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In our family I was the work out freak. I am always in top physical shape and then my sister started getting into the whole health thing so she is in top form. She was kinda huddled in a ball bad I had my arm over so I could have some room. She started to wiggle back. I had only boxers on so she was rubbing up against my crotch prefusely. By now I had noticed that that tight butt was having its effect on my swollen prick. I tried to hide it but it was impossible. We don't have cable we have satellite so when we were moving around we hit the remote and accidentaly hit a porno channel. My parents had blocked those channels on my sister's tv, but not mine being that I am 19 and they didn't care wether I watched those channels or not. But my sister open her eyes wide and I tried to change it but she told me "I've never seen this before. " I asked " what do you mean you've never seen a porno?" she said "no I've never seen a boys dick before. " I was stunned. I thought to myself then that would mean that she is still a virgin. I could not believe my eyes. Here lyed a sex kitten with the body of a goddess and it was pure and untainted. Then I really got hard.

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   So hard that she flinged a little and got up. She looked at me and said "is that what happens when you watch this?" A little embarrased I decided to make the best and "yeah this what happens. " she said" can I see it" being her brother and we've seen each other naked before I dropped my boxers. When she saw my swollen prick she reached out and tapped it and my dick jumped a little and some pre cum came out. So then she started looking at the movie and then back at me and then the movie and back at me. she said "what if mom and dad wake up?" I said to her " the wont because its still really early. " So then I decided to take a little further and I kissed her lips. She kind of try to wiggle out of it first, but then she returned the kiss. She said "when you came into the bathroom this morning and put your dick in my face, I got really hot. I also have confesion to make about two days ago when you thought you were home alone I heard some groans coming from you room so I went over there so if you were ok. Then I saw you jacking off and that was the first time I've ever seen a boy jack off so I got a little hot and I started to touch myself and after that day I couldn't stop thinking about it. " i was surprised to hear my sweet innocent little sister had thought about me in that way. So then I said "well you can do whatever you want now. " She told me "but my friends talked about sex and masterbating before, but I've never really known anything about it. " I told her"just do whatever they are doing in the movie.

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  " A little nervous she began to suck on my cock. I tell you there is no better feeling than having your younger sister sucking your cock. I pulled her up and unbuttoned her pajama top and took off her bottoms. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were really hard. Her panties were sopping wet. So we climbed into my bed and I showed her the 69 position and she enjoyed every minute of it. She beagan sucking my cock while I began to suck her tight cunt. She bgan to shake a little and the a lot she let out a quiet but strong moan and began to cum on my face. Her juices were clean, virginal, and tasty. I then put her on the bed and I liked those tits of hers. She began to moan and she begged me to do what the guy was doing to the girl in the movie. So I slowly slid my cock in that tight pussy. Her cunt juices were dripping on my bed and that turned me on even more. She held on to my ass cheeks and cried a little in pain but begged me to keep going. I popped her little cherry and began to push in and out slowly at first and then she begged for more so I thrusted my swollen 8inch prick in and out of my sweet litte sister's cunt.

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   Then she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Being an ass man I couldn't resist. Her ass is so tight I began to thrust in and out of her tight asshole harder and harder. Sweat was dripping off of us and I was in pure heaven. Then I pulled out and she wanted me to fuck her tits like she'd seen in the movie. I stuck my cock in between those lucious, round, 16 year old tits and began to fuck them like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile she bowed her head down and suck my cock as it slid in between does nice tits. She began to cum on the floor again and again. Then she told me to cum in her mouth like in the movie. So we got in a 69 position again on the floor and she began to milk my cock for all its worth. I began eating her out while I put two fingers in her tight asshole. She began to cum all over my face and in my mouth and I couldn't hold it any more so I thrust it upward a little and began to cum in my little sister's mouth she kept milking my cock and I shot my load in her mouth while she kept cumming on my face. We then laid next to each other naked and sweaty and I told her that the love between a big brother and a little sister should not be shared with anyone else without the consent of each other. So we decided to keep our little game a secret. Now were are still fucking like rabbits every chance we get.

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   I am hoping I could combine my aunt and cousin's love for me with my sister's and have one big 4-some. This story is completely true because my sister in on her way from school as we speak. To tell you the truth my mom is starting to look pretty damn good. I let you know what happens. .
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