Helping Laurie


Helping Laurie
It was shortly after 6 AM. I was only up because I had awoken when my wife left for work, and I had to go to the bathroom. Hearing my wife say something just before she closed the door raised my curiosity, so instead of going back to my room, I padded out in my shorts, to the living room.
My little Laurie was sitting up watching TV on the couch, still in her pajamas, which consisted of a smallish tank top with ruffled panty bottoms. The outfit was a gauze white with embossed pink flowers.
“Hey babe,” I said, “What’re you doing up so early?”
“I couldn’t sleep. I got lots of pains,” she said, her face somewhat blushing.
“Got it again, hah?”
As most typical young girls would do, my daughter lowered her head in shyness. It was about a month earlier that Laurie had gotten her first period, so I assumed that this was her second.
Then she barely shook her head, saying softly, “No, not yet. That’s the matter; so I just got pains, you know?”
I walked over and sat on the end of the couch alongside her. “So you didn’t sleep at all?” I sympathized.
She shook her head again. “Every time I started to fall asleep, I’d get another cramp. Now I’m so wound up, I. .

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  . ” She didn’t finish; just turned to look back at the TV.
“If it will help, I’ll give you a massage?” I smiled.
Laurie turned back to look at me and then a smile broke out on her cute little face. “Okay, big man, take care of your little girl. ” With that, she immediately shifted back onto the couch, bringing her back to me, while lifting her legs up at the opposite end.
I grinned and as soon as she was situated, I brought my hands onto her shoulders. I could feel the tension in her back as soon as I started to rub her shoulders and about 10 minutes into the backrub, the youngster started to loosen up and began making “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing sounds, which let me know that this felt good to her.
I had been concentrating on her shoulders and spine but now I started rubbing down her sides too, all the way to the elastic waist of her pajama shorts. A couple of times when I slid my hands up her sides I had felt the beginning swell of her budding breasts under my fingertips and each time I felt a little more of a thrill. Even though this was my own little girl, I actually wanted to touch them, to feel their small roundness in my hands. I suppose that if I was honest with myself, I even wanted to suck her little nipples into my mouth.
From her purring sounds, it was obviously that Laurie was enjoying the physical contact though I wasn’t sure if she was even aware of how close I’d been to cupping her tiny breasts.
I asked if her lower belly was achy from her ‘problem’.
“Uh huh, yeah Daddy.


“Get yourself more comfy, Sweetums, and I’ll try to take your aches away there too. ”
She sat up and shifted to the other end of the couch, resting against an overstuffed pillow, and leaving her legs off so that I could move over and nearer to her. Moving over, I sat down on the sofa beside my little girl and started stroking her belly in the slow circular motions. She leaned back into the soft cushiony pillows and closed her eyes drowsily.
I actually thought she had dozed off until a few minutes later, when she whispered, "God, that feels so good, Daddy. "
“Yeah good, baby girl. Just try to relax. Let’s see if Daddy can make you feel better,” I told her as I continued with my gentle massage.
As I was touching her, I was distracted by the TV, and was surprised a few minutes later to find my daughter was breathing heavily. She had actually fallen asleep.
I continued to rub her lower belly even pulling her PJ bottoms down underneath her belly so that I could get to the area that was probably feeling the most pressure from the cramps. Laurie just kind of relaxed into the cushions and stretched a little in her sleep. I had all the time in the world to examine my daughter's body without her noticing. I suppose this was the first time that I realized she was becoming a woman.
I watched her little breasts rise and fall with each breath she took and it wasn’t long before I realized I was having a mental problem. 

   I can’t explain it, but I wanted to touch my little girl’s breasts. I tried to shake the thoughts that were rapidly coming to the forefront, to no avail. Of course, I should have just gotten up and moved, but with my hands on my Laurie’s hot skin and my eyes moving continuously to her little boobs, I was lost. I wanted to touch them so bad.
Losing all sense of right and wrong, I started moving my hands slowly up the curve of my daughter’s belly. Then I slid them back and to the sides. I purposely moved my hands erratically to see if Laurie would wake up when I moved them about her. She continued breathing deeply in obvious slumber, so I just kept on with what I was doing.
I traced my finger from the top of her belly down into her PJ bottoms to just above her pubic mound. Then, running my fingertips back up the same path, I traced a line up moving under my little girl’s PJ tank top, to one of her tiny nipples. I traced a circle around the edges of her aureole and her tiny nipple responded by puckering up into a hard little nugget as her aureole compressed into a ruffled circle. I liked that so much that I did the same thing with the other nipple and watched in amazement as it did the same thing.
By this time, I was crazy with the need to take it into my mouth. I noticed that my daughter's breathing hadn't changed a bit so I was feeling a little bolder. I slid my fingertips across the rigid tip of Laurie's right nipple and shuddered at the way it felt under my hand.

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   I was so horny now that I laid a trembling hand on each of my daughter's breasts and squeezed just a little to feel the hot flesh in my hands. I could feel the tautness of her nipples against the palm of each of my hands and suddenly felt a corresponding tightness in my crotch. I squirmed a little where I was sitting and noticed how my wet I was from automatically oozing precum. I was so turned on by my own daughter's breasts, that I could feel the pooling wetness inside my shorts.
I leaned down slowly and, after removing my hand, boldly took Laurie's right nipple into my mouth. At first, I just wanted to feel the texture of it against my lips but as soon as I touched it, I was overcome with the desire to suck. I tried to do it gently so that my daughter wouldn't wake up but I was so carried away that I drew it deep into my mouth.
With that, Laurie groaned and twisted her body slightly and I just knew I was caught! Imagine my surprise when my little girl clutched the back of my head and pulled me to her. At the same time, she was reaching down to grasp the bottom of the tank top and, as my mouth laved her little titty, she hurriedly pulled the top up and off her little body.
"Please. Oh god, Dad, please. . . " was all she was able to say but it was more than enough. Cupping her tiny breasts in both my hands, I held them firmly, and then began to lick first one nipple and then the other.

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   I drew both of them deep into my mouth and sucked on them, unable to control my eagerness. Aware of how sensitive my daughter’s little titties probably were, I assumed that I brought her some pain to the obvious pleasure she was showing. I was afraid that she might cry out in pain but she didn't. Instead she slid further down into the cushions and began pushing her pajama bottoms down with both hands.
I've never been one to miss a sexual cue and it was obvious that Laurie's needs were even greater than I could have ever imagined. Before she could get her shorts down to her knees, I had slipped one hand between her soft, skinny, thighs and began slowly but determinedly moving where I suspected we both wanted it to be. My fingertips slid over the naked little mound and pressed into her tight outer lips.
“Oooo Daddy, Daddy…” she whimpered.
In my excitement, I had a little trouble finding her slit but Laurie’s hand rushed down and grabbed mine, guiding it to her center, where my index finger slipped into her. It was a tight fit, but surprisingly, her opening was drenched, easing the gentle entry. My daughter was thrashing about on the sofa now, one of her legs raised to free herself of her PJ bottoms and her hand was still clamped firmly to the back of my head. I raised my head for just a moment and looked directly into Laurie's eyes before plunging my finger into her as far as it would go. She tensed almost immediately as her first orgasm ever shuddered throughout her little body.
I backed off just a little and began to slide my finger slowly in and out of Laurie's pussy. I knew that somewhere in her young life she’d somehow lost her hymen, because I didn’t feel it and Laurie was showing no signs of pain.

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   Not finding resistance I gently but quickly added a second finger. My little girl was so wet, so ready for me I think that I could have even pushed a third finger into her. Because I didn't know how much her body could take without harming her, I resisted the impulse.
Laurie has a tiny little clit but I could feel it growing and pulsing against the side of my hand as I pushed in and out of her pussy. I wanted to see it. . . to feel it between my fingertips, between my lips. . . but I wasn't at all sure that the youngster was ready to let go of my head.
Pulling away from her grasp on me, I whispered, "Laurie, let Daddy take care of you. "
My daughter looked at me with glazed eyes and then lay back onto the cushions, giving me her unspoken consent.
I lowered myself to the floor in front of her and pushed her legs apart as far as they would go. I knew that this was the final step to crossing the line, but I was soooo eager to taste my child’s sex.

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   I pushed Laurie even further down into the soft cushions of the sofa and then slid my hands across her somewhat puffy pussy lips, which almost seemed to throb under my touch, and that made me want her even more. Using the thumbs of both hands, I gently opened her lips up. Within, she was a fair pink, almost red, and I could actually see drops of moisture forming on her delicately shaped inner lips. The wonderful aroma of my own daughter’s arousal was most overpowering. I wanted to devour her, to bury my face in her sweet pussy.
Determined that she was going to enjoy her first time, I leaned my head down and licked up from the bottom of her sweet little pussy, all the way up the center to the hard little nugget of her clit. Laurie's legs trembled and she moaned aloud. Still, I knew that what she was feeling now was nothing compared to what I wanted her to feel. I took her clit between my teeth, biting down gently and began to shake my head from side to side.
“Nnnnnggggghhh…” Laurie groaned, and her thighs clamped down on the sides of my head with unexpected force. I had to push them apart again before I could continue.
Releasing her tiny, hard, clit, I pushed my tongue deep inside her and began to thrust it in and out, while at the same time, I moved my mouth up and down that wet, fragrant slit.
“Oh god Daddy oh Daddy oh oh ah nngg ah…”
My daughter was obviously over the top now, crying out with each new touch. Each sound from her lips drove me on to please her more. I sucked her small inner lips into my mouth and let them slide out from between my tightly pursed lips.

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   I hungrily lapped at her sweet pussy, much like a dog laps up water from his bowl after running around in the hot sun.
Laurie's hips were moving up and down in a frantic rhythm, signaling that she was close to orgasm and I felt as though I too was close to cumming.
Only moments later I felt her thighs begin to tremble and her breathing become more irregular and harsher and I knew I had my daughter in the throes of her first real orgasm. She reached down with one hand and frantically tangled her fingers in my hair, alternately pulling me away and then urgently pushing me back into her.
I wrapped my arms around her quivering thighs and lapped eagerly at her pussy like a kitten lapping milk until she cried out my name, “Daddeeee…”
As my daughter’s juices oozed freely into my mouth, about my lips, and down my chin, I was so turned on by her taste, her smells, the feel of those silky, sweet lips in my mouth, the honeyed sweetness of her cum, that I could feel my throbbing cock beginning to tighten and twitch. I slid my hand down inside my shorts where I grasped my throbbing cock and began to jerk off.
Then her entire torso was thrust up and holding, while my mouth was pushing into her and lapping, and at the same time I was exploding in my shorts.
When I finally pulled away from my daughter’s wet cunt and sat up, we looked at each other. The look of shame and embarrassment that I saw on my little girl’s face only served to heighten those same feelings in me.
I knew then that my life was never going to be the same, but in what way, I had no way of knowing. It would all depend on how my daughter was going to react when she finally began to think straight.  
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