got back into the ready position. I saw that Cindy was watching and was playing with herself.

I rubbed my cock up and down my sister's slit slicking up my cock a little. Knowing that Monica had unlikely felt a cock as big as mine, I positioned myself and said "princess if you want Daddy inside you push back until you feel his thighs on your touche". Sis said yes Daddy and started to pushing back slowly wiggling her butt as she pussy consumed more and more of me until she was pressed hard against my groin.

She said "oh Daddy your are so big you fill your princess all up".

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   I chuckled a little. Then she said "Daddy please fuck me as hard as my big sister I like it rough too". I replied are you sure you can handle it as you are not as experienced as you big sister. She giggled and said "please fuck me hard Daddy".

At that I started my stroke a long slow withdrawal to the tip and then a hard slam back knocking the breath out of sis, hearing "oh my god just like that". I kept this stroke up until she was making lots of loud noises and I asked "is my princess ready to come for Daddy", she replied "Yes Daddy I will come for you". I slammed her hard and slapped her ass even harder.

Over she went and it was all I could do to hold on to her hips as she thrashed in ecstasy. I told her hold on baby girl Daddy's not done with your sweet pussy. Cindy piped up and said "fuck her hard Daddy, fuck my baby sister as hard as you can".

With Mom's order I started to pound my sister without mercy. Sis screaming in delight urging me on. You could hear the slapping sounds of the pummelling I was giving my sister's pussy. She came again but I kept pounding.

I said I was going to come and that they were put there heads together with their mouths open so I could give each some of Daddy's secret sauce.

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   Just as I was about to cum I gave the order and they got in position.

I gave Cindy my first blast right into her open mouth then moved slightly to my sisters mouth and gave her the next blast I went back and forth another two more times until I just dribbled into their mouths.

Cindy grabber my cock and sucked the last drips out then deep-throated me making me gasp. I told them to open there mouths and show me how much Daddy had given them. They did as requested and not to bad if I do say so myself.

I told them to roll Daddy's cum around in the mouth to make sure they got a good taste, after they could swallow. I asked them if Daddy tasted good and they both agreed. My sister asked for more. I said "greedy bird, you will need to wait until tomorrow. Now off to the master bed room so you can snuggle Daddy and we can go to sleep".

I had them in front of me while I touched their asses as they wiggle walked up the stairs. I led them to the master bed room and said that from now on they could sleep with Daddy but only if they were nude. Then I got in the middle of the bed and each of my sexy girl's heads on my chest with my hands caressing their butts.

I told them that the man of the house was in change and when they were in the house they were to call me Daddy. If they did as they were told Daddy would give their bodies what they needed.

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Both girls snuggled closer and said "yes Daddy". As we fell asleep I am not sure who's hand was on my cock first, Cindy's or Monica's, but it felt good as my plan had worked and harmony was restored to my home. .
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