I fucked my sister!


       It started off as a normal day. We were re-painting our rooms. Well I was done with mine real quick, my sister takes her sweet 'ol time, so I went to help her. She had one of those long paint rollers and was trying to paint the ceiling. I remember what she was wearing too! Tight white caprees, and a short pink hoody that came down right above her belly button, exposing her belly button ring. Since her pants were right, you could see her light sky blue panties through it, with yellow flowers! My sister was a blonde with blue eyes, just like me. She's about 5'5, 5'6, my height. Very thin and fit. She plays almost all the school sports. She is very slim and healthy. My sister is very beautiful, I was 17 and she was 16 at the time, and I never thought of her sexualy, until now!
       I came up behind her, and put my hands on her waist, slowly sliding down to her hips. I pulled up grabbing her stomach, and pushing my crotch onto her ass. She was going with it, and didn't even say a word. She bent over to put more paint in the tray that the paint roller lay in. As she slid back up, her breasts fitted perfectly into my hands, I could feel them, 32 c's. She turned around and smiled at me.

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"I need your help painting the ceiling, I'll hold the roller in the center, and you'll glide it up, okay?"
"Yeah, sure, The paint roller wasn't long enough, so I offered to put her on my shoulders to help her paint. She agreed and hopped right on, but as I picked her up, I shoved 2 fingers into her crotch, penetrating her pussy, she whimmpered a little bit, and then I put preassure on both ass cheeks to raise her over my head, making sure to place my thumb into her ass hole. I started off holding her with my hands in the center of her thighs, very close to her pussy. I started rubbing, I got more intense, rubbing harder and faster. Everytime my parents would stop by, they would smile and call me a good sport for helping my sis, they couldn't see that I was rubbing her pussy! At last, she started to squirm, moaned a little, and then I felt a wet spot in her pants, she came! =D
       I went up, and grabbed her tits, you know, for more elevation ;) I was rubbing her nipples in a circular motion, grabbing and feeling her breasts. I lowered her down, so we could put more paint on. As I was lowering her down, I placed my fingers, once again, into her crotch, and my thumb into her ass hole. She put more paint on, but this time, the ceiling was finished, we needed the crevices to be done, so she didn't need to be on my shoulders. So I stood behind her, and held the back of the paint roller as she slid it up the wall, I pushed my crotch into her ass again, making me even more erect! I pulled my penis through my open zipper, and pulled down the back of her pants, so you could see her beautiful tanned as and pussy!
       I inserted my cock into her pussy, and since that I had a long shirt on, you couldn't see anything, so once again, when my parents stopped in, it looked normal. I started thrusting in and out of her pussy, she was getting more wet and wet. I fucked her fast and hard, all 7 inches went into her at once! I could tell she was a virgin, though I didn't know before, because there was a thin, short stream of blood flowing in her pussy juice, as it slid down my cock and dripped off my ball sack. I kissed her neck, and cheek, as I pulled her closer, my cock went in farther, and I started to nibble on her ear. I couldn't believe that I was fucking my sis, and that she actually liked it! She let out a couple gasps and moans but that was it.
       I started to come to the climax, I could tell she was too, for she was twisting around in circles on my dick. She started shaking, it almost looked like she was spazzing out! She let out a quiet shreik, and came all over my cock! Her cum sprayed out! On the floor, on the wall, on our clothes, but I also came too! 5 whopping, huge loads, I shot forcefully into her soft, pink wet slit! She loosened up her pussy, making it easy to slide my penis out, since she had a pretty tight grip.

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   She kind of fell into my arms, as I pulled mine and hers pants up. There was a big puddle of her cum on the floor. She had goosebumps, and was still shaking. I kissed her on her lips pationately, tongue to tongue! We did this for at leats 3 minutes. She smiled and whispered in my ear
"Thankyou, and thanks for helping me finish painting my room too. "
       She kissed my cheek, and walked to the bathroom to mop up her pussy, I went downstairs to my parents and told them we were finished painting!
       If you liked this story, there is more to come!

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