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She is 5 feet tall. she weighs almost 50 kgs. she has attractive eyes and sweet lipsshe doesn't look great but she is a type of girl who doesn't know she's sexy. shes in her early twenties and is in college. she rarely moves with boys and is very conservative. Now to begin her real description. She has a boob size of 34b and her butts are really curvaceeous and hot. all these make a perfect girl to mate except for a fact that she's my own sis.   i have been looking at her from my age of 15. those little eyes drag me and turn me on often. ]i have seen enough of her cleavages accidentally. she rarely cares for them. i jack-off straightway if i see her cleavages. if i get a chance i even touch her boobs accidentally. i spend most of my nights thinking about having sex with her and masturbating. this habit went on for upto three years.

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  As days rolled by my likeness towards her kept on increasing. at nights i feel her boobs and butts without her knowledge. some times she wakes up and i had to give some silly reason. Once while searching for old clothes near washing machine i found her bra and it showed a size of 34B. only then did i come to know about her size. It was about to be washed and it had been worn by her the previous day. It was soaked in sweat. i smelled it. It was a smell of a virgin damsel and got turned on immediately. I then tok it to the bathroom. i caught the bra in one hand and my dick in another. I smelled and licked the bra as i masturbated. At times even the entire bra was in my mouth. As i was about to cum i covered my penis with the bra and splattered my cum allover it. That night i went near her as she was asleep.

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  i touched her boobs lightly and started smelling her near her neck. It was the same smell which i found in her bra. I got aroused completely. She was disturbed and then i had to spend that whole night just masturbating.
Then at last light came into my incestuous life. Our family went on a vacation. Initially i was normal only after reaching the hotel did i come to know that there were only two single beds and i had toshare one with my sister. Me and my sister in a single bed in a seperate room from our parents,the mere thought of it gave me an erection. As we went for sight-seeing the whole day my mind was still glued towards that hot night. the day was really tiring and we reached our rooms only by 10 ,completely exhausted. Our parents retreated to their roomsand went down to have a cup of coffee to keep me awake all through the night. Even then i felt a bit tired. when i entered the room it was 10:30. i was frightened as my mother shouted to lock the room door as it was banging due to heavy winds. everything went my way.

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  I started preparing me mentally that this was a very rare chance and i had to do something. i laid down on the bed thinking abot what to do. just then a heavy wind blew and uncovered my sis' blanket. ooooooooooooh that was remarkableshe was wearing only her churidhar tops without pants. I could see her soft thighs. i started shivering as it was already cold. i then went near her face to see whether she is sleeping. i could even hear a light snore grrr. . . . and i made sure that she was asleep. i then decided to start the proceedings by lifting her churidhar tops even above. while i was doing this she lifted her legs and now gosh what morw can i ask for as i bent down i could see her black panties. I then went near the panties and started smelling it and even licked it a few times slightly.

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  Then i started fondling her boobs slowly. she was having a very good sleep as she was tired. I then kissed her in the lips atleast 50 times before she woke up. She asked me what. . . . . . ?. I quickly hid my blanket under my bed and told her that it was cold and i didn't hav a blanket. She then asked me to share her blanket and once again started sleeping. Now we both were in the same blanket and both our bodies were touching each other. She was turning the other side and my perect penis was pressingagainst her boobs. i felt really hot.

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  i then put my hands over her hips and she was'nt disturbed. i stated rubbing my penis with her dicks rather slowly. She then turned towards me and her arms were around me now. i stated shivering and then came to know that she was still sleeping. i wanted this position to continue. i too put my arms over her and now her boobs were pressing against my chests and my penis touching her pussy. my hands went to her butts and i was messaging them slowly. Icould hear a low moan. I couldn't understand what it was maybe she was having a dream. i continued my job i put my hands over her breasts and fondled them. i smelled her armpits and started licking them. She held me even tightly suddenly and now i clasped her strongly and both my legs were around heri felt that this will land me in trouble if she wakes but i continued. now she was closer to me and her lips touched my necks. My penis kept growing and this was disturbing her slightly,She then moved,. we both were seperated suddenly.

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   I cursed myself. i then noticed a zip in her tops a. i pulled them down slowly. and tried to pull her tops at that time everything became dark as power was down. i pulled her tops completely down. Now she rolled and came over me with only her bra. power came and then i saw her with the bra for the first time. she was damn hot. I licked her cleavages now we both were intimate inside the blanket and she was still sleeping. i then found out that her mouth was half open as she was sleeping. with enough courage i got up and inserted my cock into her mouth. it was so hot after sometime she started licking them thinking it of a lollypop. As i was aboutto cum i took it from her mouth. i then hugged her strongly without my trousers,she was moving slowly and this gave me the vibration. Finally i cummed all over churidhar.

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  It was already late I put her tops on quickly and went back to position.
The honeymoon continued. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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