Jen's trucking trip with Uncle Jack Pt 3


Once we got inside the shower Jen looked at me, as I got ready to get undressed and said, “Hey wait a minute”. I just looked at her and said, “what?” She said, I want to undress you. “Ok” I said. She put our bag of clothes and our shower back with all our toiletries down walked over to me in as sensual a way as a 12yrs old could. She looked up at me with a grin on her face and pointed her finger to the floor and said, Uncle Jack kneel down please”. I laughed and knelt down and she gave me a very nice deep kiss. Then she took my shirt off and over my head. “Ok” she said, please stand up now. She then undid my belt, unbuckled my pants, slid the zipper down and lowered my pants. Needless to say my cock was getting very hard at the sight of all this being down by my sweet little princess. My boxers were stiff with my ridged cock tenting them out. She just giggled and jokingly said, “is that for me?” I just laughed at her and said “your like a great gardener, you make things grow”. She dropped my boxers and gently ran her fingers across my very stiff cock. I let out a little sigh and said, “now its my turn”. I bent down and raised her head with my hand so she was looking me in the eyes and kissed her softly, slowly touching her tongue with mine. She moaned as we kissed.

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   I gently broke the kiss and knelt down and started taking her shirt off and kissing her bare tummy as I slipped it off, stopping and kissing her nipples ever so gently. She just shivered as I did. “God that feels so incredible Uncle Jack” she said. I undid her pants and slide her pants and panties down, we were both naked and it felt incredible but I still felt bad. “Jen” I said as I adjusted the water to the shower “we need to get a hold of ourselves. This just isn’t right. I’m your Uncle and your only 12 and it just terrifies me”. She just looked at me taking my hand and leading me into the shower and said, “its ok Uncle Jack I won’t tell and one I want you to be my teacher, I don’t want some boy who doesn’t know anything. One of my friends told me how horrible an experience she had her first time. The guy just poked it in her and was done in seconds. The only orgasms she’s ever had were by herself”. “I don’t want that gosh you’ve already done way more for me than that. Do you want those kind of experiences for me?”“No” I said. “I want you to be able to experience all the pleasure that you can. But I still feel guilty”.

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   It was then that as we got under the hot steaming water of the shower that I knew that my princess would be given all the pleasure that she deserved and wanted. I loved her more than life itself and would do anything she wanted or asked. I picked up the bottle of shampoo and began to massage the shampoo into her hair. She had her back to me and her ass was against my cock. I thought for sure I’d cum in that exact moment of course it really didn’t help when she reached back and started to play with it. I leaned down and said “Jen if you don’t stop I’m going to cum right now” and she said, “Uncle Jack, do it right on my butt”. She stroked a little quicker and she must have known cause the quicker she stroked my cock the faster I massaged the shampoo in her hair and I shot load after load of cum all over her sweet little ass. She rinsed her hair and I massaged some conditioner into her long dark brown hair. Then I began to wash her body it was a very sensuous experience for me. My cock began to come back to life again. She then took the soap and started to wash me. After washing my chest she let the soap rinse off and then knelt down in the shower and took my cock into her mouth. “Oh my God” I said as she just smiled at me. It wasn’t very long before she had me ready to cum again. I whispered “Jen get ready for a load of cream” and I unloaded another load of hot jism and she swallowed quickly trying hard to get every drop.

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  I just looked at her and said, “my turn”. She got a befuddled look on her face and sat down in the shower and grabbed her behind the ass and moved her over to me. She had never had her pussy licked before and she said, “What are you going to do?” I smiled and said, “Trust me your going to like this”. I moved her in close and kissed her thighs, kissing up one side then down the other. I then began to lick her clit and this time she was the one to say “Oh my God, Uncle Jack that feels so incredible”. I stopped for a second teasingly and said, “Well if you don’t like it I can stop”. She didn’t think I was funny at all. She said, “No Uncle Jack don’t stop, please that feels so good”. I licked her pussy with the hot water running over us and she began trying to keep her balance while my tongue danced across her sweet little clit. She was trying to brace herself against the wall with her hands, but her legs wanted to give out the closer and closer she got to her orgasm. Then she just started to cum and I had to put my hand over her mouth so people wouldn’t think I was hurting her. She grabbed my arm and bit down on it, leaving me trying not to scream as she flooded my face with her juices. She collapsed in my lap after she was down panting and kissing me telling me that it was the most incredible experience she’d ever had. As for me I think I had permanent bite marks in my arm. We finished up our shower both of us quite satisfied.

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   Jen looked at me and sheepishly asked, “Uncle Jack will you make love to me”? I looked at her and said, “Yes my sweet princess I will but I want it to be special, in a special place and time, I still have lots of things to teach you”. She put her arms around me and hugged me close and said, “Uncle Jack I love you so much”. I just looked at her and said, “Jen I love you too”. .

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