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Virna looked her daughter in the eye, and after a moments hesitation replied, "Okay, honey, who goes first!?!" "Oh, mom," she replied while taking off her sweater and bra, "it's been so long since they've been sucked properly, and just look at my nipples, so big and hard and ready for your mouth, let's hurry, I can hardly stand it!!!" "Baby, baby, baby," Virna said softly while taking a large nip into her mouth, "come here to mama so she can make your pretty chest feel nice and warm!!!" With the two of them still standing in the middle of the kitchen, Virna gently nursed on her daughter's 38dd breasts while her daughter cradled her head in her arms, while cooing like a mother with a baby at her breast!!! "Oh, mama," Gwen sighed, "you always were the best, are you and daddy doing Angie yet!?!" Angie was Gwen's eighteen year old sister, who even though she had been quite the tomboy, had a chest every bit as large as Gwen's and maybe even larger, so it did her heart good when her mother replied, "Of course we have, dear, at least three times a week I take care of her breasts, and of course your father uses his penis on her tight pussy!!!" "Is she highly orgasmic," Gwen asked curiously, "I mean does she cum a lot!?!""What do you think," her mother said with a chuckle, "she's your sister!?!" With a sheepish grin Gwen replied, "Well I guess that means she cums all over the place, huh!?!""Once you start her, you can't shut her off," Virna Olson laughed, "she nearly fucked daddy to death last month, I had to pull her off him and finish her off with my mouth, and she still could of handled more but finally gave us a break quit on her own!!!"Just as Virna was about to return to her sucking, the kitchen door flew open and in strode Angie, looking to get an after school snack!!!" "Well, well, well," she crowed when she saw Gwen's bare chest, "what do we have here, a little mother-daughter get together!?!" "Hi, sis," Gwen said with a laugh, "mom and I were just reliving old times, how's everything with you!?!" "Real good," Angie replied while taking off her own top, "you wanna rub boobs for awhile, my bra was killing me and I sure could use some lovin'!?!"Gwen looked expectantly at her mother who said quickly, "Oh, go ahead honey, your sister's breasts need some attention too, we've got plenty of time to do our thing, and besides, I promised Jill that I'd stop over and masturbate with her this afternoon, and thanks to Gwen, my pussy's all ready to go, so have fun," and just like that Virna was out the back door and on her way over to the neighbor's house, leaving the two huge breasted sisters pressing their chests together as the fire in their loins grew more incessant!!!After a few moments in the kitchen, Angie whispered, "Let's go to my room, I've got a couple of big vibes we can use on our pussies, whataya say!?!" "Mmmmm, sounds absolutely yummy," Gwen replied in a thick voice, "I'll follow you, okay!?!" The two sisters bounded up the stairs with their boobs bouncing uncontrollably as they went, until they reached Angie's room, where upon she opened a drawer and extracted two long and thick vibrators, one black and the other white!!! "My goodness, sis," Gwen said softly, "these aren't vibrators, they're lethal weapons, if the Russians attack us, we're all safe in this household, they wouldn't stand a chance!!!" Angie threw back her head and laughed while the two of them stripped off the rest of their clothing, and after making sure they were both in good working order, she handed the black one to Gwen and said, "Okay, hon, let's lie down on the bed and do it!!!""Oh, that's so nice," Gwen said as the huge hummer honed in on her erect clit, "I can tell already my cum's gonna be a huge one!!!" "Mmmmm, me too," Angie replied while expertly applying the plastic tip to her own little clit, "d-do you have one of these back at school, ohhhhh myyyyy!?!" "Oh yeah," Gwen said between gasps, "not quite this big, but just as effective!!!" "If you just use it for the humming that's true," Angie replied thickly, "but if you do this with it," while ramming it in and out of her sopping wet slit, "t-then it's nice to have long and thick, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that's nice!!!" Taking a cue from her younger sister, Gwen slid the thick black cudgetl deep into her pussy, immeditately inducing a series of hard crushing climaxes, that left her gasping and panting for her lost breath!!! "S-see," Angie stammered while hammering her cunt with the giant hummer, "I-I told you so, it makes you cum like a fucking rocket, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, god I'm cumming so fucking hard," and as her pussy began to convulse and spasm out of control, Angie rammed the plastic destroyer in and out of her cunt with brutal and harsh efficiency, until there was no more orgasms to be had!!!Later that evening at the dinner table, Tom Olson made a toast to his eldest daughter, and then offered, "Seeing my two girls back at the same dinner table does my heart good, and from what mother here says, you both have gotten back into the old swing of things, and that makes me very happy and proud!!! With a tear in her eye, Gwen reached over and covered her father's hand and asked softly, "Is it all right if I suck you off, dad, I've missed is so much!?!" With a smile a mile wide, Tom Olson replied, "What kind of a father would I be if I said no," and with that, he stood up and dropped his trousers, allowing his semi hard erection to swing freely at the dinner table!!! "You still have the nicest cock I've ever seen," Gwen said while scurrying around the table to her father, "I just can't wait to suck it," and in a flash, she was on the floor and letting the big cock slide easily into her eager wet mouth!!! Both Angie and her mother looked on with hunger in their eyes, which caused Angie to ask, "Mom, would you like me to suck you off, I really feel like having my mouth on your pussy!?!" "Of course you may, dear," Virna Olson replied softly while pulling up her skirt and slipping off her panties, "you know you don't have to even ask!!!"Between moans, Tom Olson said to his wife, "We're lucky to have such fine young women as daughter's, Vi, and a lot of the credit has to go to you, you've taught them well!!!" "O-oh, god," Virna gasped, "all I did was teach them right from wrong and that good sex is the best tonic for what ails ya, I-I think it was really your big cock that showed them the way, though!!!" Gwen pulled her mouth off of her father's cock just long enough to scold,"Will you two shut up, you both made big impressions on us, isn't that right, Angie!?!" Angie' face, covered with her mother's pussy juice, shone in the dinning room light as she replied, "Of course it's true, pussy and cock are like steak and pork, they're both good, just different, it's really what you're hungry for, and right now I'm hungry for mama's pussy!!!""And I for daddy's cock," Gwen rejoined, as the two girls went feverishly to work, sucking and licking their parent's genitals, until Tom Olson finally stammered, "M-my god, Vi, Gwen's sucking me off, I can't hold it back, I'm gonna shoot it down her throat, ohhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" Virna looked over with at her eldest daughter with her husband's big cock in her mouth, and just the mere sight of it caused her vagina to shudder as her orgasm wrenched and twisted her pussy in a mind blowing climax of her own!!!After it was over, Tom Olson offered, "Virna, we are so lucky, two talented girls that always have made us proud!!!" Yeah," Virna replied softly, "but first of all, they've always made us cum!!!THE ENDMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER has a huge list of hotties and escort services in Mykonos!

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