Hope and Faith


Kyle stared at his sisters and their slightly swollen bellies. He'd impregnated them both and that was why he was in jail. They were both minors. Hope was 17 and Faith was 15. Hope was 5 months pregnant and Faith was 4 months. That day they both wore cute baby doll dresses showing they were pregnant. Both Hope and Faith were very petite girls but you could still tell they had been knocked up. Hope was the first sister that Kyle saw. Her little red baby doll dress showed her nice ample cleavage. Hope had gorgeous small c-cup size breasts, which Kyle often thought would look sexy squirting out all that motherly milk. She wore her light brown hair long and loose. Then his eyes focused on his baby sister Faith. Faith was wearing her blue baby doll dress. It too was short and made her small breasts look sexy. Faith had cut her light brown hair about shoulder length with two cute little shiny pins on each side of her head to secure her hair back. Faith immediately picked up the phone first.

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   "Kyle!" Faith squealed as they approached the glass window. "Hey babe. How are my two girlfriends doing?" He asked placing his hand on the window as if he could touch them. The girls both put on hand on the glass wanting so desperately to touch their brother. "We're OK. We miss you. " Hope said sadly. "I miss you both too. Aren't you all supposed to be in school?"The girls giggled. "Yes, but if we go to school we can't visit you. Mom and Dad have us really grounded. I mean we can't go out anywhere. So they think we're in school. " "So what's going to happen with my children?" Kyle asked as his eyes wandered down again at his sisters' bellies. Hope sighed.

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   "Well, Mom and Dad are making us give them away for adoption. They didn't permit an abortion since you know how they always taught us abortion was bad. So the only option was adoption. Kyle looked down. His heart felt weak. "We don't want to give the babies away Kyle, but we have to, otherwise we don't have anywhere else to go. " Faith wailed. Kyle took a deep breath. He knew his sister's were in a big dilemma. They had no other family to go to. He felt shitty for having impregnated them both but then on the other hand, he loved the fact that they were both his. All his to have. "I'm sorry girls. I never meant to hurt either of you. " Kyle apologized.

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  The girls put their arms around one another with sisterly love. "Kyle, we both love you and once you get out of this place we'll both runaway with you. " Faith said with a serious tone. Oh little Faith. She was such a sexy little girl. Kyle had started fucking Hope first and never had intentions of fucking Faith until she walked in on them one night. Instead of acting shocked she just watched curiously as her brother and sister continued to make love. After that day Kyle went into her room when he visited home on the weekends, and slowly started to seduce his baby sister. Pretty soon the girls both found out about one another and didn't care. They both wanted him and he wanted them. "I just hope no bad guys are doing anything mean to you here. " Faith said worried. Kyle just laughed out loud. "No baby it's cool. Most of the guys here are because they too had sex with minors so its OK.

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   Look I even got a present for both of you. "The girls both looked at Kyle anxiously. "What is it babe?" Hope asked impatiently. They watched Kyle roll up his sleeves and on each arm he'd gotten a tattoo of their names. One arm with Hope and the other with Faith. The girls swooned feeling completely flattered. "Kyle that's so sweet!" Exclaimed Hope. "I'm totally surprised!" Faith cried out. Kyle smirked in satisfaction. "Yeah some guy here is a tattoo artist and he did me the favor. I told him those were the names of the loves of my life. "The girls blushed. Kyle couldn't wait to get out of prison and stuff them both with his cock once again. He was missing them terribly. "So I guess Mom and Dad hate me don't they?" Kyle asked.

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  Hope nodded. "No. I mean well yes they are upset, but your are still their son. They'll always love you. "Kyle loved being reassured by his sisters. He watched as the guard gave him the signal that his visitation time was up. The girls both whined as they did not want to leave their brother. "Sorry young ladies you have to go now. " The big guard told the girls. "We'll come by and see you again. " Faith assured. Kyle just nodded as he was being taken away. He watched as his sister's blew sweet kisses at him. Then he just watched them disappear. The girls rode the city bus back home since school was almost out anyway they might as well go back home.

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   They didn't speak just rubbed on their bellies feeling sad that they'd have to give away their brother's babies. Every man on the bus seemed to stare at the girls. They almost looked like twins. Their blue eyes searched the bus as they kept seeing more men ogle at them. They got home to a silent house that afternoon. Both felt exhausted and went up to Hope's room that was much bigger than Faiths. Hope's bed was nicely made as she was always the tidy one. "Ah back home. Back to hell. " Hope sighed as she threw herself on the bed kicking her sandals off. Faith followed her lead and threw her little body on the big bed as well. "I miss Kyle so much Hope. I mean he was my first love. ""Yeah I know mine too. I wish he was here with us touching us like he used to.

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  " Hope replied. "I wish we didn't have to give up his children. I want to keep this baby. It's from the man I love. " Faith almost crying. Hope raised herself up to comfort her sister. "Oh sweetie please don't cry. I mean I want to keep the baby too but we don't have much choice. " Faith felt her sister's soft hand wife her tears away. Hope was so beautiful. It wasn't any surprise to Faith that Hope had gotten to be with Kyle first. Her lips were so full and her skin so delicate. She loved her big sister as much as she loved her brother. "I love you Hope. " Faith said quietly as her sister looked down at her.

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  "I love you too Faith. " With that, Hope leaned down to give her sister a sweet delicious peck on her soft lips. Faith moaned in pleasure feeling her sister's lips for the first time. Hope was about to lean back but Faith pulled her close again to kiss her again. This time more intense and deep. The girls found their tongues wondering in each other's mouth. Their kiss became wet and passionate. Hope was almost shocked that her little sister was liking this too much. She felt Faith her little arms around her holding her close. Hope could smell Faith's hair as she was so close to her. Hope started to unbutton Faith's baby doll dress from the top exposing her breasts that were covered with a white bra. Hope broke the kiss and lifted her little sister up to un hook her bra from the back. Faith just looked at her sister in full wanton. Hope successfully unhooked her bra letting Faith's small breasts fall out. They were so beautiful.

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   Her light pink nipples were already erect. "Hope, kiss my breasts the way Kyle does. " Faith said moaning. Hope did just that. She dropped her head down to put her lips on her sisters breasts. Her mouth immediately wrapped around one of Faith's nipples. She began to nibble on it softly. Faith moaned louder as she arched her back. Hope's tongue started to flick on Faith's nipples making her little sister squirm wanting more. "Ooh you like that?" Hope asked breathlessly. "Uh huh!" Was all Faith could respond in total ecstasy. Hope continued to suck and kiss her sister's tits. She'd never done anything with her or another girl before but she was loving it. Hope wanted to feel her sister's pussy so she decided to slide her hand down slowly hoping not to scare Faith off. She slid her hand down Faith's smooth thighs and smiled as Faith opened her legs more to let her sister feel her.

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  Faith felt her sister tug on her white cotton panties inserting the panties between the folds of her pussy lips moving them up and down. "OOOh yes!" Faith blurted out in excitement. Hope kept rubbing the soft fabric on her sisters clit as she sucked on her nipples. Faith was losing herself in this beautiful lesbian act. She had never thought being with another girl would be this wonderful. Faith wasn't ready to cum yet. She stopped her sister and ran her fingers through Hope's hair. "I want to see your breasts. I want to suck on them. " Faith whispered. Hope laid back as Faith rose herself up ready to see her sister's big breasts. With her trembling little hand Faith started to unbutton her sister's dress from the top. She could already see her breasts were so big and sexy. She kissed her sister's cleavage softy as she started to undo her bra. "Oh I love your tits!" Faith shrieked as she saw Hope's big breasts fall out of her bra.


   Hope's nipples were huge and a light pink color as well. They felt so soft, so beautiful. Faith dived down to take her sister's big nipples in her mouth. Faith was hungrily sucking her sister's tits as Hope stroked her sisters hair. Hope tossed her head back loving the way her sister's mouth felt on her nipples. Faith was sucking now with more determination and suddenly felt a sweet liquid hit her mouth. Startled, Faith backed off. Hope looked up to see her little sister had some white liquid from the corner of her lips. "Hope, I think your starting to produce milk!" Faith said excitedly. Hope blushed. "I hope that didn't scared you. I meant to tell you that lately some milk has been coming out of my breasts. "Faith giggled. "That's so sexy! I hope my breasts give milk soon too. "The girls laughed as they held each other kissing.

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   Hope could taste a small amount of flavor from her own breast as her sister kissed her. "I'm so horny Hope. " Faith cried out in agony. "Me too! I want you right now Faith. " Hope moaned. "Let's fuck each other. Let's fuck each other hard!" Faith boldly ordered. Hope didn't object. She started tugging on Faith's cotton panties pulling them down and Faith did the same to her. The girls were getting naked from the waist down as their dresses were riding up high over their waists. Faith looked and saw her sister's slightly swollen belly. It looked a lot more puffy than her own. Faith scooted to one end of the bed and Hope was on the other end. They slowly pushed themselves towards one another until their legs overlapped. They sat there with their pussies touching.

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   Both girls shaved their pussies just for Kyle since he loved shaved pussy. The girls leaned back as they let their elbows lift them up. Their breasts were hanging out of their dresses and they started to slide their pussies up and down one another. Both sisters were wet and their juices were swirling together as they grind their pussies on each other. "Mmmmmmmmm! Oh fuck yeah!" Hope yelled out feeling intense pleasure. "Oh Hope, keep rubbing yourself on me. Do it harder! Feels so gooood!" Faith's little girl voice was high pitched now. The sister's continued to rub pussy to pussy so ready to let themselves explode. The girl's breasts were moving around like crazy as they started to pick up their pace. Faith could see Hope's breasts squiring a small amount of milk as they moved around. Faith raised herself higher and grabbed some milk on her finger licking it anxiously as her sister watched. She loved the way her sister tasted. She couldn't wait until she too could squirt out milk. The girls were now making the bed squeak as they pussy fucked one another. Their moans could probably be heard miles away but they didn't care.

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   They were lost in each other's pleasure. "Ooooh I'm g-gonna cum!" Faith yelped. "Me too! I'm gonna cum hard on your pussy!" Hope cried out. The girls hit silmonteus orgasms as their bodies tightened releasing their cum on one another. They could feel their thighs slick with their juices as they shuddered finishing their orgasm. Both sisters fell back as their chests heaving up and down fast from their incredible climax. They both closed their eyes smelling their sex in the air. They only wished Kyle would have been there to see this. Soon enough he would be. .

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