I Love My Hairy Mom: Part I


This is the first story I’ve ever written. It is my fantasy about my mother and I. Please read and comment and send me messages about your thoughts!

I Love My Hairy Mom: Part I


I guess my interest in my mother started by seeing my mom naked in her room while she was getting changed or in the bathroom while she was taking a bath or shower. You see, my mom raised me and my siblings to see that nudity is natural and not anything to be weirded out about or taken so seriously, which meant that I saw my mom naked a lot. I guess you can say that these experiences also led to my absolute love of the most erotic, hot, and sexy thing I could ever think of; hairy bush.

Now I know many people these days think a hairy pussy is a dirty pussy, but that is complete bull in my mind. Only a couple decades ago bush was all the rage, but for some reason the porn industry was able to influence a lot of the minds of today into thinking that shaved is better due to all the porn stars of recent being mostly shaved completely bare. I’m 23 years old now so I guess you can say I was born in the wrong decade. I would have thrived if I was born in the beginning of the 60’s and was a teenager in the 70’s due to all that bush that needed to be conquered, but I’ve been able to make due with what I have in the here-and-now.

Every girlfriend I’ve had so far has stopped shaving for me and actually loved it, and actually the main reason they shaved in the first place was because they thought, “every guy likes it shaved,” which is very wrong. I told them that a hairy woman is a WOMAN not a child, which is exactly what the shaved look makes me think of. Also, a hairy pussy is different with every single female based on thickness, color, curly or straight haired, length, size, smell, and covered area. I’ve seen plenty of shaved pussy and, in my opinion, they all look the same to me. Being Italian probably adds to the infatuation as well.

Ok now that I got that off my chest I can get back to the story at hand. So I’m guessing now that you’re wondering what my mom looks like naked?Well first off my mom has very curly brown hair that’s cut to about her shoulders and stands at about 5’7” and weighs about 155 pounds.

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  She is 47 years old and has had three children total. Her boobs are big but a little saggy, her stomach has a little weight on it and her ass is very big. The most attractive and amazing part of her body is the big thick dark area between her legs. My mom’s pussy, since I can remember, has always been covered in very curly, thick black hair that reaches about 2/3 of the way to her hips on both sides. She has never shaved her bush and only trims the bikini area during the summer, but never has cut or shortened the hair on her pussy. Her bush has the total look of a 70’s porn star and my mom actually reminds me, in looks and body type, of Kay Parker from the famous Taboo series of porn films from the 70’s.

Now here’s the part where I guess I have to talk about my body to give you guys an idea of what I look like. I know every guy tries to make himself sound like he has an amazing body but I feel no need to lie about what I look like so I hope you trust my explanation of myself. I’m about 6 foot tall and I weigh 180 pounds. I work out a lot so I’m fit and I have 6-pack abs too. I have a pretty big dick that grows to 9 inches when I’m fully hard and I don’t like to shave the hair around my dick on my pelvis but my shaft and balls are always shaved smooth. I guess I just love the hair. I have dark brown hair on my head, and, like my mom, my pubic hair is black.

Like I said earlier, I have always loved hairy women. Past girlfriends have had full hairy bushes grown out just for me and I have loved every minute of it.

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  As of right now I am single and just living life and enjoying women without being tied down, which also means I haven’t had a hairy girl in a long time. The girls I have had sex with recently have all been shaved, which is disappointing but it won’t stop me from fucking. I have gotten my hairy fix by downloading and watching a lot of porn with hairy women in it and reading erotic incest stories where boys fuck their hairy mothers, but it has never really been enough for me. I feel that the stories never had enough detail in them about hairy bush and the porn videos were more of a tease because I wanted to feel the bush and not just see it on a screen.

To compensate for this I would just wait to hear my mom showering or laying in her bathtub and once the water turned off I would simply walk into her bathroom and pretend I had something to ask her. Now my dad has never really been an obstacle to get around because he works all day and night and doesn’t get back until late so I’ve never had to worry about him catching me or anything like that. My younger brother and sister just do their own things and are never really obstacles either so neither my dad, brother or sister will be mentioned anymore.

I would love going into the bathroom to see my mom laying in her bathtub with her washcloth over her tits and her hairy bush seemingly floating on the top of the water because of how long the hair is on it. The hair would slowly move back and forth with the little waves in the water that my mom’s movements would make and sometimes the soap would stick to the hairs to make a black and white soapy bush for me to look at. My questions have always been ones that I would make up on the walk to the bathroom just to be able to see her naked like, “Mom what’re you doing tonight?” or “What’s for dinner tonight?”They were never questions that had any relevance or point, but that didn’t matter to me. I’d also pop into the bathroom when my mom was drying off her body and her, which made it a huge black curly afro sticking out from between her legs. While talking to her, my eyes would always wander from her eyes down to her bush constantly, but always purposely. I’m sure she knows what I was doing but never paid any mind to it and just answered my questions and let me go on my way.

Part I

So now I’m sitting in my room at about 4pm looking at hairy porn videos on my computer, with my door locked of course, and I’ve come across a few “keepers” that I like so I guess I’ll download them to my external hard drive (I have to be safe). My external has over 160 hairy pussy videos along with incest stories I’ve saved and 3D incest pictures with boys fucking their mom’s bushes for me to jerk off too.

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  Right when I’m about to get naked and jerk off to this beautiful brown bushy female getting fucked on my computer screen, my mom knocks on my door.

“Can I come in hun? Why do you lock this door all the time? You know it’s only your family in this house what’s so secretive?”Little did she know.

“Yeah hold on,” I say while getting dressed quickly and closing my laptop so she can’t see the fucking on my screen. Damn I would love just to answer the door with my dick fully hard and a hairy pussy on my computer screen in plain view for my mom to see.

“Dinner’s ready. Come on down. ”

“Ok mom. ”

I have always wanted to talk to my mom about hairy pussy and how much I love her bush but I don’t know how to start such a conversation with her.

I’m eating my steak and all I can think about is my mom’s hairy pussy sitting right next to me. Being interrupted right before jerking off isn’t helping my situation right now either. Dad is quiet like usual and my brother is texting while my sister leaves and goes into the living room to watch television. I scarf down the rest of my food and rush upstairs to finish myself off.

Right when I find another nice video to watch I hear my brother head out to his friend’s house and my sister’s friend’s mom is at the door to pick her up for a sleepover. There’s no way I’m jerking off with people socializing ten feet away from my door. My dad is heading into work tonight to work a party so he’ll probably be home at like 5am since he always goes out with friends after work anyway.

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  “I like how this is panning out,” I tell myself while sitting naked in my bed with my cock laying on my bush of pubic hair on my pelvis, “I’m gonna talk to mom tonight. ”

The house is empty now and I hear the bathwater running. “Don’t be a pussy,” I tell myself and I walk into the bathroom. There’s my mom laying naked in the tub with her big tits floating on the water and her large pink nipples staring right at me. Her black hairy bush is swaying in the water, which makes her naked torso look like a face smiling at me.

“What’s the matter?” she asks.

“Nothing just seeing what’s up. ”

“Can’t you ‘just see what’s up’ when I’m done in the bathtub?” she asks.

“Does it matter? I’ve seen you naked a thousand times mom so I think I’ll stay in here. ”

“Excuse me? Ok, whatever. Why do you want to talk to me in here while I am naked in the bathtub?”

“Well, I was wondering if I could ask you something. I know we talk about anything and everything but this is kinda personal and I wouldn’t want you to get weirded out by it…”

My hands are so cold and I’m shaking so much that I think I am about to pass out.

“Just tell me. What is it?”

“Well after all these years I’ve noticed you don’t ‘shave down there’ and I was wondering why you don’t do it?”

“I don’t know I just like it I guess. I hate shaving because of the ingrown hairs and it makes it itchy and uncomfortable for me and it becomes too much to shave everyday.

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BINGO. I was in. “Well another thing is, I like it. I don’t know why girls feel the need to shave these days. I think it’s ugly to shave and it makes every girl look the same down there and I also think the porn industry has a lot to do with girls shaving too. ”

“Yeah but I guess that’s just how the times are today and if you don’t like it shaved you just have to tell the girl so she can stop doing it for you. ” She definitely likes this conversation. She’s moving around in the water more, and her pussy may be getting wet with me talking about the subject. “Did you exes stop shaving for you?”

“Yeah. I just told them that I love it natural. The hairier the better for me. They let their pussies get really hairy for me and I loved it. ”

“Wow that’s a lot of detail. Remember I’m your mother. ” Crap I got carried away…

“Sorry mom.

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  I guess I just got carried away. I’ll stop…”

“No. Actually, it’s ok. Why do you like it so hairy? You can tell me and don’t worry about being subtle. You can tell me anything I’m your mother. ”

She’s starting to squeeze her legs together. I think she’s getting excited.

“Well to me, a hairy woman is a real woman not a child, which is exactly what the shaved look makes me think of. Also, a hairy pussy is different with every single female based on thickness, color, curly or straight haired, length, size, smell, and covered area. I’ve seen plenty of shaved pussy and, in my opinion, they all look the same to me. It’s kinda ugly to see it shaved. I also like rubbing my face in it and how it feels on my di-…“

“WHOA WHOA I didn’t know you’d get into that much detail!”

“OH GOD mom I’m so sorry! I really didn’t mean to talk about sex and all…I feel so embarrassed. ”

“Well, you are a man. You’re 23 years old and you have finished college now so you’re a full adult who knows what he wants and loves. I knew you weren’t a virgin anymore but a mother never wants to admit her baby is all grown up.


   You are my first son and I am very proud of you. I’m guessing you’ve had sex with more girls than just your exes?”

“Yeah, but they were all shaved besides my exes. ”

“I see. I guess you didn’t like them too much then. ”

“Not really. I love bush. ”

“Oh yeah? You love it huh? Well before I cut you off you were saying it felt real good on your what?”

“Umm…my dick…” my nerves are killing me and trying to hold this boner back is not working.

“What do you mean it feels good on your dick?”

She’s starting to wash her body with the washcloth now. She rubs the wet cloth around her breasts gently and moves toward her stomach. I don’t think she’s doing this to clean herself.

“I like rubbing my dick in the hair. It tickles my dick when I rub it through it and when I’m having sex. I like getting a handful of it too and pulling on it a little bit. It helps the girl orgasm harder. ”

“Wow I never thought of that.

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   Your dad just does his thing then walks away. It’s never really exciting anymore. Do you shave yourself? Do you like to be hairy like your women?”

“I just shave the shaft and balls. I like them to be smooth so I can feel the hair rub against it. I leave my pelvis and all hairy. I like it a lot and I like playing with it when I’m bored. ”

“Hmm that sounds nice babe. You walk around in your underwear all the time so I know you are hairy on your pelvis and your ‘treasure trail’ but I can’t tell past your boxer briefs. I do know you have good genes though. ”

“What do you mean?” this is incredible…

“You are well endowed sweetie. I can see you swinging around when you walk and your bulge is pretty huge. Looks like you got your father’s genes and more. ”

“And more?”

“Yeah because it looks like it’s more than his. ”

“Ohh. You mean it looks bigger?”

“Yeah but I can’t really tell because you have your boxer briefs on.

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“Yeah true I guess. ”

“Well we do talk about everything and you are my son…” (I hope she’s going to say what I think she is) “but I haven’t seen you naked lately at all. It has been years. ”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well I’m naked in the tub and you’re just sitting on my sink talking to me and staring at my body. ”

“Staring? No I was just talking to you that’s all. ”

“No, you were staring at my bush when you were talking to me. ”

“I’m sorry mom I really didn’t mean to. I didn’t even realize. It’s just so amazing…. ”

“Did I yell? It’s fine honey I know you always come in to talk to me when I’m showering or naked in here and stare at my body. I’m not stupid. ”

“Oh. Yeah I guess you would have eventually figured me out…”

“I don’t know why you stare though. This body is old and I feel ugly and so out of shape. ”

“No mom.

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   Your body is great for your age not all skinny and fake like a celebrity’s body or something like that. You have a woman’s body. ”

“Well thanks. Now like I was saying…”

“Saying what mom?”

“Let’s see if your genes are better than your dad’s. You’re my son anyway it’s not a big deal. ”

“You want me to get naked in here?”

I’m so excited I’m about to explode right now. My voice is so shaky and my hands and feet are numb with nervousness.

“Yeah it’s a bathroom. People are usually naked in bathrooms or taking clothing off. Besides we always keep stuff between us so it’s not like anyone will know sweetie. ”

“You promise you won’t tell, mom?”

“Yes I promise. Now let’s see it. ”

“Ok mom…”

I am shaking so much. I took my shirt off first to build up the anticipation at least a little bit. My mom is now sitting up in the tub and her pussy is hidden under the water.


   Her hands are both under the water too, but her arms are moving back and forth, which makes me think something is going on under that water.

“Oh honey, you working out has paid off so much and those protein things you eat and drink really help. ”

“Thanks mom. ”

As I am taking off my basketball shorts, my mom starts to sit up to get a better view. Her eyes are glued to my crotch and her mouth is open with her tongue moving around inside.

“Come on just take them off already you don’t need to do a striptease for me I don’t have the patience for that!”

“Ok mom I just want to enjoy this. ”

“Honey I don’t think this will be the last time. ”

“Really?! I hope not!”

I pull down my boxer shorts and step of out them. As I stand up tall, my dick is nearly fully hard and stands up in unison with the rest of my body.

“YES. YOU ARE BIGGER. ” My fantasy has come true. My mom is looking at my fully erect cock. “You’re so thick too. What are you like nine inches?”


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  ” I’m so nervous right now.

“I love how thick it is sweetie. It’s like the perfect cock. I’m so happy I didn’t have you circumcised either. ”

“Yeah I like it uncircumcised mom. It feels better when I masturbate and have sex. ”

“I’m sure it does. It’s like a hidden treasure inside. And I love how your hair situation is. Your dick and sack are so smooth and your pelvis is so hairy. I bet that feels great as a girl when you’re all the way inside and your pelvis hair tickles the clit and stomach. ”

“I wouldn’t know mom but I’ve heard them say it feels good. ”

Just as I say that, my mom just stands up in the tub. The soap and water are dripping down her body while the light reflects off of every curve. Her body seems to shine and I swear I hear an angelic choir singing “ahhhhhhhh” while this is all happening.

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  The soap on her bush is dripping into the water while the hair hangs down like a wizard’s beard. My mouth is just hanging open right now and I don’t know what to do.

“Come in here please,” says mom, “it’ll be better to see up close. ”

I step into the tub, which is pretty big but not huge to be far from one another. I’m literally face-to-face with her now.

“It’s hard to see when we’re face to face mom. ” I said with a trembling voice.

“I know honey but it’s probably better to feel it. ”

With that, she puts her arms on my shoulders and pulls me into her like she is giving me a hug. I almost slip at the shock of this but catch myself on my mom and hug her to keep balance. Now my nine inch fully hardened cock is smashed between my stomach and my mom’s bush.

“OH GOD MOM I’M SO SORRY! I slipped I didn’t mean to!”

“Shut up it’s what I wanted to happen. How does my curly bush feel on your big cock?”

“Oh god mom it feels so good. I never thought this would happen. I’ve always thought about this every single day.

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“Good baby. I’ve thought about it a lot too. Do you like when I do this?”

She starts grinding up and down against me. Her hairy pussy is pretty much jerking my dick off while my mom holds my chest up against her tits. She’s staring into my eyes while biting her lips. I’m completely in shock. My dick is pulsating and throbbing so much that I think it is going to pop any second.

“Oh my god mom. You’re so fucking hairy I love it. Your bush feels so good it’s like jerking me off right now. God I love how hairy you are and how huge your bush is. It’s so dark and thick and curly and soft. ”

“Good baby it’s yours. ”

Then all of a sudden she stands on her tippy toes and pulls me closer into a bear hug. With this, my dick springs outward directly under the opening of her pussy lips.

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   My eyes widen and my jaw drops. My mom is staring directly into my eyes with a serious look on her face while her face is red with blush. She starts to lower herself.

I feel the beginning of her gigantic bush tickle the head of my cock. My dick seems to burrow through miles of curls and thickness until I feel the beginning of the lips. Her hairy pussy lips seem to open up like a mouth and slide over my nine-inch shaft. As my mom lowers herself, she lets out a shaky breath and water builds up in her eyes. Her bush rubs against my stomach then down my pelvis and ultimately entangles itself with my black curly pubic hair. My mom now closes her eyes and shoves her tongue in my mouth as we both lower slowly into the bathtub.

I’m now sitting in the tub with my mom’s legs wrapped around my back. She’s bouncing on me so hard that the tub may go through the floor and fall into the kitchen below. I can feel her hairy bush rubbing hard against my stomach while the skin on my uncircumcised cock slides up and down inside my mom’s hairy pussy with the motion of her body. I put both of my hand around her huge ass and feel the thick trail of hair that leads up her ass crack.

Then, I stick two fingers into my mom’s ridiculously hairy asshole and finger her ass as she rides me. She is moaning so deeply as she kisses me passionately.

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  This seems to go on forever until I feel myself about to cum.

“Mom I’m about to cum let me pull out. ”

“Are you crazy? No I had my tubes tied after your sister was born. You had better cum inside this thick bush, and you better do it hard. ”

“Ok mom. Mom, I love you. ”

“I love you so much sweetie. You and your massive thick nine inch cock. ”

“God I love how you talk mom. I love how hairy you are, seriously. ”

“Well I can get hairier for you if you want baby. ”

“Really?! Oh my god. Yes please. I have so many things I want you to do now. ”

“I’ll do anything baby we’ll talk later.

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   Now cum inside my hairy pussy like you want me to have your child. ”

I never came so much in my entire life.


My mom was screaming so loud I would be surprised if the neighbors heard us. I was cumming in unison with my mother, the woman of my fantasies, the woman whose bush was always on my mind; the bush that was so big and curly and thick and long and black. The bush that was now mine.

“Oh my god. That was incredible,” said mom. “I will never get enough of this. ”

“You don’t have to mom. I love you and I’m all yours. ”

“I love you too baby. Now let’s talk about our first hair idea together…”

End Part I
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Η κάθε γλύκα μας είναι κορυφαία ερμηνεύτρια όσον αφορά το σεξ και διαθέτει εξαιρετικές δεξιότητες που θα σας αφήσουν άφωνους. Περιηγηθείτε ελεύθερα στη συλλογή φωτογραφιών μας για να ρίξετε μια ματιά αυτά τα εντυπωσιακά κορμιά με πιασίματα και τα γοητευτικά πρόσωπα που δεν ντρέπονται να σας αποκαλύψουν τα μοντέλα μας.
Πέρα από τις κορυφαίας ποιότητας υπηρεσίες συνοδού κατά τη διάρκειας της ημέρας, οι σαγηνευτικές συνοδοί μας μπορούν σίγουρα να σας προσφέρουν εκπληκτικές υπηρεσίες συνοδού τη νύχτα, όταν είστε οι δυο σας.
Οι σαγηνευτικές καυτές γκόμενες από την Αθήνα κανε σεχ προέρχονται από ποικίλες τοποθεσίες. Επομένως, θα είστε σε θέση να διαλέξετε μωρά όπως παθιασμένες Λατίνες, σέξι Ασιάτισσες, βιτσιόζες Αμερικάνες, ερωτικές Ευρωπαίες, καυλιάρες Αφρικάνες, και πολλές περισσότερες που ανυπομονούν να σας δείξουν τις δεξιότητές τους. Απλά πείτε μας τι ακριβώς προτιμάτε, όπως την ηλικία, τον σωματότυπο, την εθνικότητα, και εμείς θα αναλάβουμε όλα τα υπόλοιπα.
Γραφτείτε και συμπεριλάβετε τις λεπτομέρειες σας στη φόρμα εγγραφής και θα σας δοθεί απευθείας πρόσβαση στον κατάλογο συνοδών μας που είναι γεμάτος με γλύκες συνοδούς. Μπορείτε να προσαρμόσετε την αναζήτηση σας επιλέγοντας διαφορετικές κατηγορίες. Νιώστε ελεύθερα και διαλέξτε ανάμεσα στην Κανονική, στη VIP, στη Διαμαντένια κατηγορία και άλλες κατηγορίες υπηρεσιών συνοδών όπως τσιμπούκια, ερωτικό μασάζ, παιχνίδια ρόλων, ερωτικά παιχνίδια, πρωκτικό, μαλακία, ποδομαλακία, ΣΔΜΧ, κατούρημα, όργια, με βάση το μέγιστο προϋπολογισμό σας.

Αξιοπιστία συνοδοι συνοδοι Αθήνα

Όλες οι προσωπικές εγγραφές τις διαχειριζόμαστε με τη μέγιστη προσοχή και ασφάλεια για να διασφαλίσουμε ότι θα παραμείνουν απόλυτα ασφαλείς ότι και να γίνει. Έτσι, μην χάνετε άλλο χρόνο και βιώστε αξέχαστες εμπειρίες Συνοδών στην πορνες Αθήνα ανακαλύπτοντας τις φανταστικές καλλονές, επειδή χωρίς αμφιβολία θα τις λατρέψετε!

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