Jay Didn't Know This Side of His Family


Amanda: "That was awesome Todd. That wasnt what i thought the first time would fell like. You going to come over again tomorrow so that we can do it again"Todd: "I'll be over here around five o'clock ight no one else should be here. "Then the door handle started to turn and Jay jumped up and ran back to the stairs and to make it look like he just got home. When Todd came out of the room he just looked at Jay and walked past him and left. Amanda stood there in only a bra and panties looking at Jay. "Who was that" Jay said"Oh just one of my friends" stated AmandaJay kinda played it off like he just got home. But Amanda noticed the bluge in Jay's shorts. Amanda just looked at him and smiled. "Well im gonna go take a shower. " Amanda said"Cool hurry cause i need one too just come in my room and tell me when your done" Jay repliedJay walked to his room and just laid on his bed thinking about what he just seen. His dick was still hard so Jay thought he could put in a prono and releave himself before Amanda got out of the shower. Jay got out of his bed and walked over to his VCR and popped in a tape. Jay layed back on his bed and started jacking off to the prono then all of a shudden Jay heard Amanda yelling at him. Jay got up and went to the bathroom door to see what she was yelling about. "Are you ok Amanda" Jay asked trin to sound worried.

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  "Yea im fine can you come in here and hand me the soap i cant reach it and i dont want to get out of the bath. " Amanda repliedJay walked in the bathroom thinking that he wouldnt see anything cause ever time he went into the bathroom while Amanda was in there she always had the curtain closed. This time was different When Jay walked into the bathroom Amanda was laying in the tub with the curtain wide open. Jay stood there for a split second looking at his sister then he got the soap and handed it to her. "Jay will you help me out im kinda sore and cant really wash my back" Amanda askedAmanda tried playing it off cause Amanda always played Basketball with the guys and she gets sore after playing. But Jay knew the reason she was sore. Jay bent down and started washing Amanda's back. Once he was done Amanda turned around to him. Jay had his sisters tits right in his face. Jay wanted to just reach out and touch them. "Well aint you gonna continue washing my body for me Jay. " Amanda askedJay just looked at her stunned at what he just heard. Jay started rubbin the wash cloth over Amanda's Tits and body. Jay started to get a hard on by doing this and he was only wearing his boxers so he was scared that Amanda would notice that and make him leave. "Little brother are you enjoying this" Amanda asked"What you mean sis?" Jay RepliedAmanda reached down and grabed Jays hard on.

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  "This is kinda a big give away Jay" Amanda said like wit a smile on her face. Jay turned beat red and was enbarresed. "Im sorry sis. i cant help it" Jay said tring to keep his sister from making him leave. "Jay there is only one way to get rid of that" Amanda stated. Amanda rinsed all the shop off her body and stepped out of the tub. She walked over to Jay and stood there completly naked. Jay just stood there in shock. "First off Jay you gotta take them boxers off" stated AmandaAmanda reached down and pulled Jays boxers down. Now Jay's hard on was right in his sisters face. Amanda looked up at her brother and smiled. "Here little bro ill help you out"Amanda grabbed Jay's hardon and start pumping it fast. Jay let out a moan as Amanda start pumping faster. Amanda looked at the hard-on and wondered what giving head would be like. She has never done it before.

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   Without thinking twice Amanda took the head of Jay's dick in her mouth. Jay just let out a big moan and was looking down at his sister while his dick was going in her mouth. Amanda started sucking harder and harder and Jays dick. Jay reached down and grabbed his sisters hair. "OH GOD Manda that feels awesome dont stop" Jay bearly got it out. Amanda started twisting her head with ever pump. Jay started moving his hips to go with his sisters movements. "OH GOD AMANDA SOMETHING IS HAPPENING" Jay saidThen all of a shudden an awesome feeling went thought Jay's body. Amanda's eyes got big as her mouth got filled. Amanda kept on sucking til the stuff stop coming out and Amanda looked up at Jay and shollowed tje fluids and then they both relized that Jay just cummed in Amanda's mouth. Amanda stood up and gave her little brother a hug both standing there hugging with Jay's boxers to his ankle and Amanda completly naked. Then out of no where they heard. "What the hell are you two doing?"They both looked at the door and their mom was standing in the door way. "Jay and Amanda goto My room and ill be in there in a second to deal with this!!!" Mom saidJay and Amanda both obed there mom and walked into there room. *End of Part 1*.

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