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She just laughed a little and said that particular tape was her favorite and told me to let it play. She took a seat on the coach next to me while I pushed play. My sister's name is Susan and she told me to go back to what I was doing before she walked in. Susan said she wanted to watch me stroke myself. Well not to be one to be a bad sport I took my cock back out and started to stroke it. Susan asked me if I liked the tape and I told her that I have never seen somebody get into cock sucking like that. She asked me if I wanted to see my sister's skills first hand. I didn't say a word as she reached over and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. She smiled at me and lowered her head to my cock and started to lick the head of my cock. Then in one motion she took all 8 inches of my cock into her mouth and throat, sucking so hard I thought all the blood in my body would end up in my cock. She continued to suck, switching to just the head and stroking the rest of my cock with her hand. I was just about ready to cum when I looked up and saw our mother standing there! She had brought over some curtains for Susan and had let herself in the house. I asked my mom how long she had been standing there. She told me since my sister first went down on my cock. She said she was sorry I saw her before I came since she wanted to see that. Susan needing no further encouragement pulled my cock back out my shorts and went back to sucking and stroking.

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   My mom walked in front of me and sat on the floor between my legs, she said she wanted a better view. Then my mom reached out and fondled my balls, then asked me to move my ass to the very edge of the coach. When I moved down my mother started licking the spot between my balls and ass, occasionally going and licking my balls. My mother then pushed my left leg up and started licking my ass. She was trying to stick her tongue as far as she could into my asshole. I was helping by turning my body a little so my sister was almost completely underneath me. I asked them both if they just wanted to go to the bedroom and get naked. They didn't say a word and both got up and grabbed my hands and led me through the hall and to the bedroom. When we got to the bedroom we all just watched each other undress. I had the most incredible hard on. Then I was pushed on the bed and my mother immediately got on top of me, in a 69 position and started to suck my cock. I started to go to work licking her pussy and ass. She really liked when I would suck her clit and stick a couple of fingers in her ass. My sister was just lying next to me occasionally fingering our mother while I was eating her pussy. Then my mom asked if she could watch me fuck my sister.

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   Susan was now getting all ready, she was lying next to me all spread eagle so all I did was roll on top of her and stick my cock in her. I started to go slow, our mother got between our legs and started to eat my asshole like it might suddenly go away if she stopped. Mom then started to stick a couple of fingers in my ass, I am just pumping away in my sister's pussy and my mom is sticking her fingers in my ass and licking my balls. I was about to cum when mom pulled my cock out of my sister and put it in her mouth, she pulled off my cock once to tell me she wanted to taste me, then went back to giving a blowjob even my sister could take notes of. I came in her mouth as hard as I have ever had in my life. Mom continued to suck until I got so sensitive I couldn't take it anymore. I then had my sister and our mother lye next to each other, and I just alternated eating them until they both came. We had fun for the rest of the night. I ended up fucking both of them in their ass. I fucked my mom while she was about to get dressed. I got up behind her and pushed her over the edge of the bed so her feet were on the floor and her upper body resting on her elbows and head. I just grabbed her hips and fucked her so hard she came in about 2 minutes. While she was in that position I pulled out of her pussy and my sister grabbed some more lube and greased mom's ass and my cock. Susan grabbed my cock and she was going to be the one to stick it in my mom's ass. We haven't fucked since then.

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   Maybe when I go back home for a few days in a couple of weeks, we can continue where we left off. I am certainly willing to help anyone in my family move. MORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.