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Brenda shifted her large ass and rocked forward, shoving her clit down onto Buddy's lips. "Come on, Buddy. Suck it there! Yeah. That's it. You know what to do. Suck it. Suck my fat clit. Suck it. Bite it. Get your mama off, Buddy!"Buddy was quick to obey. Knowing the severe penalty for not obliging his mother, he wrapped his lips around the engorged nubbin and sucking hard. His tongue battled the tip of her clitoris, as he sought to bring his mother to her climax. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" she chanted. "You're fucking me good, Buddy, with that sweet mouth of yours! You're going to do it! Buddy! Just like that! Suck me right off, Baby!"Her eyes stayed glued to Gloria's pussy where her fingers rocked in and out. "Come on, you fat fucking bitch whore! Do it right there on my hand!""Oh god, Mama!" Gloria gasped. Her eyes clenched shut.

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   "Right there! Oh shit, I'm so close!"The girl's hips froze; her meaty thighs quivered and shook; her hands dug into the older woman's shoulders. "Oh god, Mama, I'm--"The rest was lost in a wail of release, as her pussy spasmed and contracted around Brenda's fingers. The first wave of Gloria's orgasm, washed over her, drenching her mother's fingers in girl juice. Brenda didn't quit. She battered Gloria's pussy with her hand, loving the wet, squishy smacks her hand made on Gloria's fat labia. "Oh, that's it, you fat little whore," Brenda gurgled, as the force of Gloria's climax abated. Finally, Gloria slipped off Brenda's fingers and down to the floor where she lay panting for breath. Brenda sucked her fingers clean then rolled even further forward and balanced with her left hand on the floor. The roll of belly fat rested on top of Buddy's head. Brenda began bouncing her hips up and down. "Now me, you skinny little mother-fucker. My god, why did you have to be the skinny one? Now, make me come all over your face. "Brenda let her slimy labia flop down around Buddy's chin and put both hands on the floor in preparation of her approaching orgasm; it felt like it was going to be a huge one. "Come on, goddammit!" she snarled through clenched teeth. Spittle oozed out the wide separation between her two front teeth.

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   "Eat that fucking cunt out, boy! Make me--"Her elbows dropped to the floor and her head dropped between her upper arms where she froze for long seconds. Those mammoth titties with areolas the size of softballs hung to the floor where her rubbery nipples dragged across on the cold linoleum. Then her head popped up with a grimace on her face like a bitch hound getting ripped from behind by a huge cock. She rose back up to her hands, her head lolling farther and farther back, her eyes rolling back in her head, and emitted a long, rumbling grunt from the pit of her gut. She finished off the guttural grunt with a loud, "Oh fuck! Oh goddamn yes!"Every ounce of fat on her ample body shook like an earthquake rumbled under her knees. Brenda gasped--a wheeze from too many cigarettes--and rocked her pelvis back and forth. Finally spent and fighting to catch her wind, Brenda rolled off her son's mouth and crawled to the sofa where she sat on the floor and propped her back against it. Her bent knees fell apart, opening her meaty thighs and displaying her hairy cunt. She eyed her two offspring--Gloria, the fat girl, like mother like daughter, and Buddy, the beanpole odd fish--were the products of the only two men she'd ever coerced into fucking her; both men had been slobbering drunk and Buddy's father had been stoned out of his mind. But who cared if there were drunk or high when she'd got them to fuck her?"Now beat off, Buddy," Brenda said. She'd never let his cock inside her silky cunt. ("You have to draw the line somewhere" was her motto. ) One hand slipped between her thighs, the fingers gliding through the matted pubic hair that spilled down onto her inner thighs; it was soaked with her juices and Buddy's spit. Buddy wrapped his fingers around his cock (Brenda had known since day one that he was going to be a hung horse) and peeled back the foreskin. He stroked it slowly.

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  "Get over there and help your brother, Gloria," Brenda said, catching a hand full of her pussy hair and tugging on it. Each time she tugged on her black cunt hair, her fat mound swelled up like a hillock between her thighs. "It's okay, Mamma," Buddy said. "I'll do it myself. ""Oh shit, Ma!" Gloria whined from her prone position on the floor. "Do I have to?""Go on," Brenda insisted, working three fingers into her sloppy cunt. "Get over there and jerk him off, so I can watch him come. "Gloria rolled her fat over and found her knees. She crawled to her brother, whose eyes were closed as he slowly built himself to a climax. The fat teenager straddled Buddy's head and dropped her pimple-covered buttocks down around Buddy's face. She reached for his cock. As soon as her fingers touched the tip of his dick, Buddy let his hand fall to the floor and let his sister take over. Gloria's hand worked until Buddy's balls swam upward to the root of his prick. "Make him come off between your fucking titties, Gloria!"Brenda never tired of seeing her daughter's tits covered in thick cum. If she could just get a real man to spray Gloria's tits instead of Buddy .

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   . . goddamn, that would be hot!"Mamma?" Buddy squealed. "I'm going to--""Get those fucking tits down there, Gloria!" Brenda yelled. "Bend over, you fucking fat whore, and spray that hot cum on those nipples for me!"Gloria looked at her mother, saw her panting and wriggling on the floor like some blob of flesh-colored jelly, saw the lust- crazed look in her eyes, watched the woman cruelly twist and stretch her own huge nipples. She complied with her mother's wish and leaned forward. Her hand aimed Buddy's prick right at her pointed tit and hard nipple. His first blast arched upward and landed just above her areola; it ran down her tit flesh and around the nipple where it dropped off onto Buddy's tummy. "Oh fuck, that shit's hot, Mamma! Gloria yelped. Then she twisted his cock and pulled his foreskin completely over her other nipple. Her mouth twisted into a lewd snarl of pleasure, as she stared at her mamma. "Oh goddamn that feels good! You like that, Mamma? Watch him shoot the rest between my tits. " With both nipples coated in sperm, Gloria let Buddy finish in the valley between her breasts. "Now come here, Gloria," Brenda said. "Get your fat ass over here and let me lick his cum.

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  "Gloria crawled to her mother on all fours, her tits and tummy swaying like those of an overfed cow. Brenda slid down and forward on the floor. Gloria rose to her knees beside Brenda and rubbed one titty across her lips. Brenda sucked hard, stretching the girl's tit into even more of a cone shape than it already was. Brenda smacked her lips, letting Gloria's tit fell out of her mouth. She watched Buddy's semen running down Gloria's cleavage and fat tummy. "Finger me," she ordered the girl. Her tongue lolled out to lick the sperm from Gloria's tummy just as Gloria's four fingers disappeared inside her wanton cunt. "More," Brenda gasped after cleaning both Gloria's titties of cum. "Give it to me. I need it. Need your whole fucking fist up my cunt. " Gloria smirked, wrapped her thumb into her palm and shoved. Buddy curled up into a fetal position, facing away from his mother and sister. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to drowned out his nasty mother's voice.

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   Why oh why did his cock always have to rise to the occasion? He hated it, hated the way they treated him. "Oh FUCK!" Brenda groaned, thrusting her hips upward to meet Gloria's invading hand. The teenager's hand disappeared into Brenda's gaping pussy. Brenda froze with her head threw back onto the sofa, her eyes open and staring at the ceiling, her mouth panting for air. She fought to relax her cunt. "Oh goddamn! Oh shit, Gloria! Stay there! Hold it still a minute! Let me . . . "Yeah, god yeah, that's better," Brenda moaned after a few moments. She rolled her head forward and looked down. "Fuck! I wish I could see over my fucking fat gut. That's got to look hotter'n hell!""It does, Mamma," Gloria tittered. "Next time I'll get you a mirror. "Brenda smiled. "You're too kind," she said, "you nasty fucker.

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  "She reached up to clasp Gloria's other wrist and urged it downward. "Now jerk me off, kiddo. Jerk your mamma's nasty cunt off, so she can come on your hand. "As his sister's fingers found their mother's fat clit, Buddy crawled to the front door with his cut off jeans in his hand. Neither female seemed to notice, as he opened the screen door and crawled out like an escaping animal. The EndPlease send comments and/or suggestions to pjammas@geocities. comMORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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