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Topic: I like to see mom`s home  Note : This story is completely fictional!My momma habitually visits her parents, they are living in the next town it is more than 150 miles away from our town. Both are above 70 aged and lives with their elder daughter (she is widowed with no children) she is 45 and she indulgence them very well. My mom has two sisters and one brother the other sister is her younger and the brother is the eldest he is living in abroad and the younger sister is in our state, which is next to our district.
One weekend mom planed to visit my moms parents she asked me to go along with me to visit them because the journey is very bored to her I tell her sure , it is a winter time there is my aunt saraswathy welcomes us, some about her She has a amazing figure like large ass cheeks, very large boobs. I love the shape of her body and Navel. She always wears a saree below her navel mostly revealing her figure. As time went I wanted her real bad, she is simply irresistible sexually, though she is conservative by nature but she knew how to wear a saree. Who knows if she knew that she had a good figure? Frequently either while taking bath or otherwise I would fantasize her and masturbate After we had gossip with her for a while, she asked to freshen up and boiled water for bath, as their geyser was out of order. Both of us mom and me are too tired. so we go to our room there is three bedroom one is used my grand parents, next room is my aunts and the other is small for visitors there is a single coat bed is put for the guest so she request me to share her bedroom it is convenient to me, all the bathrooms are bath attached. When the hot water was ready she arranged it in their bathroom and asked me to proceed for bath before eating for our dinner. I undressed in the bathroom and started fantasizing about her and massaging my cock. She is gorgeous and very attractive, especially you feel like you should have sex with her on seeing her dressed up the way she dresses revealing her sexy figure in a saree. After I had ejaculated, finished my bath and ready to dinner. After the dinner mom and aunt wash the dish and talk with their parents some family matters I am bored about their talk so went to see a movie on TV
After an hour mom gone to bed she ask me hony! Are you no to go sleep? aunt is wait for you. ok momma just I will go.

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   I replied her but my aunt came to me tell me she is very tired so she want to sleep come on it is very late to bed. I walked with her to the bedroom. This is the first time I Sleep with her, In home I have a room so I am alone in my bed it is a long time since any body share with me the bed. My aunt is no won her nightdress it is very sexy o see her in that dress her boobs and asscheeks are extra bulged over the dress It is increased my heart beat and my sixteen year old prick is getting hard I covered the blanket over my body she dressed her long hair before go to sleep and tied with ribbon. Then she lay down next to me. “hony are you sleep”? No “amma” (I call her as my momma) I answered. then she gave me a hug. I felt a warm shiver go all over my body.
I could smell her perfume, but not as I always had. There was something else that I wasn"t aware of in that smell now. I turned over and finally fell asleep. I woke up to feel my aunt hugging me close and to my cock, which had swelled. Luckily, I had beenlaying on my side so it didn"t touch her. But I want to turn her side after some time I slowly turn to her. I also hugged her after a while I slowly take my hand to between her thighs and placed it accidentally on her mound.

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   This time she woke up and she ask me “hony anything else you want to drink water?” are you any trouble to sleep? No ! amma! I replied still my hand placed her mound she moved moreover close me. My cock is began to grown it is now touched her belly she feels that she ask me “hony is it hurt you?” “nnnnno amma” I afraid to her anything wrong happens. She slowly take her hand and grab my cock out side of my underpants. She hugged tightly with the other hand again, this time though aunt could feel her nephew push hard into her, I could feel her titties pressed hard into my chest and her nipples were burning into me over the night dress it is very large size. I pulled my aunt closer, tighter and pressed my still very erect cock into the soft flesh of her thigh with her hand, But suddenly she said to me hony its ok, I know about boys and I know that sometimes these things happen, but I"m your mommy ‘s sister like your mom hun, you shouldn’t have those feelings for me". I moved back to the bed and tell her "amma I’m so sorry I am so ashamed, its just that i cant help it, i get this feeling, all the time, and seeing you like that I just couldn’t stop myself" Ok hony sleep but I won’t to sleep in my eyes my aunts huge ass and boobs are dancing how could I sleep after some times again my hand placed her mound this time my finergs touched her hairy cunts top again she woke up and take my hands and tell me “What the hell do you think your doing?” she yelled as she pushed me away from her, I already tell you it is wrong “We shouldn’t be doing this…it’s wrong. ” “ But… I love you very much amma I can’t control myself and “I have dreamed about you doing that for the longest time”. "son, that’s incest- it’s disgusting and immoral. " But…’amma”! Ok hony I do some for you then she pulled my throbbing cock from my underpants and she move her hands up and down it feels me her soft hand like hole I dreamed it is her cunt just two minuets she do but I cant spray my sperm. She asked nonchalantly “at what time you jerk when you masturbate”. Half an hour I take to jerk amma I replied her she kneeled between my thighs and slowly take my cock knob in her mouth. She sucked fervently, and it is every close to coming suddenly she stoped and she take her dress up in the darkness I coud’nt see her massive body but I feels her naked ass cheeks touched my thighs then she slowly sit my thighs my organ is now easly goes her wet cunt A wet, slurping sound occurred as all of my teenage meat stabbed inside herexperienced cunt. She let out a cry of surprise and total pleasure. Her eyes opened wide and looked at me in wonderment. But I kept on fucking her cunt, and finally she just closed her eyes again and fucked along with me.

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  . She moaned ‘aah . . aah . . aah’. I could make out the curvy shapes of aunt"s desirable body. Her 42dd breasts bounced over me. I reached out with my hands and played with them. She moaned with pleasure and Ifelt her cumming. She made no effort to stop, and neither did I. She leaned closer to me, pressing those breasts against me. "Suck them, suck them like you used to your “amma”when you were smaller," she demanded out of me. then she moved her cunt to my face and order me lick baby lick your ammas pussy I like her pusssy smell her cunt lips are very big and it feels like a two lips and he clitoris is a thump sized I like the size so first I lick her clit like a chuyingam I pull it from her cunt it is like an elastic rubber She moaned I could feel the steam rising from it, She has hairy pussy it spreads hip to hip and back to her asshole I ran my fingers through the hair they would lightly touch her pussy lips making her terribly moved my hands slowly catch to her Ass. I pressed and squeezed her sweat ass hardly I tried to separate her ass cheeks.

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  I can"t suceed completely because her heavy asscheeks are very huge. . Then she fell beside me and pull mr her body and my head push to downI know what she want Her hand fiercely pulled my head into her cunt as her orgasm hit her.  She let out a long groan and shrunken on the bed. I didn’t let her go and lifted her big legs over my shoulder I continued licking her cunt. My deft tongue attacked her clit again and again and she responded by inundating my aching tongue with her spending.  I intended to continue nonstop but she forced my head away from her cunt and covered it with her hands.  “Please stop. ” “It’s tickling. ” she murmured me I stood from my place and slipped beside her. Do you like ammma? mm! she answered are you ever lick pussy before son. No amma this is very first time But your are a very good pussy licker I like it do you want more play with your “amma” yes I replied with blissfully then climb over me and put your thing in to my pussy I climbed over her big body I feels her big boobs stood like two mounts I lick one its nipple it is like a bullet. My hand left her tits and roamed over her body, exploring the delicate curves…enjoying the feel of her hot flesh. I caressed her naked thighs…the thick patch of bush covering her cunt mound, feeling the wetness of her orgasm seeping out of her fanny. Finally, my fingers grabbed her big ass cheeks.

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  I pinched her swollen nipple with my teeth, lapping my tongue across the tip. I bit her teat little hard. “Ohhh…! Son…” Her hands gripped my head and she pushed my face into her creamy tits. I chewed and sucked, while my hands began squeezing her ass cheeks…my cock still rubbing against her wet cunt. I chewed and sucked, while my hands began squeezing her ass cheeks…my cock still rubbing against her wet cunt. I took old of my cock and rubbed its head against her heated snatch.  I felt my cock swell with a maddening rage.  I grabbed her leg and lifted it high in air. With other hand I forced my cock into her pussy. Her cunt was soaking wet…my cock easily moved into her well-lubricated snatch. amma whimpered with delight.  My cock sliced into the soft scorching depths of my aunt’s cunt. It felt like a hot enclave around my cock.  “amma yours is so fuckin" hot,” I groaned, ramming again my cock into her bighotsnatch“Do you like my cock inside you?”“Ohhh… yessss!” She squealed…her body quivering with pleasure. “Ohhh…son it feels so good inside me.

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  ” I took my free hand to her boobs and gripped them, squeezing and pinching them forcibly. I began humping her cunt from behind. I could feel her cunt-muscles tugging at my cock. I was determined to make it a long lingering fuck, that both of us would remember for a long time. I was hell bent to enjoy the moment to the fullest. I slowly pushed my cock out of her cunt until only the tip was buried inside then rammed it back into her horny pussy slowly,“Please don’t stop. ” she moaned, forcing her cunt back onto my cock. “Fuck me son, fuck me. ”My mind spun with delight as she begged me to ram her cunt. “Take it amma Its all for you. ”I pushed my cock forward, forcing it deep inside her quivering pussy. She whimpered loudly as she felt my cock buried to the hilt inside her. I fucked her harder, increasing my speed. I could feel my ball slap her big ass with each stroke. The scorching heat of her pussy, and the throbbing enclave of her velvety cunt muscles around my cock were driving me crazy with lust.

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   I dug my fingers into her squiggle hips and slammed my cock into her pussy working it inside her well lubricated cunt in a to and fro motion.  My hand left aunt’s boobs and it roamed into front of her cunt. For a moment, I felt the touch of my own cock moving in and out of her delicious cunt. Then I began playing with her clit, taking it between my fingers and rubbing coarsely.  “Yeahhhhh…!” She screamed. She gripped my hand playing with her pussy and forced it to her clit. “Rub it son. Ohhh…yeahhhhh…”Lifting her leg higher with other hand, I pounded her pussy relentlessly, my cock sawing into her bushy cunt with a frenzied speed.  “Ooooooo…son. ” She rolled her hips, trying to arrest the full length of my cock in her soft folds. “You’re better than your uncle he never fucked me like that. hips began lunging faster to fulfill her request; my cock stabbed into her pussy…my groin smashing against her ass again and again. Aunt’s cunt was dripping wildly, bathing my piercing cock with a thick creamy coat of her love juice. I felt her warm sticky juices oozing into my thatch and to my swing balls. With every down ram my balls were banging against her bush covering her flashy pussy lips.

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   “Yessss!” aunt was delirious with rapture. She squealed as I pounded into her pussy. “Ooooooo, sonl. Give it to me! Ram it!”I increased my speed, slamming hard, and aunt “s screaming urging me to fuck her harder I want panting with effort. I could feel my balls getting ready to fill their first shoot into my aunt’s luscious pussy.  “I’m gonna shoot amma” I growled with lust, lunging faster and harder. “Where do you want it…amma?”“Come inside me…son,” She wailed. “I want it all…every drop of it. ”My hand, holing her leg high in air, had begun to ache by now; yet I continued pounding my mother’s pussy. I wanted her to be happy…very happy…at the end of our fuck session. My balls began to churn, any time ready to explode. “It’s coming amma…I’m cumming. ” I shouted with rapture drilling my cock in and out of her heavenly pussy. My cock exploded, spurting hot thick globs of cum from my pisshole, Jet of cum shot from my dick. Like white-hot lava they landed on inundating my aunt"s pussy.

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   Though my body became rigid with pleasure, I didn’t stop reaming her cunt…my cock continued plundering her pussy. It worked as it ignited my aunt’s orgasm She cried suddenly. “What’s happening to me?”Her body went into a state of frenzied shiver…writhing and twisting. Her cunt muscles tried to squeeze my cock in her soft tight folds. Her head dropped on the pillow and she worked her thighs to clutch my cock into her grip. I didn’t relent and lunged into her cunt again and again, though at a gentle pace now. I could feel her own spending suddenly flooding her pussy. I pushed hard my prick into her pulsating pussy. I continued plowing her pussy with all of my might…my cock spurting thick gooey gobs.  “Ooooooo…son, I never felt like that before. ”I lowered her leg; our bodies remained entwined…my fast shrinking cock still inside her pussy. It had stopped ejaculating and was gently floating in the mixture of our released love fluids. aunt’s pussy was convulsing occasionally indicating that she was still lost in rapturous feeling sweeping through her body.  “You liked it amma. ” I took my hands to her boobs and squeezed it.

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   “That was wonderful…son…never felt like that before. ” She spoke absentmindedly, releasing her grip from my cock. My cock slipped out of her pussy, resting over her inner thighs at the junction of her cunt and anal crack. For a few seconds trying to calm down from the fantastic fuck I just had. And laid next to her. Both felt exhausted from their lovemaking. After some times she talk to me son it is very sin you know it I am like your amma it is punishable sin when blood relations each fuck don’t tell it anybody do you like me yes amma I told her Do you like to do with your amma I mean santha your own amma. No it is sin I don’t like to seem to be as her like my sex partner. (But in my mind I fantasize about my own amma every so often I masterbated when she take bath on her bathroom I tweeting her bath room) Some silence grown between us then we fell to sleep but the worse with my own amma it is happened.  That I will tell next to youTo be continued. . .
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