The day had been oddly unsettling with all that had gone on. When I tried to talk to Dave about “it” he would shrug me off. I had much to think about, as I lay on the couch in the darkened living room trying to sort out the events that had occurred earlier that day. My crotch itched with an odd desire, which my fingers sought to ease that’s when someone pulled the covers off me. I started to speak when I felt a hand on my mouth to silence me. The hands than went straight to my pants and whisked them off.   I felt my left leg lifted and the now familiar touch of a knob pressed against my vaginal orifice. There was no pretense here, it lunged into me with some force and as I had had only a little stimulation down there I had only slight lubrication to ease its passage, it stung a bit. I gasped and struggled to push him off. Out of the darkness I heard a hoarse whisper say; “ I saw what you gave Dave and I want the same”. It was Jimmy’s voice. He fumbled with my top until I took it off so he could suck my breasts. I felt the moisture begin to flow and lubricate its passage and the stinging eased. Each stroke of his penis tightened the knot in my belly and drew a new flow of lubricants. My body was responding to his motion with motions of my own. I wrapped my arms around him and gave in to the wonderful feelings he was stirring deep within me.

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   Our efforts were like poetry in motion, I wanted more. I whispered “Harder!” and Jimmy was only too happy to comply. My breathing was coming in ragged gasps now and my heart was racing a mile a minute, I moaned.
 That’s when the lamp snapped on and there stood my younger cousin Sherry; “What are you two doing?” she demanded. I knew immediately this could be trouble, unless.
I grabbed Sherry’s hand and pulled her towards us. I shook off a dazed Jimmy and rose to embrace Sherry. I hugged her firmly and motioned to Jimmy to turn off the lamp, which he did. I whispered to Sherry, “You want to know what we’re doing? We’ll show you if you promise not to tell. ” Sherry nodded her confirmation, after all it looked fun. With that I kissed her and motioned to Jimmy to help me in removing Sherry’s nightgown. I stepped back as Jimmy lifted the nightgown over his sister’s head and she raised her arms to help.   I immediately begin to rub my hands over Sherry’s body and began to kiss her all over, I motioned for Jimmy to follow my lead. Jimmy pulled off his sister’s white cotton panties and began to kiss the back of her neck and fondle her ass. My hand sought out Sherry’s vulva and I began to massage it as Dave had mine.

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   Sherry giggled at the attention and I began to feel the dampness flow from between her legs.
 Whatever we were doing it must have felt good! Sherry’s breathing was growing shallow and quick; she was beginning to perspire as my tongue found a tiny nipple on her flat chest. Sherry moaned and grasped my shoulder to steady herself. She decided to kiss my breast, which she was surprised to find jutting out from my chest. This time it was my turn to stifle a moan. I felt Sherry was ready and laid her on the floor positioning Jimmy between her open legs. I seized Jimmy’s cock and guided it to its target, nesting it against Sherry’s pee hole. I leaned down next to Sherry’s ear and whispered, “This may be a little uncomfortable but give it a chance”. Sherry again nodded her approval. My mouth covered Sherry’s as Jimmy’s hips lunged forward driving his cock into her as her cunt stretched to accommodate his girth. I swallowed Sherry’s surprised yelp as Jimmy’s hips pile-drived his way into his sister’s snatch. Sherry’s eyes were wide open in astonishment as wondrous newfound sensations commemorated her deflowering. I continued to run my hands over Sherry’s body suckling one budding tit and than the other. My hand drifted down to Sherry’s vulva and my finger sought out the little pearl that had so excited me. I knew I had found it when Sherry moaned and arched her back at my touch of it.

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   I began to gently massage it and soon Sherry’s hips were trying to match Jimmy’s strokes. I kissed Sherry and then Jimmy who then bent to kiss and lick my breasts. Jimmy heaved a mighty stroke and froze, I could see the muscles in his crotch quiver and his sack appeared to shrink. I looked down at Sherry’s bewildered face as her abdomen spasmed mightily in response to Jimmy’s actions. A smile came across her face and she wrapped her arms around both Jimmy and I.
She kissed us both as Jimmy withdrew his cock from her now distended pussy. I noticed his creamy white essence emanating from the tip of his cock and used my finger to retrieve some of it. It tasted a bit salty and I decided to lick the remainder off his dick. As my lips encircled it I heard Jimmy groan. I looked down to see Sherry had noticed the same substance leaking out of her and followed my lead in tasting it and smiling she nodded her approval. Jimmy saw this and thought to do the same but how? He eyed his sister’s crotch and had an idea but didn’t want me to stop what I was doing. He thought for a moment and pushed me back, noting the disappointment on my face and pulled his sister up to a kneeling position and lay on his back on the floor. He than motioned for me to continue what I was doing and positioned his sister over his face and began to lick her gash. She groaned her approval. I soon noticed Jimmy was rock hard again and straddled his saliva-coated cock inserting it into my yearning body.

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   I found I could rock my body on him and control both the depth and power of his stroke; I liked it and busied pleasuring myself. I soon found hands on my tits and lips on my mouth. Sherry liked kissing me and it seemed to enhance the feelings her brother was giving her. She was fascinated by the mounds on my chest and the peach fuzz of hair growing from my pubic area. She wondered if she would ever have that also. I returned Sherry’s caresses in kind and was rewarded finally with unraveling the knot in my stomach as Jimmy came again this time inside me. Time had flown by and we each dressed and tried to adjourn to our bed’s to enjoy a sound sleep.
 I glanced down the hallway to see Dave standing in the doorway to his room smiling at me. He took Sherry’s arm as she walked by his door and steered her into his room removing her nightgown as she stepped in the door. Dave motioned for me to join them and I giddily arose from the couch and walked across the room to join them. Dave dropped his pants revealing his blood-engorged tool. I saw Sherry’s jaw drop as she gasped at the sight of its girth. I knew why Dave had called for me, Sherry’s young cunt had struggled to accommodate Jimmy’s cock, and Dave’s would be a true challenge for her. I saw Jimmy naked at the back of the room awaiting the show to cum his cock stiffening in anticipation. Sherry giggled and rushed to embrace me squeezing me tightly against her flat hairless form.

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   Sherry kissed me and started to unbutton my top. She whispered, “Please stay,” and I nodded my head yes as her hands slid under my top to remove my pants. She kissed my breast and ran a trail of kisses down my chest and across my abdomen as she sank to her knees to slip her tongue against my dripping cunt. I could feel Jimmy’s recent deposit dripping down my leg and her tongue eagerly lapped it up. I bent to kiss her and she giggled as her head lifted so that our lips might touch and our tongues lashed out at each other. I pulled my head back and smiled as I looked in her eyes saying, “Open your mouth baby, you’ll like this. ” She nodded and opened her mouth as my head bent forward and my lips parted to allow my tongue to probe her virgin mouth. Sherri was a quick study and returned my kiss as ardently as it was given. Her hands had released their grip to travel from my ass to my chest. Her hands cupped my breasts as her fingers tweaked my turgid nipples; her head withdrew from mine and bent to study my breasts in utter fascination. Sherri stated, “Debbie, I love these!” “Don’t worry Baby one day you will have them too,” I answered, smiling at the thought. I saw Dave’s naked form walk from behind me to stand behind his sister and wrap his arms around her to fondle her flat chest and the other to rub her dripping cunt. Sherri giggled as he did so and Jimmy repeated his brother’s actions with me. Sherri could feel Dave’s hard cock pressing against her back and I could see a worried look cross her face at the thought of what was soon to come. “Don’t be scared Baby.

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   How bout Dave sticks his cock in me first so you can see how easy it is?” I asked. Sherri’s face brightened as she nodded her approval. I took Dave’s hand and led him to his bedside. I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for Sherri to sit next to me. I grasped Dave’s cock and lay back on the bed spreading my legs to guide his cock to my orifice, instructing Dave to insert his cock slowly so that Sherri could see he didn’t hurt me. Sherri looked on with rapt attention as first the head and than inch by inch Dave’s magnificent cock sank into my yearning pussy until his crotch hair intertwined with mine. To Sherri’s amazement he than withdrew almost all of it, only to plunge it back in again. “God, I love the feel of your cock! Fuck me Dave!” I moaned lost in the feeling. Sherri watched in fascination as my legs encircled Dave’s hips to pull his cock into me with more force. My breasts made long looping motions as my body rocked to the beat of Dave’s thrusts. I turned to see Sherri grab Jimmy’s cock and pulled it toward her bending her head to lick it’s crown, Jimmy groaned his approval as she began to suck it vigorously. Sherri than lay back and guided Jimmy’s blood engorged tool toward her newly distended opening. She squealed her approval as its head sank into her pussy. She tried to wrap her short legs around her brother’s waist but had to settle for her ankles grasping his hips. She giggled as Jimmy began to piston his cock into her pussy.

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   I looked up at Dave to see his lustful gaze was focused on his sister’s pussy as he backed away from me tapping his brother’s shoulder. Jimmy smiled and nodded as he took Dave’s place between my legs and Dave took his. Jimmy immediately drove his cock into me and began to make long, slow piston like motions with his imbedded cock. I wrapped my arms around Jimmy’s neck to pull myself up to get a better view of Sherry’s pending impalement. I could see the fear in Sherri’s eyes as Dave’s cock approached her pussy she grasped my outstretched hand and squeezed it as Dave’s bulbous knob spread her already distended pussy. I could see she was struggling with the girth of this new intruder as her pussy stretched to accommodate Dave’s cock. I squeezed back at her hand and as her lust filled eyes met mine I smiled and nodded my encouragement. She took a deep breath smiled wanly and nodded back. Dave took his time driving the length of his girth into her, than paused with a satisfied smile as their pelvis’s met to allow Sherri to adjust. After a time Sherri began to try to move her hips, Dave took that as a signal and started a long series of slow piston like strokes driving Sherri to a frenzy of gasping shudders. Her tummy rolled with each stroke and her head rolled from left to right. Jimmy and I lost track of our own machinations as we watched Dave bring Sherri to a gasping orgasm. When he came his juices overflowed her tiny body spewing from around his tightly wrapped cock. We did our best to share in their fuck running our hands over their bodies and kissing them. When they finished Sherri insisted I perform for her as she had for me.

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   She watched studiously as first Jimmy, than Dave emptied their load of jizz in me. Sherri insisted on licking first Dave’s, than Jimmy’s tool clean. She than sank between my legs and lapped up both boys cum from me. Licking me to a glorious orgasm. When finished, Sherri whispered in my ear, “ I want to be just like you when I grow up. ”   
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