Just Neighborhood Kids (a true story)


Kyla and I were seated on one end of the couch while Tanya was with Danica on the other end. I don’t really remember what Kyla and I were talking about, but it must have been engrossing because we were oblivious to what Tanya and Danica were talking about. Yet both Kyla and I turned towards the other two when we suddenly heard a low moan. What we saw dropped our jaws. Tanya and Danica were french-kissing! They were really into it for some time when, sensing we were watching them, they pulled off each other. In panting breath, my sister said, “We were experimenting. ” Then she turned again towards Danica and kissed her again. It was highly erotic seeing their tongues chasing each other and I instantly got hard. Kyla was turned on too for she grasped my chin with her hand and suddenly mashed her lips onto mine. When I felt her mouth open, it was the most sensuous experience I ever felt and my mouth naturally opened to receive her snaking tongue. Kyla moaned softly as I sucked her tongue in. We were all necking for some moments when I heard my sister say, “Let’s all go into my room. ” Hypnotically we all let her lead us into her room and onto her bed. We lay crosswise on the bed, our feet dangling on the edge. Tanya started kissing Danica again and I, Kyla. After a few moments, coming up for breath, Tanya nudged me and said, “I want to kiss Kyla.


  ” So we exchanged positions and Tanya and Kyla began frenching each other while I proceeded to tongue-kiss Danica. It was quite a turn-on looking at those penetrating eyes of Danica and then watching as they closed slowly when I kissed her. Again, after a few moments, Danica pulled away and said, “Let me kiss Kyla. ” So she left my side to go to Kyla. My sister made way for her and moved towards me. She stared at me for a few seconds and said, “What the fuck,” and inclined her head towards me to kiss me. When we kissed, it seemed small sparks of lust started exploding in my brain. Of all the girls in that room, I realized it was my sister who I wanted to have sex with. Up to this time, even while we were all deeply french-kissing, we kept our hands to ourselves. Now I couldn’t stand it. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans, slipped my hand into my briefs and stroked my cock. Feeling the movement, my sister glanced down and asked, “What are you doing?” Hearing her voice laced with lust, I didn’t answer but took her hand and guided it down to my cock. She grasped it and, turned on considerably, mashed her mouth with mine, a slow moan escaping her lips. With pre-cum oozing out of my cock, Tanya’s hand was well-lubricated as she began quickening her strokes. I knew I wasn’t going to hold off much longer so I covered her hand with mine and signaled her to slow down.

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  I then reached out to unbutton her shorts, and push them down along with her panties. It surprised me when she pulled down one side herself and slipped one leg out and folded her knee giving me open access to her cunt. I reached down and cupped it, feeling her heat, and we both moaned loudly. By this time, sensing extra movement from the other side of the bed, Danica and Kyla stopped kissing and looked at us. Danica went beside me while Kyla stayed on the side of my sister. When Danica saw Tanya stroking my cock, she exclaimed, “Wow, she’s masturbating her own brother. ”Somehow hearing Danica say that turned me on some more and I was desperately close to coming. I stopped kissing my sister and told her, “I wanna fuck you, sis. ”She answered, “We can’t, but I’ll rub my pussy on your cock, okay?” I nodded. My sister then sat up, pulled my jeans and brief to my knees and straddled me. She lowered her pussy on my cock and started sliding the crack of her pussy up and down the length of my cock. It wasn’t the real thing, but seeing my sister doing it triggered my lust. Seeing this also, both Danica and Kyla unbuttoned their shorts and slipped their hands inside their panties and began fingering themselves. Between gasps, my sister ordered them, “Take them off! Show us your pussies!”So both girls hurriedly removed their shorts and panties, spread their legs and began slipping and rubbing their fingers on their pussies. The room was thick with the scent of arousal and it intoxicated us all.

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  I then reached out to remove Tanya’s t-shirt and bra. As her tits fell free I lifted my head to suck on her hard nipples. She lost it. She cried out, “I’m cumming,” and mashed her pussy some more on my cock that I thought she might break it. “Oh god, oh wow, oh fuck…. unhhhhhh,” my sister moaned. She rubbed her pussy faster on my cock while she talked incoherently, “Oh … beautiful … cock … shit … fuck … unghhhh … ahhhhh. ” It was all I could take. My balls then filled up and I felt my sperm jet through the veins of my shaft and I cried out, “I’m coming, baby…ahhhhhhh!” My sister, sweet girl that she is, lifted her pussy and took my cock in her hand and started jacking me off. Hot, thick ropes of come blasted off my cock and hit her breasts, my face, neck, chest and finally dripping down to my tummy and my sister’s hand. Danica and Kyla, seeing me come, quickened their masturbation and both moaned out their climax almost together. Danica gasped out, “Ohhhh that was hot…I’m coming too…ohhhh fuck. ” Kyla blurted out, “Yeahhhh…me too…oh shit…brother and sister coming…oh fuck…!My sister then started kissing me again and lay her breasts on my cum-speckled chest. After a few moments, she told the other two girls to lift their t-shirts and bras and wet their tits with my come. So they did and each kissed me while mashing their breasts on my chest.

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  It was the best sex I had so far even if I wasn’t able to put my cock in my sister’s pussy. We never did that again, the four of us, although we continued to hang around with each other. Some weeks later, however, my sister and I experimented again and we finally fucked. But I’ll reserve that story for another time. Copyright 2003 by Tarugo Let me know if you like it. And it is true!zugbu@yahoo. comMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER. has a endless list of chicks and escort services in Mykonos!

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