Incest holiday at Cap D'Agde


But what made it so special for us,was our just turned 13yo son,worshipped his mom's nude body,as we strolled about in the evening,with everyone else.
It was almost impossible,for both of us not to get a hardon,as we saw girls of all ages with their parents,with fantastically budding little tiny tits,and gorgeous little cunts.
We couldn't get back to our flat there quick enough,as both of us,ie my son & I,had very hard cocks as we walked holding hands with my wife.
As soon as we reached the quiet stairwell in our apartment block,I stopped on the last set of stairs leading up to our flat,and bent her over,and fucked her right there on the stairs,I was so excited.
My wife was in ecstacy aswell as I fucked her,not caring a thing about our young son watching us,and it really did turn us on knowing our own son could see us fully nude and fucking like that.
I couldn't help it,but withdrew,and quickly got my son's cock inside his mom,and encouraged him to get to fuck her infront of me,before he couldn't last more than a few minutes before he came inside her,there on the stairs in wonderfully full public view,the perfect incest,as we both wanted.
I knew she wanted our sons tiny cock inside her cunt,from a very eary age,so now that he had just only turned thirteen,is was heaven for both of us,as I knew he loved his mom's tits and cunt,when he had a really wonderful good look at her,laying flat out on the grass fully nude in our garden one day,when he got in from school,when I was at work.
 But what made it extra special for me & our son,was seeing the outfit,that my wife wore on our second evening there,she wore only high heels,and a fishnet body stocking,but with round peepholes,cut out,only showing her cunt and tits.
With her nipple rings,and clit rings beautifully & proudly on display like that,everyone we passed smiled so gorgeously at us as we passed them,especially as she was only showing her tits & cunt as she walked hand in hand with our son & I.
Knowing incest is perfectly legal between adults in France,we had to be discrete as to when our son fucked her,so as we wern't seen by any police there,being as he was only a very young lad of thirteen.
Happily for me,his little cock was now big enough to get it inside his mom,as we told him,that we wanted him to fuck her before he left for school in the mornings,and then as soon as he got in from school in the afternoons,when we got back home.
That of course was after the school holidays had finished,and I told him,he could fuck his mom,whenever he liked from then on,especially in our bed beside me,and to cum inside her every time aswell,as my wife & I would dearly loved it if our only young son,could knock her up,even though he was still at school.
During that incrediblly gorgeous holiday at Cap D'Agde in Southern France,our son must have fucked her about three or four times every day,as her cunt was forever swimming with his potent cum inside her.
Purposely,I didn't cum in her,as we wanted only him,to knock her up,so quicly withdrew,& finished of,wanking myself to death as our son fucked my wife.
To see them french kissing whilst they fucked was enough to make me come,as he wonderfully kissed & fucked her beside meto let me see his arse sieze and shudder,as he empty'd as much cum as possible, from his young balls inside her.  
 Sadly she didn't catch,but give him his due,he certainly tried his hardest to get his mom pregnant,as I loved seeing them fuck whenever the wanted to,at any time night or day.

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When we did gingerly venture out there,she allways had our son's cum seeping our from within her,as we strolled about,which excited us more than anything.
We stayed there for two weeks,along with about forty thousand other nudists,and had a fantastic holiday,and promised that we'd definitely go there again aswell.
On returning home,we quietly whispered to her divorced dad over the phone about our holday,& our son aswell,and he pleaded with us to pop down and see him,so he to could fuck her like we wanted,so I promised him sincerely,her cunt was his,as soon as we could get down there to see him.
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