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Having missed the school bus Mark, along with his best friend Jeff, had to trudge home the two miles through the deep snow. He had thought about calling his mother but knew she didn"t like driving in the stuff, especially with the heavy snow that was accumulating. So he thought it best to just walk. Also, he was well aware that Jeff"s mother worked late so she was also out of the question. Arriving home, and unlocking the back door, he entered into the kitchen. He was surprized at the sight that greeted him. His mother was cleaning up the counter wearing her short white terrycloth bathrobe. "Hi, mom," he greeted as he entered. "Okay if Jeff comes in?""Sure," Natalie replied. "Besides it"s getting cold in here so close the damn door already, will you. " As Jeff entered she greeted him warmly. "Hi, Jeff, long time no see. ""For sure, Mrs. Evans, for sure. ""Hey, you guys want a pizza or something?""No, mom, that"s quite alright. We grabbed a bite at Burgerland.

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  ""Well, then, how about some cookies," she casually remarked setting the step stood against the counter. Glancing over her shoulder, as she climbed to the counter, she saw the smile on both their faces. Opening the high cabinet, bracing herself against it, she reached in grabbing the platter standing up behind the dishes. In doing so Mark, even Jeff, couldn"t help but notice how her robe hiked up exposing the bottom of her fanny. Both marvelled at how nicely round it was. Mark smiled at Jeff and nudged his eyes toward his mother. "Here, honey, grab this will you," Natalie glanced her eyes his way handing him the platter. Mark grabbed the platter as she pleaded, "Set it down and then help me down. I don"t mind going up it"s coming down that scares me. "Setting the platter on the counter he returned to assist his mother from her precarious perch. Knowing how unsteady she was up there he cradled her right arm with his hand and put his left hand against the small of her back. "Be careful, mom," he cautioned. "Thanks, sweetheart," Natalie remarked as she stepped down.  Suddenly, without warning, she slipped on a step falling sideways and backward. "Geez, mom, be careful," Mark blurted out as his right hand slipped off her arm slamming into her right breast as his left hand slipped from her back.

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   He was surprized when it slid through her legs palming itself against her vaginal forest. Helping her stand he said, "Oh god, mom, you gave me quite a scare," he swallowed the lump in his throat. Kissing him on the cheek she thanked him. "Now you two go into the living room and get comfortable and I"ll get the cookies. Shoo!"Picking up their backpacks they left the kitchen. Arriving in the other room Mark threw his backpack on the floor and started to remove his shirt. As Jeff glared at him he only commented, as he slipped off his pants, "Well, my mom did say to get comfortable. "As Mark removed his underpants Jeff couldn"t help but look. It wasn"t that he was gay, or anything like that, but just curious how his friend stacked up. He giggled a comment, "You"re kinda nice looking you know that. "Mark blushed and couldn"t help but dare, "Care to join me?""Sure," Jeff added with a laugh and stripped off his clothes aswell. He could plainly see where his friend"s eyes were diverted as they sat down on the couch. Jeff retrieved the cameras from his backpack and set them on the coffee table. Looking at Mark he smiled. "Know somethin.

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   Your mom"s a real fox. Kinda sexy, too. ""Yeah, that"s for sure," Mark smiled. "Damn, I"ve seen more of your mom than I could ever hope with mine. " Mark looked in surprize at him as he continued, "Fuck, my mother"s such a prude she won"t even bare a leg. "Mark looked at him in surprize. With a gleam in his eye he blustered proudly, "Hey wanna know something. My mom"s got hair on her pussy. ""Oh yeah!" Jeff smiled questioning, "Tell me, huh huh, how much?""Shit, I don"t know! Seems to be a lot but, shit, I don"t know. "Both of them were sitting, with legs open, when Natalie entered the room. Setting the platter on the table she laughed, "Geez, guys, I didn"t mean it that way. ""Does it bother you, mom?""Naw," she giggled. Noticing the cameras, one still and one video, she wondered, "What"s with the cameras?""It"s our homework, Mrs. Evans. "Natalie was surprized at his answer as Mark added, "Yeah, mom, we gotta take pictures of a girl.

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  "Not the least bit camera shy Natalie immediately struck a pose. "What about me? I"m kind of a girl. "Mark snapped a few pictures of her, rather provacative poses, and thanked her. "But, they gotta be," not completing his statement hereached over and retrieved a crumpled piece of paper from his pants pocket and handed it towards her. As Natalie bent over to reach for the paper they could both see a slight hint of her exposed cleavage. Snatching the paper, as quickly as she did, caused Mark"s hand to glance against her breasts. Grabbing a cookie she munched on it as she read the fragmented notes scribbled on the paper. Throwing it down on the coffee table she blurted out, "That"s disgusting!" Finishing her cookie, she asked, "Hey, you guys want some milk?" As they were eating the cookies they couldn"t very well make an audible comment but their mumble was just as good for her. Making her way toward the kitchen she stopped halfway. Hiking up the hem of her robe she caressed her fanny. "Hey, guys, tell your teacher she can caress this. " Pushing open the kitchen door, feeling a bit bold, she framed herself sideways raising the right hem exposing herhip to them. "Hey, check it out. Whew!" She flipped the front flap slightly and retreated out of the room. "Damn, Mark, I don"t believe your mother did that!""I don"t either. 

  ""Gotta admit she"s got a cute ass. "Natalie returned clutching the milk glasses in her left hand and a beer in her right. Carefully she let them retrieve the glasses. "You know, I"ve been thinking. What about me?""Mom, you couldn"t! You wouldn"t!"Sawying her hand-held hips, being careful not to expose herself, she angrily answered, "And why the hell not, Markie? What"s the matter, huh, your mother isn"t good enough, huh, huh?""No, mom, it"s not that," he stammered quickly, "it"s just thatJeff"s here. ""So?""Mom, please, you just couldn"t. "During the previous comments Jeff had been fiddling with the video camera making sure it was operating correctly even mananging to record a bit of the heated conversation. He was bit disappointed, though, that the robe didn"t part more allowing him to get a video shot underneath.  "Fuck it then," Natalie blurted out and turned with a jerk swishing the robe"s hem allowing a nice, recording shot, view of herfanny. Retreating to the recliner she bent over and set the beer on the left end table. Sitting down, modestly, in the recliner she looked over at Mark. "Fine. If you don"t want my help see if I care. " She jerked the handle backward, too quickly, which caused the recliner to jolt flaying her legs wildly into the air. Recomposing herself she sheepishly asked, "I, ah, didn"t, ah, well,you know?""No, mom, we didn"t see nothing," Mark addressed her fears.

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  "Oh, good, I"m glad to hear that. Afterall, I wouldn"t want tolet you guys see anything. Now would I?""I wouldn"t think you would, mom. "She scrunched a bit to her left to retrive the beer. "Afterall, I mean, it wouldn"t really be right. " Grabbing the beer she laid back down in the chair, adding, "A mother really shouldn"t let herson, hell even his best friend to boot, see her naked. Now shouldshe, huh?""Yeah, you"re right," Mark answered. After his utterance offumbled words he wondered why he had said it. Often he dreamed ofseeing his mother, hell even his sister, nude. After the few sudden encounters, one in the kitchen and the other one in here, he really wanted to see her nude. But he wouldn"t want to admit that to her. Looking right at them she smiled. "Look, you two, I know I"ve been a little, shall I say flashy, but well. " She didn"t complete her statement and opened the beer. Having previously been shaken up, when she swayed her hips, it sprayed half its contents onto her robe.

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   "Oh my my, mommy make a mess," Natalie giggled flipping the handle forward.  Slidding out of the chair she stood up. "I gotta change. " She turned around to set the can on the end table. Bending over, spreading her legs for support, caused her robe to hike way up, allowing them an unrestricted view of her twat.  "You understand, don"t you, Mark," facing him she continued, "I mean I don"t want to, well you know. " Climbing the stairs she glanced over her shoulder and, seeing them both watching her every move, commented, "Be right back. " Stopping on the landing she turned around to confront them. "Now don"t go anywhere, huh. " Turning back around she climbed the stairs completely removing her robe as she did so allowing both Mark and Jeff to see her naked backside and her bare butt wiggle as she continued up the stairs and disappear down the hallway. "Geez, guy," Jeff blurted out, "all I can say is wow! Hell, I"ve seen more of your mother in a hour than I ever could hope to see ofmine. "Mark just smiled at him. Nudging closer he wondered, "Hey, get anything good?""Oh yeah," Jeff gleamed as he rewound the digital camcorder. Asthey watched the three by five inch playback screen, which he paused at various times to study the image displayed, they couldn"t help but ooh and ah at what they were seeing. As the images played to the end Jeff mentioned, "I"d sure have liked to get a frontal shot under the robe.

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  ""Yeah, would"ve been nice," Mark smirked. "From what I felt itsure was nice. I"d love to see it. ""So would I," Jeff aserted, "but that"d never happen. I mean your mother"d never do that. ""Yeah, I know. I mean she may flirt but she"d never allow that. " Looking at Jeff he couldn"t help but blurt out, "Though we did see a bit of it you know. ""Yeah, I know, when her legs flew up. Shit, man, it happened soquick we barely saw anything. ""Saw enough though. Hey, I wonder what she"ll put on. "Jeff had to agree with Mark that his mother had only been flirting with them and that she"d never expose her nakedness to them. And he had to wonder what Natalie Evans would be wearing when she returned from upstairs. "I just can"t get over how really sexy your mother is, Mark.

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  "Their questions, as to her attire, were answered as she stepped into the room and crossed directly to the end table. The small white bath towel, pinned on the right side, was all she wore. She,aware of their staring saucered eyes, faced them directly. "What"swrong with this? I"m decent. " Turning her right side to them, bending over to pick up the beer, caused to towel to part exposing her breast, except for the nipple, and even a look at her flat tummy. Moving her right leg slightly forward, as she bent over, disallowed a glimpse of her crotch. Standing up again she schlooked the beer in one gulp. The quickness of her guzzling caused the towel to flap upward letting them see a fleeting glimpse of her light blond forest. "I got to get another one. " Crossing by the coffee table she glanced at the empty platter. "Geez, you guys weren"t really hungry were you? I"ll get some more. "Picking up the glasses she laid them on the platter and wiggled herway towards the swinging door. Dilberately framing herself in the doorway, exposing her right side, she asked, "Hey, want some soda?""Sure, mom, thanks," Mark answered checking out her sexy figure. "Okey-dokey," she giggled giving the towel a flip as she exited. In the kitchen, as she refilled the platter, she laughed to herself and admittedly agreed, "damn, I"m really being flirty sexytonight".

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   She continued to laugh as she retrieved two sodas and abeer from the fridge. Quickly recomposing her giggling fit she kicked open the door. "Can I get some help here," she pleaded as the door swung into her butt almost causing her to stumble. Holding the beer in her left hand, the platter in her right, with the sodas tucked under her right arm, didn"t leave her much leverage. "Now would be nice before I drop something. "Mark went to her aide. As he crossed the room he knew she was watching his dick, his fully erect dick, swaying freely. He reached for the platter. "I"ll take the cookies, mom. ""I don"t think so," she replied pulling back the platter. "Take the sodas. They"re cold and freezing my armpit. ""Okay," he answered and reached for them. As he did do she let them slip down catching them between her arm and her breast. Markhesitated.


  "Hey, I"m getting frostbite already, huh. "Somewhat embarrassed he hesitantly reached is right hand towards the cans. Grabbing the cans, which she had strategically placed, caused his hand to caress a generous feel of her naked breast and hewas surprized she allowed his fingers to nudge against her nipple. He savored the moment a few seconds. "Sorry , mom," he apologized as he retrieved the cans. "Thanks, sweetheart," she said as the back of her hand rubbed her side trying to get the warmth back in.
    Setting the platter on the coffee table, right in front of Jeff, she let him see her right side,her complete right side with no restirctions this time. She just smiled at him as she, knowing full well he could see all of her cuteness, heard the camcorder zoom in. As she stood back up she giggled, looking at Jeff, and said, as she opened her beer, "I didn"t mean to do that. I hope you realize that. " "Yeah, I know, Mrs. Evans," he replied with a smile. Standing directly in front of the couch she took a drink of her beer. Drinking it hiked up the front of towel letting Mark, and Jeff included, see a hint of her crotch. "Mom," Mark scolded her, "we can see some of your pussy.

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      "Looking right at her son she answered flatly, "Shit, Mark, I"ve been fucking with you guys for two hours. ""You mean it wasn"t accidental, mom?""Gosh sakes no. " Taking another sip of beer, more modest this time, she added, "Though I still don"t think I should let you see under this towel. Completely I mean. ""You"re really cute, mom, for a girl, from what we could see, Imean. ""Thanks. That was sweet. " Deliberately looking at their genitals,both dicks standing proudly with the balls suspended tightly below,she said, "Kinda nice yourselves. " Taking another sip from her beer she wondered, "Hey, Jeff, could you go to the cooler outside and get some more beer? This is the last one inside. ""Sure, Mrs. Evans," he replied as he stepped past her over the coffee table. He was a bit surprized when her hand just happened toslip against his penis and glancingly fondle his balls. He blushed at her comment of "nice, really nice". Not thinking he didn"t botherto get dressed and exited quickly. "Mark," Natalie said as she stepped over the coffee table, "we got to talk.

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      " Sitting down on his bare knee, setting the beer on the table, she slid forward picking up the towel"s hem as she did so. As her tummy touched his, his erect penis rubbing against her vaginaltriangle, she squirmed a bit trying to get comfortable on his skinnythigh. As she did so his penis scrapped itself against her blond forest. "Mom, I"m sorry about what I . . . well you know. ""Forget that, silly," she laughed allowing his dick to grind against her, "I didn"t mind that. It"s your homework, Mark. " She reached down for the paper and, as she brought it upward, scratcheda tickle on her vagina, really a ploy as she glanced a hand against his balls sliding it upward on his dick, and bringing the paper to her eye level she pulled up the hem of the towel and slid it aside. "What about it, mom?""Want to explain what this means. " Turning the paper around she added, "Well, what do you mean by it?"Reading what he had scribbled, which was kind of hard since his mother was moving it downward slowly drawing his eyes with it, he grabbed her hand. "Mom, I can"t read it with you moving it. "His eyes were looking at her vaginal mound, directly at the light blond pubic hair, staring right at her slit, and she knew it and didn"t mind. "Just take the fucking paper.

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       It"s the fourth one I"m wondering about. "As his hand reached for the paper she deliberately moved it closer to herself allowing him a generous feel of her blond-haired pussy. He was surprized that his mother would allow him to do that, to actually touch it, to feel every little crevice. Taking a little liberty he let his fingers explore awhile before snatching the paper accidentally pulling her hair. "Let"s see, number four, you meanplay?"As he snatched the paper she jumped, adding to the slight pain she felt as his fingers pulled her pubic hair. "Ow," she sighed,adding, "Mark, be careful, that hurts. " She looked him in the eye, "Yeah, play, what the hell does that mean?""It just means that we gotta film a girl playing with herself. "Natalie got up, sliding herself against his leg, allowing him to feel her sex against his leg, and, stepping over the coffee table, picked up her beer, simply saying, "Oh, wow, that"s just too kinky. "Mark watched as she spread her legs, putting her left leg a bit behind her, and took a big schlook of the beer. As she did so the towel hiked way up exposing her light blond-haired forest. Though pleased at being able to see his mother"s pussy he was surpirzed that she was so brazen and allowed him to see it, unrestricted, spread open slight, and uncovered. Natalie stepped backward towards the recliner, took another schlook of her beer, and casually wondered, "How you like to see what I got under this thing?" She teasingly flipped the hem of the towel. "Mom, you"re not serious," Mark blurted out in surprize. "You mean actually let me see you naked?""Sure, what the hell, why not," Natalie answered as she unpinned the towel. Clutching it with her left hand she beckoned, "You can get a better view from over here, silly.

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      " As Mark approached her she watched his genitals flopping and just smiled. Stopping him about two feet away with her right hand she let loose of the towel. As it fell to the floor she stood naked in front of him, completely unashamed, not the least bit embarrassed. "Well, sweety, what do you think?"Mark studied every inch of a voluptuously sexy body, from herhard pointy nipples adorning his mother"s nicely rounded 34C breasts to the blond forest between her legs. She modeled herself for him, letting him see her small breasts bounce occassionally. With her light blond pubic hair, which was close in color to her almost whiteblond hair, he could plainly see her all of her pussy now and saw itslips quiver when she moved a certain way. "Wow mom, you"re really pretty," was all he could muster as he watched and looked. "Want to touch?" She could see hestitation in his stare as his eyes drank in her body continuously. "Hey look, all that stuff before. What the hell was that? Touchy-feely, what the hell is that? Go ahead, really get a nice feel. Be nice, be gentle, and don"t grope me too much. " She could see he was still hestitant so she grabbed his hands and planted them directly on her breasts. "Seehow nice and soft they are. Oh and feel my nipples. Feel how hard they are. 

      "Mark fondled her breasts for quite awhile and was surprized at how hard and how far her nipples actually stuck out. He figured at least a quarter inch and was amazed they could get that hard. Suddenly, to his shock, she pulled his head in toward her breastsallowing his mouth to graze against her nipples. Brazenly she pressed them closer parting his lips allowing his tongue to slide on them. "Be a dear, sweety," she remarked as his hands were fondling her breasts, "and scratch my vagina. It itches. Don"t be too rough. "Mark moved a hand downward, toward his mother"s crotch, and groped it into her blond forest. With one hand he fondled her breasts and the other hand groped generously about her pussy. "Gee,mom, you"re really nice, really you are. "Suddenly, as his lower hand nudged a finger against her vaginallips slipping a bit inward, she pulled back. "No, honey, please don"t. " She released his hands and put the towel back on.
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