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Hello friends, this is Akshay from delhi here . this is my first story so kindly bear with me. my email is very_very_fairy_boy532@yahoo. co. in ,if u want to tell me anything about my storythis story is about my very first sexual experience with my cousin sister, a true story. . . . . My cousins name is niharika she is 25 yrs old today, but this sexual experience occured 3 yrs ago when i was 16 yrs old and she was 22. Let me describe her , in a few words u can say she was an angel, her skin as fair as snow , lips as red as rose, and her eyes were as blue as the ocean. she is slim from waiste and her assets are amazing34-25-36, her round mouth watering ass. She is 5'9, her hair colour is black but she has got some blond streaks. Her face is very beauty full, full of joy and happiness. but who knew such an angel has another side that i am unaware of. By looking at her i could have never figured out how much lust she has, how much she craves for sex.

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  So ill start my story here, my name is Akshay and i live in delhi with family. when i was sixteen yrs old i used to be this introvert type of person always with myself , not talking to anybody , shy in front of girls and never having the guts to approach them, from this context u might have figured out that i was a virgin then. one day my mother and i went to visit my cousin niharika who lived in Jaipur. she had shifted to jaipur from delhi due to her work, she had done her MBA and was working for a well renowned company. When we reached her apartment,we saw that she kept everything very untidy. Socks on the floor pizza on the couch, she had left her Tv on and her bed filled with clothes. we waited there for Niharika to return from her work place, when she returned she greeted us and hugged us and apologized to us for keeping her room untidy, looking at her that time made me feel shy while hugging her i felt her soft breasts pressing against my chest. i was taller than her i was 5'11 then, and well built more muscles than an athlete cos i used to work out in the gym, i started when i was 14 so had good muscles at 16. she complimented about my physique and told me how grown up and mature i looked now. Such comments from her made me blush. ]but she was bold and slapped my ass and said muscles here too, looks like my bro has got a hard tushy, i said "bas now stop it didi". we had coffee at her place and chatted for hours and got to know that she had a hectic schedule and even had to miss some days at the gym, she told me thats why she looked a little chubby from the ass, i blushed again , no response from me as usual. Moms phone rang , she got a call from dad who told her to come home immideatly due to some file work and pending documents that have to be submitted in bank otherwise we will suffer a huge loss. mom told me that its time for me to leave but niharika didi insisted for me to stay at her place far a couple of days saying she would get some company , and told mom that the guys at her work place were typical nerds. Mom had to leave urgently and had no choice but to leave me behind.

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   As mom sat in the car we waved her goodbye, as we walked inside she gave another slap on my but. she asked me where i wanted to sleep, i told her that i can sleep on the coutch but she incisted me to sleep on the bed. She said dont be shy lil brother didi is not going to eat you baba. i was feeling hungry so i asked her for some food, she told me she doesent know how to cook so we got to go to some restaurant for a decent meal. we went to a nearby chinese place for some food as we sat down the waiter brought us food and brought told us that the deserts will be on the houser for the lovely couple, i was gona tell him that we are not a couple bet before i could speak she kicked me from under the table and winked at me, as you would probably know by now how i acted in such situations, ya you guessed it right i BLUSHED, damn i was such a person. after the tasty food she asked me to dance with her(god damn i loved her for being so bold otherwise i still would have been a virgin today) there was this song by steevy wonders 'i just called to say i love you' as we danced she lookd in my eyes and as usual i looked away from her she slapped me on the butt and said look into my eyes bro no need to be shy. As i looked into those deep blue eyes of her , came to realize how beauty full she was , and i thought in myself am i starting to fall in love with her , while looking at her fair pure skin her luscious lips with that beauty full smile, but then i realized this is my sister who is six yrs older than me (i thought in myself this could  never happen). after the dance we sat in the car and went back to her apartment, as we entered the room looking at the clothes, she said awwwwww what a mess, its gona take me ages to clean this. With a wicked smile on her face she told me to pick up the clothes on the bed, as i went and bent down to pick up the clothes , she came near and gave me a tight slap on my tushy , i turned around and asked what did i do wrong now and she said ' nothing, i just felt like slapping u'. We burst into laughter as she told me to change my clothes. i went into the bathroom and locked the door sat on the pot and started pissing , as i was pissing she entered the room , my piss stopped there and then not a drop comin out because of fear ,But as u guys know how shameless she is she continued to stare , i threw the tissue papper roll at her and told her to buss off. she closed the door and i changed and went outside. she told me that she had forgotten to tell me that the lock was broken. I said "ur an evil person , taking advantage of this situation"(by this point i had become a bit bold with her as she made me feel comfortable)when she came out after changing in her nighty she was looking gorgeous in her black nighty. we both went to bed and slept.

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   in the middle of the night she kicked me, i looked at her and she was still asleep, i tried top sleep but noticed that she moves a lot while sleeping . i faced the opposite side of her and tried to sleep when suddenly she turned towards me with one arm on my shoulder, and then she grabbed me from behind her arms wrapped around my abdomin and her breast squeezing my back it was the most ammazing feeling ever i got a hardon instantly. it was big and hurting me , i was trying to release itself my 8 inch cock. i held her and turned her to the opposite side when she kicked me again, i turned towards her and saw that her eyes were still closed , when suddenly she turned again and grabbed me from the front. (i thought to myself , looks like she is used to grabbing the pillow while sleeping)now my cock was touching her stomach when she opened her eyes and said , what is this naughty boy ,I was shocked and speechless. she was pretending the whole while. she asked me that have i had sx before , i said that i was a virgin, she said how a handsome guy like me could still be a virgin , i had no answer. she said with a naughty smile on her face"dont worry little brother niharika didi is going to teach u everything"she removed my shirt, i was a hesitatingbut she applied ample pfrce and started to caress my chest and said "how iv been waiting to see these muscles again , she asked me had i seen breasts before , i said "no"(which was lie ofcoures i had seen porn) she asked me if i wanted to, i did not reply , as u guys know silence answers a lot of questions she lowered the nighty from the top . she was waring no bra , and those juicy globules of mass came in front of me those 34 DD breasts so perfect so toned up and lastly so big. her nippls with fair brown dot with pink aereola absolutely beauty full. she told me to touch then as i did she let her neck loose and let her head fall behind enjoying the sensation of m touching them, to my surprise i was not feeling shy now. i pinched her nipple a little, she asked me to suck hr breasts. i did not do it when all of sudden she grabbed my head and smashed it right into her mushy boobs. the feeling was one of a kind soft , smooth so pure her fair boobs as if i was drowning int the warmth emitted by thm , melted away with her softness. she told me to suck them now as i did i took in the aroma of her talc that she had applied , i am pretty sure it was ponds , anyways i sucked them nicely as if i wanted her milk , she started moaning lightly and breathing heavily as she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and kissed me.

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  her lips were soft and had apricot flavor in them , as she inserted her tongue into my mouth, i was shocked . This was my first french kiss(lol, this was my first kiss , ever)i enjoyed every moment of it. we kissed passionately for 10 mins after which she suddenly grabbed my erect cock. She told me in a seducing voice to get naked. i did nothing . Her next step was breathtaking as she put her hands down my boxer and grabbed my cock and said"theres my little friend". she pulled my boxers down making me completely naked. i quickly covered myself with the blanket. she tried to pull the blanket but i wouldnt let go , then she said as u wish and stood on top of the bed and dropped the rest of her clothing revealing each and every curve of her angelic body , the only thing missing were her wings , cos sh was definitely looking out of this world. her pussy clean shaved except a triangle patch of hair on top. she came close and sat on my shoulders pinning my head on the bed. i could smell her pussy that namkeen , intoxicating smell, as she started to buck on my chest. i was going crazy, suddenly she threw away the blanket and there i was naked. she grabbed my cock and said "now im gona taste my lollipop". her words were arousing me and she kissed the tip of my cock and said u have a big one.

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   she sucked the tip for a min and then tried to take it in completely , trying to suck out the jizz, to my surprise at that time i realized to myself that i had resistance that i would not cum in an instant to such a beauty full girl (luck me) enjoying each and every moment, sh started to lightly squeeze my balls along.  with one hand massaging her pussy. she got up and slapped me on the face and said dont u have any decency letting ur elder sister do all the work without helping her. mow she got on top of me and placed her pussy on my face, how i was dying to taste this pussy . i gave a gentle lick and then vigoursly sucked it, trying to concentrate on it and insert on it and then concentrating on the little nodule i foung in her pussy, she was moaning loudly now and said u "bhenchod itna shareef banta hai , thuje sab kuch aata hai". her words turned me on and i sucked my bhen harder while inserting one finger inside, she said im about to cum and released the liquid from her pussy, gushing out like anything . she said u made me to cum , from now on ur my bitch. didi is gona tell u what ur gona do next. next she lay down on the bet and opened the side drawers and took out a bottle of mosturiser and told me to apply it on her pussy, as i oblidged to my master i applied ample of lotion there i realized how beauty full a womans vagina looks , she was pink and it was budging out a little but it was the most beautyfull pussy i had ever seen in those videos. (according to me lotion was not required as the orgasm had made her pussy wet enough)next she placed my cock onto my pussy and told me u know what to do next, i started to tease her by slowly rubbing my cock on top of her pussy , she said stop it and put it in , "mujhe abhi chod". but i was in the mood to play a little. i said aapko kya chahiya . she said "woh" i said "kya" she said "who" i said "kya"she said "bhenchod tera lund chahiya"but i still did not put it in instead i started to rub it faster. she started begging me to put it in . she said pls akshay do it "thuje mari kasam"i need you and i love u , i want us to be one so give it to me.

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  i looked into her eves and felt the same love and smiledI asked her was it safe to do it without protection, she said thre are a lot of pills in the market u dont need to worry just let ur sister handle the troubles, I pushed my cock inside , she was very tight , it was grasping my cock like anything, she moaned and i asked her should i take it out she said no pls continue i want u, come to me , and she hugged me and suddenly grabbed my hips and pushed them in one blow i was inside her completely she shouted at the top of her voise and said " ab tu bhen chod hai". looking at the love in her eyes i felt the warmth within her , i stayed like that for a minute and then slowly took my cock out till the tip and reinserted it, she moaned like crazy, after about 5 mins , i saw her moving like crazy and saw a shockwave within her coming to my cock and she had a big orgasm her inner walls was sucking my cock as if it was demanding something from my cock , but i did not cum then i controlled myself. her juices gushing my cock making it wet completely the drops of her cum dripping from my balls on to the bedsheet. i waited for 10 secs and then continued fucking her, this was th best time of my life , she was perfect , and i would never regret such a thing in my life. she was beauty full, i continued fucking her when she said i need ur cum , plase give it to me , there is a fire of desire in me please give it to me , i need the fire estinguishers, dont let me burn "Save me akshay"now this was th limit it had been 15 mins now and she was going to have her third climax , this was my limit too , i knew i could not hold any longer, she said im gona cum, this time i felt the shockwave that time , i quickened my pace slapping her buts hard with my thigh (taking my revenge for all the but slaps)and i said im gona cum niharika , she said me too. and i felt her come again as i felt her vagina squeezing and sucking my cock i could not control and erupted jizz after jizzzzzzzz of hot cum as we moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . . of satisfaction. i was there on top of her and colapesed there on her. She smiled and thanked me for the night, and said i love u brother as we kissed and slept together holding her the entire night(jaipur nights can be really cold but sh kept me warm and cosy)there friends finally it ends here , we had hot sex for couple of days until mom pickd me up. after i was 18 i drove to jaipur myself to visit her and have wonderful times with her. this is a true story so am telling u the truth, we have never done anal till date.

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  I am 19 now and no longer have any problems dealing with ppl, so u see how she made a man out of me. if u like my story do tell me u can also contact me on my email address very_very_fairy_boy532@yahoo. co. in ,do give me fedback if u like my story , if i get good responses i will post a new storyThanks. . . . . . . . . . . .

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