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Topic: A Family's Sexual Hypnosis Part 3Dr. Cynthia Claiborne relaxed on a grassy knoll. She liked to ponder in the quietness of the unblemished country of upstate New York, that is except for her spacious estate house, exceptions had to be made for the privileged few. Or maybe the clever few. Now, what to do about my favorite group of deviant women? Kristyn was not pregnant, but it was a close call and she was coming along nicely as a slut. Her mom's monthly reports from college informed her of that. Speaking of Sandie, she was pleasing her cousin Michael twice weekly, as was Robyn. The three sisters had worked out a schedule, each seeing him three days apart, that way they could build up their cum and sexual urges to give him their best. But now Debbie was in India, so her two sisters were filling in for her. That's because if one of the sisters could not make the date another one would take her place. This took care of Monday through Thursday, leaving Sunday as a day of rest. Every stud needs a little down time. I'm really proud of myself, given the way it has worked out. It seems that Debbie was very interested in Pilate's, yoga and meditation. Dr. Claiborne had contacts in India, so she made sure that Debbie was also learning about the Kama Sutra and advanced sexual techniques.

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   That way she could teach her sisters and cousins when she got back. Debbie was receiving advanced meditational and sexual instructions by several beautiful Indian trainers who taught her powerful tounge techniques to make a woman's pussy climax more, and a man's cock to explode by the intense friction of the tounge. She also learned special vagina techniques on how to contract her muscles tight, bi – latereally, right before a man cums. When Debbie returned to the states she opened up her Pilates school with her now lesbian lover. Together they conducted classes to draw in young women eagered to learn Pilates and sexual meditation to please their men even more. As time went by, Dr. Claiborne learned more about the sister's extended family. This spurred Cynthia on even more, making Michael a Holy cause, considering how the females of his family had treated him in his formative years and the way some still treated him. Michael was always treated as the black sheep of the family, only by fault due to him being out numbered by many females out weighing the men in the family. Michael was always a good boy and turned into a real fine gentleman, but with a lonely heart. Michael was never given the respect and love that was well deserved. Michael is well talented, an accomplished musician on guitar and a proficient Martial arts enthusiast. Michael has a wide range of taste for music such as Rock, Jazz, Blues and Country. The only problem is that women and the times would not realte to Michael's interest. This is why he would have such a hard time in holding a relationship.

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   Here in the new 2000 Millenium what woman would be interested in a man playing guitar and enjoying martial arts? What woman would want to listen to Country Music while all of the sluts are blasting their Rap, Techno and Hip Hop? The first bitches that Dr. Claiborne wanted to 'fix' were Michael's sisters. Since they lived in Pennsylvania, she would have to go on a road trip. - - - - -It was mild day on November 7, 2000. Dr. Claiborne was almost to where Michael's sisters lived so she kept an eye out. She pulled up at the security gate of the "Hideaway" a large community set within the woods of Pennsylvania. Dr. Claiborne explained to the guard on duty that she was a doctor and was coming to visit Laurie Sxxxxxi and Cheryl Wxxxxxxs. "Will you please ring for one of them, I have letter of introduction from their cousins. " A disembodied voice cracked over a speaker and she was told to drive in, and pull off to the side and wait. The gate rose and Dr. Claiborne drove her Dodge Durango through the gate and parked next to the guard shack. A short time later Cynthia saw a tan Ford Expedition appear out of the woods and speed down the road to the guard shack. The truck had barely screeched to a halt when a frazzled looking woman leapt from behind the steering wheel and burst through the door of the guard shack.

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  Cynthia got out of her Durango and zipped her coat up. It was a bit colder here in November compared to the Indian Summer back in New York City. The woman had wavy dark brown hair and was wearing a blue speckle short sleeve dress. Apparently she had forgotten her coat in her haste. The foxy woman looked as much pissed-off as worried. She strode towards Cynthia puffing on a long cigarette. "Are you the doctor? Are my cousins alright? Why did you drive here? Why didn't someone call?" Dr. Claiborne leaned against her truck waiting for Laurie to run out of steam and stop talking. "I am Doctor Claiborne and your cousins, Debbie, Robyn and Sandie, are all in perfect health. " Laurie's expression showed relief for a moment and then turned angry. "As a matter of fact, they suggested that I come down and see you and your sister. They feel that since I helped them to enjoy life more, I could help you also. "Laurie was still angry, but felt a little sheepish for getting so worked up over nothing. "Well, my shift at the clubhouse is over now anyway, why don't you follow me to my house. We can have a more private discussion there.

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  " She looked at the obviously interested guards in the shack. "Anyway, I'm freezing. " Dr. Claiborne could see that, her large nipples were trying to rip through the top of her dress. Dr. Claiborne got into her Durango and followed Laurie to her house. Even though she wouldn't show it, Dr. Claiborne was glad to get back into the heated truck. Dr. Claiborne followed Laurie to a split level brick and aluminum sided ranch. Laurie pulled into the garage and Dr. Claiborne parked in the driveway. The ladies entered the house through the garage. The house was nice and warm and Laurie started to unfasten her dress as she walked to her bedroom. "Just make yourself at home, I'll be right out.

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   I'm just gonna slip into something more comfortable. " A few moments later Laurie appeared in a pair of shorts and a skimpy pink top that left her midriff and back bare. She was puffing on one of her long cigarettes. "I know it's a dirty habit, but if people don't like it, tough! I feel so much better now that I've changed. " Dr. Claiborne had taken her coat off and looked at the untidy, but clean house. Laurie started to make herself a daiquiri and asked Dr. Claiborne if she wanted one. Soon the two were toasting like old friends. "May you be happier when I have gone, cheers. " After Dr. Claiborne's toast they moved into the living room to be more comfortable. "I perform hypnotherapy and your cousins have been very happy with my treatments. You can read for yourself. " Dr.

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   Claiborne handed Laurie a sealed envelope. "Your Cousin Debbie was nice enough to recommend me to you and your sister. It wasn't too far to drive down to help Debbie's cousins. "Laurie finished reading the letter from Debbie and appeared more relaxed as she folded it back up and returned to the envelope. "Debbie has a lot of good things to say about you and your treatment. I think that Cheryl will be most impressed and will want the treatment; I know that I do. Can you do it enough to help in one session?Dr. Claiborne nodded her head, "Yes. It may take a little longer of a session, but if you, and your sister, are open enough I can do what is needed. I can do the treatment right here. " Laurie seemed eager to begin and fidgeted while Dr. Claiborne closed the curtains and dimmed the light in the room. "There, this will do just fine. Lay back on the couch and relax. " Dr.

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   Claiborne pulled a small circular disk (about the size of a half dollar coin) from her pocket, held it in front of Laurie and pushed a button on the back. A sequential sequence of lights began blinking on and off in front of Laurie and soon she was in a hypnotic trance. "Tell me about your childhood and your family. " She went down easier than her cousins did. First I need to learn all that I can from her then a little 'helpful programming. Cynthia played with herself as she listened to Laurie's story. Laurie is the mangaer and barmaid of the Hideaway's clubhouse. On the side and in the past Laurie has worked as a Barmaid for hot Dance Clubs, which played all of that music which Michael despised and young women from 18 to 32 would come in and dance it up with their hunky boyfriends, some of those women being her daughter, Chrissy's friends. Laurie has never worked in a strip club yet. Soon Cynthia told Laurie to take off all her clothes and masturbate. Laurie's breasts were a supreme 38D. Cynthia was getting off on how Laurie moaned and panted as she told her innermost secrets. It turns out that Laurie's ex-husband's new wife, Andrea, was making prank calls to her and calling Laurie a pig and making squealing sounds over the phone. This is the same ex-husband that had married Laurie when she was just eighteen and had molested Cheryl starting when she was only eight! I'm sure that Cheryl will tell me more when I hypnotize her. Andrea would always prank call Laurie to ask when is her husband going to fuck Cheryl or when is Michael going to fuck her.

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   Laurie went on to tell Cynthia about the operations she had done to make her sexier, like getting implants and having liposuction. Laurie had also had her tubes tied, but didn't have sex with her new husband, who she didn't like or respect. It's good for her that she can't get pregnant anymore considering the things I'm going to have her do!As Laurie finished her story, Cynthia orgasmed. Laurie had climaxed twice and was still playing with her cunt. Cynthia had her stop and get dressed again. Laurie got dressed then sat patiently waiting for further instructions. Once Cynthia had straightened her clothes she started programming Laurie. "The first most important instruction to you is that you will never again be mean to your brother. Actually, when you hear his voice you will become aroused and want to please him, regardless of where you are or who you are with. Also you will be attracted to all of your female relations and will also want to have sex with them. You will never again wear a bra or panties, but always wear garters and stockings. They will be like a second skin for you, taken off only for baths and replaced every morning. ""Last, but not least, when anyone calls you a 'pig' you will take off all your clothes, get on all fours and like a sow in heat, try to get men to fuck you. You will be like this until you are fucked unconscious. You will remember and obey all these instructions, but not my giving them to you.

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   Do you understand?" Laurie nodded her head 'yes'. "I'm going to count down from five to wake you up. You will wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Five. . . Four. . . Three. . . Two. . .

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   One. . . Wake-up!"Blinking her eyes, Laurie woke up. Her eyes focused on Dr. Claiborne. "Wow! I feel great, thank you. I'm sure that my sister will like this too. " Laurie looked at her watch. Cheryl's shift ends soon; let's go over to the clubhouse and get something to eat while we wait for her. Hold on a second please. " Laurie slipped into her bedroom and tugged on a pair of tight blue jeans. She then threw on a winter coat and led Dr. Claiborne to their trucks. They drove separately, Dr.


   Claiborne explaining that after her session with Cheryl, she had to drive back to New York. The inside of the clubhouse was dark and it took Dr. Claiborne a moment for her eyes to adjust. Laurie was looking around for her sister. "I know she's logging out from her shift. Just wait here while I find her and then we can find a private room. " As Laurie made her way to the office, Dr. Claiborne sat at an empty table and looked around. My what an interesting mix; the men still in their business attire or hurriedly changed into jeans and a flannel shirt, so they could be here for happy hour. The women dressed like sluts, eager to get their illicit mating started. The Hideaway, despite being a beautiful family community has it's dirty little secrets. There was a high amount of cheating and sex that goes on beyond those security gates. To many married women and men wind up cheating on each other and there are various amounts of sexual activities that occur. Strip polka seems to be a weekend past time. Laurie returned in a few minutes followed by her sister.

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   Cheryl didn't have the large boobs that Laurie did, but she more than made up for it with her ponderous ass-flesh. She was cute in a whorish kind of way. Cheryl was still dressed in the outfit she had worn while she was passing on drinks to the 'respectable' patrons of the clubhouse, a short black skirt and a short-sleeved puffy blouse that didn't show her bust, or lack-there-of, to the crowd. Laurie introduced Cheryl and they moved off to an empty party room. First Laurie and then Dr. Claiborne explained about the session after Cheryl had read Debbie's letter. Cheryl noticed how happy and relaxed her sister was and agreed to the treatment. Dr. Claiborne ushered Laurie out and locked the door behind her, "That's so we won't be disturbed while you are under. It could be most unfortunate if some one interrupted us, Cheryl. " She nodded her head telling Dr. Claiborne that she understood. Dr. Claiborne then scowled and told Cheryl to put out her cigarette. Cheryl crushed out the cigarette stained with hot baby pink lipstick.

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  Dr. Claiborne put Cheryl under using her flashing gadget. She then had Cheryl remove all her clothing, and begin getting her self off. Cynthia then had Cheryl tell her about her life. She went to dance school and was a contestant in the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant when she was 16. Through Cheryl's story, Cynthia verified that she had been molested when she was eight. The abuse from Laurie's ex-husband continued until Cheryl was addicted to sex. Cheryl was a wild child in High School and up to this present time. She was very rebelious when she was younger, and the female sluts she made friends with would always help fulfill her most Bi – Sexual fantasies. Just like Laurie, Cheryl never got along with Michael, they basically hated each other. About this time Cheryl had a mind blowing orgasm. She is now seeing a therapist for a sexual addiction whose name was Joan, but it hasn't helped in the lustful atmosphere of the Hideaway. When Cynthia would return to New York, she would quickly get the papers prepared to forward to Joan to have Cheryl's records forwarded to her, but not to help cheryl, but to take the info to manipulate Cheryl's mind even more. Cheryl was married once, but it only lasted a couple of years. She now lived with a boyfriend, Joe, at a chalet in the Hideaway.

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   Cheryl moved in with Laurie in 1997, upon escaping from New York when her divorce was final, and soon found herself as Laurie's employee at the Clubhouse where she met many whore friends, and eventualy Joe, 38 years old, and preceded to move in with him. She also found out that their mother, Dolores, had visited her daughters at the Hideaway, and revealed to Cynthia a very dark secret about Joe in relation to her mother. "Hmmm, I'm going to have to visit with Dolores when I get back to New York. "Cynthia had Cheryl finish playing with her sopping cunt then started the programming of the self-proclaimed slut. She programmed her relations to her brother and female family members the same as she had with her sister. Most of the things she programmed Cheryl with were almost the same. A glaring difference was that when Laurie was acting like a sow she would encourage the men there to fuck her and would then blow the men until they were erect so they could fuck Laurie again, maybe again and again until Laurie passed out. My work here is done, well almost. Dr. Claiborne left the sisters at the bar; swilling mixed drinks and trying to pick-up some muscle bound jocks. She waved goodbye to the smutty sisters and called out to Laurie, "Laurie. . . " Laurie turned to look at the doctor who was about to leave the clubhouse. "Laurie.

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  . . you're a pig. " The last things Dr. Claiborne heard were Laurie grunting, snorting and squealing and Cheryl urging the men near her to fuck her sister; that she was in heat and needed to be fucked. .

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