Her brother found us in bed and joined in.


I was 15 and had this great girl and not long after we started going together I realised she was better educated in sex than I was. She seduced me one night and although I had been with only one other girl she was really capable at getting me worked up, On the 2nd time we met it was at her house. She undid my fly and said I want to see what you have, I love playing with cocks. Moments later she had my cock in her hand and said lovely, I like circumcised cocks better than uncut ones. Then she began to masturbate me and I was enjoying everything. I had forgotten about her and she said come on dont you want to finger me. Instead of just letting me put my finger up her dress she took everything off and said come on get with it and before I knew it the two of us were butt naked.
We were in her room and she said her mother was out for the night and her brother was at a party so we could do anything we wanted. Things happened fast and after a few minutes of fingering each other she said come on I am ready now, lets fuck and I had my second time with her.  I was a real eye opener for me she had no qualms about having sex, no warm up, a couple of kisses then just lay back and do it. I suppose I had been in her for a minute or two and she says can you cum and I said yes. Good she said when you do lets know and I will give it a clean up. She said she loved doing it in various positions and while I was in the missionary position she said when you have done it the first time we will try doggy, I love doggy.
I kept pumping in her and she said hey you arnt bad most guys cum within a couple of minutes maybe I can make it with you. Keep it going and I will get you on the right spot and see if I can make it. She said quite often she has to masturbate herself to orgasm as guys have trouble staying up long enough for her to cum.

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   She began to wriggle about and said now thats just right keep it going on that spot and I could feel she had me doing it just near her opening. I had to be careful I didnt pull out completely but I soon had it right she said. I have never had sex with a girl who cums, my first time she just lay there and let me do it until I came. Then she got up and it was all over. While I was doing it to her she said how many fucks have you had and I said only one. She said who was that with anybody I know - and I said Sue, I am sure you know her. She said I do, but I didnt know she was into fucking yet.  Is she any good and I said well she is different to you, we just did it and it was all over. I assume she liked it because she said any time you want it let me know. Hell she said if I dont get it two or three times each time with a guy I get really wild with him. Now she said keep it going I am getting there and pretty soon she said ok, flog me with it I want it hard and fast and I started to do what she said and pretty soon I said I am about to cum and she said hold it two seconds and then she let out this loud moan and said thats fucking fantastic. While she was enjoying her orgasm mine came and I pumped my cock dry in her. I was so engrossed in her cumming performance I really didnt get a lot out of my cumming, but i really enjoyed seeing her have one. She said did you fill me up and I said yes, I hope you dont get pregnant and she said no way I am on the pill already.  Now she said lets have a look at that wonderful dong of yours and it had come out all covered in cum and muck from inside her.

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   I was kneeling between her legs and she said ok stand up. As I did she got off the bed and knelt in front of me and said lets see how long it takes to get hard and she put it straight into her mouth all covered in the mess I had made inside her. It wasnt more than 30 seconds and I was as hard as a pole and having the most amazing sensation as she played with my cock in her mouth. She was holding it with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. Ok lover boy lets see how long you can last this time, you were good at fucking lets see how you are being sucked. She worked on me for about 2 minutes before the feeling of an orgasm began to build up, she was stroking my cock up and down with her fingers and sucking and rubbing her tongue over the nob. I knew I wasnt going to last as long as the fuck but it felt really great. Then it built up and I groaned as my cum spurted out and she drank it as quick as it came out. You were great she said, I really love that when a guys cums in my mouth. Now its my turn she said and got on the bed again, lay back and opened her legs. I said I will have to wait a minute I cant do it soo soon, she said forget fucking me suck me.  I had never done that to a girl and I made a crude attempt to go down on her and she said you are a novice anrt you and I looked at her and said - sorry I have never done this before. Thats fine she said I can show you easy and she then told me what to do. just looking at her cunt made me horny but it was all covered in my cum as it was beginning to seep out. I wasnt really keen to do that but she said, never tasted your own cum, then here is another first for you.

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   Actually it tastes better after it has been in me, its mixed with my juice and tastes much better, even I enjoy it.
As she gave me directions I began tentatively to lick and suck and pretty soon she had me doing it to her perfectly she said. You are a fast learner and not bad at all, I like it. I was still getting used to the taste and smell, she didnt have a strong smell but it did smell a bit. After a couple of minutes I didnt notice either again, I just enjoyed every bit of giving her oral sex and even got my own pleasure working on her. She said I like this, you are good, it wont take me much to cum, and then guided me onto her clitoris and showed me how to lick and suck on it until she came. As she had her orgasm she moaned and squirmed and I had trouble keeping my mouth over her cunt.  then she said that was fantastic.
The two of us sat on the bed and she began to play with my cock again and I started to finger her. Then she said can you french and I said yes so we kissed and I actually got the taste of us back again from our mouths. I fondled her nipples and she said I like that so we just kissed and fingered one another for a while.
We were both really engaged in warming ourselves up and she said come on fuck me again and this time she got on all fours and said I want you to fuck me doggy style this time. I had no problems getting myself involved with her this time. I was fucking her long and slow as she asked me and then I heard a noise in the hall, I said shit somebody is in the house. She said its possibly my brother dont worry about him he knows I do this.

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   A few seconds later her brother walked in and said having good fun sis, who is it this time. I stopped and he said dont let me interrupt you, I will come back shortly and he walked out again. I said shit I thought he would bash the daylights out of me for doing this with you. She laughed and said when you are finished he will possibly want it off me as well, it depends upon if he got any at the party. He came back with a beer in his hand and I kept going in her and she was enjoying it. He didnt say much but watched me, then he came around beside us and he put his hand under her as she was kneeling and fondled her breasts, she loves this he said.  
She said did you get any tonight and he said no not even a blow job, I will be relying on you again sis to shift my dirty water.  By now I had overcome the concerns about him finding me fucking her and even being there watching us and got close to cumming and she said come on I wont be cumming this time, I have lost the sensation, it fizzled out. I kept going and it was about a minute or two later I came and shot my cum into her again. As I pulled out her brother said ok I will be in it now sis, and he slipped his pants down and had his cock out and hard. His was much longer than mine and she just lay back and he got on top of her as if it was completely normal, like saying how are you, only it was lets fuck. He had no problems going into her right after I had cum in her and he really gave her a workout, he was far more physical than I was and her body was bouncing all over the place as he fucked her hard. Geezus your good he said and she said I wish everybody fucked me as hard as you do. I couldnt take my eyes of them they were really working hard at their fuck and enjoying themselves. See how she likes to be fucked, well next time give it to her like this and she will be screaming for more every time.

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   Then she started to cum and moaned and groaned and she really was having a great time of it. Then he said ok here I cum sis, and he shot his load of cum into her.
After they had both recovered a bit he got off her and said ok she is all yours again, have fun. Then he gave his cock to her and she sucked it clean. I said I think I had better be going its getting late and I dont want to be grounded. She said will I see you tomorrow, and I said if you want and she said I want, and I want you to fuck me more. I like you. As I got dressed and she turned to her brother and said how soon before you can go again, I wouldnt mind a bum fuck. He said when you boy friend goes I will no problem, unless he wants to see you get it up the arse. I said I would love to but I must go and bent down and kissed her and  said save some for me tomorrow. She said we will really make a day of it believe me. Dream of me and how you want to fuck me tomorrow, and I left as he began to get back on the bed and she rolled over to get it up her arse.
The next day I returned and we fucked all day and I lost count of the number of times I fucked and sucked her and she did it to me. I couldnt believe I could do oral on her afer sex but I actually liked it. I even had my first anal fuck with her.

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   To me it was ok, but she loved it. I also found out that they have been fucking each other as brother and sister for 3 years from when she was 11. He and her do it quite a few times a week evidently. Her mother knows but doesnt care.  She told me she thinks he has even fucked her, but he wont admit it right out.
Now I just enjoy it with her and it doesnt bother me that she and her brother do it together. Maybe we will have a three some one day.