Jen's Trucking Trip with Uncle Jack Pt2


"Shit" I thought. "All I need is for her to feel my erection and she'll freak out. " I tried to move and it was then Iheard my precious princess say, "Good morning Uncle Jack". I just laid there and said "Good morning Princess, did you sleep well?" "Yes" she said. I rolled over onto my back praying she wouldn't notice my steel hard cock pressing hard against my tight boxers. She cuddled up tight against me and hugged me. I probably would have been okay except she put her knee up on my thigh and then ran her hand up and down my chest and stomach. My cock was fully erect under her knee and I knew she had to feel it. She started to giggle and I asked what she was giggling about. She said "Oh nothing. " I said, "Come on tell me" and she just got this sheepish grin on her face so I started to tickle her and said,"Come on tell me". "Stop it Uncle Jack. " She said as I teased her unmercifully. When I stopped she was sitting on top of my achingly engorged cock, which thankfully was still in my boxers but she didn't have any panties on. She stopped and just stretched which raised her t-shirt up enough for me to catch a glimpse of her pussy which looked like it had just the faintest start of pubic hair. "Um Jen" I said, "You need to roll off me please.

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  ” She just grinned and asked why. She then rolled off and laid on her back. I thought "Ok, well two can play this game" so I rolled over on my side and ran my hand up and down her tummy and said "Cause I'm not dressed and neither are you, that’s why". It was then she said "Uncle Jack have you ever played truth or dare?” I said "Sure. " "Well I dare you to play. " I said "Right now?" and she said "Yeah we have a little bit before we unload don't we?" I said "Yeah about an hour and half. ""You go first" I said. "Ok, truth or dare?" She said and I responded, "Hmmm,dare. " "Ok" she said, "but there's no chickening out. " I just looked at her and laughed and said "You'll chicken out before I do. " "Ha" she said. Jen thought for a minute and said "I dare you to kiss me. " I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips like I usually do. "That's not much of a kiss" she said. "You just said kiss me" I responded.

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   She just kind of pouted rather dissappointed. It was now my turn and I said "Truth or dare?" She thought for a moment and said "Dare. "The excitement of what I was about to dare her caused my cock to stir awake again. "I dare you to let me show you how to really kiss a boy. " "Cool" she said. "Ok, look me in the eyes. " I said sitting up. "Now come over her and sit in front of me. "I took her legs and put them over mine. Her bare young sweet pussy was right up against my hard cock. Oh the feel young pussy against me was enough to make my heart beat incredibly fast. I took her face gently in my hands and pressed my lips gently against her's and then I opened my mouth slightly. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her even closer. I felt her mouth start to open and I slowly started probing her mouth with my tongue. She responded by touching her tongue to mine.

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   She tasted so sweet. I wanted to deepen the kiss but had to hold back for fear of scaring her. It was then I felt her hands start rubbing up and down my thighs, inching slowly towards my very hard cock. I knew she could feel it against her cunt. She moved her hands closer and down my stomach towards my throbbing manhood and it was then that I gently broke the kiss and asked, "Ok, how was that?" "Wow. " she responded breathlessly. I gently removed her hands, making sure she didn't touch my aching cock. "That was really nice" she said. "Ok, your turn. " I said. "Truth or dare?" she asked. "Dare. " Jen got this evil grin on her beautiful face and said, "Lets see. Hmmm, I dare you to stand up and take your boxers off. " I was stunned.

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   "After all" she said, "We will have to shower together. " I just looked at her and said "What?" She giggled and said, "What's the matter Uncle Jack, chicken"? I shook my head and said "No. I'll stand up but you have to take them off. " I stood up. My cock, hard as a rock, was tenting my boxers. She just looked laughing and sitting up on the bed with her feet dangling over the edge, her shirt high enough that once again I could see her sweet pussy. I stepped up to her, my shrouded cock staring her right in the face as she pulled my boxers down. My cock stood rigid. Glorious to be free of it's prison. She just stared at it and I said "Happy now?" Her eyes wide, she said "Yes" as she slowly nodded her head. I needed to divert her attention quickly so I said "Truth or dare?” She kind of popped out of her trance and looked at me, smiling and said "Dare. " I said "I dare you to take off your t-shirt. " She quickly stood up and took it off. I gazed up and down her body, taking in her sweet little puffy breasts and down to her just starting muff. Without thinking I started stroking my cock ever so slightly.

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   She noticed what I was doing and reached out to touch it. I gently moved her hand away and stepped up to her, raising her head slightly. I placed my hand behind her back and I brought her close, my cock slipping between her legs as she parted them slightly. I looked into her eyes and bending down I pressed my lips to hers. I felt her tongue against mine, my cock between her legs and I knew this had to stop. I gently broke free and said "Jen we need tostop. This is wrong. " She started to get tears in her eyes and said, "Don't you love me Uncle Jack?" "Oh God yes Jen. I love you with all my heart. But you're only 12. " I said. She looked at me right in the eyes, my cock still between her legs and said, "I know but I want to learn from you. I don't want some boy who doesn't know anything. " I looked at her pleading eyes and pulled her close savoring the feel of my cock between her legs, the two of us standing tight against each other. I could feel her sweet pussy dripping wetness onto my cock and all I could think was, "I can't do this.

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   She's too young" and yet I was so hard, so fucking horney. I looked in her pleading eyes and said "Jen we'll have to talk about this. Right now Uncle Jack needs to get some relief. " "My cock, that’s what a penis is called, is so hard it hurts. " She looked at me and said "Can I help?" "No. " I said "But I'll tell you what, I'll let you watch and if you want you can touch yourself between your legs and make yourself feel good too. Ok?" She got a big smile on her face and said "Ok that sounds like fun". I sat her down on the bed opposite of me so she could watch me jack off and so I could see her play with her pussy. I then laid back and started to stroke my cock. She started to finger her pussy and began to moan while I stroked my cock. I knew I was going to cum pretty quick cause I was seriously horney. It was then I said "Honey dip your finger in your pussy and let me taste it ok?" She slipped her finger into her wet pussy and withdrew it covered in her juices. She brought her finger to my lips and I licked her finger. "Oh God you taste so good. " I said as I continued to stroke my cock.

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   She just grinned and said "Really?" "Oh yes. " I said. I felt my cock starting to get even harder as I quickened the pace of my hand and I looked at her. She was quietly moaning and saying "Oh yes it feels soooo goooood. " I was trying to last till she came but wasn't sure I could. When she did cum her eyes were locked onto mine, her fingers rubbing frantically and this incredibly animalistic look came over her face as her hot young body spasmed. Her pussy jerking back and forth against her hand. It was beautiful to watch. When she calmed she moved closer over to me and sat watching intently. I had intended to say "Oh my God I'm just about ready to cum Princess" as I pumped my cock faster and faster but stupidly, without thinking I said instead, "Here Princess come here and put your mouth over my cock and you can taste me. " Jen moved over quickly as I was stroking my cock furiously. Her face mere inches from my cock. She was watching intently and I was moaning and saying, "Oh God I'm just about there. Oh God I'm going to cum princess. Oh baby.

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   Please honey, put your mouth on Uncle Jack's cock and taste his cum. "I didn't mean to say it out loud, but it was too late. I'd already said it and she put her mouth right over and then onto the head of my cock. Her tongue flicking lightly over the tip. I gently pushed her head up and down, not hard but enough so she'd know what to do and I shot a huge load of cum right into her mouth. She didn't know what to do and tried to pull away but my hands held her head to my shooting cock and and kept her moving up and down and said "Swallow quickly sweet Princess" which she did. As hard as she tried swallowing it all, cum was still coming out of her mouth as I shot load after load. I was just screaming in ecstasy. When I'd finished I just looked at her and started to cry. She looked at me trying to wipe the cum off her lips and licking it off her fingers. "What's wrong Uncle Jack?" She said. "Oh Princess I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked you to do that. " I said. She climbed on top of me, my soft cock against her pussy and put her head to my chest and said, "It's okay Uncle Jack.

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   I really liked it. It tastes different but good. I just wish I'd have known what I was doing to make you feel better. " "Oh God Princess that was great honey. It's just wrong of me to have asked you to do that. " Jen just got the sweetest grin on her face and slid down to my cock and picked it up and finished milking the cum out it into her mouth while looking at me. "Ummmmm" she said grinning. "You're bad", I said grinning back at her. "Honey I've got to get cleaned up and get ready. It's almost time and we both need to get dressed. " I looked at her and pulled her up to me, her pussy again against my cock. Looking into her eyes I said, "We are going to have to talk. " She looked at me with such innocent eyes and said, "Ok Uncle Jack. But will you kiss me again before we get dressed?”I pressed my lips to her's and kissed her deeply and passionately, tasting my cum in this sweet 12 year old's mouth. "I love you so much Princess" I said.

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   "I love you too Uncle Jack". As we got dressed and ready for the day I thought to myself, "What the hell am I going to do now? I'm going to end up in jail if anyone ever finds out. " Deep down inside I knew it was just the start. Her mouth felt so good on my cock and there was so muchmore to try that I knew I'd never be able to say "NO" to my Princess. As bad as I knew it was, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to eat her sweet pussy and make her cum and the thought of feeling my cock in what had to be a very, very tight pussy. I couldn't help but think to myself "Oh God this is to be an incredible month". .