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That weekend my parents went out on Saturday night and asked me if I could stay home and watch out for Cathy who was feeling sick. I agreed and they left at a little after 6. I went to the Kitchen and made popcorn. I was going to watch a movie in the den. I was looking through the movie collection when Cathy came up behind me and asked, " What are you going to watch"? "I 'm not sure," I said. "Hey, I thought you were sick". "I told Mom that but it was a lie, can you keep a secret"? "Sure" I said to her with my mind racing about what the big secret was. " I got drunk last night at Sue's house and I was afraid to tell mom". "I can see why, Mom would kill you if she knew the truth. " "I know so you have to promise not to tell, I'll owe you one if you keep my secret". ""Okay, You owe me one" I said as I felt a twinge of fire in my dick. I want back to look for movies when suddenly I found a tape in the bottom of the cabinet in a plain box. I thought it must be one of Mom and Dad's, probably a slather movie that they had taped off of cable and did not want us to know they had since they had banned "R" rated movies from the house. I put it in and we both sat back on the couch in anticipation of seeing forbidden fruit. As it turned out we got more than we expected. As soon as the tape started to roll the first image was a huge cock moving in and out of a woman's mouth.

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   I was titillated to say the least. Cathy was in shock. "What is. . . Turn that off!" I laughed at her reaction but kept it on. After a second she was staring at the screen with me. I already had a raging inferno in my lap and as I watched Cathy squirm next to me. We watched as the woman's mouth sped up and although I knew what was going to happen next it was a complete shock to Cathy. The guy started to shoot giant spurts all over the woman's face and she licked at it with her tongue as he rubbed the head of his dick on her cheek. I was about to come in my pants and then I looked straight at Cathy, I swear she was turned on too. I took the chance of a lifetime and slid my hand across her leg over the waistband of her shorts and into the rim of her cotton panties. As my hand started to slide down the front of her panties moving ever closer to exposing that tight hairless crack of hers I half expected to get slapped silly. Instead she sighed a little and stayed transfixed on what was happening on the screen. With a soft moan she lifted her ass off of the couch and I slid her panties and shorts off of her and threw them to the side.

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   As she stared at the couple that by now had positioned themselves on the bed for him to enter her I slid my finger down Cathy's lower belly to the top of her slit. I at least knew from "word on the street" that a girl's clit was a major part of helping get a girl to be willing to have sex. I knew I had found it when she gasped and clamped the tight lips of her virgin cunt against my fingertip. She was already moist and I started to rub her slit with steady up and down motions. I could not resist pulling my finger out of her slit and putting it under my nose to smell the aroma of womanhood and then place the finger to my lips and taste it as I licked her juices from my finger. She continued to watch and wiggle as I slid my finger back to her sweet young cunt and zero in on her sensitive clit that I swear was as hard as the raging hard on in my pants. I need relief soon or my balls would explode. I told Cathy to stroke my dick like the woman was doing to the man as she tried to get him hard enough to enter her pussy. Cathy seemed to understand the concept. She was starring to stroke my cock through the fabric of my pants making me swell even more. I stopped working on her for a moment so that I could remove my clothes. She did the same with her top and then I went back to her slit. As she touched my now bare cock with her small warm hand I knew that I would never last more than a few strokes in her. I moved her hand and said, "Let me do you first". She laid back and spread her legs wide and I went back to work on that hairless cunt of hers.

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   I alternated between fast and slow strokes. I tried moving in circles and even a little flipping from side to side action, which in hindsight looked like a perverse punching bag routine. I did not have a clue about what to do but my instincts told me to try licking her clit and I was right she went crazy bucking her ever swelling clit to my tongue as I dove in face first into that lively hairless pussy of hers that was by now sloppy wet with a mixture of lubrication juices and saliva. . A few minutes later the couple on the tape were fucking furiously and Cathy was swallowing my tongue whole. Suddenly she began to buck and scream with pleasure, She damned near cut off the circulation to my tongue and index finger that I was sliding into her heavenly opening as she came. As she subsided her bucking and slowed to a softly wiggling moaning mass of post first climax I did not wait anymore and I stood up and lifted her to her feet. After her orgasm she never even slightly protested what was happening. She did not completely understand it but her juices flowing freely down her bare smooth legs let me know that she did not care what I did just do that again. The couple on the tape was now pounding each other doggy-style, her big tits were bouncing roughly back and forth as he rammed her from behind do hard that you could hear her grunt as he would knock the air out of her over and over again. I positioned Cathy facing the TV bent at the waist with her hands resting on the coffee table in such a way that she could watch what was before her eyes while I had my way with her. I stood behind her with a full view of the TV and placed the head of my throbbing dick at the opening of her virgin vagina. I left it there for a moment, feeling the warmth and wetness of it then lunged forward and entered her from behind. I was shocked by the warm sensation I felt mixed with the throbbing of my heartbeat. I felt at the head of my dick as it slid inside her.

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   Suddenly I could go no further and she cried out "Ouch!" I kept my dick still in her pussy until she relaxed a bit. I waited about 5 seconds until the action on the screen brought a gentle moan from my sisters lips then with a deep breath I thrust forward shattering her hymen and freeing her of her virginity. She only skipped a small beat when it popped the rest of the way and then immediately increased the thrusting against me as if she were wildly scratching a bug bite deep within her with my rock hard dick that filled her small, tight no longer virgin pussy. She started to imitate the woman on the screen saying, "Fuck Me! Fuck Me!"I was a raging sex machine now. I was fucking my sister's tight warm cunt. Sliding my dick in and out of her while watching a porno. I don't know how long it lasted bur the sensation of a locomotive deep in my balls took over and I started to ravage her cunt with long deep strokes and it became evident from the smacking sounds our crotches made as we pounded our loins against each other that we were both going to come and we did. She screamed and pulled forward as I felt the come rushing up the shaft of my dick that was thrashing inside the walls of my sisters pussy. As she moved her tight thrashing body forward my cock escaped from her with a loud pop and I began to ejaculate wildly on her back. As she moved her cunt back to me in another still wildly humping motion I reconnected my still spewing dick with the crack of her ass and rocked it back and forth in the crack of her 14 year old still spewing my seed onto her back, ass and hips. She moaned and sat back flopping to the coach. I stood in awe of the moment and then went to the rec room powder room to get a towel. I tuned on the hot water and soaked half of the towel with the warm liquid and returned to the den where Cathy was still spread on the coach watching the porno end moving her fingers in and out of her still sopping wet cunt. I began to rub the towel gently over her body both to clean her but also to get a close up look at her budding tits with the rock hard nipples. I had her stand in front of me and I moved to her back and the sweet young crack of her ass, which were coated like a glazed doughnut by the load I had spewed on her.

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   As I got her and the poor couch clean she faced me and with a gentle motion took the towel and began to wipe her juices off of me. I looked down as she dropped to her knees in front of me and began to softly clean off the cum and female lubricant made slightly pink by their mixture with the blood of her deflowering. As I saw this I was overcome by that teenage urge to get some more and my now clean and sensitive to the touch dick sprang to life at the thought of entering my sister again then something on the cream caught my eye and Cathy saw it too. The couple on the screen were in a "69"position with her on bottom and him driving his dick into her mouth like a piston. I had never even thought of this and immediately asked Cathy to do that to me. She nodded and we got into position on the couch. We could not see the screen but we did not need it. As soon as her soft pouting lips parted und I drove my rock hard manhood into her mouth and buried my lips into her reddened, swollen pussy and my tongue found it's target with her now hypersensitive clit we were like dogs in heat for a smashing release of young sexual tension. Within minutes I clamped down on her clit and drove my cock even faster and harder into her warm, horny mouth and exploded into her throat and filled her mouth with my semen as she writhed in pleasure and spewed on my face the sweetest nectar I have ever had. As she went to the bathroom to clean up I rewound the tape and put it back where and how I found it then as she returned to the room we gathered our clothes we went upstairs where Cathy and I showered separately (Otherwise we would have fucked again and I just could not have gotten it up with a crane). She showered first then I got in. After the shower I went towards her room to say goodnight. Her door was open and she was laying flat on her back with her legs spread wide and both hands feverishly working on her cunt. I grinned and said "goodnight, sis". She moaned and nodded I think that was her saying goodnight to me but it doesn't matter I got her cherry and she got mine.

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   We are now in our 30's and both moved away from our hometown with all the nosy people "keeping an eye on those two". We still fuck every chance we get, Our significant others would freak if we told them but we're not going to tell them are we?****The above story was a total work of fiction, Not to be taken seriously or literally and is intended for titilation purposes only. No young teenage virgins were harmed in the making of this story****--The End--More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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