how I made my mother in law my bitchpart 5


Part 5 of how I made my mother in law my bitch.

how I made my mother in law my bitch Part 5

Two days has passed since I fucked my mother in law while she wore her daughters panties and I had made an excuse to go back. . I bought a drier vent and showed my wife and said I will see her later and I grabbed her ass. . She looked at me and said. See its crap like that to why I am never in the mood. . I said yea whatever and left. . When I got to her mothers she wasn't there. So I texted her phone and asked her where she was. She said if she wasn't home I couldn't do anything to her. I told her your right but I can fuck her youngest daughter instead. . She called me right away and said she will be there within 5 minutes.

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  . I told her to make sure she wasn't wearing anything under her cloths. . She said WHAT?To late I hung up. .

Hello Shelly I said how are you today? She never did like me after she caught me looking down her top in the summer when i was on the roof fixing it with her dad, but oh well i didn't care besides she just turned 18 and I would have loved to take a peice out of her. But that would have to wait as I heard her mother pull up into the driveway.

When she came in I grabbed her by the hair and told her she had no idea how close I was to fucking her youngest. She said she was sorry and it wouldn't ever happen again. . I was kind of hoping it would . . lol

I told her daughter I was taking her mom to get a coffee and asked her if she wanted one. . She said she would like one with two sugars and two cream so away we went.

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  . In the truckI didn't have my mother in law sitting close as we were in a small town and we don't want everyone to know we were ummm close. . As I started driving off I told her to lift her skirt and show me she wasn't wearing any panties which she did and she wasn't wearing them so I said it was nice to see she was finally learning her place. . Pulling out my camera I took a few shots of her sitting there looking innocent like this was her idea.

We ordered the coffee but before we went back to her house I went down one of the many dirt roads and told her since her daughter wanted cream in her coffee it was only fitting that I give her some. . And told my mother in law to slide over and suck my cock. . She said she cant do that to her daughter and I said fine I will cum all over your face and bring you into the house. She leaned down and started to suck my cock. . For good measure I decided to take a few picks you know just in case she decided she wanted to piss me off again. I told her I wanted her to spit my cum into her daughters coffee and she did just that without spilling a drop.

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  . After she stirred it we went back to the house where I handed her daughter the coffee and we all sat and drank it. . She took a sip and looked at it funny but kept drinking away. . You could see her mother was about to cry so I said ok mom lets go outside so we can fix that drier vent. .

When we got outside She asked me why am I doing this to her family. I told her they have always thought they were better then everyone else because their so hot and I was going to teach them all a lesson. Then I told her she was doing very well and as a reward i would leave her alone for a week. . But I showed her the picks and told her if she had any doubt or doing anything stupid I would send them to her whole family. She had the look of defeat in her eyes and said she wont say a word. . After we were back inside her daughter asked if I went to a different coffee shop andthat her coffee tasted a little different and I told her it must have been the cream.



Well a week had passed when I texted her mother to meet me at the park and I would pick her up from there. I told her I wanted her in a summer dress with nothing underneath. She is a beautiful woman for her age and with her little tits against the material her nipples showed perfectly. When she got into the truck we went for a drive and she didnt say a word. . When I pulled over to the side she said to me. .

" You know I would fuck you anyway and you don't have to blackmail me for sex so why are you doing this to my daughters?"
I told her again because they were stuck up and needed to be brought down a notch and she was going to help me. She asked me if it was my plan all along and I said nope but I have to admit it is fun. She said as long as no one found out she will do what she is told. I said Everything? She said Everything. . Then I kissed her deep and she kissed me back. I was very passionate with her this time and it made her feel at ease and more relaxed.

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   I ate her out till she cum twice beforeI had her get on all fours. I was fucking her from behind for about 10 minutes when there was a tap on the window.
Shit it was the cops. . When he tapped on the window he could see us as we panicked to put our cloths on. .

"Looks like I stumbled onto a couple of lovebirds" Let me see your drivers licence and Mrs. yours as well if you don't mind. . The look of horror filled my mother in laws face. . I asked the officer if I could talk to him away from the truck. He asked me if she was a hooker and I told him no. I explained it was my mother in law and we were talking and one thing led to another. .

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   He had a look of astonishment on his face and a smirky grin as well. . I said to him I knew if he wanted she would be more then happy to make this situation go away.

When he got over to the passengers side of the truck he asked her to please step out of the truck. When he told her to turn around and to put her hands on the truck and spread her legs. He reached for his handcuffs and took one hand and put it behind her back then the other. . He told her to stay there as his hand started roaming over her body,across her tits he could feel her hard nipples before he started to run his hand down between her legs.

. Running his hand up her thigh he was lifting her skirt as well when his hand reached her pussy she either jumped or squirmed I wasnt sure but he leaned over andsaid to her he had an idea to make this all go away if she was willing to agree? She said yes anything you say. With her answer the police officer took his radio and said all clear just a broke down truck. He looked at her and said well earn your way out of this one and unbuckled his pants pulling out his cock. . She froze. .

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   He said you have a choice mam either suck my dick or you and your son in law here are going to the station with me and I will and we will notify both spouses. She looked at me like oh my god you told him?But when she got down on her knees she didn't hesitate to start sucking his cock. I sat there at the back of the truck watching as she worked on his member for about 5 minutes. When he was good and hard he told her to stand up and bent her head overon the seat of the truck with her hands handcuffed behind her back she looked sexy as hell I was getting rock hard. . He moved up behind her and started to fuck her hard. . When he was fucking her hard he pulled her hair back and said if I see you around here again I wont be so nice you hear me. She let out a moan and he looked over and said I think she is enjoying this. When he said I mean what I said about seeing you hear again ?She said yes and she was sorry when he looked over at me and winked. . He said to bad she was taken already because he could have some fun with her. . . Just when he was about to cum he turned her around and put her on her knees again and told her to swallow all the evidence.

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   He looked at me and you know just in case and laughed. He took off the handcuffs and she stood up when he was done andwhen he started to walk away he said he will be looking for me and I told him I was hoping he found us again.

We got back in the truck she said I cant believe you told him who I was. . I said I didn't tell him your name I told him why you were there, How we were talking and one thing led to another. . Before we got back to her car I told her I needed to cum so I pulled over again and had her get back on all fours. . She was soaked and there was a stain on my seat. . She said she couldn't help itbeing handcuffed was so hot she said she had cum three times.

I was starting to think she was as perverted as me. . So I will see how far I can take her.

the end of part 5


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